Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 599

Vol 5 Chapter 599: Legends

Not long before they traveled to the Abyssal Ice Prison World, Su Ping and Yun Wanli were ambushed by monsters.

A sharp ice spear suddenly rushed out of the snow, and violently shot Su Ping high in the sky. At the same time, several monster beasts jumped out from the snow, roaring and killing Su Ping and Yun Wanli.

Su Ping didn't hesitate, and directly let Little Skeleton go to kill him.

These were all 9th-order monsters, and they were chopped under the knife by the little skeleton in a blink of an eye.

The pure white snow was stained with a few bright red petals, and Su Ping and Yun Wanli continued to move forward, and they were attacked by monsters occasionally along the way, but Su Ping easily solved them.

Among these monsters, most of them are monsters of the eighth and ninth ranks, and occasionally there will be king-level monsters, but no monsters of the virtual cave realm have been encountered.


After traveling for more than three hundred miles, suddenly, Yiqing listening to the wind beast who was following Yun Wanli whispered: "Lao Wan, there is a sound of fighting over two hundred miles ahead."


Yun Wanli was startled and looked at Su Ping.

Su Ping's face suddenly appeared in Su Lingyue's mind, his face changed slightly, and he immediately passed on to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.


The Purgatory Candle Dragon roared, shaking its wings, and flew out at full speed.

A cyan cyclone appeared on its dragon wing. This is a wind-based pet technique, the power of the blue underworld, which can greatly increase the speed.

Wing Qing Listening to the Wind Beast saw the increase in the power of Qing Ming displayed by the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and was a little surprised. This is a king-level boosting skill. Only a few wind king beasts can master it. The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is obviously a flame type. Petting the beast, it would actually do this too?

Yun Wanli also noticed this, but thinking that Su Ping's skull beast was even more weird, it was nothing, and said in a low voice, "Catch up, let's go too."

Wing Qing listened to the wind beast returned to his senses, and immediately displayed the power increase of Qingming, the speed increased sharply, its flying trajectory was extremely strange, and it caught up with the purgatory candle dragon beast in a blink of an eye.

After all, it is the King Beast of the Wind Element. In terms of speed, it is not inferior to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.


Ten minutes later.

Su Ping and Yun Wanli beheaded the monster beast that was in the ambush along the way, and rushed to the battle location where Yi Qing heard the wind beast.

From a distance, I saw that this is an extremely vast and majestic snow-capped valley. At the mouth of the valley, a large group of monsters are charging, which is actually a small wave of beasts!

In front of this beast tide, there are more than a dozen king beasts blocking, beside these king beasts, there are silhouettes flying by, exuding star power, and they are also rushing in front of the beast tide.

"It's a border!"

Yun Wanli was stunned, and immediately said, "This should be the border entrance to the next prison world. Those are the legends of our peak tower guarding here!"

Su Ping also recognized those figures, they were all legends.

At this moment, they are blocking the group of monsters rushing out of the snow-capped valley. The weakest of these monsters seems to have ranks eight and nine. Among them, there are thirty or forty giants, following the tide of beasts and charging together, they are all king beasts!

This scene is quite shocking!

On the surface, it would be horrible to see three or four king beasts appearing together.

But here, dozens of king beasts actually formed a tide of beasts!

This kind of battle is even more spectacular than what Su Ping had seen when he guarded Longjiang Base City!

However, I dont know if any of these king beasts are at the level of Bi An. After all, Bi An is at least the Destiny Realm. Although it may be the weakest Destiny Realm, it is far higher than the Void Cave Realm. The presence.

The other side of the Destiny Realm is enough to crush hundreds of Beasts of the Beast Sea Realm. The difference in strength is too big, it is completely crushed and swept.

"Go and help first." Su Ping whispered.

Although he didn't have a good feeling for the peak tower, since seeing these legends desperately blocking these monsters, he couldn't stand idly by.

After all, these king beasts are really going to rush out, and there will be no peace on the entire surface.

Yun Wanli's face changed slightly, but he soon felt a little ashamed. Even Su Ping, the person who opposes the Peak Tower, can stand up at this moment. As a member of the Peak Tower, he is also a role model for countless students of Zhenwu Academy. At this moment, it was a shame to shrink back.

"Kill me!"

Yun Wanli gritted his teeth and whispered.

Yi Qing listened to the wind beast and looked at him with some worry. Compared to other things, it cared more about Yun Wanli's life.

After all, there is only one owner, and that is Yun Wanli.


Su Ping took the lead to fly over the canyon, his figure appeared, and immediately attracted the attention of more than a dozen legends who were fighting ahead. These legends looked up at Su Ping when they were fighting, and when they saw that they were humans, they were all relaxed. After a sigh of relief, he continued to devote himself to the fight.

Su Ping stood in mid-air, looking down at the beast tide in the canyon. At this moment, under close perception, he could quickly distinguish the cultivation bases of the king beasts in this beast tide.

Most of them are Beasts of the Vast Sea Realm, with only three heads in the virtual cave realm!

And the Fate Realm, nothing!

Su Ping feels a little at ease. It is quite tricky for him to really encounter the Destiny Realm. Although he is now combined with Little Skeleton, he can barely match the Destiny Realm's combat power, but it is still quite difficult to encounter the real Destiny Realm. Difficult to deal with.

He was able to repel Nabian before because he didn't want to hurt himself. He could feel that when Nabian retreated, he had spare power and didn't seriously fight him hard.

"Compare the quantity, then let them open their eyes."

Su Ping read it to Little Skull.

