Archfiend Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Spirit Treasure Vortex (2)

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Chapter 98: Spirit Treasure Vortex (2)

“My god…” Xu Yangyi and God Ming were none the wiser that at this moment, the entire scenic area of the Four Great Joint Pools had seethed over! All of the ordinary people were in a state of passions!

They shrieked and were frightened. Just now, the body of an unknown creature, so large it was terrifying, had appeared here all of a sudden! Ensuingly, two men like immortals used moves that they could only read about in books, moves that could only be seen in movies! 

“Did anyone take a video?!” 

“What the heck is this?!” 

“I’ll Weibo it later! T-this is an unknown creature!” 

“Are they immortals?!” 

“There’s actually such a thing in this world?!”

Old Zhou and Old Fang stood up before the propped-up digital video recorder, terrified out of their minds. They dared not believe in all that they watched!

What… was that white tide that filled the sky? What was that exploding giant flower high up in the air? How were these two people able to radiate white light? And even fire?

“T-this isn’t real…” At the volcano mouth of Old Black Mountain, a camping youth kneeled on the ground like he was making a pilgrimage, shuddering from head to toe: “This is an immortal… A true immortal…” 

Xu Yangyi and God Ming weren’t worried about everything in the surroundings whatsoever. Now that events had arrived at this stage, how could things be gotten away with! Since power had been displayed before mortals, then let it be displayed! When matters came to a head, bold action was needed. A Core Formation origin crystal could not be set aside by any measure! 

God Ming stood among the sword dance of his twenty-plus puppets. With the three-headed demon beast stationed at vanguard, his white hair waved about madly, and he suddenly laughed: “I have no time to tarry with you…”

“This next blow will send you on your way!”

“Just how I like it.” Xu Yangyi licked at his lips. Within his body, a frenzied sensation became stronger and stronger in his qi sea! He had to employ his fasted speed to end the battle between the two of them!

Within these five minutes, everything had to come to a close. Two minutes to take the origin crystal, and three minutes to leave.

“God Ming’s Supreme Dao…” God Ming inhaled deeply, the surrounding qi around his body flaring: “Falling Sunlit Cloud Violesence.”

Buzz… In his surroundings, all the puppets were like twenty-plus funnels,frantically sucking in the the qi in the environment! As for his mouth… because of the qi he had absorbed, a thumb-sized bullet of spiritual light had astonishingly congealed. Furthermore… it was still progressively becoming larger!

Right now, THIS was his true trump! One of the hidden aces in his hand!

“Ten Cardinals Red Lotus…” Xu Yangyi’s gaze grew solemn. This was the most troublesome person he had encountered in the middle-stage Qi Condensation realm!

At the core of his heart, God Ming took a long sigh. This move was quite fearsome. Extremely fearsome. However, just by barely relying on this technique, he held confidence to strike down the other! Above all… He silently stroked the ring on his middle finger. Inside, he still a Phaseshift Talisman; he had absolute certainty that he would leave here!

His sole miscalculation was that during the decryption, such a great matter had surprisingly occurred! He could only willfully take out the tenth coffin, otherwise...

In the next second, his pupils suddenly needled!

“Life Sacrification.” Following these words, God Ming discovered to his shock… that his opponent’s two hands began to burn with raging flames! In an instant, the oscillations of the surrounding qi reached a degree that caused his heart to tremble in fear!

This was Xu Yangyi’s ace! From the beginning until now, Life Sacrification had only been used once in a location that God Ming didn’t catch sight of! And thus, this was the winning bullet! 

“Die!” This qi fluctuation forced God Ming’s eyes to bulge in shock and brought his heart to sheer terror! No longer was this within his calculations, his forehead dripping profusely with cold sweat. Never did he ever expect that his opponent would actually be able to raise the might of this divine ability once more!

Followed by his angered bellow, over twenty balls of spiritual light converged into a skull-sized orb of purple radiance in half a second. Its power was racing thunder manifest as it arced towards Xu Yangyi like electricity! 

Simultaneously, Xu Yangyi brandished both of his hands. With a roar… a two-headed fire dragon charged at the light orb!

