Archfiend Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Assailing the Middle Stage (2)

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The car drove all the way to a public park. As it passed by the Triumphant Virtue Plaza, the bodies of the two youths evidently tensed. However, the tremendous fox that normal people were incapable of seeing merely opened a sliver of its golden pupils and followingly sneered disdainfully from its dark nose, continuing to bury its head in its shaggy tail.

“Deputy Minister Chu.” When Xu Yangyi and the others had come to the entrance of the public park during the afternoon, there had been no one. But at this moment, a man wearing a white coat was standing at the entrance with smile stretching across his face, cupping his hands: “Welcome, it’s been some time. Are you well?”

He was an unimpressive sight. His speech was slovenly and his beard was unkempt. He was approximately around twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old, however, on this night, he stood there like a mountain. Perhaps it could be said that if a passer-by saw this, they wouldn’t know why they would be completely incapable of paying attention to the things surrounding the youth. Their sight would only concentrate on his body, like they were under the obey of rules. 

A trace of a smile finally drifted onto Deputy Minister Chu’s face. Just as the car stopped, the driver immediately opened the rear door and lent an arm to help him get out of the car. His footsteps quickened, and he carried an extremely splendid smile as he advanced forward and grasped Deputy Branchmaster Qi’s hand: “I’m well. Deputy Branchmaster Qi still hasn’t changed since fifty years ago; I’m unable to restrain my envy.”

Deputy Branchmaster Qi!

This was Nantong Province’s Heavens Law branch, yet the arrival of this old man brought the deputy branchmaster to personally come welcome him!

As Deputy Branchmaster Qi heard these words, he sighed ruefully: “Like a dream or fantasy, to speak of these observations… only brings about a needless sorrow.”

“And you.” He pulled on Deputy Minister Chu who couldn’t be considered tall in stature and walked towards the pavilion: “We submitted an application to the government this year to develop in the Huanglong travel region, but you surprisingly had me turn back. We still have this matter in mind, you know.” 

“Old Qi.” Deputy Minister Chu sighed deeply: “It’s not that I wanted to make you turn back, but the Huanglong travel region is China’s tourism destination that exceeds the A-level. It’s famous domestically and internationally. Your proposal is too radical. Whether it’s regional or the Central Committee, and not to mention the provincial level, you can’t even get this to pass through the prefectural level.”

“But there’s a massive spirit stone mine beneath! The accumulated amount measures as high as 200 million tons! We’ve already even ascertained there are four kinds of uncommon metals! The people of the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s refining department are nearly stationed full time there!”

“I know.” It was said Deputy Minister Chu’s reputation was brilliant, yet his face was without the slightest begrudging expression so that there wasn’t even a change in his voice: “Thus, it must be slowly planned. Otherwise, the billions of people of this entire nation will have no choice but to speak of it. Although China’s million cultivators is its primary military strength, the fact is, the cornerstone of this nation is its billions of citizens. This is a matter that I, Minister Wang, and Minister Qi have personally taken charge over. In three months, Heavens Law will have an answer.” 

After he finished his words, he extended his hand behind towards a warmed thermos and unscrewed the cover. At nearly the same time, he set it down in his old, wizened hand. 

“How is Zhaonan?” He sipped lightly and changed the topic. This was genuine Big Red Robe tea that only China was in possession of. He was rather fond of this flavor.

“Deputy Minister Chu’s grandson is naturally a dragon among men.” Deputy Branchmaster Qi narrowed his eyes: “However, you’ve never cared for the wellbeing of your grandson. Only the status of his cultivation. Have you not necessarily come here today to engage in such pleasantries?” 

Deputy Minister Chu slightly narrowed his eyes. Immediately, of the men he brought, regardless if they were police, the two youths, or his driver, all of them silently left like an orderly squadron of troops. 

There wasn’t a single man left behind. It seemed like the ebbing of a crowd. It was as if the fanfare on stage had ended as the main character took to the scene. 

Deputy Branchmaster Qi was faintly stunned. Not even waiting for him to speak, Deputy Minister Chu who was a head shorter than him walked in front of him and dragged out his hand, writing several characters on it with his right hand.

