Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 593

Vol 5 Chapter 593: Abyss Cave

"Don't say these are useless, I ask you, where is Su Lingyue?"

Su Ping stared at Nan Fengtian closely. He had an intuition that Su Lingyue's disappearance could not be separated from the other party.

Nan Fengtian's face changed slightly, and he smiled reluctantly: "Su, Senior King Su Ni, I really don't know where Student Su is. I just learned about her disappearance. I have been practicing these days..."


Nan Fengtian's words stopped abruptly, one of his arms broke, and blood burst out.

This sudden attack made Nan Fengtian completely unresponsive. When the pain struck, he looked at Su Ping in horror. When he saw the strong killing intent in Su Pings eyes, he immediately knew that this young man did not believe his words. , No matter what he says, he will be killed!

He couldn't help holding his broken arm, backing backwards, and said in horror: "Front, senior, you misunderstood me."

"King Su Ni!"

Yun Wanli next to him couldn't see it, and couldn't help but utter a sound. He stopped in front of Su Ping and said, "King Su Ni, if there is no evidence, I hope you will be merciful. After all, Student Nan is a student of my Zhenwu Academy. , Is also a legendary bloodline. His ancestors sat in the abyss cave and sacrificed for the great cause of all mankind. His children should not be so humiliated..."

"Step aside!"

Su Ping's voice was icy, and his killing intent was sharp.

"King Su Ni!"

Yun Wanli's face was ugly, and his breath was released. Although he knew that he might not be Su Ping's opponent, he could not bear to watch Su Ping indiscriminately killing students in his face.

"Boss Su, I know you lost your sister..." Han Yuxiang also hurried forward, trying to persuade.

But the next moment, with a swish, Su Ping's figure suddenly disappeared from the front of Yunwan, and directly moved to the front of Nan Fengtian. He strangled Nan Fengtian's throat with one hand and lifted his body.

Yun Wanli's pupils shrank, and the moment Su Ping disappeared, he knew it was wrong. When he turned his head and looked around, he had already seen Su Ping killing him in front of Nan Fengtian.

"King Su Ni!"

Yun Wanli couldn't help shouting violently, full of beard and beard, really angry.

"No one can save you today. I'll ask you again, where is Su Lingyue?" Su Ping looked at Nan Fengtian in his hand with cold eyes, saying every word.

Nan Fengtian was suppressed by Su Pings aura, feeling more terrifying than the oppression he suffered on the nineteenth floor of the Tomb God Woodland. His face was flushed, and he squeezed out his voice and said, "You, why do you tell me to lie? Evidence, just slander it, good guy..."

"What I say is evidence. If I say you lied, you lied."

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and he spoke extremely domineering words. At the same time, he didn't see how he acted. On Nan Fengtian's chest, a sword mark drawn by the air appeared, and blood poured out.

"If you don't tell me, I will not only kill you, but also destroy your family!" Su Ping said indifferently and wildly.

Nan Fengtian saw Su Pings murderous and indifferent gaze, his heart trembled violently, both scared and angry. He gritted his teeth and turned his attention to Yun Wanli behind Su Ping, squeezing out his voice: "President, save..."

When Yun Wanli saw Nan Fengtian who had fallen into Su Ping's hands, he dared not act rashly, and said angrily: "King Su Ni, I treat you like a guest, but you have no eyes. Is it true that you really want to break with my Zhenwu Academy and be an enemy of the entire mankind? ?!"

"What about breaking up, what about being an enemy?"

Su Ping tilted his head slightly and glanced at him indifferently, "It's not that I haven't been to the peak tower, a bunch of moths, if you talk too much, I will kill you!"


Yun Wanli's eyes widened and his face went purple with anger.

Pei Tianyi, the girl surnamed Guo and others were all surprised and a little confused when they heard Su Ping's words.

The dean is a legend, Su Ping dare to say that even the dean will kill him?

Han Yuxiang was trembling next to him. He had heard some rumors from Su Ping, but at this moment he did not dare to persuade him again, for fear that he would provoke this killer, and then the entire Zhenwu Academy would be bloodbathed!

Nan Fengtians pupils contracted in Su Pings hand, and his eyes were horrified. When he saw Su Pings eyes fall on his face again, his heart beat wildly, his face turned pale, and he trembled: "I, I said, Student Su is in the Abyss Cave..."

Su Ping didn't expect him to disarm so soon. When he heard the four characters in Abyss Cave, his face changed, and his eyes burst into a terrifying light: "What did you say, say it again?!"

From the League of Kings, he learned about the Abyss Caverns.

I also know that it is the place where the peak tower needs to be guarded by legends all year round, which is extremely dangerous.

Nan Fengtian was almost suffocated and exhausted all his strength before squeezing out a voice: "I, I didn't lie..."

Su Ping's eyes were like evil beasts choosing people to eat, staring at him, and after a few seconds, he restrained the killing intent in his heart, relaxed his palms a little, and said coldly: "Why is she in the abyss cave? "

Nan Fengtian trembled: "She, she wants to go by herself, and said she wants to exercise inside..."

Su Ping stared at him, slowly falling into silence.

At this moment, Yun Wanli and Han Yuxiang also rushed to Su Ping's side. Yun Wanli saw that Su Ping's killing intent was gradually receding, and he was a little relieved. He then glared at Nan Fengtian and said, "You just said you didn't You know, when did Classmate Su go to the Abyss Cavern, why didn't you stop her?"

"Yeah, in such a dangerous place, even if the legend goes in, it may fall. If she goes, isn't she looking for death?" Han Yuxiang couldn't help but said.

"I, I can't persuade..." Nan Fengtian's face was pale, somewhat aggrieved.

