Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 606

Vol 5 Chapter 606: Brother?


Su Ping's figure flashed past, and then quickly retreated to the rock wall.

The silver scale in his hand was gleaming, and there was still a faint dragon energy on it.

"It belongs to the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, but it seems a bit different..."

Feeling the breath on the dragon scales, Su Ping's face was a bit solemn. The appearance of this silver scale was a good thing, but it was also a bad thing.

The good thing is that I finally found the clue to Su Lingyue, but the bad thing is that the place I found was actually in this abyss corridor.

Could it be said that Su Lingyue walked into this abyssal corridor from the flame world?

If this is the case, even if Su Ping still holds a glimmer of hope in his heart, he can't help feeling depressed at this moment.

This abyss corridor is full of king beasts, even if it is him, living here for a week may be dangerous, let alone Su Lingyue.


Li Yuanfeng saw Su Ping's actions and asked, "Is this scale related to your sister?"

"This is my sister's pet."

Li Yuanfeng's face changed slightly, and he shook his head and said: "This is impossible. If your sister wants to enter this abyssal corridor, she must enter through the passage of the flame world. There are legends standing there all the year round. If you see your sister, she will definitely stop her. And when the captain contacted there earlier, there was no clear sight of your sister there, indicating that she could not be here!"

Su Ping did not refute, knowing that he was right.

But... this silver scale is iron proof!

He can't be wrong!

Could it be said that this monster beast went to the world of flames and brought it in from there?

Thinking of the giant beast that had passed by before, Su Ping hesitated, and immediately turned back and said, "I went to catch the king beast and ask."

Li Yuanfeng glanced at him, thought for a second, and agreed.

He was also very puzzled. During these three days of getting along, he felt that Su Ping was a very cautious person, and even more sophisticated than him in some hiding methods.

Such a person is unlikely to be wrong.

I can only say that this thing is a bit weird.

"The king beast that just passed by is only in the vast sea realm. We will fight quickly." Li Yuanfeng preached.

Su Ping nodded.

Before avoiding that giant beast, it was not because of fear of it, but because of not wanting to fight meaninglessly, wasting physical strength, and easily attracting the attention of other monsters.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two fled quickly along the rock wall.

Soon, the two chased behind the giant beast.

The two had a tacit understanding. They couldn't help but flashed to the sides of the behemoth and attacked suddenly.

The poor beast was only the king beast of the Beast of the Sea, and it was already weak enough to face Li Yuanfeng, a strong man in the Void Cave, and Su Ping, before he had time to react, was stunned by the two.

Su Ping took out the picture scroll and loaded the giant beast into it.

Seeing Su Ping's scroll of secret treasures, Li Yuanfeng was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Su Ping still had such a large space to store the secret treasures.

Su Ping left the little skull and gave the picture to Li Yuanfeng, while he got into the picture and questioned the behemoth.

"This...this is the king beast?!"

In the picture scroll, Yan Bingyue, who stayed here and didn't know the time outside, was cultivating besides sleeping. She was shocked when she saw the giant beast that suddenly fell from the sky.

When she sensed the terrifying aura emitted by this giant beast, her whole face changed.

King beast!

A living king beast fell in front of her like mud!

She has seen the ninth-order extreme monster beast, and the feeling is completely incomparable to the king beast in front of her. It is like an abyss, invisible, just the natural breath that makes her breathless. A sense of oppression.


Su Ping's figure fell from the sky and landed on the king beast.

Seeing Su Ping, Yan Bingyue regained her senses, and immediately gritted her teeth secretly. It was this guy who kept her imprisoned here.

"This is your favorite?"

Yan Bingyue asked.

Su Ping glanced at her and didn't pay attention. Instead, he turned his star power into a sharp cone and pierced the giant beast's head.

Soon, the behemoth was awakened by the sting.


It roared deafeningly, turned around and glared at Su Ping, ready to attack.

But the next moment, a whirlpool appeared next to Su Ping, and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stepped out and looked at it condescendingly.

Feeling the terrifying aura on the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the behemoth's anger suddenly turned off, and a look of horror appeared in its eyes.

Dragon beasts are the overlord-class battle pets. This is still true even in the legendary stage. The battle power of dragon beasts and demon pets of the same rank is still the strongest existence.

And the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast now has the blood of the Starry Sky Grade Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon, and its aura is even more terrifying, and it can completely shock the ordinary King Grade monsters.

Yan Bingyue's eyes widened when she saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

She had seen Su Ping, a war pet, but what she saw at the beginning was completely different from what she saw now!

Except for some changes in appearance, the most terrifying thing is the horrible sense of oppression.

The previous king beast has made her feel hard to breathe, and the appearance of this purgatory candle dragon beast almost suffocates her, even her heart dare not beat!

What kind of terrifying dragon beast is this?

Could it be that a long, long time has passed outside?

