Archfiend Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Faction Showdown (5)

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Chapter 48: Faction Showdown (5) 

The cat fight had already arrived at its most fiery stage. Fortunately, there weren’t any cultivation reporters present, since Heavens Law graduation ceremony’s talent selection couldn’t have such a thing. However, the people below had already seen the wheezing outcry. 

At this instant, they had clearly recognized what the Big Three was. They didn’t require money to pick a person out. Their resources, informations, methods, and connections, these were all their conditions! These conditions… were something that the other cultivation clans didn’t possess by any stretch of the imagination! 

However, they had finally understood something! It wasn’t because the Featherwood Guard was special did Xu Yangyi make an inquiry of them at all, but rather they put forth they would assist him in finding his assailant! 

Everyone had forgotten… what was the death of Xu Yangyi’s parents in concerns to their own trifling matters? At this instant, the expression in a few people’s eyes finally cooled down from a mad heat and changed into a kind of distant… perseverance! 

With a Core Formation arcane effort in his grasp, his own fiendish aptitude, and tempting conditions, it surprisingly wasn’t his future status or resources, but the blood hatred of his mother and father?

“However, our Bountiful Treasures Pavilion’s demon locator is capable of sweeping through every direction as long as it’s still in China! Hehe… Lilac, you should know that the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion has the ‘Clairvoyance-1’ microsatellite outside of China’s atmosphere. It can’t monitor all of China, but as long as Fellow Daoist Xu’s enemy shows sign of either hide or hair, headquarters will be able to to lock down on it for Fellow Daoist Xu within a day!” Vulture sneered. 

“Even if the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion doesn’t put out, our Featherwood Guard only needs the guild leader’s command, and all 40,000 of the Featherwood Guard’s registered cultivators will keep an eye out for Fellow Daoist Xu! An honest-to-god massive-scale manhunt! Fellow Daoist Xu, all you have to do is agree, and once our signing is completed, the guild master’s command will be immediately issued!” Hibiscus continued to speak. 

Lilac’s body angrily trembled! How could this venomous pair gang up together?! They wanted to kill her off with a glance?!

Their eye contact just now was unexpectedly to collude together! This was the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion and the Featherwood Guard’s plan to throw off her rhythm?

However, her thoughts weren’t even close to finished! This was because she wouldn’t bear with their control any longer! 

From the start when Moonchaser vapidly said that the prize this time was the Burning Heavens Revelation, the current atmosphere was like a detonator primed for any moment, ready to blow up a gunpowder warehouse!

“This one is untalented.” Before the voices of two had fell, an ordinary-looking middle-aged man stood up within the crowd. Just as he stood up, a fierce spiritual pressure like that of a tsunami suddenly swept overhead in the sky! 

The Great Circle of Foundation Establishment!

The eyes of Firecloud, Shadowslay, Moonchaser, and a few Foundation Establishment cultivators that hadn’t spoke suddenly flashed.

“I am the isle master of the Riverheart Isle, Wang Buzhi…” 

Before his voice had even subsided, Firecloud and Shadowslay roared furiously in unison: “Old fool, you still dare reveal yourself?!”

Within the qi walls, Xu Yangyi’s eyes stirred. The fluctuations of his mood were already under control, but this person’s name was somewhat familiar. He seemed to have heard it from somewhere before. 

“Why would I dare not to?” Wang Buzhi laughed grimly: “105 years ago, old me chanced upon the world-shaking Hinayana Pill formula. If it weren’t for all the Foundation Establishment cultivators coming to rob me, I wouldn’t have had to live in secrecy for the past century.”

Xu Yangyi recalled who he was!

These days, medicinal pills ought to have been called pill elixirs. This art declined terribly, and any ancient pill formula was a priceless treasure. The branch had vaguely explained that within the past century, there was an extremely famous pill formula known as the Core Formation Pill, a world-shaking Hinayana Pill alchemy formula. An initial-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator named Wang Buzhi, the Featherwood Guard, and a few other registered agents had searched together and discovered an ancient remnant, however, they had attracted all kinds of pursuers from the light and dark afterwards. From this ancient remnant to civilized regions, no less than 300 Foundation Establishment cultivators had died along this path. 

