Archfiend Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Danxia Temple (28)

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Chapter 209: Danxia Temple (28)

Cultivator Li stared blankly. There really was someone? From the beginning of his encounter with Sister Nine, he had prepared himself to die. There was almost no chance of victory for a lone cultivator against a demon cultivator of the same stage. The Ming Clan was the demon clan with the heaviest killing nature. Moments ago, he had only exerted all his power to fight, but to his surprise, there was truly someone present?

In the surroundings, no one answered.

Sister Nines smile became even icier: Do you need me to ask

Just as her voice fell, countless black hairs suddenly drilled out from the earth in Xu Yangyis surroundings. They straightened out like needles, seemingly like vigilant cobras, and all targeted Xu Yangyi! 

At some unknown time Sister Nines hair was akin to a radar-like snake, already searching out the area he was standing. Cultivator Lis voice from moments ago had completely put her on guard.

Sister Nine didnt attack. Making enemies in this place without cause wasnt rational behavior by any means. Especially there wasnt a single person able to enter this place that was an ordinary character! Based on simply what she knew, there were a few people that werent below her in the slightest! 

Silent, cultivator Li inwardly wiped at the cold sweat on his head. He tightly pursed his lips and looked all around. If there wasnt anyone he was bound to die!

After an unknown passage of time, a rustling noise echoed. A tall male silhouette emerged in front of the two people.

Its a small world. Xu Yangyi smiled as he cupped his hands: Fellow Daoist, this really is a coincidence. 

Its you? Its you!!!

A bewildered voice and a pleasantly surprised voice rang out simultaneously! 

Cultivator Lis heart suddenly calmed down. Without a second word, he turned around and fled towards the other side of lotus leaves. As for Sister Nine, her expression changed. The light of her eyes glimmered as she watched the direction that cultivator Li left for, but she didnt speak.

How is Fellow Daoist here? Sister Nines hair swiftly pulled back, and she narrowed her eyes and studied Xu Yangyi: I really didnt expect that the Xingtian Legion would actually get here alive.

Xu Yangyi laughed faintly: How I got here isnt important. If theres nothing else, its better for us to think of each other rather than meet.

Sister Nines face like an old well without the slightest ripple, and she smiled faintly: Since youve come why must you be so anxious to leave?

The crook of Xu Yangyis mouth slightly curved, and his eyes swept all around like a knife. He said calmly: I want to warn you of something. I dont want to keep splitting hairs in this place. But... His voice changed and became terribly chilly: Just because I dont want to cause trouble doesnt mean that Im afraid. If anybody dares to provoke me here, I dont mind trading a move or two.

Sister Nine pursed her lips. Unexpectedly, she didnt say anything. Concerning Xu Yangyi, the two of them had once crossed hands. In the same vein, she was dreading the consequences in her heart.

Xu Yangyi faced Sister Nine and casually cupped his hands, turning around to leave. Yet at the same time, Sister Nines calm voice was heard: Hold on.

As Xu Yangyi turned around, his smile was already quite dangerous: Do you have pointers to give?

Sister Nine took a deep breath: The Ming Clan can wipe the slate for everything in the past.

Oh? Xu Yangyi raised a brow, smiling yet not smiling.

But Sister Nine inhaled heavily: There is an item that you must return to the Ming Clan.

From here onwards about Eighteens matter, Ill act as if I was never aware. The Ming clan will naturally rescind your warrant. And She revealed a deep smile: In this place watched by tigers and wolves, the Ming Clan can even work together with the Xingtian Legion.

Xu Yangyi coldly looked at her. Eventually, he sneered: You want that pelt scroll?

Sister Nines gaze flickered. She didnt deny it nor did she confirm it.

You have a minute to decide whether or not you want to speak. Xu Yangyi looked straight in the others eyes: After a minute, Ill consider any obstruction to be a provocation.

In the end, Sister Nine laughed coldly: Fellow Daoist sure is confident.

The duos gazes collided like swords in the air. Xu Yangyi nodded: You can come try.

