Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 563

Vol 5 Chapter 563: Secret Weapon

"Propagation? Are you telling the truth?"

After a while, Tang Ruyan's voice sounded again, trembling a little.

"Of course it's true, otherwise, how could your cultivation soar?" Su Ping asked rhetorically.

"Yes, but I have never heard of such things as passing gong, are you lying to me?" Tang Ruyan couldn't help but said.

"how come."

Su Ping said solemnly: "How could I lie to you, there are so many things you haven't heard of before, do you think I am the kind of person who can lie?"


"Stop dating."


After a while, Tang Ruyan asked again: "Then what you teach me about star power will have a great impact on you? Will your cultivation level regress?"

"You don't need to worry about these. Let's solve your Tang family's mess." Su Ping said casually.

Tang Ruyan was silent for a moment, and said nothing more.

When the communication was hung up, Tang Ruyan looked down, looked at the tiny streets and cars under her feet, and then felt the surging star power in her body. She bit her lower lip slightly, and she obviously helped her so much, but she said it lightly, this Guys always like to pretend to be cold...

She took a deep breath, and suddenly her mind moved, opening the summoning space.

She has a flying pet with a ninth-order pedigree, but it is currently only an eighth-level cultivation base. If she has a title-level cultivation base, she can directly take the flying pet and cross home from the deserted area.

It can walk in a straight line, and it's a flight attendant, so it's faster.


The space opened, and a bird and beast with silver feathers and a colored crown flew out.

Tang Ruyan immediately landed on his back and placed the small skeleton on the back of the birds and beasts.

She thought to drive and let it go at full speed.

"Strange, I seem to have an extra beast..."

Sitting on the back of the bird and the beast, Tang Ruyan suddenly felt shocked. In her own mind, there was an unfamiliar idea. This idea was the same as the other beasts' ideas. She was sleeping at the moment, so she had ignored the past.

Generally, if the pet beast is in the summoning space, it will fall into a deep sleep, unless it is just sent in, or she takes the initiative to communicate.

Tang Ruyan felt a little dazed by this strange idea.

Is this your favorite beast?

how come?

She didn't remember when she signed the pet beast.

Could it be...

Was it that Su Ping gave it to her when she was drunk while spreading the practice?

Thinking of this, she tried to call this thought.

Soon, this thought recovered, and a faint response came.

Feeling a touch of intimacy in this idea, Tang Ruyan immediately felt a familiar feeling, this is the closeness that only a pet beast can have.

"It's really my pet, but what kind of pet is this?"

Tang Ruyan was a little curious, she tried to summon him with a thought.

The space vortex emerged, and the next moment, a heavy pressure was released from the inside, a pair of cold dark golden pupils opened in the vortex, staring at Tang Ruyan outside.

Feeling this powerful breath, Tang Ruyan's pupils shrank slightly. This is... King Beast? !

Her gaze met the dark golden pupils. In an instant, she felt a tremor of heart, but then, she felt the blood in the body boil, as if being...excited!

Is it because of the king beast?

She had no time to think, and she was completely shocked.

There is no doubt that this king beast is definitely a ghost of Su Ping.

Only he can give away the king beast at every move!

How can other people afford it?

She immediately closed the summoning space, feeling excited, and immediately took out the communicator to contact Su Ping.

At this moment, she hadn't flew out of Longjiang, and the communication was quickly connected. She couldn't wait to ask: "Did you give me a king beast?!"

Su Ping was stunned for a moment, patted his head, and said, "I just forgot to say, yes, I caught you a king beast. The quality of this king beast is not bad. You must treat it well."

Hearing Su Ping's admission, Tang Ruyan's heart was suddenly extremely complicated.

She was not surprised by this result. Only Su Ping could deliver Wang Beast, but is she worth it?

Is it worth being treated like this?

She was silent and whispered: "If I can come back, I will definitely return you."

"Well, the garbage in the store will wait for you to come back to deal with it." Su Ping casually responded and hung up the communication.

Tang Ruyan's king beast was the one that he easily conquered. It was only in the vast sea realm. He didn't bother to waste the enhanced version of the high-level beast trap to catch it. It happened to be suitable for her.

