Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 562

Vol 5 Chapter 562: Return Shura Witch First More

Longjiang base, inside the little naughty shop.

In a spiritual cultivation place.


Accompanied by the cracking sound of dark plasma, the ferocious king beast in front of him fell down.

In front of the huge figure that it dumped, there was a slender figure panting slightly. It was Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan at this moment, her black hair is fluttering, her beautiful cheeks are somewhat cold at this moment, and her eyes are full of cold killing intent.

In this **** system cultivation site, most of the territory has been occupied and occupied by monsters. In the years of war, countless dead souls who died in battle, some resisted the devouring of the undead world, and were left behind by the power of divinity. , But was slowly eroded by the undead power in the void and transformed into an undead creature.

Among these undead creatures are the former gods and beasts, and some undead people who have been squeezed into the corners of this place.

After transforming into an undead creature, the former Protoss will also change its temperament, bloodthirsty and cruel.

"You just made a mistake. Just now its horns, you can use your Tang family's immovable glazed glaze skill to carry it hard. Your immovable glazed glazed skill has been cultivated to the top, enough to withstand this blow, but you choose to dodge and attack. , Missed the opportunity and timing of the best attack angle..."

Next to him, Su Ping was seriously commenting on the guidance.

During this period, Tang Ruyan made rapid progress.

Soaking in the nurturing world every day, following the practice by Su Ping's body, she has also absorbed a lot of divine power in her body, with divine power!

In addition, in her experience, she has completely absorbed the previous Zhong family's medicinal materials, plus some magical medicines collected in the divine cultivation ground, her cultivation has soared from the seventh to the ninth, and she is included in the title level!

In the battle of the cultivation area, Tang Ruyan used all the secret skills of the Tang family into the battle, and these were all seen by Su Ping.

Including the three secret skills of the Tang family, Su Ping has already seen Tang Ruyan's repeated display, and after a little practice, with his own strong foundation, he can easily cultivate to the top.

Because of this, he knew that the immovable colored glaze function could resist the king beast's horn attack.

Although this attack came from the king beast, the king beast did not always use full force every time he shot. After that horn attack, the purpose was obviously to push Tang Ruyan away, but Tang Ruyan did not catch it, instead, as the king beast wished, he took advantage of the situation to evade. Jump away and fight back, which caused her to waste her life!

call! call!

Tang Ruyan gasped. This is not the first time she has defeated Wang Beast. From the initial excitement and disbelief, she has become used to it now.

After all, she was not defeated by a single life, she died five times!

Although, she did not use the biggest reliance of the war pet master, petting the beast.

However, under Su Ping's guidance and company these days, she has gradually become accustomed to fighting on her own strength. As Su Ping said, why can't she do what pet beasts can do?

She and Wang Beast were in a 1V1 situation, and she didn't make sense to input...Being instilled with such a thought, Tang Ruyan didn't even know it, which was enough to make people stunned.

Hearing Su Pings words at this moment, Tang Ruyan frowned slightly. Although she knew it was a dream, the dream was too real. She could feel her own improvement and change. She felt that when she woke up from the dream, even if her cultivation level would return Tier 7 in reality, but this combat experience in the dream will help him greatly.

It's like sometimes a problem that can't be solved in contemplation, but it is easily solved in a dream, and the answer is still correct.

"I see." Tang Ruyan said.

These days Su Ping's guidance, she was still a bit dissatisfied at first, but after battles and battles, she discovered that Su Ping was actually right every time.

According to Su Ping's method, she can always achieve the result Su Ping said.

This fighting eyesight made her feel shocked... In her dream, in her subconscious mind, she felt that this guy was so strong? !

Although she was a bit speechless about her subconscious, she was relieved when she thought of Su Ping's various performances in reality.

This guy is indeed a monster, even in her dreams.

"A big guy is here, prepare."

Su Ping didn't say much, just about to move forward, suddenly brows moved.


There was a huge earthquake on the ground, and with a hoarse roar, a strong smell of stench poured in, and it was an incomparably huge figure.

It's a king beast again!

Moreover, it was stronger than the previous one, with the appearance of the pinnacle of the vast sea realm, and its momentum was similar to that of Su Ping's previous Dragon Ze Demon Crocodile.

Su Ping took a look and directly ordered: "Kill!"

This time it was not only Tang Ruyan who made the move, but also the pets of Ziqing Gu Mang and several other customers.

The beasts of these customers are already several batches later, and Su Ping has stayed in this cultivation world for more than a month.

Seeing this undead king beast in the back, the beast of the undead king immediately stood up from the ground and let out a low roar, full of fighting spirit, eager to try.

Su Ping ignored it and let it stay.

After its return from the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, it has 25 points, which is the level of the Void Cave Realm. It can only be regarded as a warm-up against the giant beast in front of it, and it is a bit bullying.

The second dog was very lazy, lying on the ground motionless.

At the same time, Tang Ruyan had already taken the lead.

She had a black magic sword in her hand, which was picked up from a ruin in the cultivation place of the gods. There are many corpses of the gods in the ruins, all of which were killed by the organs in the ruins. The owner seems quite vicious, as can be seen from the construction of the ruins.

In that ruin, Su Ping also picked up a few secret skills, but they were all quite evil.

Some people need to swallow blood every day to practice, and after some practice, it will affect their character and become bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty.

Su Ping would naturally spurn such evil secret skills... and then hurry up and learn it.

Double study with Tang Ruyan.