A pair of dragons had left the sea, multiplying their might to exhibit supreme power!

Boom! The two divine abilities collided together. The radius several tens of meters around the demon corpse trembled! The charred odor in the air rendered people incapable of opening their eyes! The vigorous eruption of the qi wave had caused everyone’s hair to go flying back!

A ray of fiery splendor and the sharp cry of a dragon’s roar burst within both of their hearts. Immediately… all the lake water came to a boil!

Huuummm… It wasn’t limited to just the lake water. The pair standing before the demon corpse’s wound detected… that the entire demon corpse was rocking! Starting from just moments ago, the three-hundred-meter-plus demon corpse… was swaying ceaselessly! This could absolutely not be the doing of a Qi Condensation divine ability!

“This is…” Xu Yangyi’s gaze twinkled as he looked at the lake bottom. He could sense that these tremors originated from the lake bed! In the next second… the whole demon corpse began to swivel about! It seemed an invisible hand was moving it! Xu Yangyi immediately looked towards the lake water. His eyes abruptly contracted!

At the center of the lake water… a tremendous vortex… a maelstrom no less than a full two hundred meters in size swiftly took form. At the core of the vortex, a shiver-inducing qi fluctuation began to faintly erupt from within!

At the lake bed, light originally ought to have not existed there, however, at the heart of the vortex, a thousand rays of treasure light ascended! From the blackness… it passed through from the lake bottom that was so deep that the floor could not be seen… dying the lake surface an expanse of golden resplendence!

Inhaling deeply, Xu Yangyi nearly moved instinctually at first, yet immediately stopped, standing in place like a nail! This… was the treasury of a thousand-year-old demon… on the precipice of rising to the lake surface! Countless spirit stones and spirit treasures, a spiritual tempest birthed by the lost control of spiritual sense!

“Not good!” In his mind, God Ming was in a state of great panic. He was just about to make a break towards the shore and flee, but the moment he glanced at Xu Yangyi, a stormy fury reached the zenith in his heart!

Why… are you still not hiding?! If I hide and he doesn’t, wouldn’t I just be handing over the Core Formation origin crystal, a supreme treasure perhaps not even chanced upon once in a thousand years, into his hands?!

Whoever shirked back because of this spiritual tempest… This was tantamount to announcing their elimination! By virtue, only by hiding on the shore could this black hole-like maelstrom be completely departed from!

“I… will also not hide!” His eyes nearly flushed red. Cackling miserably, his voice hoarse, he forcibly stood his ground!

At this instant, at the several-thousand-meter volcanic lake of Old Black Mountain, all cultivators and ordinary people could see the lake water like that of a funnel. An immeasurable number of shrimps, crabs, and fishes had been stirred into the nexus of the funnel by its imposing natural power. It formed a shiver-inducing black hole of death!

The heart of the black hole seemed to be the gargantuan mouth of a demon. As the terrible qi fluctuations became increasingly distinct, the treasure light below became greater and greater!

Ruuummmbbbleee… Waves of sound like muffled thunder could be heavily heard from underneath. As of now, this volcano, dead for a thousand years… was erupting once again!

RUUMMBLE!!!!!! Three seconds later, a golden spirit spring rose straight into the sky! Its height… was five hundred meters! Its width… was two hundred meters! It was an earth dragon spewing water! An immortal coalescing a spring! 

This wasn’t the golden color of spring water… but rather the countless magik artifacts, talismans, and medicinal elixirs accompanying the spiritual spring rushing directly into the air! There were hundreds of them, thousands! Ten thousands of them!

Among them, there was even an endless number of spirit stones! They made up a figure that towered by the tens of thousands! Brilliant and scintillating, it was a blossom of color, a myriad hues of purple and red! 

It seemed that at this moment, a small crack had split open in the heavens, releasing the vast, butterfly-esque stars that laid within. In the sky, a prismatic rain drifted. Falling down on the earth, it overlooked the startled stars scattered in color, flying in the sky as the whirling sound of rain arrived!


At this moment, not a person present dared to say anything!

