Archfiend Chapter 907

Archfiend Archfiend: Total Library Chapter 320: The Godseal Spark (30)

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Once Xu Yangyi got over his surprise, his gaze soon became even colder than ice. A vengeful fury raged hotly in his heart.

Zhao Ziqi had died because of her.

A debt of blood was to be paid in blood!

Upon seeing Xu Yangyi, Nalan Liusu opened her mouth, seemingly wanting to say something. Perhaps to save her, but ultimately nothing was said.

Every sip, every peck, all is ordained by fate She watched Xu Yangyi wordlessly wave his hand, and Falling Moon shot forward as it screamed in the wind. Wreathed in soaring black flame, the guandao was clasped under his arm as his heart filled with anger. Like a terrible beast, he uttered not a word as he sprinted over to her.

She closed her eyes. Every flower, every fruit all is karma Her eyes shut. In her ears, all she heard was the rumble of footsteps carrying a soaring murderous aura and wrath that rushed her at full power!

This was a blade of freely vent emotions.

This was a blade of vengeance!

This was a blade that bore the weight of his Dao heart!

How others treat me is how I treat others! Even through ten million men will I advance!

This was Xu Yangyis Dao.

She could not dodge but neither could she think of doing so.

The Nalan Clan she spoke her final words, will inevitably dismember your corpse into ten thousand pieces

SWOOSH!!! Black radiance sparked past!

Her last word was firmly lodged in her mouth.

Go to hell and repent. Xu Yangyis figure appeared behind her. A dark-red thread of blood was on the edge of his blade, forming a drop of blood that quietly fell down.

In the instant the blood drop fell, Nalan Liusus beautiful jade body, from her shoulder to her waist, was cleaved into two pieces! Fresh blood splattered everywhere!

In silence, Xu Yangyi tightly gritted his teeth. After ages, he set his hand over his chest and paused.


Big brother has helped you take revenge.

Maybe it wasnt me that beat her, she was too strong. I wasnt her opponent. But, I brought down the last blade. He closed his eyes and took a long sigh. I know you didnt care much about the process. Its the results which are most important, right?

I should thank her. I was able to stay clear-headed while I was alive, so I woke up.

Meanwhile at the Bluedawn Winding Corridor, the Crimson Rakshasa jolted up on her feet and gazed forward in disbelief! If someone looked beyond her gaze, they would discover that her line of sight made a straight line Her ultimate destination to the blood pond!

Nalan Liusu had died?!

How was this possible?!

The Nalan Clans strongest holy maiden of generations past, how could her spiritual sense ultimately vanish?!

Her hand tightened around a wine cup and began to lightly shake. Nalan Cuo looked at his clan elder in astonishment and murmured, What?

The woman-spider raised her hand, hinting at him to speak no further. Not daring to believe, she cast her senses again a few more times. Indeed, Nalan Liusu had died in body and soul!

Liusu is no longer Eventually, her voice rasped out. Although she had already accepted this fact, she couldnt help but faintly tremble as she spoke.

What?! Nalan Cuo didnt possess such self-restraint and quickly shot up on his legs, both his eyes completely round. Clan Elder! Did you sense incorrectly? I didnt feel the slightest thing! Impossible! Liusu was known as the strongest holy maiden of past generations! Its no understatement that she was even the strongest genius in the Nalan Clans history! Her fleshly body once bathed in a drop of an ancient demons trueblood! When she was born, her spiritual sense received the blessings of the clans three greater lands! She

I know!!! the Crimson Rakshasa suddenly stood up, the corner of her eyes twitching, and gritted out, I know all of what you say!!! The clan records are crystal clear about it!!!

And yet she has passed! Her gaze changed directions, glaring savagely at the distant seventh Reincarnation Puppet. Someone killed her This Throne dares not be convinced that there actually exist someone capable of killing a once-in-a-generation ancient genius in the modern age! This person Who in the world is this person?!

In the blood pond, over a dozen impermanants looked up in the air in shock. Over yonder, Nalan Liusus life slip unleashed a ray of dazzling golden light. Afterwards an explosion rang out, and the jade slip broke down into waste!

No t-this is impossible An impermanant was struck foolish, shaking as it cupped a ruined piece of jade. How could Impossible! How could Holy Maiden Liusu perish?! Her spiritual sense probably wouldnt have existed forever, but shouldnt it be practically immortal?!

Everyone else said nothing. Shock merely colored their faces. No one could accept this fact!

Today the seventh Reincarnation Puppet, never having once been broken, was doomed to fall!

Heavens An impermanant, the green fire of his eyes trembling, unconsciously looked towards the outside. In the end what kind of fiend could actually kill an ancient cultivator who was the strongest in her generation?

With great difficulty, Nalan Cuo covered up his amazement and sat down. Even now he couldn't believe it. In the following two seconds just as he sat down, however, his brow shot up and he sharply gasped. In that case the seventh Reincarnation Puppet

The seventh Reincarnation Puppet, triumphant in every battle and never having once fallen

For battle it was born, and for battle it has died. The Crimson Rakshasa clenched her teeth. Go now while the Foundation Establishment cultivators cannot act is there still not time?

As far as the eye could see, the Reincarnation Puppets six arms stabbed down at the same time!

BOOM!!! The Featherwood Guard's light screen released boundless golden light. In the next second, it entirely collapsed!

Everyone below stared blankly at the last shell of the chicken egg that was protecting them. Here and now, it had been crushed. Even if the Reincarnation Puppet was mindless, it still reared its head back and roared at this moment.