Anyway, I learned this secret technique from others, so I wouldn't miss anything. Moreover, Su Ping's purpose in bringing Tang Ruyan to this cultivation site was to train her.

Its just that Tang Ruyan is obviously not as fast as him. He has already cleared the level. Tang Ruyan has only learned half of it. This secret technique is a destiny level attack method. With Tang Ruyans current ninth-level cultivation base, his cultivation is indeed more obscure. There are some things in it that involve the mystery of space.


Tang Ruyans body skills exploded, and he used the Tang familys shadow-step magical secret skills. This is a legendary secret skill of the low sea level. At this moment, Tang Ruyan has used it to the extreme. The figure bursts out like a ghost at the speed of the legendary sea level, which is instantly close. That ferocious king beast.

Her eyes became blood-red, her black hair was soaring and messy, strands of hair were gathered together into a scimitar, and it was cut out in an instant with the black magic sword in her hand.

The secret skill she displayed at this moment was one of the things she picked up from that ruin, the body of a demon!

This is a secret skill in the Destiny Realm. At this moment, she only cultivated to the initial stage, barely able to enter the form of a demon, but only stayed in the primary form.

In the demon form, her speed, strength, and perception will double and increase, and she will ignore some elemental attacks. If she cultivates to the top, even the space secret technique can directly leap over and cannot resist.


This king beast was immediately struck, and a wound several meters deep was cut out by the black magic sword. Blood gurgled from the wound, and the blood flow was endless and it was difficult to heal.

There is a sticky and corrosive magic energy, eating blood in the wound.

This sword is another secret technique, the sword of refining the devil's ten thousand blood, which is also the destiny level.

Practicing this swordsmanship requires the blood of countless monsters, especially the blood of undead monsters. It is best to sacrifice the sword and the heart with blood. Only when the heart is vicious, the sword will be more vicious!

After being injured, this king beast is not a fuel-efficient lamp. It is covered with dark mist and roars. This dark mist forms a sealed space around its body, and its perception inside is shielded, and the dark mist will penetrate invisibly. Into the enemy's body, eat away energy.

Su Ping could see the mist strangely at a glance, but he didn't remind.

If it were him, there were dozens of ways to instantly kill this king beast, and in front of him, he only needed Tang Ruyan to comprehend one of them, or he could come up with another unique cracking method.

With his strong murderous intent, although Su Ping could not see the situation in the dense fog, he could perceive Tang Ruyan's position.


Wang Beast roared and rushed towards Tang Ruyan.

The Violet Python and several other pet beasts nearby issued a vicious attack, restraining its body.

And Tang Ruyan's figure kept flashing, and in the state of the demon's body, she used the Tang Family's Shadow Walk at a faster speed, approaching the late stage of the Boundary Sea Stage.

She dodged all the attacks of the king beast. Although she could not see clearly, she could barely capture the movement trajectory of the king beast with the sense of blood and energy she had learned through the practice of the Demon Blood Sword Technique.


Tang Ruyans blood-red eyes were full of coldness, her hair spread out, full of wild publicity, and her soaring hair turned into a machete, matched with the red magic sword in her hand, and her body quickly approached with a sword. Cut to the neck of the king beast.

This part is fatal.

But the next moment, her sword swept away.

It's an illusion!

Roar! !

A blood basin suddenly rushed forward and swallowed Tang Ruyan in. Numerous sharp teeth instantly chewed her body into pieces.

The severe pain struck, but the next moment, her body resumed perception, and the roar of the king beast was still in front of her, but in the roar, there was a little more shock.

Tang Ruyan knew that she had just resurrected, her face was gloomy, and she killed with a sword again.

A few minutes later.

The king beast crashed to the ground.

Tang Ruyan sat on the corpse of the king beast, gasping for breath. The hair that had previously condensed into a scimitar was also loosened and shortened to its original length. Her face was a little pale and exhausted.

"With them to cooperate with you, it still took six lives and made three mistakes." Su Ping walked over and said, shaking his head.

Tang Ruyan was a little speechless. Every time the battle ended, Su Ping gave her a negative evaluation, and she was deeply shocked.

I have worked very hard, okay, this is the king beast!

But this kind of remark, she had said before, was ruthlessly refuted by Su Ping.

And in front of Su Ping'an, she didn't have much confidence to say this, after all, this was an inhuman monster in front of her.

"I know."

She got up and said, "Next time I will be more careful!"

Even if Su Ping didn't say anything, she knew her mistake and was very angry.

Angry yourself!

If it is in reality, she can barely survive without making a mistake, and a mistake is death!

Su Ping glanced at her and saw that she knew what she knew, but didn't say more. He checked the time and said, "It's almost there, you...close your eyes."

Tang Ruyan was taken aback, raised his eyebrows and said, "What's the end?"

"Do not ask."

"If you don't tell me, I won't close my eyes."



Tang Ruyan hadn't reacted yet, she felt a pain in her head and her eyes turned black.


An instinctive reaction just appeared on her lips, before she could say it, her eyes closed in confusion, she saw Su Ping in front of her, quietly watching her fall.

Then she fell to the ground, only seeing Su Ping's bare feet on the corpse of the king beast.

She closed her eyes, no matter how hard she could support, she passed out in a coma.

"Always disobedient."

Su Ping glanced at the guy at his feet and shook his head.

He put her into the summoning space, looked at the time, and chose to return.

"She now has the ability to protect herself. It's time to go back."

Back in the store, Su Ping summoned Tang Ruyan out, watching her lying on her feet and still drowsy, whispering to himself.

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