Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 597

Vol 5 Chapter 597: Criminal Punishment

"The place is right, it's here, but..."

Yun Wanli looked at the empty rock walls around him, a little stunned. He remembered that at the border of the abyss tunnel, there was a legendary guard sent by the peak tower.

The entrance to the abyss cave guarded by their Zhenwu Academy is in the center of the first base city in Yalu District!

This is an extremely important gate. Once something happens, the monster inside will rush out, and the consequences will be unimaginable. At the border gate here, you don't even see the legend that is stationed?

"There are no other creatures around here." Su Ping closed his eyes, opened them after a few seconds, and whispered.

"It's impossible. It's not a joke at such a border gate. It's impossible for Peak Tower to not send a legend to guard it!" Yun Wanli couldn't help but say.

Su Ping glanced at him indifferently, and said, "Where is the peak tower, don't you have any points in your heart?"

Ever since going to the Peak Tower and seeing those legends having fun there, Su Ping has not shown a good impression of the Peak Tower.

At the entrance of the peak tower where no one dared to make trouble, there was still a legendary guard known as the Brewmaster, but this extremely dangerous abyss cave did not have a legend to sit in. He felt that the peak tower was really disgusting.

Yun Wanli's expression changed slightly when he heard the mockery in Su Ping's words. He glanced around and muttered to himself: "Impossible, absolutely impossible, no matter how corrupt the peak tower is, it is impossible to despise this place, once the monsters here All the beasts rushed out, the world's land will be lost, and all mankind will face the end!"

"Sure... there are other reasons."

Thinking of the giant beasts that attacked his pet before, Yun Wanli felt that the situation here was a bit weird.

Those giant beasts are king-level but lurking in this passage. If there are no legendary guards here, why didn't those king-level monster beasts leave this place and return to the land?

According to the situation here, their Zhenwu Academy should have been destroyed long ago.

Even the entire Longyang base city has long been destroyed!

After all, just relying on the combat power of the previous king beasts, rushing out of the cave without warning, is enough to completely destroy the Longyang base city!

Su Ping glanced at Yun Wanli, frowned slightly, thinking for a while, and said: "I'm going to continue looking for my sister inside. If the dean feels dangerous, please ask me back. If you really get into serious trouble, I I may not be able to take care of you."

Yun Wanli came back to his senses, and heard a title say such words to the legend, it is inevitable to feel a little weird.

However, thinking of Su Ping's previous combat power, he can only smile in his heart. If he encounters danger inside, he really needs to rely on Su Ping's help.

"Since I'm here, I'll accompany King Su Ni for a while. Anyway, I am a handful of old bones. King Su Ni is not afraid of him at a young age, so why should I be afraid?"

Yun Wanli said, smiling lightly, showing a bit of pride.

Su Ping glanced at him and said indifferently: "It seems that the peak tower is still a bit tough."

"Haha." Yun Wanli laughed dryly, knowing that Su Ping had great opinions on the peak tower.

Su Ping didn't say anything more, his thoughts passed, and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast raised his foot and walked forward, and came to the abyss passage in front.

As soon as he stepped into this abyssal passage, Su Ping felt a slight difference. It was difficult for him to describe the specific difference. It seemed that the surrounding aura had changed.

It was like stepping into the territory of some kind of extremely dangerous guy.

Su Ping's eyes were slightly solemn. After all, this was the abyss cave that made peaks and towers jealous. From the beginning of the Star Pet Era to the present, there was no cure. Even if there were starry sky-level creatures inside, he didn't think it was too strange.

Yun Wanli's expression was also dignified, and he asked Cangyan Dragon Beast to summon several black crystalline rock shields, covering him and Su Ping. When this black crystalline rock shield was about to spread to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast Looking back at him, he seemed a little dissatisfied, but after receiving Su Pingan's caress, he let the Cangyan Cracked Dragon Beast use it.

"Be careful, it's a bit strange around here."

Su Ping suddenly reminded him that his eyes were very solemn. The countless experiences of cultivating the world to break through has allowed him to see tens of thousands of king beasts. He is quite familiar with various rare skills. At this moment, he faintly feels something wrong. , It's too quiet around here, even the sound of wind in the cave seems to have disappeared.

He didn't feel the creatures, even the tiny reptiles and ants!

"Old Wan, be careful."

Yi Qing Tingfeng Beast also reminded Yun Wanli.

Yun Wanli's face changed slightly, and he glanced at the Cangyan Dragon Beast. He didn't hesitate, and immediately merged with the Cangyan Dragon Beast. Soon, his appearance turned into a four to five-meter-high human dragon with a dragon behind him. The sturdy rock dragon tail, his hands also turned into dragon claws, covered with scales.

As soon as Yun Wanli finished using the pet beast fusion, the surrounding ground suddenly surged, bursting out black chains from the underground, shooting out from everywhere.

The chain was extremely strong, coming suddenly, and instantly entangled the ghost mist beast.

The ghost mist eye-catching beast roared, its body atomized, and wanted to break free, but after its body atomized, the chain still locked its body firmly!

"in danger!"

Listening to the Feng Beast's reaction, Yi Qing screamed, and hurriedly dodged his body, performing inheritance stunts, Yi Feng nine flashes, instantly turned into nine afterimages.

But the next moment, the nine afterimages were all crushed by the black chain, and one of them was entangled in the chain and quickly became a zongzi.

The speed of this chain was extremely fast, and at the moment it was shot, it disappeared out of thin air and shuttled directly to the target.

The chain will teleport in space!

The merged Yun Wanli was horrified, hurriedly clasped his hands together, and energy burst out, and black crystal shields were erected around him, trying to block the chain.

