Archfiend Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Venture Pharmaceuticals (1)

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Chapter 4: Venture Pharmaceuticals (1)

He stood up, pushed the door open, and left for outside. Chief Zheng immediately chased after him and questioned: “Young Xu… Young Xu! This case! How should this case be handled?! W-why did they find me? I d-didn’t hear of this kind of precedent w-when I took up office!”

Presently, above all else, he didn’t want Xu Yangyi to depart. Recalling the scene that had just happened, his heart grew weary with trepidation. An invisible death god had cut across thousands of meters… and charged through the bulletproof glass from some place in the city, transforming everything into rubble!

Xu Yangyi narrowed his eyes, not answering the other. 

This was the Lighthouse Effect… Furthermore, it was unknown whether this demon had become bloated in its self-confidence or gone insane. It had actually dared to take action against him.

A lighthouse illuminated people, and people could see it, as well. The moment he had arrived at City Hall, he and the demon had become each other's lighthouse. After two days, the beast finally couldn’t bear with it anymore and made the first move.

“I’ll be taking over this case. No one else is allowed to get involved.”  His steps were nimble and firm as he walked ahead, and he didn’t respond. On the contrary, his manner of speech left no room for questions. Chief Zheng followed behind him, his appearance completely unlike a superior in relation to his subordinate. Instead, he was listening respectfully and nodding incessantly.

Xu Yangyi suddenly stopped in stride, looking at Chief Zheng deeply: “That includes you.”

“Sure!” Chief Zheng immediately responded, and his heart settled for the most part. In order to suppress these things, how much effort had the government dispensed? The money and energy expended was simply an astronomical figure! Behind every news story when the masses asked “why”... there were far too many hidden secrets that could not be spoken of.

“Second, organize an absolutely reliable fire squad. In three days, I’ll be beginning to prep operations.”

“Not a problem.”

“Third, in concern to the authorizations of the personnel dispatched to this case, no one else is allowed to interfere.”

“This…” Chief Zheng muttered to himself in hesitation. This was tantamount to skinning him of all of his power as the Public Security Bureau’s first-in-command in regards to this major case. Furthermore, it was evident Xu Yangyi was telling him that he wanted to strip him of his privileges and also wanted him to promise it from out of his own mouth!

“Is there a problem?” Xu Yangyi turned his head to look at him.

“No… No problems!” Chief Zheng’s voice fluttered softly, yet it made his heart grow cold. Gritting his teeth,  he immediately responded: “This case… I won’t lay a hand on it! The police and the military police are yours to command! If you still require the army… I shall coordinate it!”

If it wasn’t necessary, he was absolutely unwilling to personally broaden his knowledge of the contents of the M-Files, and what those monster files were truly like.

It was quiet. The only sound that remained was the crunching of Chief Zheng’s leather shoes pounding the floor. Throughout the whole journey, no words were exchanged, and as the pair arrived at the entrance of the Public Security Bureau, Xu Yangyi raised his brows and said with reservation: “Chief Zheng, is there something else?”

Chief Zheng had continued to follow behind him.

“N-nothing at all!” Chief Zheng’s old face blushed. From the bottom of his heart, he had believed the other party still had some other request. What was up with this kid? If nothing was happening, didn’t he know to speak? 

Xu Yangyi nodded: “Then, I’ll step out first.”

At this time, a voice suddenly echoed out from behind them: “Chief Zheng, wait a moment! Hold on!”

As Vice Captain Chen trotted over to them, Xu Yangyi furrowed his brows and made to leave. Nonetheless, Vice Captain Chen had already yelled out: “Captain Xu, I’ll have to trouble you to wait, too!”

“Old Chen.” Facing Vice Captain Chen, Chief Zheng’s mood was finally relieved of much tension. As he conversed with Xu Yangyi moments ago, he had unwittingly put himself in a servile position, simply not caring that Xu Yangyi was in his early twenties. According to age, Xu Yangyi should’ve still been a youth studying at university. 

That kind of pressure, a formless one, made him feel extremely restrained. It wasn’t until now that he recovered his prestige as the chief of city security.

