Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 303

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 304 29: Sailing On In

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A/N : Aht here. Here is another chapter!

More offline stuff. Never hurts to throw in one of these every so often right? Besides, Nemesia is finally arriving and she'll stay for good! I'll post a pic down below of what she looks like if anyone forgot.

Also, considering my multi world travel fic started with DBZ, it's only proper for me to say this.

I've officially reached 9000 collections. You know what that means right? (:

Still, I'd like to thank you guys for letting this be an enjoyable experience. I don't plan to stop writing any time soon!

Here is another chapter for you guys! Don't forget to drop those power stones and leave comments below!

(PS, for those clueless about Nemesia, go check out Aht's scene in Vol 1.5)


Year 2127, Planet Earth's Outer Space, White Palace.

Another day had passed in a blink of an eye before Nao and his party dungeon conquest resulted in a server maintenance. This server maintenance would bring in Helheim's Guilds and Guild Bases. Nao's second part of his journey inside Yggdrasil would start from here!

Unfortunately he now has to wait two days, and the same went for the rest for the rest of Yggdrasil's players. They could only sigh in defeat and stop whatever they were currently on. Still, this would bring in another rush of exploration.

Once Nao logged off, the 48 hour timer officially started. With a 'Pssh', sound, he popped gaming helmet off his face. He then disconnected the wire attached to the hole on the back if his neck, disconnecting his nerves from the system.

Following this, his sight returned and he could now see the Dark Room once again. It didn't take long before he heard more of these sounds. Thirteen to be exact.

Nao could finally raise his eyebrows again now that he exited the game. 'There's only thirteen sounds, are two of them away right now?', Nao thought to himself.

Sure enough, he looked through both of the Dark Rooms. While the girls were in the middle of logging off, he saw two gaming chairs unoccupied. They belonged to Aht and Eir!

"So those two logged off earlier, huh? That's good. Yggdrasil is still a game so Aht should still take her rests. I guess Eir is probably looking after her while I'm stuck in Yggdrasil most of days now. Can't believe it's been seven years since Aht became pregnant...She did say won't give birth till we enter the New World though, so we still have another eleven years to go.", Nao uttered to himself as his lips curved into a smile.

Yet his thoughts were cut short. The sounds ended and the girjs removed the cords from their necks. One after another they emerged. Seeing his girls, Nao couldn't help but let out nostalgic sigh as he started to name them off one by one.

Miya, the mischievous AI fairy that's been with him since his journey began, ever since he became Rebirth's inheritor.

Elsa, a royal elf who was betrothed to him by both his parents and hers. His Father saved her race and this was the result.

Isabella, a prideful mixed dragon-succubus. Reigned undefeated on her foes and promised herself she wouldn't marry until she found a man who could beat her in combat.

Sayuri, a legendary three tailed foxkin belonging to the Sunlit Fox clan. During her time spent with Nao she eventually learned that her race descended from one of the Universe's God of Destruction in the DBZ Plane.

Chelsea, now she was a special case. She is the only known human who transcended space and time to come be by Nao's side. Not only do they love each other deeply, Chelsea originated from Nao's first world. Their original Planet Earth!

Tights, she was the 6th girl to join Nao's harem. She is a scientist and mechanic to boot, and she is the older sister of Bulma, the wife of one of DBZ's main protagonists. After her dream of finding aliens was realized, Nao offered his position of Head Maid to Tights, and now she gladly serves him directly and her other sisters.

The next two are the main stars of recent, Aht and Eir!

Eir was the first girl of the two to join him. The two first met during a martial arts tournament. After encountering an evildoer during it, Eir lost to him and Nao was able to heal her injuries back up to full. Since then Eir wanted to to repay this debt. Years passed with no contact between them unfortunately, and eventually the same evildoer found her home land and almost wiped her race out. Yet Nao came to the rescue and saved Eir and her people.

Historia also broke dimensions, making its way to now. After learning Eir's true identity and didn't push her away, Eir pledged herself to him, becoming his lover.

Aht soon came after and also pledged herself to Nao after finding that her sister-in-arms and bodyguard was still alive and kicking after falling through a time slip. Now Aht is currently pregnant with Nao's child and loves him dearly.

The next two by his side are also a special case, Chronoa and Fie. They belong to a special race called Core People, and they are naturally born gods and goddesses. Chronoa helped Nao throughout his journey in the DBZ Plane and even trained him herself, passing down her Time techniques. Chronoa didn't wat to develop an emotional bond with Nao thanks to the damage her body sustained through past injuries, but Nao still accepted her and as a result, Chronoa tossed away her title and now lives with him.

