Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 557

Vol 5 Chapter 557: Cultivate Tang Ruyan Second More


The system was silent for a while before saying: "Please put away those nasty thoughts. This magical medicine for dreaming is not that useful. It is used by some powerful people to pass on to their apprentices or to practice special secret methods. Although memory will be used by the gods. The medicine is forgotten, but in the battle experienced, there will still be instincts to be remembered by the body."

"What nasty thoughts, I don't understand what you are talking about, you are peeping all day, so you are embarrassed to say that I am nasty?" Su Ping did not have a good air.

"That's not peeping, it's observation."

"...Watch your sister!"

Su Ping almost vomited blood, this system became more and more shameless.

"The fighting instinct will be retained. In that case, this thing is indeed not a mistake. It's a pity..." Su Ping shook his head and sighed lightly.

"What a pity?"

"It's a pity that such a good thing can only be used on the right path."


Taking a look at the magical medicine for dreaming in the storage space, Su Ping continued to refresh and purchase.

After refreshing several times in a row, Su Ping didn't stop until the cost of refreshing doubled to a more expensive level. After refreshing several times in a row, he brushed out a book called Kunpeng Nine Flashes!

In terms of rarity, just like the previous basalt shield, they are all low-level magic skills.

And this Kunpeng Nine Flashes is an attacking secret skill.

Su Ping learned it directly after purchasing it. This secret technique involved spatial order, which made him understand the space much deeper than before.

If a legend of the vast sea realm cultivates this method, he can immediately master the teleport that is commonly learned in the virtual cave realm!

In addition to this magical warfare, Su Ping also brushed out two high-level beast traps and purchased them as well.

In addition, he also bought a pet food for undead creatures, filthy blood.

This is a delicacy for most undead creatures, which can increase the evil spirit and energy intensity of undead creatures, and it can also allow some low-level undead creatures to change and evolve.

However, as far as high-level undead creatures are concerned, they will not be affected by things in the dirty blood.

Su Ping was bought for Little Skeleton, to increase its energy intensity.

The bloodline of the Skeleton King clan will not be affected by this thing and undergo abnormal changes.

Turning off the system store, Su Ping wandered around the store.

When he came to the test room, Su Ping pushed in and saw that the room was obviously more spacious than before. In the test site inside, it was now adjusted to a dark sea, the waves were rough, and Tang Ruyan's figure was sitting on the beach. Above, the whole body exudes a hazy green light.

This is what the Tang family did when the Liuli Body was practicing.

Su Ping sensed her aura, and it was still Rank Seven.

But it's normal. After all, only one day has passed outside. Although there are those medicinal materials to supplement, they can't be absorbed so quickly, otherwise it will be a magical medicine.

"It's too slow."

Su Ping shook his head slightly.

Suddenly, he thought of the magic medicine for dreaming that he had just purchased.

"If I give her the magic medicine for dreaming, can I bring her to the cultivation world to exercise?" Su Ping moved in his heart and asked the system curiously.

The system said before that the fighting instinct will be retained. If it is true, then he can cultivate the world, cultivate her fighting instinct, and erase the memory she has experienced in it.


The system gave an answer, saying: "But you must first sign a temporary contract and consider her as your favorite."


Su Ping was a little surprised, can it really be used like this?

No wonder this medicine will be refreshed in the system store. Could it be specially prepared for him?

If it is true, then he can directly cultivate other people in the future.

After all, in the eyes of the system, everything is a pet beast. He can cultivate pet beasts for others or directly cultivate others, but the prerequisite for nurturing others is that he still has the magic medicine for dreaming.

"Try it first. If you can, if you make another copy later, you can use it for that guy." Su Ping secretly said in his heart, thinking of the guy far away in Zhenwu Academy.

If he can retain the nurturing effect and seal his memory, he can bring his own sister.

"Xiao Tang."

Su Ping opened his mouth and shouted to Tang Ruyan who was sitting in the test field.

Tang Ruyan opened her eyes, and the hazy green light resisted the invading waves. She turned to look at Su Ping, and said in doubt: "What?"

"Come here, I have something good for you." Su Ping said.

When he said this, he felt a weird feeling in his heart. How did he feel a little bit like a strange syrup?


Tang Ruyan was stunned, a surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes. Good thing? Could it be that Su Ping wanted to give her a king beast?

I have seen Su Ping repeatedly selling King Beasts. In her eyes, it is not surprising that Su Ping gave King Beasts casually. After all, those King Beasts sold before are so cheap, what is the difference between them?

But soon, she suddenly thought of her own cultivation.

At the seventh level, even if it was given to her King Beast, she could not sign a contract.

Her eyes darkened suddenly, but she still quickly collected her strength and got up and came to Su Ping.

"What good thing?" Tang Ruyan asked curiously.

She can't sign the king beast, she believes that Su Ping also knows that this good thing is mostly something else.

"Uh, you close your eyes first."

Su Ping coughed slightly, feeling that these words were a little guilty.

Tang Ruyan also showed a weird color on her face, but she closed her eyes without thinking too much.

With a quiet and extremely beautiful cheek right in front of his own eyes, Su Ping was about to take out the magical medicine for his dreams, and suddenly he was a little stunned. For the first time, he found out that this guy actually... looks pretty good.

"Alright?" Tang Ruyan asked with closed eyes, his cheeks flushed slightly.


Su Ping recovered, and quickly took out the magic medicine for dreaming.

This is a golden pill with strange carvings on the surface. Su Ping already knew how to use it when he bought it. He put it in front of Tang Ruyans nose and pinched it, the magical medicine shattered, and a thick dark red mist gushed out. With the smell, pouring in along Tang Ruyan's breath.

"What's this?" Tang Ruyan asked in confusion, wanting to open his eyes.

"Okay, you can open your eyes." Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her completely absorbed.

Tang Ruyan opened his eyes and looked at Su Ping questioningly: "What is the smell of Gang?"

"It's nothing, I will take you to a place now, you come with me." Su Ping said.

He glanced at Tang Ruyan, a little uneasy, and asked the system in his heart: "Are you sure this is enough?"

"No problem." The system is very calm.

Seeing it said this, Su Ping had to believe it for the time being and brought Tang Ruyan to the petting room.

He selected a batch of pet beasts that he had been cultivating before, selected one to terminate the contract, put it aside in the pet beast warehouse in the store, and then took out a temporary contract charm and patted Tang Ruyan on the forehead to complete the contract signing. .

"This...what?" Tang Ruyan couldn't understand Su Ping's behavior, but she suddenly felt that there seemed to be something in her mind, especially when she treated Su Ping in front of her, she suddenly felt an instinctive desire to please her. , There is also a feeling of extreme trust and want to rely on.

This feeling made her cheeks flushed slightly and her heartbeat speeded up a lot.

"It's just a dream," Su Ping said.

He took a deep breath, and the matter was here, he called the cultivation world, and this time chose another divine world.

In the previous divine world, Su Ping didn't find the goddess Min, so he changed one this time, which could not only cultivate pet beasts, but also find people by the way.

The whirlpool that nurtured the world appeared, and soon swallowed Su Ping and Tang Ruyan.

The world of the gods selected this time was also a medium-level nurturing place. As soon as he appeared, Su Ping felt the familiar **** energy permeating his body.

The chaotic star in his body tried to operate the cultivation method and involved the surrounding divine power into the star vortex in his body.

"This is...Where?" Tang Ruyan looked at the strange world around him, a little confused.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared in a completely strange place?

What is this ability!

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