Archfiend Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Danxia Temple (26)

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Chapter 207: Danxia Temple (26)

Lets go, commander! Quan Ningyue abruptly thumped the hammer in her hand: Secret realm This is Danxia Temples true secret realm! The things from before were nothing more than just its appetizers!

The others didnt say much, but the expressions on their faces already betrayed their inner hearts. These expressions were eager and restless, jumping to give this secret realm a try. No one could mask this, yet none of them simply wanted to!

However, they looked over in doubt, and Xu Yangyi seriously turned around. On his serene face, his gaze was like lightning, sweeping over their faces one by one.

Theres something that I havent told everyone. Xu Yangyi lit a cigarette and leaned against the side of the cavern. He said insipidly: All of you have to decide whether or not to walk the following path.

You Zhao Wuye looked at him in confusion. Before he even finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xu Yangyis raised hand.

This here. Xu Yangyi used his foot to stamp the ground: Is Danxia Temples true door.

Silence, but after three seconds, it was broken.

Are you saying!? B-b-behind this is is Peony covered her mouth in astonishment and fell back three steps: D-D-D-Danxia Temples central region?!

Everyone was stupefied. No one knew what Danxia Temple looked like and furthermore didnt know where Danxia Temples outer temple and inner temple was located. Traveling throughout this journey was terribly dangerous, but from the beginning to the end, they still believed the distance apart from Danxia Temple was quite far. Nonetheless, Xu Yangyi was now telling them: You all thought wrong. Just now was only the appetizer. Were already standing in front of Danxia Temples door!

You Fellow Daoist, how do you know? Zhao Fenglai asked incredulously.

Thats my business. Xu Yangyi stamped out the cigarette butt: Ill only inform you of this fact. After this Transference Formation is the true Danxia Temple. As for myself, Im going to go.

No one followed up with a word. None of them dared to.

The ominous name of the Eight Great Deadlands was too terrible and mighty. As the personnel of the Xingtian Legion pondered this, they realized this was the place where their commander had resolved to test his blade since the very beginning. He had long since taken aim at Danxia Temples central region! Talking about exploring the surroundings was nothing more than a pretense!

Xu Yangyi didnt speak as well. From the start, he had indeed planned on exploring the surroundings. However as he truly walked before the honeycomb wall, he discovered that he couldnt do so!

The Animus Armaments summons, a path of countless secrets, the curiosity in his heart, and the blood in his veins were all screaming: Go down and look! Even if hell is below!

He chose to follow the heart. The Zhao Clans people were also stupefied. Danxia Temple This name could even make cultivators change color upon hearing it! The never thought that they had actually excavated Danxia Temples front door! They moreover hadnt thought that behind this honeycomb wall was the true Danxia Temple!

This back side, is Fellow Daoist certain that its Danxia Temple? Zhao Wuye even felt this to be too much of a fantasy. The noun Danxia Temple was too distant apart from Qi Condensation cultivators. He doubted if what he just heard was merely a trick of the ear.

Im very certain. To the extent that Im going to tell everyone that the danger from before compared to the next side Xu Yangyis gaze looked towards the caverns depth: Is only a single hair from nine oxen. The space below is very large. Moreover theres a demon with an immensely huge demon form. I dont know whether Its good or evil. Its a living creature.

A single sentence caused everyone to tremble. After ages, Li Zongyuan said with his voice shaking: H-how b-big is It?

At least a thousand meters. Xu Yangyi said calmly: I saw a photo. In the area where the photo was taken, It was already over a thousand meters. How long It is specifically is unknown. Based on Its shape, It might be a fish.

Over a thousand meters Zhao Fenglai fell back two steps. His complexion was a pale stretch, devoid of the slightest color. Cultivators realized the meaning of this.

This demon transcended the Core Formation realm!!!

In that case Jun Man harshly clenched his teeth: Are there even opportunities?

I dont know. Xu Yangyi said lowly: Based on the account of the Fellow Daoist who accidentally entered, no opportunities were discovered. However, the time he stayed was extremely short, no more than several days. The place where the Transference Formation sent him stretched out as far as the eye could see. After he saw this demon, he immediately departed. As a result, its unclear.

In the end. He observed everyone: This is all from that Fellow Daoists statement. So, when Danxia Temple flushed out lotus petals, it wasnt until then that I decided to test my blade here. The specifics about the area where the Transference Formation takes you is unknown. I can only say with great assurance that its the place that the Fellow Daoist spoke of back then, but Im not positive.

Everybodys mission to get here is finished. I want to go take a look underneath. After I return alive to the Xingtian Legion, the conditions that I promised to all of you will be done.

The mood was deathly silent. No one spoke. Each persons gaze twinkled as they contemplated.

Eventually, Quan Ningyue was the first to speak: Ive decided to go take a look, too. She said resolutely: After the transference is the true secret realm. Weve arrived at this step; I dont have to heart to just leave like this. Among Qi Condensation cultivators, Foundation Establishment seniors, and even Core Formation ancestors, nobody knows whats underneath. Since Ive already arrived at the door, theres no reason not to look!

Ill naturally go wherever master goes. Li Zongyuan declared his position, resolving his heart. In any case, if Xu Yangyi died, he would die as well. He was better off entering together. Good or bad wouldnt he be able to see what this deadland throughout the ages was like before dying?

Dont think you can get rid of me! Mao Baer stuck out his tongue: Theres definitely a great treasury down below! And you want to hog such a great destiny all to yourself?!

Just as Peony was about to open her mouth, Xu Yangyi shook his head: You dont have to go. If something happens to me, only you know how to assign my remnants. If someone must stay with the Xingtian Legion, its you.

