Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 602

Vol 5 Chapter 602: News

Hearing what they said, Su Ping couldn't say anything anymore.

Everyone has their own reasons to stay.

But in the final analysis, it is two words.


Obviously knowing that there are other legends enjoying it, but still insisting on staying.

It may be stupid, but those who bear true justice are just such a group of fools.

Someone always needs to stand up.

Some people choose to let others stand up, some even push others out, and some people are willing to stand up!

Even if you fall here, no one knows, but you are willing to give here and gain a great hope!

The surrounding legends overturned Su Ping's understanding of the legend of the peak tower.

He was extremely disappointed when he saw the scene in the Pagoda before, thinking that the strongest group of people on the blue star gathered together, it shouldn't be such a scene, he found it ridiculous and ugly!

But now I know that it's just grains of sand washed away by the big waves.

The real gold has been buried deep underground.

This is worthy of being a peak tower!

If it were all the stuff from the ground tower, it is estimated that Blue Star would not be able to support it long ago, and was ravaged by monsters in the abyss.

Next to him, Yun Wanli was also stunned when he heard the words of everyone around him.

I thought that after Su Ping talked about the situation in the Pagoda, these legends would feel indignant and jumped, but unexpectedly, they all knew about it and accepted it.

Seeing them talking about these things easily and laughingly, Yun Wanli was a little silent. He had been in the peak tower and knew what it was like there.

"Brother Su, you are still young. Don't worry about too many things. There are a hundred kinds of people. We just need to be ourselves." An old man patted Su Ping on the shoulder and said with a light smile.

Su Ping remembered that he asked himself about the Lin family earlier, and it was mostly a legend born in the Lin family.


Su Ping said, noncommittal.

He didn't say much, he already had his own thoughts in his mind.

If the abyss is guarded by these people, he is willing to accompany them and contribute.

But the premise is that he has to find Su Lingyue first and confirm her life and death.

"There is our nest."

A middle-aged legend pointed forward and turned the dull topic away.

Su Ping looked up and saw that it was a small snow mountain, not much different from the surroundings. Such small snow mountains can be seen everywhere along the way.

But at this moment, there was a ripple in the air in front of the snow-capped mountain. An old man walked out and took off. He looked around at the crowd, his eyes stopped on Su Ping and Yun Wanli, his face changed slightly, and he said, "Boss. What?"

"Don't worry, the boss went to contact and will get back soon."

"There were riots in the canyon today, but we suppressed it. This is Brother Su and this is Brother Yun."

"Walk, go home first before talking."

The old man heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Ye Wuxiu was okay, and immediately looked at Su Ping and Yun Wanli. When he sensed that Su Ping's cultivation base was only title-level, he suddenly appeared a little confused, but didn't ask much.

Su Ping and Yun Wanli followed the crowd and entered their stronghold.

That Xiaoxue Mountain was just a landmark, and the real nest was actually in an enchantment.

And listening to the old Mo who is next to him, this enchantment is a very strong hidden secret treasure.

They rely on this secret treasure enchantment to establish a stronghold here and persist in this abyss for hundreds of years.

It was the original peak master who left this secret treasure.

When the original peak master explored the abyss, he never returned, and he had been dead for many years.

Inside this Secret Treasure Enchantment, there is a peach orchard-like clean place, with small streams and flowing water and greenery everywhere, which is very different from the snowy world outside.

Su Ping was a little surprised, and soon he thought of his own picture scroll, Yan Rubing was still locked in that picture scroll, which is also a secret treasure that can store life.

However, the world in that scroll is obviously not as vast as the world in this secret treasure barrier.

Back in the Secret Treasure Enchantment, everyone seemed to be relieved of their burdens. Some people were responsible for eating and drinking, while others were storing the pendants hunted from those abyss monsters in the treasure room. The rest of the people were surrounded. Beside Su Ping and Yun Wanli, asking about the situation outside.

"The Lin family, I have never heard of it. I usually stay at home."

"House? What is a house?"

"It means to stay. I usually stay at home and don't run around. In this regard, you can ask Mr. Yun. You can see that his hair is all white. He must know more than me."

"You haven't run around, you have run into the abyss, brother."

"Brother Yun, then you can talk about it."

