Archfiend Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Seven Stars Executing Demon (2)

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Boom! Within Xu Yangyi’s heart, a flash arced through like a clap of thunder. Never did he expect by any musings that Emperor Armaments… were actually even separated by life and death!

The doubt in his heart finally had answer. Although this answer was quite superficial, it seemed to raise a corner and actually conceal even more secrets!

His gaze twinkled. An Animus Armament had identified itself with his own Dao? What Dao had it recognized of his? If there was certainly an activation opportunity, it was when the eight cultivators had confronted Vermilion Snow, giving him a kind of shock. But… what he came to be enlightened in was how a cultivator should be! What cultivation was!  

Which Lord of the Nine Quiniums would acknowledge what a cultivator was?! As to the nature of cultivation?

He was silent, not uttering a word. Jadewave gently flicked a finger and a lotus flower suddenly drifted out from the heavy mists. In a flash, it touched the Emperor Armament, and a noise like the grating strike of a sword sharply echoed in the sky without warning!

Dong! Although this noise was momentary, its lingering aura was prolonged. It seemed to have been heard from a thousand years ago, carrying an aura of immeasurable murder and causing the minds of men to shudder!

Xu Yangyi suddenly felt his heart madly palpitate. Following the dispersal of that ripple-like sound, it slowly settled. It was as if… something was clutched tightly onto his heart, a kind of forceful pinching. Just as he sighed in relief, his pupils immediately shrunk! At this twinkling, the Emperor Armament lightly shivered, and a blood-like mist swiftly formed a curtain like a movie. Two figures emerged on its surface!

“This is!” A violent trembling came from beneath Xu Yangyi’s feet, and Jadewave’s entire demon form shook severely as if It had laid eyes on some extremely terrible object, nearly throwing Xu Yangyi into the pool!

Above the blood curtain, a series of images that seemed to smell of a sanguine reeking appeared like an undulation. Finally… it was clearly exhibited! 

“We… We are unreconciled…” Not a person was seen. All that could be viewed was a pale hand slowly rising upwards: “This immortal pill… how… how could…”

Crash… The man’s hand hung powerlessly, streaking across an exquisite table. The elegant and ornate antiques immediately fell to the floor, followed by an ear-piercing sound of shattering.

At this moment, in front of him, directly poised towards the night outside of the room, a brightness suddenly spilled forth like a ray of immortal light! It was like a sun in the blackness! It demanded absolute attention! In the sky, immortal light and golden rays gave birth to a lotus at each pace! In an instant, the sky was covered with a golden light, as if a golden tent had been hung! It was utterly intoxicating!

“Hah…” In the heavy mists, two green flames trembled fiercely. Even a thousand-year-old demon was simply incapable of believing in the object it was looking at. 

Swish! At this instant, the blood curtain shattered with a rumble. The current scene was quiet like death. It was no more than three seconds and the time was quite short, yet the silence left behind seemed to last a century.

“Senior?” Xu Yangyi finally spoke because the Jadewave before him appeared like it had died. There was no response, but the sound of a tremendous heart beating seemed to be heard reverberating in the space.

“Senior?” After five seconds, Xu Yangyi cupped his hands again and made a second inquiry.

“I… I know…” Ten seconds later, Jadewave’s voice rang out again, yet the demon appeared somewhat terrified as if Its soul had departs Its mortal coil, Its heart in distress.

“This is… a blood-drenched Emperor Armament…” Enormous green flames looked complicatedly at Xu Yangyi: “Just now… this was the implemented intent of this Emperor Armament’s master as he died… In the cultivation world, there is a special name for this… A Millennium Grudge…”

“It bears an emperor’s execution of intent and resentments, crossing over a thousand years… Junior… be careful. Even I do not know more regarding Animus Armaments.” Jadewave’s voice finally recovered its original state: “Too many items, because the execution intent of their masters is terribly intense, will have a final image sealed within from back then as it is looked upon…” 

“But this isn’t the most important thing.”

Jadewave sighed deeply: “Junior, can you see the last beam of light?” Not waiting for Xu Yangyi to reply, Jadewave’s voice carried an incredible cautiousness: “That… is also an Emperor Armament!” 

“Before its master’s death, there was another Emperor Armament that struck this Emperor Armament!” Jadewave’s voice already bore a faintly indiscernible shivering: “Junior… remember this clearly… This attacking Emperor Armament… I have seen it during the time of my nascence… Witnessed it!” 

