Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 595

Vol 5 Chapter 595: Attacked

"I don't know, but we should be careful." Yun Wanli said cautiously, and two whirlpools appeared again behind him. Two more cryptic king beast auras were released from the inside, and two king-class battle pets stepped out from inside. , Are all king beasts of the descent of the vast sea realm, and are currently at their peak.

One is the Cangyan Dragon Beast, which is a kind of rock dragon pet, which is relatively rare. It lives in dense rock formations and has a strong defense force.

The other is a winged green listening wind beast, which is only six or seven meters in length. It has many articulated limbs like insects. Each articulated limb has sharp claws. Although the body is small, its body contains huge energy, which is the rapid wind system. Type pet beast.

It is rumored that the top speed of the Yiqing Tingfeng Beast reaches twelve times the speed of sound, surpassing the current fastest fighter.

Moreover, Yiqing Listening to the Wind Beast can perceive movement two hundred miles away, and has a very wide range of perception.

"Wanli, where is this place, is there something to ask us to come out?"

With a volume of more than 30 meters and occupying one-third of the cave, the Cangyan Splitting Dragon Beast, after its huge body crawled out of the whirlpool, glanced at the cave with amber eyes and said in a low voice.

When Su Ping heard this Cangyan Dragon Beast uttering words, he couldn't help but glance at it. Although the king-level pet beasts are not weak, they can slowly master the language of human beings under special instruction. , But it is still a bit strange to hear a battle pet speak human language so proficiently.

"Lao Wan, is this kid your apprentice?"

Next to it, another winged green listening wind beast flapped its blue-black wings, and the insect-like fine-toothed mouth also made a sound, speaking very smoothly.

Yun Wanli smiled bitterly, and said, "Don't talk nonsense, this is King Su Ni, he is much better than me. Please pay attention to your words."

After a pause, he continued: "I asked you to come out because I was in some trouble. This is the entrance to the Abyss Cavern. There is a dangerous signal from my big eyes. You may be fighting later, so you are all ready."

"Abyss Cave?"

"My God, old Wan, are you crazy? What are you doing here? All the demons are imprisoned here."

Cangyan Dragon Beast and Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast were both scared by Yun Wanli's words, and immediately looked around with vigilance. Cangyan Dragon Beast was even more crisp, directly condensing a dark black crystalline rock layer covering Yun Wanli. On his body, this is its skill, which can easily withstand the ordinary attacks of other Beasts of the Beast Sea.

Yun Wanli glanced at the black armor on his body, raised his head and said to the Cangyan Dragoncracking Beast: "King Su Ni is with me."

Cangyan Dragon Beast understood the meaning of these words and glanced at Su Ping, somewhat reluctant, but still condensed the same black crystalline rock layer on Su Ping's body.

On the other side, the Wing Qing Tingfeng Beast has already released its own perception skills. After the Cangyan Splitting Dragon Beast has added defensive skills to Su Ping, it said suspiciously, "There seems to be a lot of things hidden in the place more than 80 miles ahead Now, I can only hear the squirming of their internal organs."

"Is it a human?"


Yun Wanli's face changed slightly and frowned, "Could it be those legendary battle pets?"

He glanced at the deep passage ahead and hesitated.

Su Ping has already walked directly, no matter what is in front of him, since he is here, he will take Su Lingyue home.

Even if only her body can be found...

"King Su Ni..."

Seeing Su Ping's back, Yun Wanli called out quickly. When he saw that Su Ping didn't stop and pay attention, he had no choice but to follow.

"Wanli, who is this kid? It seems that I haven't seen this person in that peak tower." Cangyan Dragon Beast lowered his head and whispered beside Yun Wanli.

"He seems to be just a title." The Yi Qing Tingfeng Beast next to him also glanced at Su Ping.

Yun Wanli said in a huff: "You two, this is not an issue you care about. Take good precautions. This is not a place for fun."

The Cangyan Dragon Beast hummed, snorted, washed away the dust on the ground, and then swung its body directly to the bottom of the tunnel. The ground swelled up, and the small swelled bag of soil flew straight forward. Rush away.

"I'll go find the way first."

The sound of the Cangyan Cracking Dragon Beast came from the ground, and the small uplifted soil pack gradually shrank as it moved forward, and the ground returned to level.

Yun Wanli caught up with Su Ping. Seeing that Su Ping was still empty-handed and defenseless, he couldn't help but say: "King Su Ni, your pet..."

"When there is trouble, it will come out." Su Ping said.

Yun Wanli opened his mouth slightly, and said in his heart that he would be too late to summon by then.

After all, it takes time to summon a battle pet, at least one second, which is enough to lose a small life in a king-level battle.


