Archfiend Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Danxia Temple (14)

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Chapter 195: Danxia Temple (14)

Xu Yangyi was none the wiser that behind him, the eyes on the countless wall carvings were all emanating a faint glint. Akin to a shadow following the body, they watched him in the wake of each of his steps and movements.

If a normal person encountered such a situation, they would certainly scream out in bloody murder. Turning back and glancing, they would immediately run off! This was also Xu Yangyis first reaction, but he endured it.

Fuck you He clenched his teeth and cursed ruthlessly. The dream in his heart had been mercilessly torn to shreds, and he bit his lip so hard that he almost drew blood. Shutting his eyes, he continued to go along with the iron chain and advance onwards.

This path was sinisterly frightening. As if it could read and understand what he most desired in his brain. Everyone believed he wished for strength, but he himself knew that if he was granted the opportunity to start anew, he would choose affection! What of eternal life?! What of ascending the world?! In its entirety, he didnt want it! He only wanted the once-upon-a-time ordinary him and to pass the days in total ignorance.

Hiiissss. At this time, a subtle sizzling noise was heard. His eyelids isolated, the originally moderate brilliance sparked a few times. With a subsequent pop, all brightness completely died out! Even though his eyes were closed, he could sense outside his eyelids that the slight illumination had gone completely pitch-black.

Huff Wheeze The sound of his light breathing reverberated in the empty corridor. It was as if he had been effectively separated from the world at this instant. Everyone had disappeared. All the remained was himself and the infinite darkness.

Crash All of a sudden, his eyelids shivered because of an extremely soft voice. The iron chain in his hand slightly rocked downwards! It resembled the sensation of someone ahead shaking the chain!

If it was a normal person, they would absolutely ask who it was. Nonetheless, Xu Yangyi still didnt speak. He staunchly remembered what Zhao Wuye had said No matter what was seen what was heard by no measure or pace could he turn his head back. Yet now he didnt even want to open his mouth and eyes. At the moment, sight, hearing, and smell were equally unreliable!

Like it was making him clearly bear it heart five seconds later the sound of the shaking chain heard again. Crash Crash In the darkness, this sound was even and tranquil. So even that it could drive a man insane! So tranquil that it brought ones heart to tremble! Xu Yangyi grabbed the chain in his hand like it was the soul-reaping rope of the Black and White Impermanants.

You wanna get me to let go? Under such circumstances, Xu Yangyi unexpectedly still pushed out the ghost of a smile: Screw off! He forcefully held the iron chain and suddenly shook it back! However, he didnt stagger at all. Even his heart at this moment was madly palpitating. Beads of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead, and the hair of his arms stood up in a flash!

There was someone There truly was someone! Someone was rocking the other side of the chain! Perhaps it was an inhuman thing shaking the iron chain that extended out from the dark abyss! That was because in this darkness, so black that it caused ones guts to tremble he felt something elses hand! The other voice didnt utter, not a word escaping its throat. Its hand was in front of him!

Ssshhhaaa A weird voice echoed in front of him. It was like a strange, enormous creature was before him in the darkness and spreading wide its bloody maw that could devour a man whole! These heart-pounding rustling noises were similar to the sound of a strange creature trembling as it was strangled!

Do you not want to live?! At this time, a furious roar echoed in Xu Yangyis spiritual sense: Hurry up and open your eyes for This Dao Master, boy!

Xu Yangyi didnt open his mouth. This voice was familiar very familiar The pill spirit allowed him to never forget, and he immediately thought back to the origin of this voice.

Daomaster Jadewave! He actually hadnt died?!

Boy! Daomaster Jadewaves voice carried a terrible wrath and anxiety: How could you come to such a place?! Do as I say and dont turn your head! You absolutely must not! Damn it do modern cultivators even know what fear is?! Left foot, step back thirty centimeters! Right now, RIGHT NOW!

Xu Yangyi still didnt move.

Silent, after a second passed, Daomaster Jadewaves voice enraged: Boy Are you suspecting whether Im real or not?! You sure have some gall!

How arent you dead. Suddenly, Xu Yangyi replied with an incomparably cool voice. Jadewaves death was too strange, however, with a Dao Masters esteem and existence of a millennium, if one said that Jadewave didnt have a contingency, Xu Yangyi would be disbelieving. Yet in this kind of place, with the echo of Daomaster Jadewaves voice, he was even further skeptical! If it was true it illustrated that Jadewaves remnant soul had always been concealing itself within his body. If it was false the consequences would perhaps be too awful to contemplate!

Im talking directly to you through your spiritual sense! Jadewaves voice was seeped with terrible anxiety: Boy, listen up clearly. This is a place that even I dare not step foot in...

How, did, you, die? Xu Yangyi enunciated each word, this sentence leaving through the gaps of his teeth.

Silent again, Daomaster Jadewave forced down his fury and took a deep breath: I dont care if you believe it or not, but I was killed by a person. Who killed me isnt something you should ask. Why? Youre still undeserving to. Right now, you only need to know that Daoism says that a person has three hun: the first is called the Nascent Light, the second is the Bright Spirit, and the third is the Nether Essence. My Nascent Light is hiding in your qi sea, intertwined with you in life and death. If it werent for your present harrowing situation, I absolutely wouldnt have appeared!