Xu Yangyi keenly felt, was it that Jadewave’s body was actually trembling at the moment?

This thousand-year-old greater demon was trembling because of this Emperor Armament!

He inhaled deeply and clasped his hands: “Please speak, Senior.”

“Remember its name… junior…” Jadewave’s voice was wrought with hoarseness, as if It had sunk into Its most terrible memory of the past: “Its name… is the Xia-Yu Sword.”

Jadewave laughed wryly: “This is a name that perhaps you are a stranger to. However, it has another name that you are bound to have heard…”

“The Sword of Xuan Yuan…” Not waiting for Jadewave to finish speaking, Xu Yangyi stifled the shock in his heart and replied.

Silence came again. After no less than a full minute had passed, Jadewave continued to speak: “Starry Heavens Flower and Rootless Lotus… Golden light like muslin, a power shakes Xuan Yuan… It… is the Xuan-Yuan Sword! There’s no mistake… It is the strongest Emperor Armament since the beginning of history, the Xuan-Yuan Sword!”

“Someone… used this Emperor Armament to kill this emperor! As for this little chest… it waged a battle against against the Xuan-Yuan Sword! Consequently, it was chopped into two parts! What you hold is the upper half!”

“Killed by an immortal artifact, this emperor carried a Millennium Grudge. As he approached death’s door, he used his spirit to nourish the rise of an unparalleled hatred… It was then that the sole Animus Armament in China’s five thousand years of history was created!”

“This is how it is… It surely is... Beyond a doubt…” Jadewave’s voice had already fell into a loop, however, this answer caused it incredulity!

Who was it? So fearless to commit regicide!

Moreover… the Emperor Armament actually taken out was the presently long-lost Xuan-Yuan Sword, the strongest Umbran Armament! As for the surface of the Xuan-Yuan Sword… it was actually dyed with an emperor’s blood! Who was the departed soul that had met a wrongful death beneath this sword?

And while this Animus Armament in itself was ordinary, after it had been cleaved in two by the Xuan-Yuan Sword, it continued to silently be passed down to the modern age, bound with an endless grudge.

Jadewave sighed deeply. It dared not to ponder in the direction of this secret. It was too terrible, simply surpassing the category that Jadewave was able to participate in.

“Junior, even now… you still dare to hold it?”

Xu Yangyi calmly studied the simple chest, taking a long and unhurried sigh in his heart. Striding across a millennium, an execution of will left unscattered. Bearing inexhaustible resentment, hatred, and injustice, forged from a life into this Emperor Armament?

Which emperor were you? In history, what splendor and magnificence did you leave behind? A deep sigh seemed to bound across from ancient to modern times. Soon after, he tightly clutched the chest, absent of hesitation. But, you have come to me on this day! Regardless of who forged you, no matter who you once were, you are now simply mine, Xu Yangyi’s fortune!

Jadewave’s gaze continued to shimmer, as if It was considering something. Finally, the demon nodded its head imperceptibly. 

“A good resolute nature… or perhaps it could be said… a newborn calf does not fear a tiger?”

“Forget it, never mind… There exist no destiny between me and this object. An Animus Armament… A taboo in China’s five thousand years… Since a master has been recognized, it is not worthwhile of me to set hands on it.”

Jadewave sighed with extreme reluctance in its heart. Between its life and opportunity, it chose the former. In its gaze of a thousand years, a wisp of envy appeared, but eventually, Jadewave pacified its mind and coughed lightly: “Each Emperor Armament has a successor. In present day China, there are over thirty successors. However, successors of Umbran Armaments cannot leave their province. So long as they are within their province, they can then awe those who cultivate within the province.”

Xu Yangyi cupped his hands: “Many thanks, senior, for dispelling the confusion.” He looked down at his watch. There was still half an hour. “Junior still has a few questions.”

Seemingly nodding, Jadewave said in turn: “I know what you’re going to ask. I’m not finished speaking, as well. You’re going to ask of the carved image on the Emperor Armament, yes? Who it originates from?” 

Xu Yangyi nodded. This was the part he was puzzled over.

“Hehehe… Young fellow… I don’t know whether I should say your luck is too good or too bad… You might believe the line of runes carved on the edge of your sole Animus Armament to be a decorative design, but I just happen to recognize these markings by chance.” 

