Archfiend Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Danxia Temple (57)

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Chapter 238: Danxia Temple (57)

Xu Yangyi didnt persist with his thoughts. The clues were too few. Moreover if Ming Guangzong had truly discovered such a thing, the cultivation world would fall into upheaval; complete chaos! The entire foundational theory of Cultivation Civilization would suffer an intense attack. Even the philosophies of many cultivators would collapse.

An immortal was the supreme apex of those who cultivated. A vague and traceless existence in legend. This words allure was enough to cause the entire worlds Cultivation Civilization to turn heaven and earth upside down!

Regardless of whether it was China India Greece The West 

It couldnt be more of a guess, yet even if it was, Xu Yangyi felt his heart wildly throbbing. He almost dared not imagine what he would do if there existed an infinitesimally minor chance that the clues that Ming Guangzong had discovered were honest-to-god related to this concept.

Where did you put the page that Ming Guangzong made you show to them? He asked lowly. No matter what the secret was, all the clues had to be gathered together first.

To let master know. At this moment, Wei Zhongxian had already regained his wits and bowed: Before His Majesty died, he gave me one last secret imperial decree. He ordered me to guard this place forever and use my life to form the seal here. I am unaware of how it was done. Celestial Master Zhang did nothing more than give me an exceptionally ancient talisman

Celestial Master Talisman Xiaoqing clenched her teeth as she closed her eyes and murmured: Daoisms Three Supreme Treasures He really was even willing to part with this but Guangzong died not even permitting me to leave!

Xu Yangyi wordlessly glanced at her. Regardless of how Ming Guangzong searched for an immortal, he was an emperor first. He still had to consider the Zhu Clan and the world. He made a deal with the devil and now that he was dead, how could he possible release these two monsters?

As such, he acted in accordance with an emperors basic course of action. Thus although Wei Zhongxian had come here, the secret imperial decree didnt allow him to bring anything out.

Meanwhile, His Majesty told me Wei Zhongxian bowed even deeper, took a glimpse at Xu Yangyi, and said flatteringly: In the future someone was certain to come here with the Emperor Armament in hand His Majestys original words were to greet this person as if we ourselves were there.

As for the page His Majesty Guangzong took it into the Thirteen Ming Tombs. But at the same time Wei Zhongxian gritted his teeth and looked at the water beneath: The Great Ming Palace had a 100,000 eunuchs. All the eunuchs who were connected to this matter were buried here back then Altogether it was 54,862 people. And all of them did it to reinforce the formation here, but I am the formations core.

I got it! Zhao Wuyes gaze was like fire, and he laughed heartily: I knew I wasnt wrong! I said earlier that the yin qi under this place was extremely heavy! Theres no question that its a 10,000-man pit! 50,000 people A whole 50,000 people! 

At this moment, all riddles had been completely solved. Those that had vexed Xu Yangyi in the past. Such as what was in Danxia Temple, the origin of the Yellow Springs path, and the strange dimension inside the Yellow Springs path. Following the last persons emergence, everything was already broad and level without the slightest concealment.

The Dao Scripture was merely the surface. Upon hearing of this, Xu Yangyi understood a bit. The Dao Scriptures Ninth Section, the Dao Scripture compiled by Celestial Master Zhang Guoxiang, wasnt a secret Dao canon on the market. Instead it was a true cultivation secret belonging to the cultivation world! This included the great crafts and the grand collection of all kinds of apex divine abilities!

So this event was known as Wanli Replenishing the Dao Scripture in the overall scope of history, but there was no true object marked as the Wanli Dao Scripture. Maybe it could be said Xu Yangyi parted open his clothing, and his gaze looked towards his chest pensively. He had already hung the dagger over his chest: This is Wanlis Dao Scripture! The one that Wei Zhongxian talked about is the one that Ming Guangzong was able to let him see, the Wanli Dao Scripture believed by mortals!

Perhaps it can be said that this page is the real Wanli Dao Scripture! Xu Yangyi murmured, and his gaze faintly twinkled: This page is the object that the Emperor Armament wants to tell me about!

And the Thirteen Ming Tombs He raised his head, his gaze seemingly penetrating through all of Danxia Temple to look at the distant imperial capital: might be where you really discovered a trace of that legend

Master Wei Zhongxians eyes brightened: This sword is rather familiar. Where has t-this s-slave seemed to have seen it?

Where? Xu Yangyi stopped his ponderings and immediately asked.

Wei Zhongxian seemed to wrack his brains for an answer and suddenly nodded: Yes after the Dao Scripture was done being compiled, His Majesty summoned Celestial Master Zhang on the night of that very day. I was waiting at the side. It seemed to flicker past my eye. On a piece of paper that His Majesty handed to Celestial Master Zhang, this object was drawn and it wasnt limited to just an appearance. Allow me to think

After a brief moment, he said positively: Thats right, after that day, His Majesty ordered me to take that Dao Scripture page and hurry over here!

Xu Yangyi mumbled to himself as he studied the dagger on his chest. All of a sudden, he laughed.

It didnt matter. At this moment, all riddles had been more or less solved. There was only one true great secret remaining. This was much, much greater than anything that was still a mystery when he had just entered Danxia Temple. Wordless, he stood up and swept his eyes over the crowd.

Over a thousand people had entered Danxia Temple. In the end, they were the only ones to survive. Less than ten people How many elites had lost their lives here? But ultimately, Zhao Wuye, Mao Baer, and Li Zongyuannot elite cultivators by any stretch of the imaginationhad come out alive.

He didnt think about avenging these people. On the contrary, it was because of them that Xu Yangyis Dao-seeking heart had been casted and built with such incredible stability on this endless journey.

This was a kind of mental optimism.