It wasn’t until the very end was the law enforcement of Nantong Province’s Cultivation Court stirred to action to settle this matter. However, the item in question that could increase the success rate of a cultivator producing pills by an additional 10% had disappeared without trace with Wang Buzhi nowhere to be found, as well. The only result that had come out of this was the registration of the “world-shaking Hiyana Pill” in the cultivation property rights protection court.

Looking at Firecloud’s and Shadowslay’s expressions, the ones that had searched together for the ancient remnants from that time were them. 

“Originally, I wasn’t planning on accepting a disciple. In the past century, I have seen that human nature is cold and indifferent…” Wang Buzhi glanced at Firecloud and Shadowslay with an incomparably derisive expression: “But even under the circumstances of this child’s bright future, he has surprisingly put the vengeance of his mother and father first. I feel it would be better to accept him as a disciple than some of the gathered wild dogs.” 

“Junior, join my sect, and I, Wang Buzhi, will assist you in crafting pills so long as you can take this step! In the entire world, only I possess this pill formula!”

“Hehe, what pretty words. I don’t know who it was that year that said to split things evenly, but in the end, robbed us and ran off. Fellow Daoist Xu, this old fox’s words cannot be believed in. Besides…” Firecloud glanced scornfully at the old man: “Can’t you not produce pills at the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment?”

“If Fellow Daoist Xu enters my Cloudwind Valley, I swear to use my full strength to search for the Fellow Daoist Xu’s parents’ enemy!” 

“Although my Zhao Clan cannot be considered a top clan, and our clansmen number several hundred, all Fellow Daoist Xu has to do is say the word and his nemesis will be our Zhao Clan’s!” 

“Fellow Daoist Xu, my Wu Clan has a secret treasure that can locate traces within a thousand miles…”

The scene had boiled up once again. They knew their opportunity wasn’t great, but didn’t they have one even though their chances weren’t substantial? 

As long as Xu Yangyi didn’t sign a contract here, they would try to find him tonight! At that time, everyone would be face-to-face, holding a candle and conversing at night. The only things they were investing were their good faith and time. Their gains might be a future “possible” Core Formation master!

Sometimes, the entrance would still be tightly sealed off, but perhaps there would be a sliver of a crack revealed where a person could charge through with their utmost effort!

No one knew how arduous the path of cultivation was, but in comparison to a Heavens Law branch, at least there were no life-threatening concerns. The path of cultivation was such that the price of a single misstep could possibly be one’s own life! 

This was regardless of whether or not you were a genius, normal person, or if you had some kind of treasure in your hand. 

In the several millenniums of China’s developments, structural transformations, and terrifying demons, one could only step carefully as if they were walking on top of thin ice and strengthen their patience. This was the only existing path. 

But now, they still continued to charge out, replacing each other one after another for a heavy promise that hadn’t even been made in a century, and it was all for only this “possibility”. 

“I have two conditions that I wish everyone to consider.” 

Suddenly, Xu Yangyi’s voice rang out again and Firecloud skewed his lips. In fact, the boy could come out whenever, but wouldn’t it be a slap to himself if he let Xu Yangyi out ahead of time when he had said an hour?

Everyone quieted down. In everyone’s minds, these words were clearly directed towards the Big Three, but several hundred voices echoed out on the spot: “Fellow Daoist, please speak!”

“First, within ten years, it must be investigated who my assailant is.” 

“Not a problem!” The special envoys of the Big Three didn’t even consider it for a moment before agreeing. This request would undeniably not be simple… Not a single bit!

Heavens Law comprised all of China’s richest and broadest network. To be unable to find the killer of Xu Yangyi’s parents would be no easy task for anyone who wanted to find it!

“Second…” Within the qi walls, Xu Yangyi paused and his mouth faintly twitched, yet he ultimately didn’t say anything. 

His second request was this—he wanted to know who it was that had caused him to fail in breaking through. He wanted revenge for this slight. However, this goal couldn’t be given voice to. At the very least, he couldn’t say it so frankly right now. 

Besides, the current him still wasn’t strong enough. He still didn’t have the strength of a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and as for the people in the VIP section… 

His gaze slightly swept through them. To make clear his own status, he wasn’t a Foundation Establishment senior, and he still didn’t understand exactly how tremendous the power was of each special envoy’s organization. In addition, the few people that had remained silent were ordinary people, but through their status to sit in the VIP section, it already demonstrated their identities weren’t ordinary by any means!