This guy's battle pet has grown to such a terrifying point!

After shocking the king beast, Su Ping took out the silver scales and began to question.

Under the gaze of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, this king beast quickly obeyed. The weak and strong food among the monsters made it afraid to resist, for fear of being torn and eaten by the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

Soon, Su Ping learned that this guy didn't even know the existence of this silver scale, let alone left the abyss corridor.

Knowing this news, Su Ping's mood is a bit complicated.

Did Su Lingyue really come in?

His face changed. After a while, he put away the candle dragon beast of Purgatory, and before he left, he also beheaded the king beast. Otherwise, when he left, the world in this scroll would have to be destroyed by the king beast. He has nothing else to store it, and if it is put outside, it would be a big problem in case the other party ran to confuse it.

Seeing Su Ping slaying the king beast casually, Yan Bingyue's pupils shrank, and the horror in her heart couldn't be added. Seeing Su Ping was going to leave, she reacted and hurriedly asked, "When will you let me out?"

Su Ping didn't even look at her, and flew out without paying attention.

Looking at Su Ping's figure who didn't turn his head back, Yan Bingyue bit her lip and stomped her feet with anger.


Back outside, Su Ping put away the picture scroll.

"how about it?"

"This king beast has never left the abyss corridor."


Su Ping was silent for a moment and asked, "Brother Li, are you sure that the entrance to this abyssal corridor is only the passage guarded by the legend? Is there any other place that can also come in?"

"Only that one, there can be no other place." Li Yuanfeng immediately shook his head and said: "In this abyss cave, there is a huge secret formation, which is said to be an ancient **** formation. Except for this channel formation, other places are as solid as gold. , It is impossible to come in, unless it is the legend of the flame world negligence, or...the legend there is no longer there."

"But the captain has contacted them not long ago, so if your sister is really here, it can only show that the legend of the world of flames is a bit negligent!"

Su Ping nodded, he had never been in contact with the legend of the flame world, and he didn't know if his negligence caused him.

"Look around here first. Anyway, we don't have a clue to go to the world of flames. If she is really here, she should be nearby." Su Ping said.

Li Yuanfeng nodded, a little angrily.

Before he came in and planned to be a guide, but in less than half a day, he himself lost his way. During the past three days, he had been walking around with Su Ping. Several times he encountered big troubles and almost got into trouble. Fortunately, Su Pings combat power exceeded. His imagination cooperated with him to solve the trouble, otherwise, he would have fallen here long ago.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two returned along the way and found the place where the silver scales had been found, and then followed the passage carefully to hide the breath, searching along the way.

Not long after, Su Ping found two more silver scales.

Su Ping's mood is unspeakable, both excited and nervous.

He searched all the way, sometimes entering some dead ends, and sometimes meeting some nests where king beasts were sleeping.

After going around for a long time, Su Ping found a dozen dragon scales.

When they arrived at a rotten black crystal lair, Su Ping and Li Yuanfeng were exploring carefully, and suddenly a very faint sound came out.


This voice was extremely soft, but in this silence, both Su Ping and Li Yuanfeng were taken aback.

When he heard the voice clearly, Su Ping's eyes suddenly widened.

Following the reputation, he immediately saw a figure slowly emerging on a black crystal rock wall.

It was Su Lingyue!

Su Ping was a little unbelievable, but at this moment all his doubts were left behind, only ecstasy and excitement remained.

Found her!

And it's still alive!

With a cry to the ground, Su Ping's figure instantly rushed over and hugged her in his arms.

Li Yuanfeng was stunned. Looking at this situation, the other party was obviously Su Ping's sister, but he didn't expect to find it here, and he was still alive. This is incredible!

During the occasional chat with Su Ping earlier, he knew that Su Pings sister was only a Tier 6 or Tier 7 cultivation base. It was amazing that such a cultivation base could enter the abyss, let alone come to this abyss corridor, even if it came, it would still die. Undoubtedly, but the scene before us is like a miracle!

Watching the brother and sister reunite in this abyss, Li Yuanfeng also showed his aunt's smile, full of relief.

After a brief hug, Su Ping quickly recovered his calmness. He saw that Su Lingyue's appearance was a bit strange. At this moment, letting go of her and took a closer look. Su Lingyue was covered with silver dragon scales, her face was pale, extremely weak, and her pupils It became dark golden, like the eyes of a monster beast.

"What are you?"

Su Ping was a little surprised. Is this a pet beast fit?

But Su Lingyue is obviously not a legend!

He never became a legend, let alone Su Lingyue.

"You, why did you come here?" Su Lingyue also woke up, suddenly realized something, her face became a little ugly and nervous, she looked left and right, and suddenly a weak star power was released from her body, bringing Su Ping to the back. Li Yuanfeng's body was shrouded, and both of them were covered with silver-white light, hiding their breath while looking invisible.

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