Archfiend Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Danxia Temple (35)

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Chapter 216: Danxia Temple (35)

Senior Bloodblade had arrived in his true body! Even though he suppressed his realm, Foundation Establishment was Foundation Establishment. Even if his spiritual force could only be used at a Qi Condensation level, his spiritual sense and the divine abilities equipped with his magik treasures could all be used! As for this ancient mirror, it obviously wasnt an ordinary one. Senior Bloodblade was initial-stage Foundation Establishment. A magik treasure that could be used at the initial stage was absolutely uncommon.

It could be said that if they had to fight a single Bloodblade, there was no question that half of them would die.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Wuye immediately formed a Dao-seal. After ten seconds later, the formation vanished without a trace. The skylark fiercely glared at Zhao Wuye and Mao Baer. He was unwilling to leave because he clearly understood that once he left all that remained was death!

After he returned, the Nangong Clan wouldnt let him off by any measure or pace! However, if he stayed, there was still death! He had no thoughts about exchanging moves with a Foundation Establishment expert at all, even if the other was suppressed to the same realm!

You lot A trace of a terrible glint flashed through Bloodblades eyes: Could it be that you think me to be already old in years, unable to kill a chicken or slaughter a dog?

Lets Quao Wu retook his human form. His teeth clenched to the extent that a grinding echoed. In his heart, there were endless thoughts about drawing out the Xingtian Legions tendons and pulling out their bones. However, he dared not expressed this one bit.

Go Quan Liu rigidly gritted his teeth. Nangong Xiaoran had already died. The Nangong Clan didnt have a central pillar. If they stayed here, and since Bloodblade had already interfered, they would only lose their lives.

You two! A man heard what was said, his expression like earth. He clenched his teeth and said: Sixth young master has died here. When we get back

I said Quan Liu enunciated each word through his teeth: Go!


No buts! Qiao Wus palm clenched out blood, and his eyes were dreadfully reddened: If you want to fight a true realm-suppressed Foundation Establishment senior, youre looking to die. I wont be accompanying you!

Go Quan Liu gritted his teeth and said lowly: After we leave everyone scatter far apart. Never see each other again. The Nangong Clan cannot be returned to any longer. Only like this can we escape with our lives from the ancestors hand. He turned his head and looked at the group: The earlier we leave, the more advantageous itll for us!

No one dared to say anything further. The sixth master had already died. Returning to the clan and being buried with him was the only road.

Several hours after entering Danxia Temples base, the sixth young master had been beheaded. The Nangong Clan, one of Five Great Demon Clans, had been the first to be eliminated and knocked out.

The scene was awfully silent. Everyones vigilant gazes hovered over Bloodblades body. After ages, Bloodblade laughed. He looked towards Xu Yangy in satisfaction: Young friend I have a couple words to say to you cough, cough

Xu Yangyi cupped his hands: Please speak, senior.

I have come to Danxia Temple in order to find one thing. A spirit medicine recorded in legend that is able to prolong ones life by a century. I once heard through the grapevine that this item is suspected to exist within Danxia Temple. You and I will take it together. What do you think of this deal?

His mouth spoke of business, yet his mirror quietly shined over Zhao Wuyes body.

Xu Yangyi laughed and cupped his hands: Whatever senior instructs, I will naturally follow.

I like logical people. Bloodblade coughed twice and beckoned. Immediately, Nangong Xiaorans storage ring flew into Xu Yangyis hand. His thin face covered in wrinkles, he smirked: This item I present it to you as a greeting gift cough, cough

Xu Yangyi didnt take a look to see what was inside the storage ring. His face was respectful, yet he sneered in his heart.

Mao Baer had said that Bloodblade was in no way good person. This present business further illustrated that he wasnt the virtuous kind at all! He was making Xu Yangyi help him find an item, evidently fancying the Xingtian Legion, but the group was merely assisting him and nothing more. He wouldnt help the Xingtian Legion take anything!

As for the down payment, it was the storage of ring of Nangong Xiaoran who Xu Yangyi had beheaded. 

The others approach was very clear. Help had to be rendered. No help, then Ill have to ask you eternally rest here. As for whether the Xingtian Legion was willing or not?

A jest. A Foundation Establishment cultivator to Qi Condensation was a difference of heaven and earth, old tigers contrasted to rabbits. The tiger ate the rabbit. Was there need to consider the rabbits thoughts?

The others were unaware of the thoughts within Xu Yangyis heart, but the complexion of each person present turned a few shades gloomy.

This was a kind of acknowledgment.

This old ghost Ye Old Four snorted: So it turned out he was looking for an ally, eh And I really believed that he feared nothing in the world. He came to Danxia Temple without even needing an ally.

Amitabha. Fahui chanted and stowed his gaze from Xu Yangyis body.

They simply cared not for how tyrannical Bloodblade was. They only knew that his current attitude was equal to recognizing that the Xingtian Legion had the qualifications to work together with him. Or perhaps it should be said that they had qualifications to help him.

Among the others, the Ming Clan, the Ye Clan, and the Yi Clan, he surprisingly hadnt taken fancy to them. In the same vein, even the sects of Daoism and Buddhism werent selected. Instead, Bloodblade felt that this Xingtian Legion, which had the lowest strength on paper, was even more of a winning chip!

To those of heavens pride who were at the scene, this was silent but resounding slap to the face.

Senior. Xu Yangyi cupped his hands and said: But this Heavenmend Stone

In an instant, everyones gazes tightened.

This item Bloodblade said indifferently: Is of no great use to me. At the moment, I am only seeking things to prolong life. He paused and laughed: However, leaving it in your care here isnt bad.