The highest ninth rank can also sign the king beast of the vast sea realm.

Su Ping's trapping rings are all being prepared for the king beasts of the destiny realm. Only those king beasts of those levels can be sold at high prices.

Hearing Su Ping's perfunctory attitude, Tang Ruyan clenched her teeth slightly. It was not that she was annoyed at Su Ping's attitude, but thought that with Su Ping's identity and strength, she seemed to have nothing to repay.

The most uncomfortable thing in this world is being kind but unable to repay.

"One day, I will catch up with your shadow." Tang Ruyan gritted his teeth in a low voice.


Not long after, Tang Ruyan flew to the sideline of the base.

A figure flew up and was a garrison title from Longjiang.

"Are you... Miss Tang?"

This middle-aged title just flew high in the sky, and wanted to find out who the title was who left without permission. After seeing Tang Ruyan's appearance, he was taken aback and a little surprised.

He could feel that the latter was a title-class breath.

It's just that this little girl from the Tang family, isn't she working in the Suping store?

Moreover, her age has actually become a title?

For Tang Ruyan, many big figures in Longjiang are aware of them. After all, they are one of the only employees in the Suping store. There are not many people in the Suping store. There is no need to say another Joanna, but it is always Longjiang. Everyone knew that it was a terrifying existence of Legendary rank, and the other one was from the Tang family.

When the Tang family aggressively attacked the little mischief, the news could not be hidden, it had already spread.

This little girl was the person from the Tang family to beg for, but did not want to go back.

As for the other young girl who recently visited Su Ping's shop, she also fell into the sight of many titles in Longjiang for the first time. It was only after inquiring that she knew that she seemed to be Su Ping's apprentice.


Seeing this middle-aged title, Tang Ruyan nodded and said, "I want to go out."

"It turned out to be Miss Tang, so talkative, please."

The middle-aged title hurriedly said, and immediately flew aside, with a very polite manner.

Although the latter is only of the same level as him, he is an employee of the super legendary store manager, and he dare not neglect.

Seeing the attitude of this middle-aged title, Tang Ruyan was also a little flattered. The titles that had such an attitude toward her in the past were only those of the Tang family, but at that time, she was in awe of her young master status.

"Thanks a lot."

Tang Ruyan thanked him softly, and then flew away with his pet beast.

The middle-aged title saw the skeleton sitting on the bird and beast, his pupils shrank, and he was secretly startled. It was indeed the employee favored by the legendary store manager, who was accompanied by his own battle pet. This treatment was also very good.





In the night battle base city, the dark curtain of the dark night gradually faded, and the dawn light shone, but the dawn did not bring hope and light, but reflected the blood and corpses that were originally invisible in the dark.

The fight did not stop, and the roar of the giant beast still sounded.

The battle between the Tang family and the Situ family and the Wang family continues!

Lasted all night, the Tang family still didn't fall down, struggling to support it!

The Tang family gardens, which were originally beautiful and splendid, were destroyed and messed up all over the place. Some lakes and ponds inside were stained red, soaking monsters and human corpses.


At the forefront, the children of the Tang family fought with the pet masters of the Wang family and the Situ family.

Fighting fiercely all night, still fighting fiercely, without stopping.

Outside the Tang family garden, the giant rhino king beast that had attacked first fell to the ground at the moment, his body resembling a hill, a huge wound of more than ten meters was cut out on its abdomen, and its internal organs fell out of the ground.

Not far from the corpse, there is also a giant python figure, more than two hundred meters long, with scales as black and hard as iron, and sharp blades grow from the cheeks. At this moment, it is also lying in a pool of blood. A series of huge wounds cut open the scales of the snake, and the flesh and blood bloomed.

This is also a king beast, but it is dead at the moment.

On the Tang family's podium, a series of titled figures gathered here. Most of the titled figures were covered with blood, sitting on the ground with a therapist next to them, healing them.

On the high platform, Tang Lin was wearing gold armor, his palm was pounded with a tattered umbrella, and his body was covered with blood.

There was a very deep scratch on his face. The blood had dried up, but the flesh and blood hadn't healed, and it looked a bit hideous.

