Archfiend Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Asura Grounds (2)

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Chapter 50: Asura Grounds (2)

The spiritual pressure was like an ocean tide or lofty mountain. All the present Qi Condensations cultivators, those at the initial stage and middle stage, were simply incapable of speech, cold sweat overflowing their pores. Only late-stage cultivators were able to support themselves with great difficulty, looking towards the VIP section with fright permeating their hearts. 

“What’s going on? What’s occurred?” 

“I don’t know, didn’t someone just scream ‘attack’?” 

“That can’t be! This is the lowest level of the Heavens Law branch! Who dares kill their way in?” 

“Are they not afraid they’ll be hunted down by humanity’s cultivators?” 

“Is it really an attack? Who could be so audacious? There are eight Foundation Establishment seniors here!”

“If it’s not an attack, but moreover an invasion, how could the eight seniors possibly worry the least bit about us to erupt with their maximum spiritual pressures?”

Over ten thousands gazes looked towards the VIP section in unison, following the eight furious shouts. In the next second, fist, palm, sword, bell, and fan all struck the opponent’s body. 

Firecloud’s eyes suddenly narrowed as if he had seen a most terrible thing. Firmly tossing his hand aside that was holding his fan, he snarled: “All Fellow Daoists, withdraw!” 

There was no need for him to speak. In a flash, the eight people completely departed! Although they were many and had assumed a ring-shaped encirclement around the young girl, the looks in their eyes were terribly shaken!

The sword had sliced into her flesh in three sections and the fan had scorched one side of her body. All of the fists and palms had struck her body, leaving a large indentation. 

However… there wasn’t the least bit change in her expression! She only calmly surveyed the various kinds of bladed weapons that had pierced into her body.

“You… You’re actually…” Shadowslay’s Adam’s apple trembled a few times, bringing with it an incomparably solemn voice as he spoke: “Half-step Core Formation…” 

Squelch… The young girl quietly extracted a sword from her body and placed it in front of her to study. She gently parted her red lips: “Do you know?”

“If you don’t enter Core Formation, you will forever be uneducated on how formidable the apex is. I keep on having these ridiculous dreams, yet I don’t know if I’m only an insect that could be squashed to death with a slap…” 

No one spoke. Eight Foundation Establishment cultivators, these eight figures that were already too high to reach in the eyes of Qi Condensation cultivators, at this moment, of these eight magnificent cultivators, not a single one of them were of mind to speak.  

“What’s happened?” A young girl asked suspiciously: “Is this woman a demon? Are the eight Foundation Establishment cultivators unable to kill her?”

Before her voice had even fallen, her grandfather at her side had already covered her mouth. She raised her frightened gaze to see that at this moment, the flesh on the face of her ordinarily widely grinning grandfather was shivering because of this immense fear, cold sweat freely dripping off his forehead. 

“She’s not dead?!” On the other side, a youth firmly nailed his terrified gaze on the young girl’s body: “H-how is this possible! These are eight Foundation Establishment seniors! Four of them are at the Great Circle of Foundation Establishment!”

“Shut up…” At his side, his father’s face was already deathly ashen. The youth glanced at his father and nearly jumped in horror! Their Luo Clan’s prime treasure, a silver hoop, was already clenched in his father’s hand at some unknown point in time. 

In his father’s surroundings, his father’s younger brother, older brother, and the ordinarily taciturn elders were grasping a talisman in one hand and a weapon in the other at this moment. All of them wordlessly stood up and looked towards the VIP section with an extreme solemnity. To the extent that...

He didn’t know if he had seen it correctly, but he seemed to have saw a kind of deathly sorrow on the faces of his family members. 

“Hong’er… Remember… as soon as there is an opportunity, nevermind us, you must escape! No matter what, you must not be concerned about us!” 

Swish… A group silently stood up, headed by an elderly woman accompanied by four middle-aged men and women. The old woman shivered falteringly as she opened a canvas. In a twinkling, saber qi like that of a roaming dragon carrying the distinct and clear sound of a dragon’s cry leapt into midair.  

Another crowd of people quietly stood up, not saying anything and locking their eyes on the VIP section. However, there was a bladed weapon in every person’s hand. 

Swish… Swish… Swish… As if there was a soundless alarm, legions of all the present cultivation clan members, 3000 cultivators, all stood up without exception at this instant. 

“Fiend… Leave the Heavens Law branch at once, and I can act as if nothing has happened!” Moonchaser rigidly gritted his teeth, and the muscles of his entire body were like they were being pricked by needles, stretched taut to inflexibility. He dared not to shift his gaze from his opponent’s body by even a fraction of a hair: “There are many cultivators here. Even if you’re half-step Core Formation, you cannot provoke them all!” 

