Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 598

Vol 5 Chapter 598: Abyssal Hell World

With the ghost chain beast being subdued, the bodies of Yun Wanli and Yiqing Tingfeng Beast, which were entangled by the ghost chain, and the ghost misty eye-catching beast were restored to their freedom.

"this is"

Yun Wanli stared at Su Ping blankly. When his body was restrained earlier, he felt the tremendous spatial restraint power. He thought he was going to meet a desperate situation, but he didn't expect that the situation would reverse when Su Ping made a move. That vicious monster instantly Be subdued, effortlessly.

The collapsed black space that Su Ping threw out gave Yun Wanli a feeling of palpitations and fear, as if there was an extremely terrifying place inside.

Su Ping put away the black ring, glanced at Yun Wanli, caught the fear flashing on his face, and didn't care.

This trap ring can catch monsters and people.

After all, this is something purchased in the system store.

In the definition of the system, everything is a pet beast, even Joanna, who is a protoss, is no exception, and human beings are naturally no exception.


Su Ping asked the little skeleton to guard him around, and then his thoughts surged into the black trap ring.

Inside is a vast dark space, with no boundaries in sight. In that darkness, tide seems to be surging.

The only place that can be seen clearly at the moment is in the center of this space, chains interspersed with an extremely huge monster beast, imprisoned in mid-air.

This monster is the ghost chain beast!

Looking at the monster beast that was completely immovable by the chain, Su Ping's mentally manifested figure flew in front of it, and said: "Have you ever seen such a girl?"

He raised his hand, and Su Lingyue appeared in front of him out of thin air.

The space here is between consciousness and reality, and he can directly reveal his mind.

Mingxiu Ghost Chain Beast's eyes turned, staring at Su Ping, and shouted, "Let go of me, despicable bug!"

"If you want to go out, just answer my question obediently." Su Ping said.


The ghost chain beast roared violently.

Su Ping was also not angry. Most monsters have irritable temperaments. He is used to it. He only said: "You should know your current situation. I want to kill you. It's easy. If you don't want to die, just tell me honestly. I can keep you one. Life."

Mingxiu Ghost Chain Beast glared at him, but did not get angry anymore.

The deterrent of death is still great.

"This worm sneaked in from here before. If you want to find her, you can find it inside!" Mingxiu Ghost Chain Beast's eyes rolled and said gloomily.

Su calmly stared at him, and after a while, he said: "I will naturally go in. Even if you say that she is dead, I will go in. Unless I see it with my own eyes, I will turn the sky upside down. Will find her out."

"It's a big tone, then you go in." Ming Xiu Ghost Chain Beast sneered.

Su Ping looked at it for two seconds, and said, "There used to be legends stationed here, why are they gone now? Did you kill them, or did they leave?"

The ghost chain beast sneered and said: "Of course it was killed by us. This is our territory long ago. It depends on you..."

Speaking of this, it suddenly thought of something, paused, looked at Su Ping gloomily, and said: "I have told you where that little bug is going, should you let me out?"

"Not yet."

Su Ping said, then took a deep look at it, and exited the trapping ring space.

"Hmph, you know, despicable and cunning bug, but unfortunately, compared with this king, it is still far behind..." The ghost chain beast looked at Su Ping who was slowly dissipating, and sneered, as if he had expected the other party to not I will release it, and there is no disappointment or anger. I just looked at the chains all over my body and felt a little distressed.

The chain was too tightly wound, and it realized that no matter how hard it was, it couldn't break free.

The energy in its body seems to be imprisoned by these chains, and it can't be displayed.

"When I go out, the first one will eat you!" Mingxiu Ghost Chain Beast secretly hated.


Su Ping's consciousness returned to him.

He stood on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, lost in thought.

He didn't know how much he could believe in the words of the ghost chain beast.

These words refer to the fact that a legend is stationed here.

As for Su Lingyue.

Whether it was life or death, Su Ping would go inside, even if the ghost chain beast deliberately introduced him into the abyss, he would not hesitate.

If there are his relatives in the abyss, even in the darkest place, he will illuminate the way home.

"King Su Ni, we are now..."

Yun Wanli approached and looked at Su Ping carefully.

He didn't dare to ask about the strange dark space before. That thing could swallow that terrifying monster beast instantly. It was probably one of Su Ping's cards. Instead, he hoped that he hadn't seen this scene, in case it was a more critical one. Maybe Suping would kill him.

Su Ping recovered, took a look at him, and said, "Go on."

"Yeah." Yun Wanli nodded slightly.

Su Ping glanced at the abyss tunnel ahead, and the left and right sides led to the invisible darkness. After thinking about it, he picked the right passage casually.


To be on the safe side, Su Ping summoned the two dogs.


In the whirlpool, Ergou's figure jumped out, stretched out after landing, and then saw Su Ping, and immediately moved to the side of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

"Go ahead and make a way." Su Ping ordered directly.

Ergou was also ready to act like a coquettish with Su Ping. Hearing Su Ping's words, he glanced at the cave where his fingers could not be seen in front of him, and he shuddered, begging Su Ping.

Su Ping rolled his eyes. This guy with the strongest defense power was harder than the life of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, but was most afraid of death.

"If you let you go," Su Ping said in a bad mood.

Seeing that Su Ping was determined, Ergou had to give up the pleading, glanced at him bitterly, ran to the front slowly and opened the way ahead.