As for Fie, she was found still as a golden apple by Chronoa, which was said to be a miracle in itself. It takes eons and eons for one to form, and Chronoa eventually passed her apple down to Nao to raise, wanting her to experience life as a mortal.

While the two weren't bonded by blood, Fie initiated a blood pact with him, officially recognizing him as her Father. And their bond grew deep as a family, eventually becoming lovers along with Chronoa. Nao still sees Fie both as his daughter and lover, and while that may get frowned upon by others, he doesn't care. The girls accepted her and so did he, that's enough in his books. Fie also recognizes Chronoa as her Mother now as well.

After Chronoa and Fie came Caulifla and Kale. These two are naturally pure blooded Saiyans of the DBZ Plane, much like Goku and Vegeta. Yet they belong to their paired Universe, Universe 6. Caulifla took it upon herself to become Nao's student after beating her down. Caulifla then persuaded Kale to join. After so long Kale finally managed to confess her feelings to Caulifla and Nao didn't deny them, and now Kale respects him and looks up to him. Her interest is ever growing.

Caulifla on the other hand openly expressed her love to Nao, and loves him and Kale dearly. She is currently preparing to give herself to Nao, and is the next girl on the list to have s.e.x with him. Caulifla is also scheming to bring Kale into this too.

Vados was the next girl to join. Well, was she actually a girl? Her race are known as Angels in the DBZ Plane, and besides the overseer, they're the second most powerful entities in it. Yet their appearance are far from what your typical Angel is supposed to look like.

Not only that, in the DBZ Plane, only one Angel gets assigned to each Universe. She was assigned to Universe to watch and observe, and mentor its God of Destruction. Along the way Nao encountered, her the rest of the Angels, and their father. Vados eventually got reassigned to Nao.

After that, Vados was free from her duties in the DBZ Plane and could freely do what she wanted while she is with Nao. At the moment, she watches over the other's training and personally advises now. Vados is by far the strongest, and oldest of the bunch.

The second to last to join so far was Towa. In fact she used to be one of the hidden villians in the DBZ Plane, twisting tine to her own benefits, all to achieve her dream of reviving her brother, which Nao granted to her. She did have a son named Fu as well who kept messing with Nao's party while in the DBZ Plane, as well as a husband.

Eventually her son was killed off by his party, who Towa shared no feelings for as he was actually artificially created. The same went for her husband who she only used as a tool, but met failure after failure and eventually tossed him aside. Towa eventually died by Nao's hand as well, but Nao decided to bring her back to life.

Towa then was reunited with her brother, becoming the rulers of Hell again, both of them were gods as well. She no longer had to be a scheming villian, so when Nao brought her back to life, he had Towa cast away her title. She is now but a simple girl who loves her brother as her only family member left. Well not anymore as she is starting to see Nao and the girls as her own family too.

And last but not least is Michael, and unlike Vados, her appearance is that if a true bonafide Angel. She looks exactly the part and is one of the rarest ones in existence, a twelve winged Angel. Michael was literally gifted to Nao by the creator of Rebirth no less. The creator himself has many of these Angels assigned under him but he himself is a carefree easygoing retired god who enjoys travelling the Multiverse.

And Michael was at the foremost position, watching over the other Angels. After her duty was relieved she now vows to protect Nao and service him, in similar ways like Vados does.

Altogether fifteen lovable girls joined Nao's journey and formed special bonds with him in the DBZ Plane. Now they were in the Overlord Plane, enjoying virtual reality to its fullest!

Nao soon ended his reminiscence as the girls got off their chairs. They could see now calmly sitting on his off to the side, so they made their way to him. Once Fie spotted Nao, she made a mad dash, diving right into his arms.

Seeing the cute light blue skinned figure in front of him, Nao couldn't help but ruffle her spiky white hair.

"You're finally out of the virtual world for once, Papa! Did you end up seeing that notice too?"

"Sure did. We were the ones who caused it too, heh. Raid dungeons sure are something else."

"Then congratulations must be in order! All of us saw it too! We got the next two days to hang out. I know some of us have been missing you, hehe."

As she said that, Fie turned her body and plopped her perky butt onto Nao's h.i.p.s, proceeding to wiggle it around a bit. She hoped for a reaction down below but Nao reached out his left and and firmly grasped it. Feeling a warm and tender sensation caused Fie to let out a cute yelp all of a sudden.