The young girl glanced at him distantly and suddenly laughed: “Don’t you want to know why I have come?”

“It’s quite simple…” The young girl giggled, not waiting for Moonchaser to respond and opened her mouth: “It’s because there are already no more living people upstairs. Haven’t you all not been able to connect with the upper level for quite a while?”

“Vermilion Snow!” Once the several high officials of the Heavens Law branch heard this, their eyes nearly split apart in fury: “Were it not for the benevolence of the Core Formation masters, would you still have a path to survive?!”  

“During the dawn of the Qing dynasty, you even massacred four cities! Your crimes cannot be forgiven! After you die, you shall be carried off to the Eighteen Levels of Hell! You still dare act against Heavens Law?!” 

The fact they weren’t capable of contacting the above level hadn’t drawn their attention because the communication signal here originally couldn’t be considered too great. After all, it was only opened once every five years. But none had expected that as the competition took place below, a massacre of unparalleled savagery had just occurred above!  

The young girl didn’t say anything, only looking indifferently at the four large, majestic characters of unrivaled beneath the heavens that towered above her head. Eventually, she dimly smiled: “How vulgarly written.” 

None of the Foundation Establishment cultivators said a word. The nature of half-step Core Formation was different from their own! Even if the present 3000 clan cultivators obstructed her, how many people would die? Of the mortal entourages and juniors they had brought with them, what would the number of dead be? 

This location… was doomed to flow with rivers of blood!

“What are you going to do?” Wang Buzhi gritted his teeth: “Even though you’re half-step Core Formation, you’re not a Core Formation master! By concealing from all of China’s cultivation world that you have broken through to half-step Core Formation, you’ve already arrived at the apex! What else is there that you desire to do!” 

“Impudent.” Vermilion Snow turned her head, looking at him without a bit of emotion: “Is what I want to accomplish something a thing like you can question?”

She finished speaking and suddenly began to laugh: “However, I’m in a pretty good mood today. There’s no harm in giving you a chance to guess.” She raised a finger: “Guess incorrectly once, and I’ll kill a Foundation Establishment cultivator. What do you think?”

No one moved. The cost of raising a hand against a half-step Core Formation demon was too great. But at this time, a large bloody hole burst out of Moonchaser’s chest without warning. Both of his eyes went round and blood suddenly sprayed out from his mouth. Even in death, he looked at Vermilion Snow incredulously. 

“Getting into contact with Daomaster Floatingcloud?” Vermilion Snow hooked a finger on her smile and an eagle-shaped origami flew out from the recently deceased Moonchaser’s body. Afterwards, it combusted, devoid of the wind: “Forget about it… The night is long and the dreams many. Some games still aren’t a waste of time to play…”

“Although it’s rather boring, how about I tell you all the answer?” 

“Do you remember Heavens Law’s record of me?” She stood up: “My slaughter of four consecutive cities in Hegu Province was for Foundation Establishment, right?”

These words were like a primer. The faces of the Foundation Establishment cultivators in front of her all changed!

“Your arcane effort… requires a blood sacrifice to break through a great realm?” Firecloud asked, shrill of voice. 

“How clever. Perhaps all of you could take out one of those legendary life-death reincarnation pills? I’ll turn around and leave, but don’t use those pill elixirs to try and fool me.” Vermilion Snow’s hair danced of its own accord in the absence of wind: “Pitiful… Obviously, all of you remember. Why don’t all of you consider it a bit about why I have to kill people?”

“I have no such fondness for killing…”

“100,000 people.” Already, her voice carried a wisp of bloody insanity: “With the blood sacrifice of a 100,000 people, I will become the eleventh in the Core Formation realm!”

“Thus, all of you… must die.” She turned to face towards the heavens and laughed maniacally. In the next second, a surge of spiritual pressure that made the heart tremble suddenly erupted from her body in madness!

The spiritual pressure was a like a rank twelve earthquake on the Richter scale! It was like a tornado added on with a tsunami! All the present initial-stage Qi Condensation cultivators and every human stood frozen in place! 

“In years past, I killed enough people to fill the open plains. How could I care about all of your many lives?! Even if I am met with the ten Yama Courts, they might not necessarily accept me!” Her entire body floated into the air, cast off from physics. Her long hair that reached her waist moved by itself, free of the wind, and her pupils transformed into slits.

“For a monarch to settle the matters in the world is to win fame in life and death! As long as I break through to Core Formation, who cares how others assess me after I die!

