Archfiend Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Meeting Old Friends (3)

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Chapter 85: Meeting Old Friends (3)

Hu Jiaojiao saw everything from the rearview mirror, only feeling her scalp tingling frantically! The first time wasn’t considered the end… he was still planning on coming a second time? Was there no natural order? Was there no law of the land?

Did he not know fear?! He didn’t understand the significance of this car’s license plate. The meaning of this car had went unrealized!

However, whatever her rage, it was no less than the fear in her heart. Her thoughts were embroiled by violent fury, and nevertheless, a screech came out from her mouth: “K-knock it off! D-don’t hit us! There are people inside who are seriously injured!”

The three people in the back, boggled out of their minds, were unable to restrain the blackening of their faces.

“Hit them.” Xu Yangyi used his spiritual sense to perform a sweep over and smiled even colder: “If they don’t admit repentance, continue to hit them.” 

Hum! The sound of the accelerator growing louder was heard, and Hu Jiaojiao was frightened out of her spirit. She realized the other really was getting ready for a second run to finish the job!

“Brother! Brother! It’s enough!” Not only was it not confined to him, the other people were so scared that they broke into cold sweats from head to toe. The middle-aged man couldn’t restrain his loud shout: “Brother! Don’t hit them, their background is obviously great! Brothers, I urge you; people like us can’t can’t afford to provoke the people of this license plate! If you strike again, there really will be an accident!”

The students put their hands at the sides of their mouth and shouted : “Big brother, don’t hit them. If you crash into them again there’ll be real trouble! They were in the wrong before, and we took photos! You’re clean! If they sue you, we’re willing to supply video!”

“Yeah, it’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble, my man. Just forget about it.” 

“Brother, things are more or less fine.”

Although the car window was shut, Xu Yangyi could hear these voices crystal clear. Li Zongyuan dared not to make a decision, only obliged to looking at Xu Yangyi.

“I read a news article on the web in the past.” Xu Yangyi suddenly laughed and said: “A middle school student or a high school student went to help an old person, but was extorted out of a couple ten thousand by the old person.”

“There is a crack in the ethics system.” He looked outside the window somewhat in a trance and said quietly: “I thought to myself, what would I do? The gained result is, considering the conclusion, is to file a lawsuit. Naturally, this was my mere thinking as an ordinary person.”

“A single person thinks of settling peace. A hundred people bring harmony, and as a result, everyone is contributing bricks and tiles for this crack.”

“The silent endurance of Confucianism isn’t talking about such patient tolerance. Of course…” He stowed his gaze: “The most important thing is that this woman insensibly caused me this degree of trouble.”

“Smash it up. I guarantee there won’t even be a single hair that falls.” He crossed one of his legs over the other, tranquilly lit a cigarette, and looked at the butt of his cigarette as he said calmly: “Until they come to their senses.”

“Yes!” Li Zongyuan said loudly in response. This type of feeling… although he didn’t understand it, it seemed to be pretty awesome.

Boom! In the midst of everyone’s stupefaction, the over 700,000 Audi A6L and the 2 million-plus GT-R NISMO crashed together once again!

The second time!

“Fuck…” The middle-aged man couldn’t contain himself from cursing: “These brothers… got character… but what’s going to happen later? Not to mention first whether the people of this license plate are ordinary people, this is a car worth several million!”


Inside the car, the youth was unable to bear the dizzying commotion and vomited on the ground. Before he even spoke, the sound of Hu Jiaojiao’s disdainful voice retching rang out: “I’m sick to my stomach! What’re we doing!”

“Sick to your mother!” The youth cursed simply without a thought: “Let’s get out now!”

“Shut up!” The young man looked hatefully at Hu Jiaojiao, as well. Never did he expect even in his dreams that this matter would come to forceful blows without any consideration. They had encountered a madman today! 