Tang Ruyan, who was next to him, was also wearing silver secret armor and carrying a sharp sword at this moment, and his face was tired at the moment, his hair was stained with blood, and his flowing hair was glued together.

The roar in front of him continued like a roar.

The dawn slowly shone from the distant horizon, but it only reflected the despair and fatigue on everyone's face.

Too tired after a fierce battle!

I don't know how many Tang family children have been sacrificed.

I dont know how much is left!

Many familiar faces, some juniors, some grandchildren, and some children, have all been killed on the front line.

Including some of their peer titles, they also lost a lot.

On the other hand, the Situ family and the Wang family still have nearly half of their military power behind them. In order to reduce the cost, they slowly cannibalized their Tang family.

And the other side's idea is indeed feasible, and this battle is destined to no more reinforcements.

The forces that can reinforce the Tang family, the contacts accumulated over the years, and the titles that can be invited have all been invited, some have died in battle, some are sitting here at this moment, waiting for healing, and then continue to rush!

"Tang Jiaer waits for the order!!"

Suddenly, a loud and vibrating sound came from the front battlefield. This sound crossed the frontline battlefield and passed directly to the entire Tang family garden, shaking in everyone's ears.

This is a title limit talking.

"Surrender, don't kill!"

"May those who surrender, with corresponding strength, get a matching position!"

"When my Wang family destroys the Tang family and obtains the resources of the Tang family, my Wang family will be stronger. Joining our Wang family will also receive better treatment than the Tang family!"

"Destroy the recalcitrant!"

This persuasion voice covers the battlefield, full of majesty.


An elder from the Tang family who was sitting behind healed suddenly opened his eyes, vomited a mouthful of blood, and said viciously: "Sheng is a member of the Tang family, and I am a ghost of the Tang family. How can I be a slave of the two surnames!"


"Who dare to surrender, I was the first to kill him!"

The titles present here are all angry.

Want to persuade you to surrender?

This is just to reduce the loss of the battle.

When the Tang family is really destroyed, how can the people with the surname of Tang survive?

Tang Linzhan's eyes also exploded with killing intent, his palm tightly gripping the broken umbrella in his hand.

There is no smoothness on this umbrella, it is hard to imagine, this is the magic sea **** umbrella hunting of the Tang family town, a legendary secret treasure!

Beside this umbrella, Tang Linzhan had a corpse in black at his feet. It was the elder of the Seven Clan of the Tang family, the person Tang Linzhan trusted the most, and he was also the one killed by his own hands!

Previously, Illusory Seagods Umbrella Hunting had a problem, but it wasnt that this artifact itself had a problem. With the title strength of the seven tribe elders, a legendary artifact could not be destroyed.

What happened was the storage of the magic sea god's umbrella hunting.

Also known as the "safe".

The key is missing and the code lock is destroyed and cannot be opened.

This safe deposit box for the secret treasures of the town clan was extremely strong. Tang Linzhan spent a great price before opening it. It was precisely because it was opened late that he sacrificed a dozen Tang family titles and seven or eight invited titles. Let them all be killed when resisting the king beast.

Then, relying on the Illusory Seagod's Umbrella Hunt, Tang Linzhan cut two king beasts, making the Situ family and the Wang family shocked to not attack again.

There have long been rumors that the Tang familys Illusive Seagods Umbrella Hunting is extremely terrible, but when two king beasts were killed in a row, everyone really knew how terrible this weapon was!

But after panting, the Situ family and Wang family struck again.

However, Poseidon hunted the umbrella, but the lamp was gone.

Using the power of the title to display the legendary secret treasure, after all, it is difficult to release all the power of the legendary secret treasure, forcibly killing two king beasts, has overdrawn the energy stored in the secret treasure itself, and now the power is lost, and it is of little use.



"Huh, some cheap bones!"

Outside the gardens of the Tang family, where the Situ family and the Wang family are located, the heads of the two families standing here are both gloomy.

They didn't expect that the Tang family was so difficult to deal with, and they couldn't win it all night!

Reinforcing the title of the Tang family exceeded their estimates. Before attacking the Tang family, they had closely calculated the Tang family's combat power, including the Tang family's own title, and the title that was invited by using contacts.

