Archfiend Chapter 2

Chapter 2: M-Files (1)

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Chapter 2: M-Files (1)

Xu Yangyi didn’t know of all that had occurred in the office of the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit, but even if he knew, he still wouldn’t care about it in the least bit.

The present him was strolling unhurriedly towards Sanshui City’s Security Department where the first-in-command Bureau Chief Zheng’s office was located. 

After he pushed open the door to the chief’s office, the air conditioning blowing upon his body was an immediate unparalleled relief. Across from him, there was a middle-aged man seriously telling something to his secretary. 

He wasn’t tall, at most around 1.73 meters. His hair was sparse and his face square. His face was filled with great changes due to how long he had held his high station, carrying a prestige that wasn’t angry, but still possessed might.

Upon hearing the door hadn’t been knocked on, but rather pushed open, Chief Zheng’s gaze lightly swept over, yet he didn’t say a thing. Rather, he gently opened a folding fan in his hand and rocked it neither slowly nor swiftly: “A country has laws and a family has rules. Without regulations, there are no boundaries. The ancestors spoke well...”

“That’s…” The assistant listened to the words that appeared to hold a second meaning. The gifts of his mind automatically filled in the blanks without delay, and he glanced at Xu Yangyi. Without a sudden move or indication, he smiled at Chief Zheng and said: “However, the military police department have transferred someone in this time…”

“Everything has a system, has regulations.” Chief Zheng gently held his teacup and blew on it: “He wanted to be transferred in. It’s not like I didn’t try to reason with him. However, to come straight to find me, the question is… Is it to find Lieutenant Colonel Li or is it to find me, Chief Zheng?”

“Good tea.” He pursed his lips in satisfaction: “Urgent business isn’t just business, systems aren’t just systems, and codes aren’t exactly codes… Is anyone able of overstepping authority to transfer in personnel and make the bureau chief act directly for him?”

“An emergency, sure. We walk through successive procedure, so that everyone is relieved. The time it takes is a bit long, however no careless mistakes arise.” Chief Zheng shut his folding fan with a snap, and his gaze calmly fell on Xu Yangyi who was standing besides a bookcase. He said to his secretary in an authoritative manner: “You leave first. Tell him that whatever the matter may be, everything has rules, has regulations. Are the people of the Public Security Bureau not tense? Our men aren’t enough on their own to investigate the major murder case that was just transferred. Go, alright.”

The secretary left, and Chief Zheng coughed, seeing that Xu Yangyi hadn’t responded. Standing up, he wrung the door handle a few times, and his expression immediately changed into a smile. The folding fan in the palm of his hand softly flapped twice, and he grinned as he walked over: “Young Xu… come, come. Sit, what would you like to drink? This old man hasn’t embarrassed you, right? Work is still going smoothly?”

His smile was like the blooming of a Persian Chrysanthemum, completely different from moments ago. It was without the might of a superior looking upon a subordinate, but rather like he had seen an old friend. A smile of matchless sincerity. 

“None. It’s going swimmingly.” Xu Yangyi took out a cigarette: “May I?”

“Of course… Really, Young Xu, how many times have I said it? My office is your office. You don’t have to be so polite with me, Uncle Zheng. Come, come, sit. Let’s take our seats and chat.”

With a conversation like this, there were only two possibilities. 

One: Xu Yangyi was Chief Zheng’s long-separated younger brother.

Two: Xu Yangyi truly was a gilded paratrooper sent down. His background was so grand that Chief Zheng couldn’t afford to offend him, didn’t dare to commit an offense.

“Young Xu, you see…” 

Seeing that Xu Yangyi had sat down, Chief Zheng hesitated to speak several times and smiled. But just as he opened his mouth, Xu Yangyi who was sitting across from him and looking at the faint flickering of his cigarette butt said calmly: “Duck.”

“???” Chief Zheng found it somewhat baffling, but in the next second, the window behind him suddenly shattered explosively!

Crash! Like a gigantic fist had made its way in from the outside, not only did the window shatter, but even the aluminum frame had gone entirely flying!

A sliver of sparkling, translucent glass came flying past the side of Chief Zheng’s ear. Time seemed to freeze as he saw the side window that seemed to shower like a rain of flowers from the corner of his eye. Every single sliver reflected the side of his terrified face. Already, the blue window curtains had been blown open in the wind, yet his mind hadn’t completely responded to it.

Boom! In his frightened state, he had become slow, like he was in a world of silence. His body was flung back with a great force, knocking into the bookcase despite his best efforts. Xu Yangyi had kicked him.