Seniors. Xu Yangyi cupped his hands towards the sky: I have a deal. I am ignorant but are seniors willing to listen?

Hehe The killing intent of Xiaoqings laughter was dense and eerie: You still dare to talk of deals with This Palace? Are you using your life?

Moments ago, she and Fahai had been incomparably terrified. That secrets relation was too great even leading straight to ancient cultivators and the ancient era! Perhaps before early ancient era! The Age of Enlightenment!

However, they soon discovered that Wei Zhongxian didnt understand the true picture. Xu Yangyi and the others were simply unable to deduce the great secrets truth from those scaled claws. Despite the knowledge that Xuan-Yuan Sword was forced to take immediate action because an emperor had discovered a trace of this secret, what of it?

The most important thing was leaving as soon as possible and welcoming the descent of this titanic secret! Already there wasnt much time!

If seniors open Danxia Temple for junior

Hehehe The killing intent contained in Fahais smile was even more frank, exposed down to the bone: Will you even dare to come next time?

I will bring in all of the modern cultivation worlds information each month.

The duos voices came to a sudden halt. From centuries to a thousand years of misgivings and the lock on their qi seas, cultivation had become an extravagant hope! Nonetheless, the most painful thing wasnt being unable to cultivate but rather the infinite and endless loneliness.

Bitterly tormented by the second and minute, day and night, and month and year they understood loneliness better than anyone else. The meaning of the two characters that were loneliness. 

In an instant, this sentence rocked their thoughts. With a speed akin to a spring sun transforming into snowfall, the terrible killing intent in their hearts vanished quickly! It was to the extent that they didnt even detect the sliver of their barely remaining killing intents.

What do you want? Ten minutes later, Xiaoqing coldly said.

Xu Yangyis eyes brightened: Seniors should have stashed behind a come-back treasury, right?

Impudent!!! What gall you have, junior!

Speaking out at the same time, the two seniors mirrored nearly the same sentiment. This was too shameless From the start, Xu Yangyi wanted their treasuries? Well, youre not going to snatch it!

Xu Yangyi laughed. From the conversation just now, he had confirmed a matter 

Perhaps these two people were essentially ignorant as to how rich the live of modern entertainment was. The word grounded... was too fitting with their present situation, practically tailored.

Seniors, perhaps you still dont have much of an understanding regarding the outside world to date, yes? He cupped his hands and laughed: Grandpa Wei died in the late Ming era. Do seniors know what the current era is after the late Ming era?

Xiaoqing and Fahai didnt speak. In the same vein, this was something they urgently needed to know. However, each time they connected with their avatars, there was only so little time, not enough to explain the things that they wanted to know the most! In the future, this word of urgently needed was to be eliminated. 

You have a way? After ages, Fahai said, his voice seemingly indifferent. 

Junior possesses a magik treasure, an item that can observe the approximate happenings on the present Earth. Furthermore, it can accurately reach every location. Its just that it cant pinpoint where seniors are.

Oh? Fahais gaze flashed. He feigned serenity and said: What is its name?

Xu Yangyi paused and gently coughed: Tele! Vision!

COUGH! Cough, cough, cough! Fang Cheng broke into a fit of coughing. His hacking collapsed mountains and split the earth. Each cough was beyond control.. 

The others also wore expressions on their faces as if they had seen a ghost. Using television to exchange for a treasury A television worth several thousand Chinese dollars treasury that defied both estimation and appraisal This How was it to be calculated It seemed rather unequal 

No Thats not right Xuan Chengzi suddenly laughed: Think about it, everyone. Apart from us letting them go, what else does everyone think that the two seniors fancy?

Zhao Wuye pondered and shook his head. Indeed, there was nothing. 

But television is different. Xuan Chengzi glanced at Xu Yangyi in admiration: Were already so used to it that we dont even want to watch it anymore. But to these two great demons, it is incredibly new and odd. And we can get to them to explain what we want to know now.

Although it isnt thorough enough, its like putting an oasis in a desert here. Besides explaining things to them, it can even help them get past their time of suffering.  Everything has its own use. It just depends whether its used in the most appropriate place.

Searing hot, he gazed towards Xu Yangyi: In this place, the television is a god-send! 

Xiaoqing and Fahai shared a look. Their eyes held a sliver of vacantness. 

Evidently, they didnt know what television was!

Is this magik treasure truly as you say it is? It can allow us to observe the world in this place? A few seconds later, Xiaoqing said: According to what I know, even those almighty figures couldnt accomplish this. I know that this world is incredibly vast. Wei Zhongxian said that there were various countries beyond the ocean

Xu Yangyi forced down the smile in his heart and interrupted the other. He said with a solemn face: This world is a sphere-shaped. Not only can the world of all the many foreign countries be watched on the television, so can the major events in each of Chinas provinces. The magik treasure that is the television possesses a channel No, a divine ability called CCTV that reports each important matter that happens in China all day. There are several other divine abilities that can see the sceneries of the entire world and even those outside the Earth.

Beyond the Earth? Fahais eyes brightened and looked towards the crowd afterwards: Is what he said true?

In their hearts, all of them resisted the urge to smile. They nodded their heads as if they were pecking at rice.

The was a knowledge gap, eh 

Its a good thing that it's Cultivation Civilization now Quan Ningyue sighed: Otherwise we would be bored out of our minds and bitterly cultivating just like them

[1] Age of Enlightenment is the direct translation of the characters that the author uses but it doesnt quite make sense in this context because most people know Age of Enlightenment as 17th to 19th century. What might actually be the era specified is that of Xia Yu/Yu the Great (2200 - 2100 BCE)

[2] Grounded kinda hard to find an equivalent for meaning staying at home. I tangled with ideas like staycation, house arrest

[3] CCTV is China Central Television, Chinas primary state television broadcaster.

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