Silence. After these words, the two of them completely sunk into silence. Sister Nines eyes revealed consideration, and Xu Yangyi didnt urge her. Like so, time flowed past unhurriedly. The noiseless second hand of a clock seemed to ring out in the air. Ten seconds passed. Twenty seconds. Thirty seconds. Forty seconds passed.

If you give the pelt scroll to me, Im willing to share its secret with you. Once fifty-two seconds passed, Sister Nine finally hardened her heart and said: This generations God Ming has altogether twenty wives. Eighteen and I were siblings from the same mother. It was I that originally found this item, but he stole it from me. Even if you didnt kill him, I wouldve pulled out his tendons and removed his bones.

At last, Xu Yangyi displayed a smile: He isnt your little brother?

Does that trash Sister Nine sneered: Even deserve to be called younger brother and older sister with myself? 

So how about? What have you decided? She appeared to not want to waste a scrap of time on God Ming Eighteens beheaded body. With cool eyes, she gazed at Xu Yangyi and said: Except for myself, no one can undo the seal on it. Youll also never know about its true appearance.

Xu Yangyis expression was motionless. After a short period, he swiped his storage ring, and an ancient pelt scroll flew out. It floated in the air. Sister Nines eyes brightened. However, Xu Yangyi didnt hand it over to the other. He said calmly: Proof. This is the prerequisite that we can discuss.

Your caution disgusts me. Sister Nine snorted coldly. Without another spare word, she gently cut her finger, and a drop of blood immediately flew towards the pelt scroll.

The instant the blood drop and the pelt scroll touched, Xu Yangyis gaze flashed. Right in front of him he actually sensed the pelt scroll oddly stiffen!

Ruuuustle A noise similar to silkworms spitting out silk was heard. The pelt began to peel apart sliver by sliver. Xu Yangyi watched with rapt attention for several seconds and said lowly: This is silk?

Correct. Sister Nine gazed straight into his eyes: Its silk A seal magic passed down in the Ming Clan for a thousand years. Without the Ming Clans bloodline theres no way it can be undone.

Xu Yangyi turned his gaze and looked at Sister Nine, laughing: Youre not worried that Ill take this and leave?

It doesnt matter. Sister Nine likewise answered with a laugh: Could it be that Fellow Daoist believes that a single drop of blood can completely undo the seal?

Their words secretly crossed swords. Between the two young foxes, neither seized a small advantage. The blood drop caused half of the pelt scroll to stiffen, but stopped at that point.

Sister Nine didnt speak, only gazing straight at Xu Yangyi. Several drops of blood revolved around her finger, but didnt otherwise go over.

Xu Yangyi mumbled for several seconds. Spiritual force swirling at his fingertips, he cut the half-soft, half-hard pelt scroll in half and launched it high in the air. At the same time, both of them seemed to be joined in heart. Sister Nines gaze flashed, and her finger slightly moved. Another several blood drops sprinkled onto the pelt scroll in Xu Yangyis hand. 

These two odd partnerssharing the same bed yet holding different dreamssilently completed the first exchange of trust. The blood pearl appeared to be ink penetrating into water. The silk on the pelt scroll in Xu Yangyis hand seemed to come across boiling water and started to slowly come off layer by layer.

In a flash, the silk finished coming off. As for the object in his hand, it had already transformed into...

A shell!

It was unknown what creatures shell this was. The shell was only a little chunk and couldnt be considered hard. However, the texture was rather strange. Its blackishness carried a rosy color as if it was just about to break.

The shell was quite smooth, but its back side used the colors white, azure, and violet to sketch out a diagram with four paths. The routes end point completely used white, azure, or violet to paint dots of all different colors.

Good Sister Nine took a deep breath: I like working together with people who keep their promises although if youre collaborating with me, those who break their promises have long since become corpses

Dont use the Ming Clans name to pressure me. Xu Yangyi smiled indifferently, yet his smile concealed a thick killing intent: I dared to kill a God Ming Eighteen, I dont care much more about killing a God Ming Nine at all. Do you want to try?