But the chain flashed, disappeared from the crystal shield, and then appeared directly beside Yun Wanli, entangled his body.

In just a few seconds, Yun Wanli and his two battle pets were all restrained and lost their combat effectiveness.

On the other side, a large number of chains flew towards the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Su Ping. The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast seemed to have no time to react, and was immediately entangled by the chains and completely bound.

At the moment of restraint, suddenly, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast burst into violent flames, and deep purple rays of light wafted from the flames, accompanied by an angry dragon roar and a bang, all the chains entwined with it. Broken, some of the chains actually showed signs of melting.

As for a few chains that shot at Su Ping, Su Ping didn't move, and the little skeleton next to him flew up. The bone knife in his hand quickly cut out, and several chains were immediately cut off.

As the purgatory candle dragon beast broke free from the chains, the surrounding ground rumbled, and the next moment, a majestic and ferocious beast emerged from the ground. These chains were actually the tissues of its body, hanging down like tentacles. The mouthparts are composed of several fleshy pads, all of which are barbed and sharp teeth.

"Heart repair chain ghost beast!"

Su Ping recognized the beast at a glance.

This is an extremely rare kind of king beast. It belongs to evil demon. It lives in the world of undead. It eats high-level undead ghosts as food. Its skills are extremely overbearing. This heart-binding ghost chain is one of them. It is the nemesis of undead pets. Energy-type pet beasts cannot escape the shackles of this chain.

However, in the face of monsters with bodies like Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the effect of this skill will be greatly reduced.

This beast is a king beast of the destiny realm bloodline. It is said that there is a small probability that it can evolve into a star-level ghost king six beasts. If it goes up, it may also evolve into the legendary...

"This one is not at its peak yet. It should only have the cultivation base of the Void Cave Realm."

Su Ping had seen this beast in the Chaos and Undead world, and the one in front of him, from the size to the aura it exudes, didn't feel like the chain ghost beast in the peak period.

A king-level monster of this level wants to grow to its peak. It cannot be achieved by time alone. It must have a suitable environment, plus the treasures of heaven and earth, to achieve it. Otherwise, even if the upper limit of the bloodline of the destiny state is empty, it will last its entire life. , It is difficult to touch the ceiling of his own blood.

"It's just the entrance, there is a rare king beast of this level." Su Ping's eyes flashed cold, and he became more and more jealous of the abyss cave, but he actually wanted to subdue the ghost chain beast in front of him.

This is definitely a monster worth taming.

Its value, the rarity among the king beasts, is equivalent to the rarity of the purgatory candle dragon beast in the king's battle pet, and even higher!

"The trap ring!"


Su Ping flipped his palm, and two black rings appeared in his palm. He didn't directly throw them out, but passed the reading to Little Skull.

In the case of serious injury, the catching probability of the trap ring will increase slightly.

The little skull immediately understood, and with a swish, his body flashed out directly, extremely decisive and crisp. The bone knife in his hand was filled with rich dark energy, and his body exuded an extremely vicious and vicious aura. Its snow-white bones are completely covered, looming.

In a trance, like a demon who stepped out of the underworld!


The blade edge wrapped in dark energy exploded with the extreme brilliance, slashing towards the head of the ghost chain beast.

The ghost chain beast of the meditation screamed, and the space above its head suddenly collapsed, a whirlpool appeared, and the body of the little skeleton was torn apart.

But the next moment, the whirlpool freezes, and even the body of the Ghost Chain Beast with the Meditation Cultivator becomes a little sluggish, and in this slow-down to almost a pause, the body of the little skeleton is not affected, so The contrast is more violent and swift.


One of the many king-level skills of Little Skeleton.

The blade light did not cut off the ghost chain beast's head, but like a huge mountain, pressing its body tightly on the ground, the blade light hanging above its head, like a token of judgment, full of majesty.

The body of the ghost chain beast stopped moving, and its mind was forcibly pulled into the consciousness space of sin and punishment by the small skeleton. This is an extremely vicious chaos consciousness space. Here, only the ghost chain beast and the small skeleton are in it. , They stood opposite each other, the next moment, the little skeleton's body was surging rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into a skeleton king sitting on the sky and overlooking everything.

Its body sits on the ground, with mountains and rivers as the throne of bones.

Angrily swallows the world, overbearing invincible!

The horrified look appeared in the eyes of the ghost chain beast, and it roared like a demonstration, but this low roar sounded like a wounded boy, and its voice was full of fear.

The next moment, the huge white bone palm of Little Skeleton covered his vision and grabbed his body.

The ghost chain beast was completely frightened.

At the same time, in reality, Little Skeleton had already retracted the bone knife, and the flames that ignited in his eyes faded away. The hollow eye sockets seemed to glance at the completely weak and feeble Ghost Chain Beast before him. Flash disappeared and returned to Su Ping.

Su Ping saw the little skeleton that had suppressed the ghost chain beast with a sword, and his eyes were a little surprised. Since the little skeleton absorbed the blood of the Skeleton King and recovered, he has not tested how strong the little skeleton is. , The cognition of it only stays on the combat power numbers detected by the system.

But the numbers are numbers, and the scene before him really lets him know how brutal combat power this is.


Su Ping quickly waved the trap ring.

With a bang, the trapping ring hit the ghost chain beast, and immediately collapsed into a dark space, absorbing the ghost chain beast that had lost its combat effectiveness.

After absorbing the ghost chain beast, the dark vortex shrank and turned into a black ring, but the black ring was slightly different from the previous one.

Su Ping raised his hand and took it back.

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