It's just that when the war really started, they discovered that the Tang family had hidden many connections they didn't know.

Some of the most prestigious titles, they thought they had nothing to do with the Tang family, but who knew that they also came to the Tang family to help, and even persuaded them to persuade them to go, and even willing to fight for the Tang family!

This Tang family hides too deep!

Moreover, the Tang familys Illusive Seagods umbrella hunting exceeded their expectations. They thought it was a dead thing. Although it had the power to resist the king beast, the two king beasts could fight together, and they would be killed by both. .

"Damn it, this old nest has been managed by the Tang family as impeccable, and this night battle base city is also fully cooperating. The whole family in this city is damned!"

The head of Family Situ had anger in his eyes.

Their Situ family and Wang family also have a lot of background, but they did not come out!

After all, in addition to the three of the four major families, there is one more!

No one can be sure that the most insidious family will attack the base camp of their two families while they are fighting with the Tang family. Even if they take the Tang family and catch fire in their backyard, it will be a mantis hunting cicadas. Siskin.

Therefore, they have left a lot of troops in the family. If calculated by numbers, their two families are equivalent to 60 troops each, while the Tang family is 100. If you cooperate with the two king beasts, they add up to more than 120. Thinking that they would be able to win the Tang family steadily, they have each lost nearly half of their losses so far!

"Now that's it, sacrifice the secret weapon."

The royal family chief next to him was very calm and said in a deep voice.

The head of the Situ family was taken aback, glanced at him, hesitated, and said, "If this secret weapon is used up, it will become invalid in the future. Do you really want to use it on this Tang family?"

He was a little bit sad.

After all, this secret weapon is a one-off, and it is extremely powerful, if you keep it, it can also be a big killer.

"Leaving this thing to us, there is no plan to let us keep it. Even if it stays, it will not be easy for you and my family to distribute it." Wang Clan chief said with deep meaning.

The head of the Situ family was silent, and finally sighed, "Then use the secret weapon."

Following his order, a giant beast came out from behind. It was a behemoth tiger, extremely ferocious, with an ancient clock on its back.

Under the nods of the two patriarchs, Clan Situ stepped forward, held up the ancient clock, and walked outside the dilapidated Tang family garden. He looked at the still fighting front in front of him. There was murderous intent in his eyes, and suddenly energy exploded with a palm. Slap on the ancient clock.

The mouth below the ancient bell pointed towards the Tang family, and a humming sound shook out.

The invisible space tremor swept through, and with a bang, the area behind the Tang family suddenly shook and collapsed.

Bang! Bang!

Behind the Tang family, many of the title-classes who were sitting and healing their bodies were all shocked, caught off guard, and almost fell to the ground.

But the therapist next to them fell down on the spot, fainted, blood gushing out of his mouth and nose.

"What is this?"

Tang Ruyu was shocked. She reacted quickly and used energy to prop up her body in time, but her knees were still soft and she almost knelt down.

"This feeling is the power of space?" Tang Linzhan's influence was relatively small. A light flashed on the gray umbrella in his hand, blocking the strange power.

This weird sense of oppression made Tang Linzhan a little frightened. He had seen the legend with his own eyes and had some understanding of the methods of the legend. This was a feeling of space constraints.

All of this was obviously caused by the strange ancient bell sound.


Outside the Tang family garden, high in the sky, the Situ family looked at the broken ancient clock in his hand, feeling a little heartbroken, but he knew the opportunity was indispensable, so he roared and rushed out first.


Behind him, the royal family chief also rushed out, he would not stay here, otherwise family chief Situ would not feel at ease.

The two patriarchs led many titles to attack and kill together, and instantly defeated the Tang family's children who were resisting in front of them, causing countless casualties.

The group of people drove straight into the garden.

In the garden, many of the Tang family's children fell to the ground and were injured by the constraints of the space. At this moment, under the impact of the two families, they quickly collapsed without much resistance.

"Tang Linzhan, here we are!"

In a blink of an eye, the Situ family and the royal family stalked to the rear and saw many Tang family titles sitting on the ground to adjust their breath, and those who invited to help.

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