After walking forward for more than ten miles, Yun Wanli's expression suddenly changed, and he said to Su Ping, "My pet beast has been attacked. There is danger ahead!"

After speaking, his breath burst out suddenly, instead of turning to escape, he rushed forward quickly.

Su Ping's eyes flashed, and his body quickly followed, blinking continuously.

Seeing Su Ping's body flickering one after another, Yi Qing, who was following Yun Wanli, let out a shocked cry: "Space teleports? How could it be possible? His breath is obviously only your human title level, I don't know it. ..."

But at this moment, Yun Wanli and Su Ping didnt bother to pay attention to it. They rushed forward at full speed. They traversed the distance of tens of miles in a blink of an eye. Su Ping's body was teleported for a while, and he smelled an extremely strong blood. The smell, almost directly poured into his nose.

boom! !

In the darkness ahead, a vibration suddenly broke out, followed by an angry roar.

Listening to this roar, Su Ping immediately recognized that it was the roar of the Cangyan Cracked Dragon Beast that had explored the way earlier.

"Astral Blazing Technique!!"

Yun Wanli's face was full of anxiety, and he roared suddenly, the snow-white robe all over his body stirred, the star power in his body turned into strands of light, condensed on his body, and then suddenly burst out.

In an instant, the entire cave was completely illuminated, like day!

In this light, both Su Ping and Yun Wanli saw that at the end of the front view, the Cangyan Scraper Beast and the previous ghost mist eye-catching beast were fighting with a few giant beasts, seeming to be surrounded by those giant beasts. Living.

"Old Wan!"

Listening to the scene, Yi Qing hurriedly shouted.

Yun Wanli couldn't help but quickly displayed his combined skills.

The body of Yiqing Listening Wind Beast burst into light, and then contracted and turned into a mass of energy to rush into Yun Wanli's body. In an instant, his body became straight and his physique increased, from the original normal height of about 1.7 meters. , Became a little giant of more than three meters.

In addition, the wings of the Wing Qing Listening Wind Beast also appeared behind him, but they were much smaller.

Combining with different types of pet beasts can add different pet beasts' characteristic skills. In addition to the power that this winged green listening wind beast brings to Yun Wanli, the most notable thing is speed.


As soon as the fusion was over, Yun Wanli's body rushed out instantly, at a speed several times faster than before, raising the dust on the ground.

Su Ping felt that his gaze almost missed Yun Wanli's figure, his gaze became deep, his palm turned, and the Shura Divine Sword was transferred from the storage space to his hand.


Su Ping looked at the besieging behemoths, and they also exploded at full speed, like a missile jet, blasting out. During the flight, his body flashed one after another, and he caught up with Yun Wanli in a blink of an eye, and then passed him and appeared. Behind a giant beast attacking the ghost mist beast.


Jian Yang, murderous intent.

With a sword slashed out, the behemoth was too late to guard, and a huge wound was cut at the neck of the neck. Blood spattered, the attack was interrupted, and it made a screaming scream.

Su Ping's eyes were cold, and he regarded these giant beasts as the fierce beasts that killed Su Lingyue, and cut them out with a single sword.

Bright magic flames burned from the magic sword, and every sword cut on these giant beasts, the wounds were burning.

Su Ping's body was fascinating. He shuttled between the giant beasts. In a blink of an eye, several giant beasts were chopped up, and the attack that had surrounded them was also interrupted. They all retreated, groaning in pain, and frightened. Look at Su Ping.

"King Su Ni..."

Yun Wanli flew over, with strange scales on his face, similar to Yiqing Listening to the Wind Beast. He looked at Su Ping, who was pushing back a few giant beasts in a blink of an eye, and his eyes were shocked.

Although he knew that Su Ping was very strong, he did not expect that Su Ping would be able to compete with the King Beast without the help of a battle pet. This was a bit shocking!

"Catch them and stay alive!"

Su Ping's gaze swept around. Behind him, two whirlpools emerged. One whirlpool was very small, only two or three meters in diameter. From inside, a snow-white skeleton stepped out, and the other whirlpool was very huge. The tyrannical aura, the strong fire element diffused out, and the temperature of the entire cave rose accordingly.


The body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stepped out of it, and after fusing the blood of the Purple Blood Heaven Dragon Beast, its bloodline had surpassed the legend of the Destiny Realm and was a starry sky-level creature!

Although he was still in his adult stage at this moment, his body already possessed the aura of detached starry sky creatures, deterring the audience.

"This guy"

The Cangyan Dragon Beast, which was wounded and bleeding, saw the same dragon-type Candle Dragon Beast, its pupils shrank slightly, and the feeling of pressure from the dragon clan that looked down completely made it want to kneel and crawl. Showing horror.

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