Seeing that they couldn't ask anything from Su Ping, everyone turned to Yun Wanli. Yun Wanli smiled bitterly and could only answer one by one.

For these legends of guarding the abyss, Yun Wanli also admires from the bottom of his heart, but he knows everything he asks.

"Brother Su, are you really a title? With a cultivation base like yours, if you become a legend in the future, if you are willing to guard in the abyss, you will definitely quickly become a captain-level figure."

An old man sat next to Su Ping and said with a smile, it was the old old Li.

His name is Li Yuanfeng, and he is currently in the Void Cave Realm, which is similar to Ye Wuxiu's cultivation base, but what Ye Wuxiu is stronger than him is that Ye Wuxiu's pet beast is stronger, followed by Ye Wuxiu's comprehension of the potential area. Terrible than his!

There are eleven legends in this ice prison world.

Three of them are virtual cave realms.

And their three virtual cave realm legends all realized the general situation that the fate realm legend has generally mastered!

There are high and low potential domains, and they are also classified.

Its just that the ceiling on the blue star is the pinnacle of the legend, and there are very few destiny states. Therefore, there is no detailed division in the area of influence, but they often fight with monsters here, and through actual battles, they can still divide the heights. Strong and weak.

"When I find my sister, I will come, even if I don't get to the legend, I will come and have a look." Su Ping said.

Knowing that these legends are working hard here, Su Ping can no longer sit at ease in the store and sell pet beasts.

If it was just the group of goods in the peak tower, Su Ping would not pay attention to this abyss cave at all, even if the world fell, he only needed to keep the Longjiang base city from falling.

But now, knowing that there are so many people contributing silently here, he can't just sit back and watch.

"Brother Su's strength is very strong. The talent is the only one I have seen in my life, but it is best to come here again after becoming a legend. He has the ability to pet the beast, and not, it is completely two levels. After becoming a legend, come here to play. The effect will be even greater, otherwise it would be a pity if you die here early." Li Yuanfeng chuckled.

Su Ping nodded and said nothing.

At this moment, there was a shout, and then I saw a legend holding a row of grilled monster ribs with star power, and the rich flavor of the seasoning rushed over his face.

"Come on, welcome new friends today and have a good meal." The legend laughed.

The grilled ribs were placed in front of everyone, suspended a few feet above the ground. Su Ping smelled the flavor of the ribs, and curiously asked, "Do you have any other spices here?"

"It was the brother who guarded the entrance of the passage to ask from above. Although we can maintain our lives by the star power cycle, we occasionally want to relieve our greed." Li Yuanfeng laughed, raising his hand and drawing out a qi chop. Cut off two arms thick meat from the ribs and handed them to Su Ping.

Su Ping took a bite, feeling full of meat.

At this moment, two whistling noises flew from outside.

Ye Wuxiu, who had been separated before, flew with another legend named Lao Chen, and saw that everyone was eating, with smiles on his faces, Ye Wuxiu landed directly next to Su Ping and said: "Brother Su, I asked you about it. Now, my friends in the world of Prison of Flames seem to have met your sister."


Su Ping was startled and stood up abruptly.

"Don't get excited, they are just guessing." Ye Wuxiu hurriedly said, "The one at the entrance of passage number 7 is the world of flames. When they were patrolling, they saw unusual dragon claw marks. I thought it was a new monster rushing out of the bottom abyss, but when I first asked, they told me about it. Does your sister have a dragon pet?"

Su Ping's body trembled slightly, dragon claw marks? That was obviously left by Yinshuang Xingyuelong.

"Yes, she has a Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!" Su Ping quickly said, "How can I get to the Flame World?"

Ye Wuxiu wasn't too surprised either. Long pets were unattainable to ordinary war pet masters, but Su Ping had such a strong combat power, it was not surprising that her sister had several dragon pets.

"So, it may be your sister, but it may also be just a dragon beast crawling out of the bottom abyss." Ye Wuxiu said: "From here to the flame world, you have to pass through the abyss corridor. There is a place where monsters occupies. We The five prison worlds are like the five sides on the disk, connecting each other is the abyss corridor. The group of monsters and beasts you saw before rushed out of the abyss corridor."

"In the depths of the Abyss Corridor, it is a passage to the bottom of the abyss."

"All the abyss monsters live at the lowest level, where is their nest."

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