It was strange that their skin hadn’t broken on this second time, yet merely this terror caused them to break out in a body-wide cold sweat in fear! He was already terribly regretting in abiding Hu Jiaojiao’s picking of a fight! Who knew that the other wouldn’t give a damn about them at all!

“Apologize! Apologize now!” The youth glanced behind and screeched: “H-h-he’s coming to hit us again!”

S-still coming? The young man’s complexion changed!

“If you want to apologize, you go!” Hu Jiaojiao released a throat-tearing screech. Even though she was so panicked, she had never been humiliated like this! In which occurrence was it not others apologizing to her? When has she erred in any matter? On what basis did she have to apologize to that low-class plebeian?! 

“Hu Jiaojiao.” The young man glared unwaveringly into the other’s eyes: “This is big brother’s car!”

Hu Jiaojiao was dazed and then spat in contempt: “So what?! You want me to give this country hick an apology?! Listen up to me loud and clear! No way!!!”

The silence lasted approximately half a second.

“Hu Jiaojiao…” The young man inhaled deeply and opened his mouth again: “This is the car I sought out from big brother to borrow. Forget about it, you listen up to me…”

“Starting from now, we don’t know each other.”

Hu Jiaojiao was stunned.

She was unable to understand; how could this happen in the end? Was it so frightening? Because the other had run into them twice, the schoolmate that had protected her for ten-odd years broke off all ties with her? The tree had collapsed in a mere instant, yet it was due to a process of termites in the past, extending onwards for several years. 

“We apologize!” Without basically giving her more thought, the young man stuck his head out and shouted: “Sorry! This matter is our wrongdoing!” 

Screech… Just as the car pulling back in reverse again, it finally came to a halt. Every person that was present let loose a sigh, however, they witnessed an even more inconceivable scene next. 

The young man stepped out of the car with his nearly ashen face. In their social circle, face was more important than anything. On this day, it was him again that had to settle the affair that Hu Jiaojiao provoked! In addition, it was a clean up he was absolutely unwilling to do! He could already imagine that his face tomorrow would be published on all kinds of web pages and news articles!

“Hu Jiaojiao…” He clenched his teeth, his face growing more unsightly, and he nodded towards the inside of the car: “You best shape the fuck up.” 

“If it’s not important in the future, don’t fucking come looking for me! In Panshan City, I don’t acquaint myself with people of your number!” 

“Then don’t get along with me! Who cares!” Sullenness bubbled up in Hu Jiaojiao’s heart, and she stuck half of her body outside and shrieked.

The young man snorted coldly and turned on his heels, walking away.

“A real photo of a second generation rich kid or the kid of an official falling out at the scene…” A university student in the back softly sighed in emotion.


Thud thud thud… The sound of closing doors continued to ring out in succession, and Hu Jiaojiao, the youth, and the bald driver all stepped out of their car.

“Open the door!” She stood before the head of the somewhat deformed Audi and firmly gritted her teeth: “Didn’t you want me to apologize? What? You dare not to open the door?”

“There’s no need.” Xu Yangyi’s voice penetrated through the thick window: “Just go.”

“Heh…” Hu Jiaojiao laughed angrily. This business wasn’t finished! She had lost a great deal of face in public, she and the young man had fallen out, and she was frightened out of her wits. Wasn’t it just stopping you for a bit? Wasn’t it just a beverage thrown at you? You damned unreasonable buffoon?! If we were in Panshan City, I could make your lousy car go through the three deaths! Now, you even fucking dare to find it convenient to show off your good manners?

“Mister, are we really letting them go?” Li Zongyuan asked.

Xu Yangyi popped in his earphones and nodded. It wasn’t fright, but upon seeing this noisy girl, he was a tad troubled. In his mind, the silhouette of a woman that had invested her everything for her little sister suddenly jumped into his mind. Although it was somewhat fuzzy, it was brimming with vitality.

Of the various kinds of people nurtured from the same sustenance—people he knew back then—it was unknown who was still alive. It evoked a fleeting melancholy at the core of his heart, and he unexpectedly felt this present matter was rather dull.