"You..." Yun Wanli looked at his innocent appearance, sighed deeply with hatred for iron and steel, then looked at Su Ping, and said, "King Su Ni, it should not be too late. I will accompany you to find you now. younger sister."

"younger sister?"

Nan Fengtian was stunned, unexpectedly Su Ping in front of him was actually Su Lingyue's brother.

His throat rolled and he couldn't help swallowing a spit.

At this moment, Su Ping slowly raised his head. He glanced at Yun Wanli, and then his gaze fell on Nan Fengtians face. His tone was like stagnant water, and he said, "She wont go there for no reason. , Even if I go, I will not deliberately avoid you, why the monitoring barrier in front of the Longwu Pagoda has failed? The monsoon has already explained it clearly."

Nan Fengtian was startled, his face turned pale, his body trembled slightly, and his knees suddenly softened. He knelt in front of Su Ping Ping, and cried, "I, I really didn't mean it. I just said that and she went. I didn't mean to harm her..."

Yun Wanli was astonished.

Han Yuxiang was also stunned, and then his face became difficult to look.

Many students around are dumbfounded, and I didn't expect that Nan Fengtian, who is high and cold, would have such an unbearable side. This pleading posture is really ugly.

And listening to this, it is obvious that the disappearance of the student Su was caused by him.

Su Ping looked down at him, a very strong killing intent flashed in his indifferent eyes, and with a bang, Nan Fengtian's body in front of him suddenly burst, and his flesh and blood splashed.

The killing intent in Su Ping's eyes also diminished, then turned around and said to Yun Wanli: "Where is the abyss cave closest to your Zhenwu Academy?"

Yun Wanli came back to his senses, looked at the stumps and blood everywhere, his face changed, and said to Su Ping: "The abyss cave he just said should be the place where our Zhenwu Academy is responsible for guarding. I will take you there now. "

Su Ping frowned, "In your institution?"


Yun Wanli nodded and confessed to Han Yuxiang next to him: "Longwu Tower is temporarily closed, you send someone to guard it, I will accompany King Su Ni to the Abyss Cavern, and I will return when I find Student Su."

Han Yuxiang was taken aback, nodded immediately, and then looked at Su Ping with a shame on his face, and said, "Boss Su, it's all my fault. I didn't take care of it. I can't shirk the blame..."

"If you don't find it, you can go in and bury it." Su Ping only left a sentence and soared away.

Han Yuxiang opened his mouth slightly, his face was pale, and his body was shaky.

Looking for Su Lingyue in the Abyss Cavern?

Even he dared not enter there alone.

Not to mention that Su Lingyue has been missing for a week, which means that she has been there for at least seven days, and the probability of surviving is almost equal to zero!

Yun Wanli's expression changed when he heard Su Ping's words, but knowing that the matter was over, he could only pray to that Su Ping's sister, that the Ji people had a vision, otherwise he would not be able to stop Su Ping if he really wanted to kill.

From the moment Su Ping shot, he knew that he was not Su Ping's opponent at all.

With the departure of Su Ping and Yun Wanli, the depressive murderous aura shrouded in the woodland of the tomb **** also disappeared. Everyone looked at each other, looking at the remains of the remains on the ground. If it weren't for the broken flesh and blood, many people would Suspect that all the previous illusions.

"Senior Nan actually died like this."

"I stepped into the nineteenth floor of the Tomb God Woodland at a young age. I can be called a genius and a legendary bloodline. The probability of becoming a legend in the future is extremely high. I actually died like this."

"I heard that Senior Nan had a holiday with that freshman Su Lingyue, but I didn't expect it to be true."

"Tsk tsk, it's too dark, you actually got that student Su into the abyss cave, isn't that murder?"

"Let's just say a few words, this kind of thing has not happened for the first time in our college, there is nothing to fuss about, but the surname Nan kicked the iron this time."

"Yes, the South House of Sunset City is over!"

In the crowd, many students were whispering, and some people have changed their words from "Southern senior" to directly "surnamed Nan". The dead genius is just mediocre, and no one will remember it.

"He...what realm is he now?"

Qin Shaotian and the others looked at the back of Su Ping who was leaving, a little surprised.

In Zhenwu Academy, when the dean was in front of him, he had killed him and even said that the dean would kill him together. Su Ping's current strength was somewhat incomprehensible.

Beyond the legend?

They can't imagine.

"That new-born brother is actually such a terrifying monster..." Beside Pei Tianyi, the girl surnamed Guo looked at the blood on the ground, with some palpitations.

Pei Tianyi's eyes shook, and his fingers tightened.

Pei Nan Ji Guo.

Nan Fengtian ranked second. Although his combat power was not as good as him, his willpower was stronger than him, and he was regarded as a strong enemy. However, he did not expect that he was like a paper in front of Su Ping, and died so easily.

This is genius?

He suddenly felt that the word genius was a bit ironic.

He thought he had the power to beat the title limit, and he was already able to protect himself.

But in front of the real strong, it is still no different from the ants.

"By the way, you just said he was less than twenty-four years old? Really?" The girl surnamed Guo asked curiously.

Pei Tianyi's mouth twitched slightly, turned around, and said: "There is a day outside the sky, you are in the mood to care about this, it is better to practice hard, even I can't catch up, you are too weak..."

"[email protected]#"

The girl surnamed Guo suddenly jumped and said, "Im pooh, my mother, isnt that just to ask you, what is pride, what is the meaning of heaven and heaven, mother, I will become a legend sooner or later, let you run for a while and see how my mother will surpass you in the future. !"


Pei Tianyi sneered, and left without saying more.

"Damn it!" The girl surnamed Guo stamped her feet with anger and turned and left.

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