This old goon! The anger in Zhao Wuyes eyes was jetting out flames: This is if he finds a life-extending item He still wants to make off with the Heavenmend Stone!

Amitabha These words gave rise to a chorus of cold snorts. Fahuis expression was devoid of sorrow or joy, and he said deeply: What place does senior put us cultivators who struggled bitterly here?

Bloodblade laughed grimly: If youre willing to face me and this Fellow Daoist, dont hesitate to come try.

Oh? Sister Nine also stood out. She could permit other things, but such an item like the Heavenmend Stone was something she absolutely couldnt! Even a few great clans would take this legendary marvel as a divine clan-protection artifact!

Bloodblade might not care for the Heavenmend Stone, only seeking life-prolongment items, but it was impossible for them not to care at all!

She brushed an eye over Xu Yangyi: Fellow Daoist, are you certain you want to face all the other cultivators with Senior Bloodblade?

Xu Yangyis gaze flickered. He declined to comment. Furthermore, he had yet to speak.

Bloodblades pupils quietly needled. His mind suddenly flashed, and he immediately realized that he had made an error.

This little cultivators strength was rather good. If he wasnt standing on his side later on and was confronted with so many geniuses by himself 

Although he had made absolute preparations for this excursion to Danxia Temple, he was set high and lofty in the past. Regarding Qi Condensation cultivators, had he ever once considered them in his eyes? At this moment, his words and conduct were unable to be changed from habit. He had involuntarily made the choice of himself as a Foundation Establishment cultivator. 

Either work for me or die.

As for what he desired, was it this current group of Qi Condensation cultivators turn to give comment? 

Nonetheless, he was presently a Qi Condensation cultivator. He could only use Qi Condensation qi. If he truly provoked the crowds anger, once all those of heavens pride really did join together from each power, they absolutely wouldnt be scared of him!

Cough, cough His hearts idea took a sudden turn. He coughed dryly, sighing deeply in his mind. Were it not for his lifespan already being exhausted, he would do his utmost to get a hold of the Heavenmend Stone. But now, he only wanted to extend his life! All other items were illusory.

Since thats how it is Stiffly changing directions, he faintly smiled: I dont really care for this Heavenmend Stone, but if a life-extending item appears He paused, and his voice became dark: If anyone obstructs me, I will be sure to grant that person a death of a thousand cuts.

No one was in opposition.

In these grounds, apart from himself, no one cared much about life-extending items.

In that case. Bloodblade glanced at Xu Yangyi: Ill tell everyone how to take this treasure It can also be considered my down payment to everyone for abiding by their promises 

What does senior know about taking this treasure? In a flash, everyones eyes brightened.

Perhaps Bloodblade grasped his pale beard with his fingers and laughed: After all, I am a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Although young friends all belong to a great clan, your realms are lacking. There are too many things that your clans wouldnt tell all of you. As it turns out, Ive read about how to take the Heavenmend Stone from an ancient tome. I didnt move just now to also validate whether this treasure confirms or denies my conjecture. The fact was verified, as expected. 

Please clear up the confusion, senior. Sister Nine laughed: If junior finds a life-extending item, I will certainly hand it over to senior.

Bloodblade laughed, declining to comment: I like logical people Everyone, please look around.

He pointed towards the surrounding night and said: In this place, even if its night, brightness exists. Everyones divine abilities from just now could be said to be a display of fireworks, fiery trees and silver flowers. But everyone did you carefully observe the stones silhouette?

Not waiting for the crowd to answer, he casually beckoned and produced a fireball, approaching the Heavenmend Stone. Xu Yangyis gaze brightened. Not only him, everyone saw that no matter how the fireball pulsed the Heavenmend Stones shadow didnt move by a hair!

This is called a Mirror Formation. Both of Bloodblades hands were tucked in his sleeves, and he said: From above, this Heavenmend Stone is basically unable to be gained because its merely 

A shadow cast by a physical object. Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply: So thats to say the shadow underneath is the item itself. The Heavenmend Stone on top is just a shadow? No wonder I couldnt grab it.

Bloodblade nodded in admiration: I chose you, Fellow Daoist Xu. I also believe in my own foresight.

He neared the Heavenmend Stone little by little and wordlessly extended his hand. It was a thin and withered arm, almost all that remained was bony joints. He breathed in deeply, and his hand was suddenly pervaded by qi. He fiercely stuck his hand towards the Heavenmend Stones shadow!

All of a sudden, a bizarre scene occurred.

His hand surprisingly pierced straight into the shadow. His expression as usual, he felt about. After a few seconds, he raised a brow and shouted lowly: Rise!

The present scene was dead quiet. Bloodblades hand gradually extended into the shadow. As it extended in by roughly a third, a prismatic multicolored light flashed in the shadow without warning!

Swoosh This light was like an aurora. Pure and clear, not a shred of an impurity was visible! This dot in the night dyed this expanse of heaven and earth with five colors!

It can actually be this bright Mao Baer greedily sucked in a mouthful of kaleidoscopic light. In an instant, his entire body shivered uncontrollably, and he released a kind of lewd faint breathing that a dog was fundamentally unable to make: Ah~ Hubby~ So good~~

No one paid him any attention. Right now, no one had the effort to cast their gaze on him. Their gazes like fire, everyone was watching Bloodblades arm.

In the wake of his arm gradually returning to its original length, the multicolored, prismatic light below was cut apart from the shadows darkness sliver by sliver. It almost took the shape of a five-colored, palm-sized fountain!

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