Hehe The crook of Sister Nines mouth curved upwards, yet she didnt smile. At the very least, the first step of this duos partnership could be regarded as congenial.

Sister Nine didnt spare another word but rather swiped the storage ring on her hand. A toad statue, seemingly jade yet not jade, flew out from the inside and revolved as it fell on the ground. The top of the toads head was lit with a foot-long incense stick, yet at this moment, the incense stick had already burned down to over half until only a third remained!

A bizarre, delicate fragrance suddenly pervaded the area. An excited flush quietly spread across Sister Nines face. Even she, who was sophisticated and reserved, was somewhat unable to hold herself back right now.

Wait a moment Fellow Daoist She sucked in deeply and licked her lips: In another hour youll see a marvel that youll never forget for the rest of your life

Xu Yangyi didnt speak. His spiritual force was ready to revolve to the peak at any time. He didnt take his eyes off the jade toad as he stared at it.

Time drifted on by the minute and second. After roughly forty minutes passed, the toads eyes cried, suddenly flowing out with two lines of scarlet fluid! In addition, the incense on the top of its head began to fiercely ignite! It was to the extent that it made crackling noises and combusted out a chain of dazzling sparks! 

Swoosh At this time, a great blood-red formation was faintly discernible underneath the pairs feet! It seemed as if it had always existed here. In this instant, this formation had been roused! 

The formation wasnt large, approximately around twenty meters. As for the place where they stood, it was shockingly located in the center!

Furthermore this entire formation wasnt one that Xu Yangyi had ever witnessed! He didnt know how it shouldve been described. If it had to be insisted upon, this formation gave him a kind of desolate and ancient feeling. It was like this formation structures calligraphy and qi construction had been engraved countless years and moons ago. The formation appeared not to be something of modern Cultivation Civilization!

This is? Xu Yangyis eyes burst with spirited light, and he promptly fell back several steps. Sister Nine also seemed to have been startled, leaping outside the formation at the same time.

You need not be anxious. The duo cautiously studied the formation, and Sister Nine clenched her teeth: The Ming Clan is a thousand-year-old clan.  Our research concerning the Eight Great Deadlands is unquestionably ranked among the best of Chinas hundreds of clans. This formation is a sealed array. Its not dangerous at all

Her voice yet to fall, the two of them jumped out of the array in the next second. An azure light pillar no less than twenty meters in diameter appeared! From the inside of the formations entire surface, it charged forth!

RUMBLE!!! A majestic qi erupted in a flash. The azure light pillar dragged out a resplendent brilliance in the night! It went directly to the horizon! 

In the wake of this skybound light pillar shining, withered lotuses all around and countless fragments actually ascended upwards. However, in contrast to this tremendous light pillar, they seemed to merely be butterflies revolving around the side of this enormous azure tree.

The entire night had been illuminated by this azure pillar. At this moment, people everywhere all looked upon this incredibly gorgeous light pillar!

This is In an expanse of wilted lotuses, Fahuis eyes quietly opened, and he watched from an unknown distance away. The azure pillar charged straight to the horizon, and he coldly gasped: Good fortune.

In another lotus patch, the Nangong Clans sixth young master suddenly raised his head to look at the nearby azure light pillar. His gaze sparked, and he didnt say anything. The camouflage clothing on his back crumbled apart without warning, and the muscles on his entire back seemed to come alive, madly bulging. After several seconds, a pair of black wings whooshed out and carried his figure to frantically rush towards the azure light pillar!

In the horizon, three silver stars brightened. Three rays of sword light screamed forth. On each sword, there was a solemn-faced young Daoist standing. 

Everyone knew what this was. In any secret realm, their existence caused people to be immensely eager. 

Arcane efforts! Medicinal pills! Secret treasures!

The use of all titles to name it was correct, but perhaps there was still a more direct term.

Fortune! Destiny!

[1] Sharing the same bed yet holding different dreams - Chinese idiom. An idea of Same plan, but different agendas

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