When Yun Wanli saw the two dogs, he was obviously stunned. He was so knowledgeable and could see at a glance that this dog...seems to be the Dark Dragon?

A pet of the sixth-order bloodline?

But it seems to be a little different from the Dark Dragon Dog. The body structure and the breath that it emits brought him a sense of oppression.

"Is this guy really not the one on Blue Star?"

Such a bizarre battle pet made Yun Wanli unable to help but "think about it."

As the dark dragon dog cleared the way in front, there was only a faint sound of walking in the passage. After a while, suddenly, the dark dragon dog roared in front.

Su Ping quickly followed.

I saw two king beasts besieging Ergou, one was hundreds of meters long and looked like a huge centipede, and the other was just a huge skeleton, seven or eight meters large, covered in dark armor. It was actually an undead ghost frontman.

This is the monster that will be born in the world of the undead. It is born under a special environment from the strong spirit of the undead. It has extremely strong combat power and has the peak combat power of the vast sea.


Su Ping's biography.


The little skull took the lead and went straight to the undead ghost front.

Flash! Beheaded!

A stunning knife light directly split the undead ghost front in half, and the action was sharp, and the battle ended in an instant.

On the other side, Ergou also threw the other king beast, which looked like a centipede, to the ground, biting and tearing it apart.

The two king beasts quickly lost.

The little skeleton pressed his hand on the skeleton of the undead ghost frontman, and wisps of dark aura flowed into its body along the body of the undead ghost front general. It was covered with black mist. After a long time, when he put down his hand, this black The fog disappeared.


The little skull flew back to Su Ping and sat obediently on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon.

Su Ping glanced at the second dog lying on the head of the centipede king beast, and greeted him, "Go."

The two dogs were reluctant to give up, jumped to the middle of his body, smashed a shell, took a piece of green flesh from it, swallowed it, and then continued to open the road in front.

Yun Wanli watched this scene and couldn't speak. The two king beasts were killed in a blink of an eye. If they were thrown outside, it was enough to make any base city look like a big enemy, but here, they look like two ordinary monsters. If you say you die, you die, not even a little splash.


Go all the way.

In the passage along the way, in addition to the king beast, Su Ping also encountered a small group of high-level monsters, among which the 9th-order monsters were the majority, and a few were just the eighth-order monsters that had just grown up.

Under the dragon's claws of the dark dragon dog, everything was broken.

"Do you have a map inside?" Su Ping asked as he walked.

Yun Wanli shook his head, "The environment in the Abyss Tunnel is very harsh, and it changes from time to time. Except for the legends that have been guarded here for many years, it is generally impossible to distinguish, and there is no map."

Su Ping glanced at him, saying that the other party had no role as a guide.

Seeing the contempt in Su Ping's eyes, Yun Wanli was a little embarrassed and forced a laugh.

It didn't take long to walk, and suddenly, a dangerous signal came from the Dark Dragon Dog.

Su Ping was shocked, and it could make the Dark Dragon hound feel dangerous. It must have met a big guy.


He quickly caught up.

Not long after he rushed forward, Su Ping suddenly felt like passing through a film of water, his vision suddenly lit up, and a biting cold wind came from all around.

Before his eyes, there was an endless glacier!

From the dark tunnel, stepped into a glacier!

Su Ping was a little startled. There was no sun above the glacier, but it was extremely blue, and the surroundings were all white and snowy.

"This is the abyssal ice world."

Yun Wanli's voice came, and his figure also walked out of the ripples, his body still maintaining the state of merging with the Cangyan Cracked Dragon Beast.

In this state, his defensive power is greatly enhanced, and even if he encounters an over-reacted attack, he still has a little room for self-defense.

"Abyss Ice Hell World?"

Su Ping frowned and looked at him.

"Yes, there are five worlds in the Abyss Cavern, to be precise, five hells!"

Yun Wanli said: "All the monsters in the Abyss Cave are imprisoned in these five worlds. It is said that they were created by the people who built the Abyss Cave in the first generation to let these monsters perish in it. But some people say that this There are loopholes in the statement and it is not credible, but anyway, there are five different worlds. The abyssal cave guarded by our Zhenwu Academy is the closest to the world of ice prison."

"If you continue forward, you will encounter the world of purgatory, where there is a sea of fire."

"However, on the edge of Purgatory World and Ice Prison World, there is a pass. There should be a legendary guardian there. We can go there and see."

Su Ping looked at him for two seconds, then nodded slightly, "Okay, you lead the way."

Yun Wanli nodded and said, "Just walk straight. Although it looks like a vast expanse, it actually has boundaries."

After finishing speaking, he jumped on the back of Yiqing Tingfeng Beast, and said: "These snowy fields are very likely to hide monsters. These monsters have been imprisoned here all year round and have been assimilated. They are all ice monsters. If you walk on the ground, you are easily attacked."

Su Ping nodded, let the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast lift off.

Since the fusion of the purple blood dragon bloodline, the purgatory candle dragon beast has also grown purple red flame dragon wings, capable of soaring.


Su Ping and Yun Wanli both soared into the air. When Su Ping saw the two dogs running wild in the snow ahead, he ignored it.

Not long after, Ergou also performed the dragon shape technique and flew from the ground.

"I wish I could see the seniors guarding this place in the peak tower..." Yun Wanli looked ahead, with a little worry in his eyes. There was no one at the border guarding before, but there was a monster in ambush, which made him always have a kind of uncertainty in his heart. Premonition.

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