Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 601

Vol 5 Chapter 601: Real Peak Tower

"We stay here to guard, you first go back, and ask Brother Su for me by the way, how is our Lin family now, and whether any outstanding titles have been born."

Someone stayed here and continued to guard this canyon.

Some of his friends agreed with a smile, followed other people around Su Ping, and returned to the stronghold.

Su Ping heard the inquiries around him, and felt a little weird. He asked, "You guard here, didn't the peak tower contact you?"

Although these legends are stationed in the abyss all year round and cannot grasp the situation outside, there is a peak tower in the middle as a bridge, at least it will not be blocked by news.

"The environment in this abyss is so bad that Peak Tower can't communicate with us often, and can only deliver some important messages. We are not happy because of some trivial things in our family, I was delayed in such a precious opportunity to contact." A middle-aged legend laughed. He said, one of his arms was missing, and he didn't regenerate. It should be an untreatable attack.

Another old man said: "I have been here for more than three hundred years. It is still too late. When the Tieyi brothers came in, it was more than a hundred years ago. At that time, he said that our Mo family was in good condition. A good title, I dont know how the situation has been in the past hundred years?"

"The base city outside, are they still those?" A legend intervened and asked.

Su Ping glanced at the old man, a little strange, and said: "You have served here for three hundred years? Didn't it mean that the legendary guards for fifty years will do?"

Yun Wanli, who was next to him, heard Su Ping's words, his face changed slightly and became a little nervous.

The old man shook his head and smiled, and said, "Although the above said it was only 50 years away, I was only going to come here to stay for 50 years and then go back, but then came in and too many things happened. I was a little unable to stay in the first year. Going down, I stayed slowly for ten years, and then twenty years... Then, an old man fell here to save me. You have seen the situation in this abyss. There are so many monsters and kills. Endless!"

"There are already enough legends here, and it is not easy to give birth to a legend. If we leave again, who will guard it?"

"If there is no one to guard, the entire land will suffer, and then the family we guard will also face disaster!"

Another young man next to him nodded his head, but his voice was quite vicissitudes of life, and said: "Xiao Mo is right. The monsters here can't be killed. The legends that the peak tower sends in each year have been reduced year by year. If we leave again There must be something big here. I have been here for five hundred years. After five hundred years of fighting and repression, many seniors have fallen in front of me. It was their help that I have survived until now."

"So I won't leave, I want to stay here, stay here, just to guard the descendants of those seniors!"

"Yes, here you can only enter, not exit!" Another bald legend said, his voice was a bit thick and looked extremely crisp.

The other legends did not speak, but their expressions already represented their thoughts.

Su Ping couldn't help being stunned.

This is completely different from the legend of the peak tower he saw before.

The service period has expired, but still guarding here, fighting for life?

Su Ping believed that these people did not lie.

That can only show that they are really willing to give here wholeheartedly!

Pay for the peace on the ground!

Seeing more or less scars on each of them, Su Ping suddenly didn't know what to say.

After a while, he asked: "Then in these legends you came in, didn't you leave after serving?"

The old man who was previously called Xiao Mo shook his head and said: "Of course there are, there will always be some people leaving, but it is understandable. After all, they have something that they cherish, and they fight here. It is a complete fight. No one knows. Can we survive until tomorrow, just like today without the support of Brother Su, maybe there will be casualties again among us."


"Someone's service is over, it is their freedom to go."

"It is our choice to stay."

"This kind of thing cannot be forced, and we will not blame those who left."

Everyone else spoke.

Su Ping looked at them for a while, was slightly silent, and said: "You all just joined the peak tower, were you sent here to serve?"

"Of course, this is Fengta's rules."

"The people who come here are all new to the peak tower, and occasionally some seniors in the peak tower are willing to come here. For example, there was a senior Yun who was already in the virtual cave realm, and he joined the peak tower very early. After serving here and leaving, he came back here, but unfortunately, he died in battle four hundred years ago."