As if time had taken flow once more, the crashing of countless bullet-like glass shards riddled the entire room! The body of the mangled window frame laid in the center of the room! He trembled from head to toe, wanting to stand up, yet he found his foot lacked the slightest bit of strength. Even his hand supported on the table was trembling!

“What… What happened…?” Against his will, his voice shuddered fiercely. If he had been standing by the side of the window a moment ago, right now, he would’ve been ushered away to the hospital! However, he immediately reacted closely following!


This was a bulletproof window! It couldn’t be seen from the outside, but it was actually a centimeter thick! What kind of bullet could shatter the entire window? A sniper bullet would only be able to cause a spider’s web of an impact!

It was evident that some object had punched in from the outside though! Yet this was even more of an impossibility! This was the twentieth floor! City Hall was the highest building in the entire city! You could overlook the whole city from here!

His forehead slick with sweat, Chief Zheng could hear the echo of his beating heart at the side of his ear. He wanted to fidget, but he discovered his body had become terribly soft. Gritting his teeth he said: “Y-Young Xu…”

“Hush…” It was unknown when, but Xu Yangyi had already stood up. His expression was abnormally solemn, and he raised his finger: “There’s something here…”

These words were like a switch. Chief Zheng’s Adam’s apple jumped in his throat; he dared not speak further. In his field of vision, he looked around in fright, to suddenly discover…

The window curtains!

The window curtains should’ve been hanging down by the sides of the window, yet at this moment, they were eerily suspended in midair!

At the top of the window and also the bottom... they were floating. Such a feeling was as if a invisible man had charged into the window, shattering the bulletproof glass and aluminum window frame! Afterwards, the window curtains just happened to cover his body, not falling over!

Because of the covering, a shape had appeared!

It was broad daylight, yet such a strange phenomenon had occurred. Chief Zheng gritted his teeth rigidly, as to prevent himself from giving voice to his alarm. His cold sweat dripped desperately.

Just a moment ago… there was something he couldn’t see. From an extremely distant place, it had crashed into his office with maximum speed, shredding through the City Hall’s defensive measures. Until now, there had never been such a grand entry before his eyes. 

This thing… could shatter bulletproof glass… As for the strength of its impact… He didn’t dare imagine what the result would’ve been if Xu Yangyi hadn’t pushed him away just now! Afterwards… Chief Zheng’s heart soon began to palpitate!

There weren’t any changes to Xu Yangyi’s expression, yet the direction that his eyes followed had changed. Since the beginning, It had pressed up closely against the wall, looking at the floor. But now… It slowly lifted Its neck, going from the side of the window and then arriving at the carpet, and then again…

In front of Chief Zheng!

“Chatter… chatter…” Chief Zheng’s teeth chattered lightly. With It fixed onto him like this, Its gaze was incorporeal yet tangible. His connection with It just now seemed to tell him: Something has come in. It’s wholly capable of using its mind to make out its environment.

There was something… right in front of him, looking at him unblinkingly. Behind the intruder… Xu Yangyi was storing his power, waiting to strike, unknown and greatly terrifying. Just as Chief Zheng’s hand was about to slowly press the bell on the table, Xu Yangyi said in the softest of voices at the side of his ear once more: “Don’t move.”

Like he was a robot, he accepted the command. He wouldn’t dare to move even once, but his entire being trembled incessantly.

“Slowly, slowly lie down…”

Chief Zheng’s heart was already filled with terror. He hadn’t seen it, but Xu Yangyi who was in front of him had his hand pressed against his own left eye. The other eye was a furious blood red, yet the pupil was white!

Within his eye, there was another image!

The color of night fall filled his eye with a jet-black expanse… In front of him was… a tremendous serpent that was a meter thick in diameter. Its body was outside the window, but its head had already neared Chief Zheng’s face! The distance between the two was less than 50 centimeters!

Its jet-black scales glittered in the twilight of the setting sun. It had a bloody maw wide enough to swallow a grown man whole that dripped light yellow-colored saliva.

Outside of the window, on a distant building, there was a toad idly basking in the sun.

The toad wasn’t strange, but… it was no less than over a dozen meters high and more than 30 meters long in it’s enormous stature! If said that the toad was a whale, then maybe someone would believe it!

The creature was lazing about like so, lying deathly still atop the building. There was a single three-meter-long horn on the top of its head and it had long feelers hanging down, like it was an illusory stone carving.

Beneath the center of Sanshui City’s stadium, there was a multi-color-tinted centipede, curling its body, and resting on the lawn. 