Peony still wanted to say something, but Xu Yangyis brows furrowed. A streak of qi delivered her onto a hawk puppet, and the puppet flew down. But the more important reason was that she was too weak. She didnt have any defensive power, and even Xu Yangyi himself who was entering found it difficult to ensure his own defense. 

Declare your standings. Xu Yangyis gaze brushed over every person: If youre willing to go, come with me. However, its likely youll lose your life. If youre not willing to go, head back first to the Xingtian Legion and recuperate. Wait for us to return.

One by one, people silently stood at Xu Yangyis side. All of them were legionnaires of the Xingtian Legion. Fang Cheng was the first to walk over and stand. Afterwards, it was Yao Xintan and Zhan Twelve. Gritting his teeth, Zhao Wuye also stood out and walked over. In the present scene, only Mo Yeyu, Qin Xueluan, Jun Man, and Zhao Fenglai remained.

Have you gone insane Zhao Fenglai locked his eyes fixedly on Zhao Wuye, his gaze incomparably complex. In his eyes, there was admiration, impulse, but even more fear: The area behind this wall is Danxia Temple! Danxia Temples central region!

I know! Zhao Wuye was drenched in sweat as if he was making a decision between life and death. His face was somewhat twisting: But if I dont go after having come here how can I find peace?!

Zhao Fenglais eyes reddened. After ages, he firmly grinded his teeth: Youve really gone insane He cupped his hands towards Xu Yangyi: In that case well take out leave from this point on Fellow Daoist Xu, I sincerely admire you. At the same time I also hope you come out alive

Ill bear your lucky words. Xu Yangyi was like an old well without ripples. Smiling, he faced Zhao Fenglai and cupped his hands: Have a safe journey. Be careful, everyone.

Zhao Fenglai nodded and said nothing. He sat on the hawk puppet and flew down.

Commander. Jun Man took the initiative to speak: Being fearless isnt ignorance of whats at stake. I cant go this place. At the same time, I want to urge you not to go too, commander.

Thanks. Xu Yangyi sighed: I dont want to go as well. Its just that I have a reason that I must go.

Mo Yeyu pursed his lips: Even if you lose your life?

Xu Yangyi staunchly answered: If I dont go, the consequences will be even more terrifying than losing my life.

The Animus Armament Its true secret and what it wanted to tell him was down underneath! He HAD to go. He couldnt turn back once he cultivated this path. In the same vein, it was moreover impossible to cultivate something that he didnt even clearly understand.

Starting from moments ago the Animus Armament was already making a kind of snarling noise. In his head, it reverberated boundlessly! From inside it, he heard excitement, expectation, hunger and thirst, and moreover a hatred that crossed over a millennium!

Mo Yeyu sighed deeply: In that case, take care of yourself, commander.

Thanks. Xu Yangyi looked towards Qin Xueluan: Fellow Daoist Qin, youre not intending on continuing, as well?

Yes. Qin Xueluan shook her head: After I entered the cave my Blue-Eyed Heavenpede has already warned me over ten times. If I go in, I might end up digging myself an early grave. Im in favor of Fellow Daoist Juns words. Being fearless isnt ignorance of whats at stake. 

Okay. Xu Yangyi swiped the storage ring on his finger, and the box with the Rootless Nine Bends Aqua fell into his hand. He passed it over: Put it away and wait for us to return. Pausing, he supplemented: If we still havent returned in five years, the Xingtian Legion is disbanded. Leave a portion of this item to compensate the Fellow Daoists who died in battle. All of you can do as you see fit with everything else. 

Xu Yangyi spoke gently, not like he was leaving on a life-death journey in the slightest. Fang Cheng glanced at him: Junior brother, youre pretty relaxed. You aint kidding, are you?

Ive known of this matter since the beginning. Ive mentally prepared myself. Of course Im a lot more relaxed than everybody else. Xu Yangyi laughed and took a deep breath afterwards: Everybody! Move out! Lets go tear open Danxia Temples final veil!

Their silhouettes gradually disappeared into the caverns darkness. Following their silhouettes with her eyes, Qin Xueluan sighed deeply after a good while: I admire them a lot.

Yeah Mo Yeyu said, touched with deep emotion: But this place is too dangerous. And the opportunities are unclear, I

Dont talk. Jun Mans gaze rippled: Right now we have to take care of the Xingtian Legion and wait for commander and the others to return.

Xu Yangyi and the rest were none the wiser to these words. This was because they had already walked to the caves very bottom. There inside was a Transference Formation flickering with light.

Nobody spoke. To go in here was to enter Danxia Temples ultimate chapter. No one knew what things were waiting for them there. Furthermore, no one knew about what opportunities were there.

A heart vacantly unknown, searching about, and uniquely pure and innocent like a newborn babe, seeking nothing more than the Dao.

Everybody. Xu Yangyi took a deep breath. As he opened his eyes, the last smidgen of reverence disappeared from his eyes and was replaced with an incredible battle intent: Ill take the first step.

His voice yet to fall, he trod into the Transference Formation. A green light sparked, and his entire person vanished into thin air. Each remaining person took a few deep breaths.

The junior brother went in, so how what the heck is the senior brother still waiting for? Fang Cheng chuckled merrily: Im gonna go ahead too!

After him, Yao Xintan and Zhan Twelve stepped in. Everyone else then followed. The opportunity was a mystery, yet such curiosity and searching mentality towards Danxia Temple, one of the Eight Great Deadlands, caused them to make this step of surmounting themselves!

This step was merely an insignificant step. A step into the Transference Formation. However, it caused their Dao hearts at this moment to be incomparably firm! Completely lacking in tears or gaps!

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