Thonk… A tourist sluggishly sat down on the grass, his faltering hand dumbly pointed towards the hundred-meter fountain.

“T-this is… a miracle…” Somewhere else, there was an old man, his throat dry. Regardless of the two figures on the lake at this moment… no matter that tremendous monster… and despite the presently flaring kaleidoscopic foundation… Everything was like a dream!

Each ordinary person had been amazed by the magnificent view before their eyes. Crystalline lake waters formed a fountain that gushed into the sky. Bending moonlight below, it reflected three layers of shimmers, dispersed into a pearl. Amidst it, endless treasures, spirit stones, and even more supreme treasures were flushed out by the spring water! It glittered with an enchanting radiance.

Boom! It was unknown which bottle of precious medicine shattered, but an invigorating, delicate fragrance dispersed in the air. Simultaneously, a void shadow of a purple flower emerged in the surrounds of the spring waters, like fresh flowers blooming in full at the side of a fountain. 

Bang bang bang… 

Boom boom… Crack crack crack… Countless brittle echoes began to ring out from the several-hundred-meter tall fountain. A limitless number of pill elixirs, talismans, and magik artifacts transformed into dust among such battering. Afterwards, they became layers upon layers of rainbow brilliance, dying the fountain… a display of fireworks and lanterns, fiery trees and silver flowers! 

In the Four Great Joint Pools, Xu Yangyi, God Ming, and everyone was motionless! They were waiting!

Shing! A sharp sword ruthlessly tore through Xu Yangyi’s left shoulder. Inside the vortex, there was anything and everything! There were pill elixirs, Daomaster Jadewave’s flesh that had ripped and crumbled apart because of the treasury, and all kinds of magik artifacts and talismans! There existed opportunity, but also great danger! 

Blood quickly pervaded the maelstrom. Xu Yangyi rigidly clenched his teeth, not saying a word. On his body, stomach, thighs, arms, and shoulder… there were already ten-odd bloody holes. So injured was he that a human shape could not be made out, his sole fortune that they weren’t fatal wounds. It was nothing more than heavy injuries.

At the center of the vortex, a boundless number of blades, swords, and armors had been tangled together by qi into a whirlpool formed of lake water, furling up into a sword barrier! As for Xu Yangyi, he was in the thick of this barrier.

Sharp pain charged into his brain from his whole body. His body had long since been pierced clean by the edges of over a dozen magik artifacts! Blood poured without inhibition, yet he still didn’t retreat a single step!

A Core Formation Dao Master’s hidden treasury had become a sky-spouting fountain. Even though the magik artifacts within lacked the control of spiritual force, their piercing degree was equivalently not something a Qi Condensation cultivator could endure.

Yet if he gave in, without sacrifice, from where would it be obtained! Without abandoning oneself and life, how the hell would a millennium-old origin crystal be struggled for!

He gazed across the vortex, likewise, God Ming was situated inside. The other’s injuries were hardly any less severe than his! The twenty-plus puppets had all broken apart, only the three-headed demon beast left in control, yet minus a head! As for God Ming himself, he had early on transformed into a bloody figure. His body arts were inferior to Xu Yangyi’s, and the bloody holes on his body… amounted up to twenty!

Yet his opponent… did not flee, as well!

“Fall back…” God Ming’s throat bore a bloody raspiness, and he grinded his teeth: “I am one of the successors… of God Ming… If you leave here, I will carry your sentiment until the end of time…”

“Fellow Daoist, our Ming Clan is one of the five great demon clans! You have to think this over clearly… If you leave now, I will bear your sentiment, as if nothing has occurred! However…” He wiped blood at the side of his lip, thirsty for the sanguine fluid. His hair was white, he wore a suit, and he carried a folding fan, yet he simply lacked a single shred of elegance and refinement of his most initial style. 

His teeth grinded audibly as he clenched them: “But so long as you dare to continue, you shall be faced with the Ming Clan’s hunt, no rest until death! Unbounded for all of eternity!”

[1] The idea of dragons going out to sea is the combination of powers to yield a stronger result.

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