“Something’s the matter?” He swept over Xu Yangyi coolly from the corner of his eye and promptly supplemented: “If anything happens, you can inform Captain Xu first, since you’ll be reporting to him. It’ll be fine as long as you coordinate with him with the best of your ability.”

Vice Captain Chen stopped upon hearing these words. He nearly choked on his spit! Was this a fucking joke?!

You’re making this big boy accompany this paratrooper that was tossed down willy-nilly!? This was a serial killer case being followed up on! Accompany your mom’s goddamn [email protected]^$!

Why did he have to accompany him? How was he supposed to accompany him? This pudgy-faced brat that had never seen a crime scene? Wasn’t this placing the entire Disciplinary and Investigations Unit under his command? 

“Chief Zheng, this is pertaining to the case!” In violent fury, it was easy for a man to lose his rationale. With burning rage assaulting his mind, Vice Captain Chen simply didn’t look at Xu Yangyi. Moreover, he hadn’t seen the meaningful look within Chief Zheng’s eyes, gritting his teeth and saying: “Am I not considered a senior of the police department? Old Zheng! You and I came out of the academy at the same time! How is this case to be handled? Who’s responsible for it? Is it okay for you to tell me what the heck is going on?!”

Vice Captain Chen looked on as the position of captain failed to land within his grasp. He didn’t have Chief Zheng’s methods, but they were of the same age. He had endured until his hair had grown white only to see the dawn of a new captain, yet not even waiting for him to fall into fantasy, it was suddenly killed off by the descent of a paratrooper! How could he not be angered? How could he not be furious? Anyone in the Disciplinary and Investigations Unit could tolerate this tone, but he wouldn’t bear with it anymore!

The corner of Xu Yangyi’s mouth slightly curled up. Rather than say these words for Chief Zheng to listen to, it was better to make a deliberate display of things. 

You want to come down and be the gilded plate, fine, no problems. But in any case, you can’t make me do something without just cause, right? How are the merits going to be divided, huh? Your poseur ass waltzed right in during this time, and moreover, it wasn’t I that received your position! You mustacheless brat, what do you understand of how to handle a case? I’ll let supervise the case, and when you find the killer, you’ll see a living ghost!

The major serial killer case… It’s heard within the province that it’s attached with great importance, but with this opportunity, you, an emotionless paratrooper, got dropped down to carve up our flesh piece by piece?

Chief Zheng’s brows suddenly tightened. What madness! What foolish drivel! A person of Heavens Law had been invited to come by the city! Nonetheless, Vice Captain Chen didn’t tighten his trap and instead was stirring up a ruckus! Wasn’t it enough of a mess already to resent him?!

These several lines were like several staggering blows, leaving Chief Zheng’s head spinning. Meaningfully pulling on Vice Captain Chen’s hand, he laughed awkwardly: “Old Chen… We’re both old friends. Food may be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be said carelessly…”

Fuck! Vice Captain Chen nearly cursed. His temperament was fiery to begin with, so upon hearing these words, he clenched his teeth angrily. What was up with today? What damned illness did you catch?

Chief Zheng who he had knew well for many years had delivered to him some strange words! Was this to remind him… of Xu Yangyi’s great background?

Who was that bastard son of a bitch?!

A beautiful misunderstanding had come about like this. Chief Zheng simply didn’t dare to speak of this matter. This two-bit idiot Vice Captain Chen only knew he didn’t get his position and even had to obey the commands of a brat now?

Not even speaking of what the outcome would be like, Chief Zheng had used these words to warn him! How was this something that he as an elder of decades was able to continue to endure?!

“Old Zheng, what do you mean?” Choking on anger, Vice Captain Chen glared at the other, grinded down on his teeth, and said: “What? Even after so many years, you still don’t trust me? Two years ago, who handled the bank robbery? And then that last one from that year, who arrested those two killers on the run? Why? You’re letting that paratrooper take charge? You kidding me?! He’s going to handle the case?!”

“I won’t stand for it.” 

He didn’t expect that before he had even finished speaking, the indifferent sound of Xu Yangyi’s laughter would float pass. Xu Yangyi seemed as leisurely as if he had just finished his afternoon tea.

These words angered Vice Captain Chen even more that his eyes turned somewhat white. I won’t… You should just fucking go!