So you planned on seizing residence? Xu Yangyi didnt fall back but advanced, taking another stride forward. He was uncertain. In the end, was this Jadewave real or fake? It appeared to be extremely genuine The others words presented two options. A single chosen misstep in this place He fundamentally couldnt shoulder the consequences! In an endless kaleidoscopic realm each mirror reflected his figure.

MONGREL!!! Jadewaves voice was already hoarse: Xu boy Im tell you that on that day, I first solved God Ming Eighteens puzzle and then yours afterwards! Isnt this enough?! I looked on helplessly as the two of you took action to plunder my origin crystal, isnt this enough?! I watched you finally succeed, and those old Core Formation ghosts arrive, ISNT THIS ENOUGH?!

I died to the Seven Stars Executing Demon He gnashed his teeth and inhaled deeply: Turn back NOW!

At last, Xu Yangyi halted. However, he still didnt walk back.

Theres no good in saying more Youll all know when you enter This iron chain is a genuine final life-saving rice straw Remember, no matter when, no matter what happens, and no matter what is heard dont let go at all costs Pull it and walk. You absolutely dont want yourself straying Otherwise, you wont walk out of this road

He clearly remembered the words of the Zhao Clan. But this Jadewave Those few remarks just now had acquired a faint sliver of trust from him. It kept in line with all his conjectures about Core Formation masters. Besides Jadewave had explained everything about him. It was joined seamlessly. If it wasnt like so, Xu Yangyi absolutely wouldnt waste any words with Jadewave.

Thats right Jadewaves voice sighed: Now, dont turn back. Lean sideways by twenty degrees...

Xu Yangyi still didnt move.

SWOOSH!!! At this very instant, the Animus Armament on his chest suddenly flashed with an expanse of golden light! It was scorching, a scorching that pricked the eyelids! Such a situation was unchallengeable true. Xu Yangyi 100% confirmed that this was the Animus Armament! By no measure or pace was this an illusion!

No matter what, this sensation intimately linked to his heart and blood couldnt possibly be erased! At the same time, a pointed screech echoed at Xu Yangyis ear side. As if a glass pane was shattered to pieces, Jadewaves voice followed with a crash and completely faded away.

Xu Yangyi fiercely opened his eyes, looking at his chest in disbelief. The front of his chest emitted an endless golden light. It illuminated everything in the surroundings. In shock, he saw 

That already, he had mysteriously turned around by seventy degrees! If he turned another twenty degrees he would be looking back!

An illusory realm He bit his lip unflinchingly. Jadewave from moments ago had actually even been part of the fantasy! A double-layered fantasy that could read the heart! Perhaps THIS was the Yellow Springs paths most horrible region!

In this illusory realm devoid of any light, there was a beckoning towards the longings, desires, and revulsions at the bottom of ones hearts. Terrible Strange Any bit of worry and concern that laid in the heart was boundlessly magnified here! It took the shape of an indistinguishable truth! As if there were several thousand mirrors in the darkness, this location transformed into a magical kaleidoscope. It reflected the inner heart of each person who entered.

A path really is capable of giving me a choice between life or death Xu Yangyi took a deep breath and pacified his emotions with supreme force: Just now, no matter whether Jadewaves still alive and hiding in my body or me turning my body, all of it was a disaster for me. But Im positive that I was walking straight ahead. Theres no way I strayed away!

Were it not for the Animus Armaments abrupt display of might, and he turned twenty degrees the consequences would simply be unimaginable!

A second-layered illusion in an illusion. He cautiously looked ahead and to the sides: The hand that suddenly came from the darkness was fake and the trembling iron chain was also fake The invisible creature standing in front of me was fake, as well! The introduction of old monster Jadewaves voice was the Yellow Springs paths true killing blow I was just a step away, one last step and I wouldve turned my head Is this really something that a secret realm can trigger? What level of super formation is required to create an illusory realm that can understand the human heart in such a way?

Thump thump In the cave, silent like a mortuary, his heart was madly pounding like a drum. Ultimately, the drumbeat gradually abated and settled in the end.

But everything has dissipated now Xu Yangyi took a long and deep sigh, studying the animus armament on his chest that had flown up on its own. A smidgen of a grin scraped out at the crook of his mouth.

His spiritual sense had detected with superb clarity a kind of indescribable, gloomy, and cold thing like a tarsal-bone maggot leaving him at lightning speed. It departed from the place he was.

In the next second, Animus Armament bloomed with flourishing golden light without warning! It swooshed to the crown of his head, and immediately, boundless rays of golden light sprinkled down! 

Following the illumination of light, the surrounding ten meters where he was standing erupted with fathomless splendor! At the same time, a strange noise like the sizzling of fire pouring on oil rang out. The wind blew mysteriously. Weird voices that seemed to be weeping and laughing spread through the wind and gradually faded away at ear side. It was uncertain to say what these voices were, but each one caused the head to split achingly.

A few invisible things in the darkness, beneath the shining golden light, retreated little by little.

Once more, the area returned to a domain of silence.

[1] Just a brief reminder that this creature/deity pair popped up way back in the auction arc. Theyre based off afterlife deities in Chinese myth. Heibai Wuchang.

[2] As if it was strangled - Some localization magic here. Sometimes, youll run across errors in the text that mess with your flow and make you translate incorrectly AND have a strange meaning. The exact term is strangury, which is a symptom in Chinese and Western medicine of difficult, constant urination that leaves on feeling not empty. Author miswrote it as Lin Family.

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