A centipede wasn’t curious as well, however, in the same manner, it was over 20 meters in length! A centipede of over half a meter in height! Such that each and every section of it was armored on both sides with a golden ornamental pattern that was similar to a pair of human eyes!

Furthermore, at the far reaches of the river bank, there was a tremendous salamander. Beneath the water, its enormous silhouette approached no less than 25 meters in length. On the surface of the water, it cast a black shadow. Yet within that shadow, there was a freighter that just happened to be sailing by at lightning speed. It appeared to be completely unaware that there was some sort of monstrosity lying beneath the water. 

It was by the red expanse of his eye that all which stopped beyond the line of sight of all men was revealed. Every scene was reflected upon his retina. As if it existed in another dimension, there was simply no one that was capable of breaking through this barrier.

A city of demons!

Red in color, isolated from men, as if it was an ephemeral scene that could cause fear upon coming into contact with it. 

Sizzle… At this time, Chief Zheng looked on in fear… at the carpet in front of him that beyond all sense or reason had a hole corroded into it. His pupils began to shrink back!

It had come...

Those things had arrived…

It truly was them! They were right in front of him!

The more he was left to only look at Xu Yangyi, the more terrified he was, the more frightened he was! He didn’t know what was in front of him! It was as if a person had opened an elevator in the middle of the night, and the person inside said: “Sorry, it’s too crowded!”

A nameless terror frantically spread through his entire chest!

But at this moment, Xu Yangyi moved.

Chief Zheng didn’t see how the other moved. He seemed only to have seen an afterimage. In the next second, a loud crash rang out! A kind of noise like a fist impacting upon armor suddenly echoed throughout the entire room! Moreover, the sound was almost within his reach!

“Hissssss…” A strange roar rang out extremely gently throughout the room. Following, the unnatural floating of the window curtains finally fell down! The room became deathly silent.

Xu Yangyi retracted his fist. In that split second ago, he had felt as if he had struck armor. He hadn’t exerted the entirety of his strength; it was nothing more than a warning, but the serpent’s hardness exceeded his imagination.

“Is it… Is it gone?” Chief Zheng finally shivered with all of his might. Moments ago, fear had pressed down upon his heart. Now, he could finally vent his feelings like a surging oil well. There was no need for words, but rather actions.

“It left.” Xu Yangyi sat down in Chief Zheng’s seat. His eyes had already recovered to their normal state. Chief Zheng trembled as he supported himself on the table top. His fingers trembling in disarray on the table, he silently and slowly stood up.

Sliding on his foot, he propped himself on the table in a panic. He didn’t dare stand too far away, staying at Xu Yangyi’s side. Presently, Xu Yangyi was sitting in his chair, but he simply didn’t dare to sit down.

Xu Yangyi popped the collar of his shirt, and Chief Zheng discovered there was a transceiver underneath: “Mao Ba’er, I reckon that thing a moment ago hasn’t left. Why would a demon want to attack me? Do they not fear death?” 

“Late-stage Qi Condensation, but it’s really weird. The qi fluctuations are pretty irregular. The highest value doesn’t surpass the peak of the initial stage. For the most part, it maintained a normal level of the initial stage. It was no lower or greater than yours.” A male voice could be heard from the transceiver: “To speculate on the root cause, this demon’s mind must be extremely muddled due to some unknown situation. We, as demon hunters, have to lose a normal way of thinking and depend on the subconscious mind to take action. It’s quite likely it’s taken you as its target. Have you heard of the Lighthouse Theory? The two of you are like two lighthouses. You can see it, and it can smell you. As for why things are like this, that’s beyond my ability to speculate. However, there are already two sure facts. You wanna listen?”

Xu Yangyi nodded. As if the other side had seen the same, Mao Ba’er subsequently said: “One, from an examination of the victims’ wounds and the degree of its strength a moment ago, the demon form confirms it as the true culprit of Sanshui City’s serial killer case.”

“Two, in the event that it is the objective of the graduation exam, you’ll have more than ten more points added on.”

Chief Zheng hadn’t heard the conversation, rather an expression of tired relief stretched across his face as he looked at Xu Yangyi. He constrained himself for a while, but ultimately said: “Young… Captain Xu, this business… you… sir…”

“Relax.” Xu Yangyi hung up the transceiver, looking at Chief Zheng who had terror stretching over his entire face and raised his brows: “I said so. I’m a ‘professional’.”

“If not for that, how could you invite me to come from distant parts and lower your heads to criticize me to lead this unit?”

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