“I won’t obey!” Vice Captain Chen sucked in deeply: “Chief Zheng! I apologize, I was a bit worried, but the entire province is following this case! Do you believe in him or do you believe me!” 

Chief Zheng’s facial features hung low. In his heart, he had already cursed the other to death! He believed in Vice Captain Chen’s case-handling abilities, however, could he handle this case? Would he dare to do so? For him to let Vice Captain Chen handle it would be the equivalent to harming him!

This case… Hehe, I truly still can’t believe in you!


This could not be said…

He had zero desire to imagine what the consequences would be like if every city’s M-Files and all the people involved with it were exposed.

“Chief Zheng, you have to say something!”

“Say something? Sure.” Chief Zheng let out laughter as cold as ice. Fine, if you can’t read between the lines, then it serves you right that someone airdropped you! Soon after, he looked at Vice Captain Chen and said loud and clear, enunciating every word: “I. Shall. Say. It. Once. More.”

“Captain Xu has full responsibility over this major case! Old Chen, you should do in accordance to what he says! Otherwise, don’t blame me regardless of the many years of face between us!” He finished speaking, brushed his sleeve aside, and left.

Vice Captain Chen was left in a complete daze. It was completely out of his expectations that Chief Zheng would be so uncaring of the present situation! Moreover, he didn’t think the man would directly denounce him! Was this really his old acquaintance Chief Zheng?

“Good… Good!” Vice Captain Chen glared at his back for a while, turning his head and leave: “Who gives a fuck! I won’t do it!”

Chief Zheng simply didn’t pay attention to his threat, swaggering away without a second thought.

Vice Captain Chen smiled meaningfully at Xu Yangyi at his side, using his eyes as blades to execute a death by a thousand cuts on the other.

The paratrooper didn’t speak… but surprisingly the presence behind him had made the chief of the city’s Public Security Bureau speak on his behalf! The top brass was making him listen to the commands of this brat?!

Was this the Central Committee’s three generations of officials? Capable of settling the public opinion of a city? I’ve worked at the Public Security Bureau for several dozens of years, but I have to obey the commands of this recent graduate who doesn’t even a single hair on his upper lip?

Mumbling and so on, Vice Captain Chen brushed past and left. The crook of Xu Yangyi’s mouth faintly raised upward. Don’t think he hadn’t heard it clearly…

“Who the fuck is a bastard? Coming over here to fill the numbers, he doesn’t even know anything about how a stand-in should act! He’s just blindly going through the motions!”

Xu Yangyi sat down leisurely in his Audi and suddenly laughed. “Indeed, I don’t understand how to handle a case…” He popped open a drink and smiled in satisfaction: “However… my fist is great enough…” Blue smoke puffed through the roof of the car, and the vapors wound his eyes shut: “It looks like I’ll have to question some of the ‘locals’... I hope they’ll cooperate…”

In his eyes, the balance of the world in comparison to ordinary people was far more than just money. He could perceive things that an exceedingly great amount of normal people couldn’t. In that same vein, those things could sense him in the same manner.

Like a lighthouse on a dark night, the traveler saw the lighthouse, and the lighthouse illuminated the traveler.

Smelling the fragrance of blood, I seek the temple of spiritual peace. A ruined scene, the specter of debauchery sings…” Xu Yangyi blasted the stereo of the car, and the compressed heart-shaking rhythm echoed out. He laughed: “Deliver Me…”

One of the Three Great Forbidden Songs… truly matched his style. Followed by the ghost-like drifting of Deliver Me, an hour later, he parked his car at the entrance of a building. The building was quite ordinary, extremely ordinary, that is, if you neglected the enormous toad at the top of it.

[1] This passage is pretty unique that the author does some of it in english. Unfortunately, while he does get some of it right, it looks like nonsense, so I had to fix it. Trying to actually find lyrics for these three forbidden songs on western internet is actually impossible apparently, since I can’t find it, but luckily, our Chinese counterparts have preserved it well on their internet. If you can read Chinese, look up 世界三大禁曲 on Baidu. On western internet, at best, you’ll be able to find out the names of these songs and perhaps a clip on youtube.

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