Why fight with this young, insensible chuuni girl? All of a sudden, he thought the prior matter was somewhat ridiculous. He was disinclined to care about this affair. 

Thud! Thud! Thud! The sound of the window urgently being rapped rang out, and with each knock, Hu Jiaojiao used greater force. Her mouth that was just quiet for no less than two minutes started up again: “Open the door!”

“What? Scared? Dare not to show up? Weren’t you just so awesome? Forcing me to apologize!”

“Now, that I’ve come over, you won’t open the door! What’re you scared of?! If you’re a man, come out and stand!”

Xu Yangyi inhaled deeply. Calmly removing the earphones he had just put on, a wisp of thick killing will flashed within his lake-like eyes. Li Zongyuan sensed the surrounding qi come to a boil without warning! As if it had transformed into a thousand daggers in the grip of the Grim Reaper, qi erupted!

“Master! You can’t!” He was nervous, wet with sweat, and turned his body and said promptly: “You’re going to receive the pursuit of the Cultivation Court like this! This woman’s status shouldn’t be low!”

“My hand.” Xu Yangyi sneered as he pushed open the car door: “Could it be that it would kill such a nameless individual?”

Thunk… Amidst the focused eyes of many, he exited the car. Followingly, a person immediately felt a gaze nail into their body. It wasn’t that woman, but rather the bald man. It appeared his martial arts were considerable, but it was a pity...

He wasn’t a cultivator; what use was the height of his martial arts?

“Oh? Finally willing to come out?” Hu Jiaojiao sneered as she stroked her Hermès handbag: “And I still thought you dared not to? Hu Ba, give him an apology.”

Everyone was watching, yet the bald man seemed like he didn’t sense anything. As he stood before Xu Yangyi, everyone discovered that he was surprisingly over a head taller than the latter! He reached an outlandish height of over 1.9 meters!

“I-is this a bodyguard?” Someone coldly gasped: “S-she left the door and even brought a bodyguard?”

“How is this an apology? This is a threat!” Someone sneered as they spat contemptuously: “There are plenty of people like this in this era. The law is inferior to human system!”

Xu Yangyi looked indifferently at Hu Ba who was like a small mountain and suddenly laughed. He laughed as he extended his fist, chuckling as it dazzled before Hu Ba. The other observed Xu Yangyi without hardly a sliver of emotion, tauntingly watching the fist that appeared agonizingly feeble. Afterwards...

Boom! A heavy sound rang out! Everyone in the surroundings felt a gale brush their faces! Hu Jiaojiao’s hair flew back! The tremendous power of the wind caused her to shut her eyes. The shock within her heart nearly made her screech once again!

Was this still a man?! This was in no way human! This was a monster! Was an ordinary person capable of rousing wind pressure? Are you kidding me?! That was right… Hu Ba! How about Hu Ba!

She didn’t screech and opened her eyes again. Everyone present was silent. Each person had heard the wind pressure from moments ago.

Thud… Subsequently, the sound of both of Hu Ba’s knees hitting the ground echoed. Xu Yangyi’s fist was at the side of his body. It wasn’t aimed at him, but he knew right away. This man, a head shorter than him, with a single fist… was capable of killing him!

He only required a single fist!

[1] This isn’t precisely an isolated case from what I have read. China lacks Good Samaritan Laws, so that’s why you’ll see some messed up videos of people leaving other people dying in the middle of the road, etc. They are scared to get sued. 

[2] This three deaths things was difficult to find. From what I have found, the first death is the death of the mind and the death of the body. The second death is considered a funeral. You are dead to society. The third death is to be forgotten by everyone because of time. In that sense it is a “true death”. From my research, this concept was brought by a famous novelist, Eileen Chang, or Zhang Ailing (same person, but non-anglicized). 

[3] This food idiom may have been explained in the past, but it pretty much means “everyone eats from the same source/food, but turns out different in behavior, etc”

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