HIIISSS!!! A world-shaking bellow caused the stones on the ground to jump. At the horizon, the marble white color of a fishs belly was already in sight. At this time of daybreak before the blackest darkness, scant light illuminated the colossuss hill-like body. Talismans glimmered on it, and its three heads and six arms were akin to a demon-gods descent. Below its head was a black ring of waves that moved to and fro like an uplifted skirt. The tides rose and the tides fell. Endless heart-chilling hissing noises echoed throughout the night.

The Spirit Parasites ocean.

After it roared, its six massive arms rose up again!

Clank A cultivators spirit cannon fell to the ground. His heart a field of icy-coldness, he gazed dumbly at the Reincarnation Puppet above and chanted over and over again like a devil, No no this cant be real

The protective cover... is broken On the other side, a cultivators face was deathly white. Although he had not discarded his spirit cannon, he mumbled as if he had lost his soul.

What had broken was not just a protective screen, but also their fighting spirit and morale.

All their wishes, in this twinkling, had completely shattered.

Zhao Wuyes lips were trembling. He hadnt tossed his spirit cannon aside, but his hand gripping onto the weapon was shaking.

Broken The light screen had broken

All of them were just like a crab stripped of its shell, their plump and fair flesh exposed. They were only waiting to be sampled.

Above was the Reincarnation Puppet, undying and unkillable. Below was the Screaming Wind Legions all-out charge.

They were at the end of the rope, without either path to heaven or door to earth!

Did I make a mistake? His gaze revealed a trace of sorrow. Against such total war, an individuals martial powerone who didnt exceed a great realm was simply a cup of water on a burning cart.

Without warning, the soaring tide of qi, spiritual light resisting the heavenly calamitys descent, weakened a bit. In an instant, the green catastrophe loudly pressed down! Even at the horizons edge, Venus lost color! The front of the Reincarnation Puppet was a wretched green domain, like a burning hell of nether ghostflame. The light shined upon deathly ashen faces.

Boom! Behind, the sharp claws of the Screaming Wind Legions black tigers were already stomping in front of Xuan Chengzi!

The captain of the legion was breathing heavily like an ox. His armor was already on the verge of breaking, revealing his young but not childish face, and his murderous aura was cold.

Facing him, Xuan Chengzi was dripping with blood. All of a sudden, an expanse of golden light flashed! Somewhat unexpectedly, the sword-cultivator glanced back, just happening to see the cover of qi light break!

Hah The captain suddenly lifted his head, eyes firmly set on the heavenly calamity pushing down. Facing up to the sky, he burst into great laughter, Hahaha!!!

Set formation! having his full of laughter, he shouted hoarsely, the killing intent of his gaze all revealed. No one No one is allowed to leave this place!

The Reincarnation Puppet had broke the formation! It had finally broken the Featherwood Guard's formation!

Through his long war career, he knew that the Xingtian Legions inferior army absolutely wouldnt be in the state of mind to fight now! All they had to do was wait for the calamity to arrive and everything here would turn into flying ash!

At that time he could rush in, seize the command plate, and it wouldnt cost a single soldier!

Without anyone knowing at this moment, Qin Xueluan was in the sky and frantically chaining hand seals together!

Thirty minutes had passed

The branch master still hadnt come out but she couldnt wait anymore!

Ten Thousand Gu Extends As she spoke these words, a reddish-purple light and strange droning noises came from her body. Both her hands suddenly joined together. Dragon-Serpent Ascends!

CRASH!!! A magenta ray of spiritual light shot out from her like a ripple! Immediately, the snakes, scorpions, and centipedes tearing out holes on the Reincarnation Puppets body shockingly erupted with violet light!

As if it was immobile in this instant, the Reincarnation suddenly couldnt move!

Did you really think that my little friends poison was useless against you? Qin Xueluan clenched her teeth and laughed. Each one of them are carefully selected Gu Kings. Their poison alone is indeed nothing against you, but once they explode at the same time it should be enough to paralyze you!

After all the Gu Kings that I choose all paralyze nerves and flesh, and freeze blood vessels to a deadlock as a prerequisite!

Zhao Wuyes face was heavy like water. His hand placed over his storage ring ultimately slackened and lowered.

He had already been stroking the vessel for the Mother and Child Yin-Yang Corpses Had Qin Xueluan not taken action, he wouldve had no choice but to summon this secret trump of his!

Below, Zhao Wuyes gaze flashed. Those six hands, the representatives of death, had paused a hundred meters away!

Everyone fell into a daze. Needless of words, in this instant, the flame known as hope raged in their inner hearts!

KILL!!! Zhao Wuyes voice hoarsely roared! Dozens of Spirit Acc.u.mulation Cannons now happened to bright once more!

KILL!!! In the sky, everyones eyes shone. In this second, no sliver of spiritual force was restrained whatsoever! Like the levee collapse of the Yangtze River, beams of qi madly jetted forth!

All that was sought was this blow!

This was their only chance!

This was the first time they had stopped this horrific machine!

HIISS!!! Separated in front of them, an endless ocean of tentacles was formed of countless eyes and sharp teeth! As they exploded with all might, the Spirit Parasite also sensed the danger and madly surged towards them!

Fang Cheng closed his eyes. His dantian was aching dully. Charging past this ocean was bound to incur serious injuries. At this moment, however, he didnt have a second choice!

F.u.c.k! Spirit artifacts were fully activated, spiritual light dazzling the eye! He shut his eyes and steeled his heart to rush past the Spirit Parasite!

But there was no stabbing pain as he had imagined.

No anguish of his entire body being tore at.

The half-demon opened his eyes in shock and discovered to his awe


Before the haggard cultivators of the Xingtian Legion, the Spirit Parasites blocking them had all shockingly wilted!

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