Laughing, Jadewave’s voice turned grave: “This is a hieroglyph. Its meaning: to unravel its secret!”

“Junior, the Emperor Armament in your hands is badly damaged. I do not know why, but you have stirred it to life and assumed the responsibility of its destiny and karma. However, you best find its other part as soon as possible, otherwise…” The demon shook Its head: “An Animus Armament… Among five thousand years, a nation, and over a billion people, this item has barely come about… Dead in the hand of its emperor, how great is the hatred and thirst for vengeance carried? Who is it? For it not to disperse in a thousand years? As for what will happen, none are any the wiser.”

“Is there a clue?” Xu Yangyi’s gaze flickered, and he immediately questioned.

“Of  course…” Jadewave began to laugh: “However, don’t we have to discuss your condition now?”

Xu Yangyi chuckled: “Since I have come, I naturally know the rules. Please speak, senior.”

Jadewave nearly said immediately without the slightest hesitation: “The hidden secret of the Animus Armament… You must share it with me!”

“Not a joint collaboration of you and I, but rather… from your mouth, orally narrated to me, without any remaining vestiges of pen and paper allowed! In addition, establish a Dao-heart oath that you will voluntarily enjoy the pleasures with myself! All karma shall be of your undertaking!” 

This was Its price!

It ventured not to strike any thoughts towards the Animus Armament. Especially once It knew this Emperor Armament had been used to murder a ruler, It simply dared not to imagine what kind of aftermath would come about from the karmic retribution lying in the darkness!

Fortunately… narrowing Its eyes at Xu Yangyi, this little Qi Condensation cultivator was unable to know of such a thing like karma. Whether or not it was real or existed, Xu Yangyi was far from the time of touching these things by means of his own cultivation and knowledge… 

Only Core Formation and above had the qualification to begin searching for karma, to trace the origin before the cause… What was there even to deceive to a trifling Qi Condensation cultivator? In particular this overt plot. 

All was in Its hand. What It grasped was nothing else but the most significant knowledge and information! This was the advantage of living so long!

If Xu Yangyi didn’t agree, this most crucial item would forever be left unknown to him! 

If he did agree, this hidden treasure would be jointly shared, and he would be saddled with the karma. This was a perfect method of evading the causality. 

Jadewave had fished for several centuries and finally… finally a true big fish had taken the bait! With this sum, It had gained a complete return on investment! 

Xu Yangyi didn’t speak. In his mind, he was swiftly considering everything. There was no doubt that there was obviously a huge pitfall to this condition, however, it was necessary of him to promise at the moment.

Be it cultivation or knowledge, Old Demon Jadewave was on a completely different level apart from him.

Chapter 94: Seven Stars Executing Demon (2)

[1] Lord of the Nine Quiniums is my fancy way of putting something that might otherwise be “Lord of the Nine-Five”. This concept of nine quiniums refers to section in the book of changes that describe nine sets of five that make up the world in some respect, i.e: the five elements. Modern day usage, this term is another way to refer to an emperor. Another translation of this might be “All King”, but you lose out on the nine-five portion. 

[2] This “We” here is not referring to a group of people, but is a pronoun used by nobility, mainly an emperor/king. If you’ve watched/read historical materials, you may know it was quite common for royalty, not just Chinese but also European, to refer to themselves as “We”. One example that comes to mind is in French.

[3] Xia Yu is referring to a legendary Chinese ruler who founded the Xia dynasty, Yu the great. Because of the lack of documentation of his existence, he is considered a somewhat unproven, but mythical, figure. Noted for bringing flood control to China and his noble character. 

[4] I feel most people may be unaware, but Xuan Yuan was the name of Huang Di a.k.a the Yellow Emperor. His sword, the Xuan-Yuan Sword, is an item of real myth and has spawned a series of rpgs by this title. It is said that the sword was used to defend the world against evil. 

[5] This note is mainly referring to “Starry Heavens Flower/Rootless lotus… etc” This is my best stab at it. Starry Heavens Flower is my literal take of the translation of an actual flower called “baby’s breath flower”. Red Spider Lily isn’t so much referred here, but it was the only thing I found that made sense in reference to the flower that Jadewave is talking about. Sometimes, the author tries to get very poetic. Here, I believe Jadewave is trying to make an allusion of life and death, since Red Spider Lily (Rootless Flower) grows in the netherworld/hell in legend. Meanwhile, Baby’s breath flower is obviously about life.

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