"Brother Su, there are some things that should be said carefully."

In the crowd, an old man with one ear suddenly stepped forward, don't look at Su Ping deeply.

Su Ping was stunned when he heard the old man's words, and found that the old man was someone who had never spoken before. He saw the old man's eyes, and suddenly, he seemed to understand the meaning in his eyes.

At this moment, he thought a lot, and suddenly understood a lot.

The rule of the peak tower is that the legend must serve in the abyss cave.

In order to avoid military service, some legends have been promoted to legends, but they hide their cultivation bases, do not join the towers, live in a low-key life, and just don't want to take risks in the abyss caves.

For example, the ancestor of the Qing family who was beheaded by him in the League of Kings was like this.

There are also legends. Although they joined the peak tower and wanted to obtain the resources in the peak tower, they left immediately after serving in the abyss cave, just like completing the mission.

The rest of the legend is these.

After coming here to serve, he was out of control and stayed.


They stay here, just wait until they die!

People are divided into six or nine grades, and I never thought that the same is true of legends.

People are kind to be deceived, and kind people always bear the most, and the same is true of legends.

Perhaps this is the face of this world.


Thinking of the leisurely drinking and enjoyment in the peak tower, and watching the faces of the pet beasts fighting, Su Ping suddenly felt that it was too ironic and mocking.

"King Su Ni..." Yun Wanli looked at Su Ping, opened his mouth slightly, and stopped talking, his eyes also showed worry.

Su Ping glanced at him, and immediately understood what Yun Wanli meant, and wanted him to speak carefully.

He couldn't help laughing and mocking, and said: "There is no shortage of legends in the peak tower. Those legends hide there for fun, let the legends who are willing to give their lives here, are they worthy of me to hide for them?"

Yun Wanli's expression changed, he looked around, a little embarrassed.

The single-eared old man's face also became gloomy, staring at Su Ping, then withdrew his gaze, sighed and shook his head.

The enthusiastic legends surrounding him were all stunned when they heard Su Ping's words.

When they noticed Yun Wanli's look, everyone soon understood what Su Ping meant.

There are all legends. Although fighting and fighting in this abyss, each other is a comrade-in-arms of life and death, and they are not scheming with each other, but they are not completely innocent.

After a short silence, the old man surnamed Mo said: "Brother Su, I know what you mean, we all know this."

"Know?" Su Ping looked at him, then looked around, and found that no one else was speaking, but there was not much surprise or anger on his face, which made him a little startled.

"After all, we have been here for so many years, and there are so many legends coming from behind. We know what those legends are. We know that they are eager to leave right away. In fact, when their service period is over, they do not look back. left."

As the old man surnamed Mo said, he suddenly smiled and said: "But as we said before, they leave, we don't blame them, we stay, it is our choice."

"Yes." Another black-haired youth whispered: "I am willing to stay. It is Mr. Li. He is the one who has been here for the longest time. He has served here for 800 years. Staying here until now, becoming a strong man in the virtual cave realm, it was Lao Li who let me know what is righteousness and what a true legend is!"


Another middle-aged man said: "Legend is not only a title, but also an honor and contribution! We stay here, we are willing, no matter how many people outside do not want to come in, but that is their business, if people People are like them, then human beings should be finished."

"Yeah, some people should give, we are willing to stay."

"I'm willing to stay because of the big guy. To be honest, I wanted to end my service at the beginning, so I hurriedly left this ghost place, but when I saw that they were all sticking to it, like Elder Mo, he kept it for three hundred years, like Lao Zhou has been guarded for five hundred years, and Brother Li has guarded for eight hundred years..."

"And I have only guarded for fifty years? I won't lose to them!"

"You guys, I said long ago, I have been on the land for eight hundred years, and I'm tired of staying on land. It's more exciting here, so you guys should get out of here, don't talk about me, can't you?" A young man with ordinary appearance. He dug out his ears with his little finger, and said angrily that he was the old Li who had been guarding him for 800 years.

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