It was already made clear it wasn’t a student when he was sending out kick by kick. The only possibility was that it was an action of someone in the VIP section because there simply wasn’t anyone else that had the qualifications to touch the Unrivaled Beneath the Heavens Arena qi-severing mechanism. He had a premonition that this person couldn’t be questioned. 


He suddenly clenched both of his fists. The person who had shattered his chances at breaking through as it was right before him was here, yet was he was incapable of doing anything? 

No! If it were like so, his convictions would be unrealized!  He would remember the cruel fact one day that as he had once stood before that door, someone had ruthlessly pulled him away! 

Was overwhelming power capable of deceiving the masses of the truth? He would not be obstructed here! 

He considered it for a while, and it was quiet on the outside for a period of time, as well. After a long moment, Xu Yangyi’s voice full of hidden meaning finally echoed out: “The day before, I failed to break through. Originally, I should’ve advanced to the middle stage of Qi Condensation, but at the most critical juncture, someone severed the qi of heaven and earth.” 

Clatter! Simultaneously, a clear and crisp noise resonated throughout the entire arena! Wobble… A teacup lid was rolling on the floor, but no one went to pick it up.

Chu Tianyi’s expression was blank, not even able to be read. He was drinking his tea as usual. No one knew though that his entire back was already covered in cold sweat!

How dare he! How dare Xu Yangyi speak of this now! As Xu Yangyi had spoke just now, he was so frightened that his spirit nearly left to ascend above the heavens!

He knew undoubtedly that it wasn’t limited to just five Foundation Establishment cultivators here, but there were definitely other people present. No, not even to mention Foundation Establishment cultivators, even if the thousands of Qi Condensation cultivators presented a petition with the name of a Foundation Establishment cultivator attached to it, perhaps even for he, the deputy minister, it would be enough to fiercely drink down a pot of tea!

What was the Department of Energy? There were two explanations. One was for Earth’s cornerstone—an explanation to the common masses. The other was an explanation for cultivators!

No one paid attention, but his hand holding onto his teacup was shivering. He was terribly shaken. He truly was in a dreadfully panicked state. Right now, even fear had arisen within his heart. If this Xu wanted to get to the bottom of this, what would he do?!

Wasn’t Xu Yangyi scared he had a million methods to make things hard for him later on? Was he not frightened he was offending a true big shot? He had to know that the person who had done this was not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination!

“Deputy Minister Chu.” Amidst the silence, Firecloud gently said: “Steady yourself… If you don’t, perhaps you’ll scald your hand…” 

Chu Tianyi smiled, his expression as usual. Merely, his vest was terribly cold. 

From the awkward silence, everyone had guessed the identity of the person who could do such a thing was by no means simple. After a while, Vulture gritted his teeth: “Although the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion doesn’t know who caused Fellow Daoist Xu to suffer a failure in his breakthrough, we shall investigate with no stone left unturned. In the case it’s discovered, the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion will cease services with that person for half a year!” 

“Hehe, the Bountiful Treasures Pavilion is still so small-minded as ever.” Wang Buzhi sneered: “A cultivator’s first failure to break through has an enormous influence. It’s not an exaggeration to say that to hinder another from breaking through is a blood feud. In the end, who could be so… despicable?” 

“Junior, join my sect, and I guarantee I will bring that person by their toes to you!”

His gaze firmly swept over Deputy Branchmaster Qi—perhaps Qi Condensation cultivators wouldn’t be able to guess who the person could be to do such a thing, but for Foundation Establishment cultivators like them, they could guess through a process of elimination! How many people in a Heavens Law branch were capable of such action? What kind of position did these few people have?

“Wouldn’t you say? Deputy Branchmaster Qi?”

The spiritual pressure of the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment was like thick, sticky blood wrapping around Deputy Branchmaster Qi’s body. His forehead was covered in a cold sweat, and he gritted his teeth and laughed: “Of course, that’s…”

Xu Yangyi’s voice echoed out again: “I’m just speaking casually. No need for everyone to take it so seriously.” 

Chu Tianyi painfully shut his eyes, wishing to slap Xu Yangyi to death within his heart!

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