Within the qi walls, Xu Yangyi had already stood up without further delay! As that seemingly supernatural spiritual pressure exploded with a rumble, a deathly aura had shattered the peace of his meditation in a flash. He was familiar with this aura, too familiar with it.

Vermilion Snow! Vermilion Snow had personally come!

His thoughts had presently swiftly turned around, and he immediately recalled all that Zuo Lun had told them day.

The massacre of the citizens of Hegu Province that had left their bodies filling the open fields, the slaughter of four consecutive cities, the blood sacrifice of several hundred thousand people, breaking through to Foundation Establishment… So it turned out to be… It turned out to that Vermilion Snow’s truth had always been within her records! Merely, no one had ever took note of it! All eyes had been drawn into her brutality! 

It was no wonder… No wonder that besides this matter, she had simply done no other evil! 

On that night she broke through to Foundation Establishment, she dyed an area of a 100 li with blood and earned her demon name. It wasn’t madness and it wasn’t to demonstrate her power, but rather she had a reason that demanded her to take action as such!

She had patiently waited across from Heavens Law without transformation or variation over the long years in order to suddenly rise in revolt as she broke through to Core Formation! Because of how long she had lived, she was already incredibly understanding of Heavens Law’s rules and regulations!

The graduation ceremony that took place once every five years… In her eyes, perhaps it had long become a quinquennial sumptuous feast! Besides here… where else were there so many cultivators? Besides here, where else would hordes of cultivators converge once every five years?

She hadn’t made a move in the past because the time was not ripe. If she had no certainty, then she wouldn’t have come to the time to advance. 

By stretching out her silent endurance of over a century, she had already lowered the Fengyi City branch’s vigilance. Now… the death god that had sat quietly for a century had finally extended her sharpened claws. 

Xu Yangyi’s breathing was gradually becoming rushed as a million thoughts ran through his mind. Currently, all he could do was wait if the Foundation Establishment cultivators were capable of stopping her! However...

Confronted with the situation of their lives vanishing at any time, who would come out fighting to the death for Qi Condensation cultivators that they weren’t even acquainted with?

Their own circumstances were no longer important. Right now, there was only a single circumstance.

To continue living on.

Under the situation of Vermilion Snow’s mad sorcery in order to achieve Core Formation and daring to brave the whole world in her great atrocity of washing Nantong Province’s Heavens Law branch with blood, he could only persist in survival!

But… he was closed out inside the qi walls!

There was an advantage though. The following battle would undoubtedly be a bloody carnage of flying flesh and blood, a bloodbath that would form rivers! Vermilion Snow was a demon at the kind of realm that demanded a massacre on these ancient ceremonial grounds, a sure attack without distinction! 

A Qi Condensation cultivator… was capable of living on for nearly a century! Ordinary people didn’t even have to be mentioned!

However, he could!

In order to manufacture his own chance to get close, Firecloud hadn’t let he and Chu Zhaonan out. Nonetheless, he clearly remembered what Firecloud had said before. These qi walls were of Daomaster Floatingcloud’s technique! It could obstruct a Core Formation cultivator for a period of time! 

He could live longer than everyone else for a period of time. But as for afterwards! 

He had a terribly awful plan, but because Vermilion Snow had dared to come meet her foes with a single sword, he had absolute confidence in it!

Her hundred-meter-long demon form had given him an overwhelming murderous aura at that time, yet he was positive that not even she would make light of the present harebrained scheme he had cooked up in his brain. 

The qi walls were an area that protected him, but also a prison that restricted him!

“What's there to be done!” He firmly placed his hand on the qi wall, yet discovered it was simply indifferent to his strength!

That wasn’t to mention that because of the bullet presently lodged in his chest by Chu Zhaonan, he couldn’t use a lick of his qi! 

Right now, life or death would truly be decided in an instant!

[1] 夜长梦多 - The night is long and dreams many. Chinese phrase meaning that “A long delay means trouble”

[2] Yama Courts: In Buddhist mythology, there are ten palaces where the ten Yama Kings reside.

[3] 了却君王天下事,赢得生前身后名 - “For a monarch to settle the matters in the world is to win fame in life and death. This lines comes from a Song dynasty poet and general Xin Qiji. Background comes from a poem where the king realizes he has warred all of his life for his achievement of uniting the lands of China, but is now too old to enjoy it and his imperial court gone.

[4] Dared to come meet her foes with a single sword. I like this idiom a lot so I did not localize it. The meaning behind this is “showing up to a fight by yourself/without any other measures”.

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