They were soon distracted by a tearing voice as the girls approached Nao and Fie.

"Oh my, looks like someone is already is in a naughty mood. Care to join them Chronoa my dear?", Towa said as she puffed out her chest.

"Oh shut it, will you? Bed activities can be saved for later. We're all in the same boat right now so lets just relax."

"Relaxing sounds like a good idea. It's nice to see you guys.", Nao said with a smile.

"Likewise, Nao. Good to see that you're enjoying the game to its fullest, and now we're stuck like this for next two days. I do say this is actually good timing though.", Elsa said as she approached Nao, placing her head on top of Fie too. Fie then closed her eyes feeling their warmth as Nao conversed with Elsa.

'"Good timing? I did see Aht's and Eir's chairs were unoccupied. I'm guessing something is happening?"

"That's right. We're kind of throwing Aht an early baby shower. Typically this would just be for us girls, but we decided to invite some of Aht's friends and family from her homeland. We also received news from Nemesia too. Looks like her business is all wrapped up. She's bringing the guests here with her ship."

"So Nemesia is finally coming here, that's good. I mostly thought she'd forget about us. But what's this about a ship? Can it fly through outer space?"

"Haha, why spoil the surprise? You, Sister Chelsea and Sister Belle have been in the game too much. The rest if us got a chance to peak at it already. She's quite the beauty."

"Well You've piqued my interest now, let's go head on over. Which side of the Palace did Nemesia park in?"

"Right next to our veranda. It's wide open space since we're in outer space right now. Let's go, Nao!"

"Yeah! Let's go, Papa! I want to see our new sister already! She's really knowledgeable!"

"Is that so? Then I'll let you lead the way."

"Okay! Also you can let go of my butt now.", Fie said as she tried to stand up.

Hearing that Nao didn't blink for a good moment, and shifted his head downward, only to see his hand still groping her butt.

He then immediately retracted his arm, grasping his fingers a few times. "Exactly how long was I going to grope her butt for? Why does this feel familiar somehow...', Nao suddenly to himself, receiving an urge to retort.

His retort was cut short though as he suddenly found his hand being drawn by Fie. The two then quickly dashed out of the two connected Dark Rooms.

Elsa could sigh seeing the two run off into the hallway. She saw the girls watch them leave. Each had longing or interest in their eyes. Elsa even saw Sayuri's three bushy tails thump happily against each other.

She then rallied them up and headed off after Nao and Fie. Once Elsa and the others arrived they saw Nao gobsmacked looking outside in the vast outer space in front of him and Fie.

Aht could be seen linking her arm to Nao's left arm as well. Her belly could was quite swollen now yet she seemed to still be her cheery self. She had a prideful look seeing Nao's gobsmacked expression right now.

"So? Never expected to see a flying ship here in the middle of nowhere, right? Hehehe.", Aht exclaimed with a giggle.

"No doubt about that. How is it even operating? I can sense a huge flow of Mana throughout the ship.", Nao responded to her.

Nao then continued to see the huge brown majestic ship outside their veranda. The top half was built out of mahogany brown while the bottom half was slick pearl white. It extended sideways a couple hundred feet wide. Red flags could be seen hoisted up at its stern.

Yet surprisingly even though it was seen as a ship as if it came right out of Great Britain, it didn't have a single mast.

What replaced the masts were two large wooden gears that seemed to be constantly spinning on the inside of their grated holes, essentially two giant wooden fans. Not only that, two giant l.u.s.trous white circles of Mana circled the ship. The circles themselves had countless engraved ancient runes on them.

After taking a good look at the ship, he could see several people on board. He then saw one figure wearing a large white mage's hat walk out from the deck, with a face beaming with a smile. A lovely voice escaped from her lips as she walked toward Nao with a red book in her hand.

"Your answer right now deserves an A+. The Dunamis is indeed powered by a powerful Mana source. Looks like Lady Aht trained you well in the use of Mana, but nevertheless it is an endless journey to try and comprehend it all. It's nice to to see you again, Nao. I hope you don't mind that I brought some guests with me, right?"

"Not at all. This is all for Aht's gathering. It's nice to see you again as well, Nemesia. Can't believe seven years have passed since we saw you last in Historia. Though with this ship parked here like this, I'm guessing you're staying here for good?"

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