“Do you speak the truth!?” Deputy Branchmaster Qi’s expression transformed in an instant, and his voice immediately sunk. He turned his hand over and gripped on to Deputy Minister Chu’s hand, his lips somewhat pale and asked hoarsely: “The prize this time… is actually that item?!”

“It has been verified a thousand times over.” Deputy Minister Chu extracted his hand wordlessly and laughed coldly: “Otherwise, why would I rush over here through the middle of the night to Fengyi City? It’s a distance of thousands of kilometers away from the Capital to Fengyi. I’m not so idle with my time.” 

Deputy Branchmaster Qi tightly pursed his lips. He didn’t dare to believe. Fortuity Profound Elixir was an absolutely match made in heaven if bestowed to a Qi Condensation cultivator. However, the grade of the elixir this time unexpectedly far exceeded that of Fortuity Profound Elixir… that it was even an item that stirred the hearts of Foundation Establishment cultivators!

“Which Dao Master was it that took it out?” His state of mind finally stabilized itself with great difficulty. Within ten seconds, he immediately sought an answer.

“Daomaster Floatingcloud.” Deputy Minister Chu leisurely threw a card out: “500 million. An additional high-grade spirit stone. I need Zhaonan to take first place.”

Hearing the two words for spirit stone, a trace of fanaticism flashed through Deputy Branchmaster Qi’s gaze in an instant.

Deputy Minister Chu leaned in closer, grinding his white teeth: “Will you take to the task or will the men that I have brought with me have to?”

Deputy Branchmaster Qi didn’t say anything, and Deputy Minister Chu smiled: “Relax. It’s not worth of it to me to exchange my good future prospects for a group of Qi Condensation worms. It’s merely that within a year, they’ll have no way to use qi. For myself, a mortal, to achieve this much to such a degree at the pinnacle of my standing as a majestic deputy minister… is already a true irony.” 

Deputy Branchmaster Qi still didn’t say anything. He only looked deeply at Deputy Minister Chu.

“Immortal Intoxication.” Deputy Minister Chu said indifferently: “I’ve searched for ten years, but all I’ve found is this tea… Don’t use that kind gaze like I pierced through the heavens to look at me, I’ve had no dealings with the cultivation world for even half a year. A Qi Condensation cultivator… besides the first place, have you ever cared for one? As long as nothing major occurs, with my position as deputy minister, even if he’s late-stage Foundation Establishment, is it me he will give face to or will it be given to the worms in your eyes?”*

It was silent for a long period of time. Deputy Branchmaster Qi retracted his hand, yet the card could be seen no longer: “This matter… will come to pass.”

Daomaster Floatingcloud… is revered by the Qin Imperial Court’s Qin Clan. He collaborates with world-class authorities. I am of the initial stage of Foundation Establishment. Even if he kills me in passing, no one will dare raise half a word.”

The corner of Deputy Minister Chu’s mouth curled into a smirk. He looked at Deputy Branchmaster Qi indifferently and said faintly after a long period of time: “When did you begin to speak so dramatically?”

“A mortal without background, one without the qualifications to possess this kind of treasure. Since you’re a mortal… you should stop in your own position.”

Deputy Minister Chu narrowed his eyes: “You think there’s someone else even more suited to obtain that item than my, Chu Tianyi’s, grandson, the successor of the Chu Clan?

These words seemed to make the air grow cold. Even though he wasn’t a cultivator, Deputy Branchmaster Qi couldn’t burst out in laughter at him in the least bit. Not waiting for Deputy Branchmaster Qi to speak, he laughed eerily: “They do not dare to be unfitting.”

“History has always been written by the victor… however, one who is strong is not necessarily the winner. But certainly, the winner must be one who is strong.” He used his cane to push aside the floor and laughed grimly. His voice was cold like a blade: “As long as we continue to be the victor, it will forever be the history that we write that will be true in regards to those Qi Condensation ‘losers and winners’. As for what they think…” 

He raised a brow: “Is it as important as my 500 million?”

Deputy Branchmaster Qi muttered to himself for a moment and spoke: “If it is so… I shall risk my life and accompany the gentleman this time.” 