The little skeleton knew it, and immediately flew from the shoulder of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and flew towards the canyon.

Soon, its figure flashed over the canyon beast tide. When some monsters noticed its tiny figure, the little skeleton exudes a strong dark atmosphere. At the same time, a simple and dark door slowly It emerged from the void behind it, and then slowly opened under an imperceptible force.

King animal skills, the door of the dead!

As this door opened, the yin wind blew out from the world inside the door, and the evil shadows rushed out along the yin wind, and the roar of ghosts and wolves was heard from the world, which was quite infiltrating.

A group of undead figures swept out from the world inside the door.

There are ancient skeleton knights and huge bone beasts, all crawling out of the door.

With the addition of these undead creatures, the front end of the beast tide immediately fell into chaos. The undead army charged forward with the beast tide, and many monsters of Tier 8 and 9 were trampled to death.

"What skill is this?"

"Is the undead summoning of the pet beast of the undead? No, that's not right, the summoning medium needs to be prepared..."

"These summons are so powerful!"

The legends who are fighting the beast tide noticed the movement caused by the small skeletons, and they were all surprised. The undead pet has a medium skill, which is the undead summoning, but it needs to prepare the corpses of the dead creatures. To be more than ten times stronger.

Undead creatures are constantly slaying out from the door. These creatures seem to obey the orders of the skeleton beast, and they are like a single army!

"It is worthy of a skill with more than 80 ratings. If this rating is linked to combat power, it is equivalent to a skill with more than 80 combat power..." Su Ping watched this scene without much surprise. He was nurturing the world before. Here, he tested the strength of this skill, and at that time also summoned an undead beast with the strength of the virtual cave.

Little Skulls current combat power is 39, which is higher than most virtual cave realms, but lower than Destiny Realm. If the score of this skill is tied to combat power, then this is definitely a Destiny Skill.

As the door of the undead gradually stabilized, the body of the little skeleton rushed out from the door, and a dark domain rippled around its body. This was its skill, the domain of death.

The monster beasts affected by the dark realm all screamed, their bodies were like boiling oil, and they made a screaming sound. The scales and hair quickly withered and shrivelled.

The little skeleton is like a walking death, rushing to kill quickly in the beast tide.

The effect of this death domain on the king beasts is relatively ordinary. Although the king beasts in this domain are also decomposing, they can obviously resist it, but the king beasts are not so lucky, and they all corrupt and die directly.

"The skills of the Skeleton King family are really fierce." Su Ping stood on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and watched this scene quietly. Without the Destiny King Beast, Little Skeleton would be able to solve it. He didn't help, and he was also prepared for darkness. There may be an ambush everywhere, after all, if the Destiny Realm King Beast wants to ambush, he may not be able to perceive it.

And the little skeleton's super regeneration ability, even if it is sneaked by the Destiny Realm King Beast, it can withstand it, and it takes a lot of hands and feet to kill it even in the Destiny Realm.


On the other side, Yun Wanli brought his pet beast into the tide of beasts, but he did not dare to rush too deep, only assisting other legends in beheading some monster beasts that had crossed the small skeleton.

With the arrival of the little skull, the previous advantage of the beast tide was immediately reversed. The king beast in the beast tide launched a charge against the little skull, but as the little skull broke out with amazing combat power, several king beast queens were killed one after another. The rest of the king beasts also saw that the situation was not right. This skeleton beast is really terrifying!


A roar from the monster beast, full of anger.

The next moment, the other king beasts stopped attacking, a little unwilling, but they turned around and left quickly and chose to retreat.

Some of the other monster beasts were still rushing to kill, while others fled with the king beast.

In a blink of an eye, the beast tide retreated cleanly, leaving only a corpse and blood.

Su Ping didn't let Little Skeleton chase him, he could just retreat. Deep chasing was prone to danger, after all, he was not familiar with this abyss.

With the end of the battle, the door of the undead was closed, and those summoned undead creatures retreated to the world inside the door. Su Ping summoned the small skeletons and slowly landed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One after another, figures flew towards Su Ping, who were the legends who had blocked the animal tide before.

"Haha, this time, it was such a young and handsome companion."

"Brother, how do you call it, your pet is really strong!"

"Thanks to the timely arrival, otherwise I would really have a headache today."

These legends came to Su Ping's side and said in a rush, with smiles on his face after the victory.

Su Ping glanced at them and felt a little strange. These legends were different from the legends he had seen in the Pagoda. They all seemed to be very talkative.

"Just call me Su Ping, are you the legends sent by the peak tower to stay here?" Su Ping said.

"Su Ping? Is this his real name? He didn't report the legendary name. Haha, he seems to be a talkative person, not at all." A burly man covered in blood laughed and wiped out Hu after he finished speaking. Stubble and blood on the face, and then wiped it on the chest.

"Listen to what Brother Su said, are you not appointed by our new peak tower?" A black-haired young man had a cold face, but at the moment he spoke very kindly and curiously.

Su Ping didn't want to hide, and said, "I came in to find someone, my sister. This is a picture of her, have you seen it?"

He pulled out the photo in the communicator and handed it to everyone.

The surrounding legends were all surprised when they heard Su Ping's words. They didn't expect that the other party was not appointed by Feng Tali, and they immediately came forward to look at the photos that Su Ping handed out.

"never seen it."

"It looks a lot like you."

"Your sister looks quite young, she has come here? Haven't you asked at the gate of the passage?"

Su Ping shook his head and said, "There is no one at the pass. You are the first legends I have met to guard the pass."

Everyone was stunned.

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