Time flowed past by minutes and seconds. Xu Yangyi didn’t know how much time had passed anymore. A day? Two days? Three days? Or perhaps a single hour?

He had held the thought in advance to end his seclusion after five days, however, he was presently not of mind to simply even care how many days had passed.

His gaze didn’t leave his qi sea. He didn’t know how long it had been. The sudden strengthening of his spiritual sense in addition with his first use of the Spirit Focusing Formation had sent qi pouring into his body in a frenzy. The surrounding air faintly trembled. Originally, it had been a soon to be “brimming” pool, but now, as far as the eye could see, the soaring qi had already become more intense as if it was a pot of water that had just boiled!

But it still hadn’t “boiled over”...

Xu Yangyi’s senses transformed bit by bit that even his state of mind was drawn by all kinds of profound, minute transformations. He could distinctly capture it was but a mere strand of a difference… A strand was sufficient to push his initial-stage qi sea over the edge!

That would be the time he would charge into the middle stage! Whether or not he would succeed was temporarily not up for discussion. However, assailing a stage of Qi Condensation wasn’t like that of Foundation Establishment, where a single failure would create a blowback to the body. For Qi Condensation, as long as you reached the threshold, you could choose to break through at any moment. This was the compensation of the heavens to cultivators who had newly advanced towards the endless path of cultivation.

Merely, if one wasn’t successful in breaking through, one would be confronted with qi degradation. Approximately around a tenth of one’s qi would be lost in a single bout. However, in comparison to a single failure of charging towards a boundary of Foundation Establishment, where one would be in a situation where they would have to nurse themselves for several years, it was by far much better.

He had long decided that in case he fully swelled his qi sea, he would assail the middle stage at the first opportunity! Qi slowly flowed into his entire body. The length of time that passed was unknown. In the midst of his meditation, Xu Yangyi’s eyelids faintly trembled and slowly opened afterwards.


At this instant, his qi sea was peaceful no more, but rather vaporous strands of white qi were charging towards the firmament! The entire qi sea had truly come to a boil!

This was the true Great Circle of the initial stage of Qi Condensation!

“Huff…” He breathed in deeply without any hesitation, revolving the Hundred Solutions with a bang! His qi sea loudly exploded forth! An untold number of fog-like qi strands frantically surged toward every major meridian and acupuncture point in his entire body!

Gall bladder meridian, liver meridian, large intestine meridian, stomach meridian, spleen meridian, heart meridian, small intestine meridian, bladder meridian, pericardium meridian, and the three truncal meridians, his short hair moved itself free of the wind, and his face gradually turned flushed.

Like a spirit snake, qi followed along his twelve meridians to form a complete cycle. If someone was to examine him at this moment, they would discover the five viscera and six bowels and bones and flesh of Xu Yangyi’s entire body were emitting a layer of lustrous white light. An outer appearance of being encased in qi. This advance was actually the transformation of the body, a process of evolution. It was making his body even more suited to assimilating and storing qi. If an analogy had to be made it was like a computer upgrade.

His heart was the CPU, his skeleton was the motherboard, and his flesh was the circuits… At this very instance, all of the qi in his body was in the middle of undergoing a transformation! Once this transformation reached a critical point, his qi sea would ferociously expand! The middle-stage of Qi Condensation would be achieved!

At this moment, in one of the arena’s stone rooms, Chu Zhaonan was meditating. However, he suddenly opened his eyes in the next second!

The qi of heaven and earth was stirring abnormally… It was not a common incidental skipping fluctuation… rather, it was an entirely delighted abnormality! Furthermore, it was swiftly centralizing! 

A stupefied gaze flashed through his eyes. Beneath the massive characters of unrivaled beneath the heavens, at the lowest level of the Heavens Law branch, it was a pure impossibility that an outside enemy had invaded or a treasure had appeared in the world. This could only represent a single matter!

“Someone is breaking through!” He suddenly leapt off the bed without a second word and sent the paper crane towards the door. In a short time, he rushed onto the arena stage. “This is…” Just as he arrived outside, he was stunned, thoroughly dumbfounded.

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