Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 608

Vol 5 Chapter 608: Chase


Somewhere in the abyss corridor, Li Yuanfeng, who was returning along the way, suddenly stopped and gestured with Su Ping.

Su Ping immediately understood, restrained his aura, and dived into the rock wall with Li Yuanfeng.


In the fork in front of them, a majestic beast slowly crawled past, passing by, leaving a fishy smell, and breathing a feeling of dizziness.

Su Ping quickly held his breath and used his supernatural power to expel the toxins inhaled into the body.

After the giant beast swayed and left, the two of them waited for a while before moving forward quickly.

"These monsters seem to be moving."

Li Yuanfeng said as he walked, his expression was solemn.

Before they sneaked in, most of these monster beasts were sleeping, but when they returned, plus the one just now, they had already encountered a dozen monster beasts and they were all moving.

Among them are four monsters, who slept soundly before and are crawling around now.

For monsters, most of them rest unless they forage.

Typically eat and sleep, and eat after sleep.

But if these monsters hunted for a full meal, it was enough to last for half a month, or even longer, at this moment, they all came out to search for food, which was a bit strange.

"It's better to leave as soon as possible." Su Ping said through voice transmission.

He felt something unusual. He couldn't say how it was, but he seemed to feel prying.

Moreover, the murderous aura on these wandering monster beasts was much stronger than before, giving him a feeling of anxiety.


Li Yuanfeng nodded slightly.

The two kept sneaking along the complicated fork road. Previously, they left marks along the way. Although the terrain in this abyssal corridor is extremely complicated, like a huge spider nest, it is enough to be confusing, but there are signs of two dogs to lead the way. Can still find the original exit.

"and many more."

Li Yuanfeng stopped suddenly.

He pressed his ear to the rock wall. After a few seconds, his face changed suddenly and he hurriedly said, "Run!"

Su Ping was stunned, and the next moment he saw that Li Yuanfeng couldn't even care about disguise, teleporting and fleeing directly, he immediately realized that something was wrong and quickly teleported to keep up.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two flashed in the corridor one after another, sprinting forward quickly.

But after sprinting four or five forks in a row, a dark vortex suddenly collapsed in a straight corridor in front of them.

In the whirlpool, wings stretched out first, followed by an extremely huge monster beast. This monster beast is as burly as a giant lion, with four sturdy black wings. It is ten meters tall and nearly thirty meters long. Tall buildings, with a strong sense of oppression.

"Sure enough, there are two little reptiles."

The four-winged monster beast looked down at Su Ping and Li Yuanfeng, with a hideous sneer on their faces.

The upper body of this behemoth is a burly human appearance, with four arms, holding different huge weapons, namely a rod, axe, a sword, and a chain.

"It's the virtual cave realm!"

Li Yuanfeng's face changed when he saw this monster beast. His instinct told him that the opponent was not in the ordinary Void Cave Realm. The strong sense of oppression made him stand up all his cold hairs. A normal Void Cave Realm monster. He won't give him such a feeling, after all, he has fought in this abyss for eight hundred years, beheading the Void Cave Realm, not to mention a slap.

Su Ping narrowed his eyes, and he recognized it without Li Yuanfeng reminding him.

He is relatively familiar with the monster beasts in each stage of the legend, after all, he has had enough contact with them.

"Quick battle!"

Su Ping whispered.

Behind him, the whirlpool had already opened, and the figure of a small skeleton walked out of it.

Li Yuanfeng nodded, and whirlpools appeared beside him, one after another, the king-level battle pet stepped out of it.

In a blink of an eye, all the twelve vortices opened.

Twelve king beasts appeared in this passage. This was his strongest combat power.


One of the dragon beasts, with a hideous and thorny body, suddenly roared and turned into a ray of light, penetrated into Li Yuanfeng's body, and merged.

In an instant, a detached and strong aura was released from his body, and it grew exponentially from the original ordinary Void Cave Realm!

While he was fitting together, the other battle pets did not stand stupidly. Skills had been released, colorful energy swept through, and a series of boosting skills blessed Li Yuanfeng. When his fit was over, he was completely clothed. Divine helmet, divine light shines, like a **** descending to earth!


Li Yuanfeng roared, mobilizing the energy of other battle pets, sucking into his body, and instantly rushed to the four-winged monster beast. He turned into a dragon claw's arm and suddenly tore it out.

The space was distorted, and the void was torn into a black claw mark. At the same time, the space folded to form a square, and chains shot out from the inside, binding the body of the four-winged monster beast.


The claws of destruction instantly hit the four-winged monster, and there was a loud bang, and the body of the four-winged monster slid back hundreds of meters. Before Li Yuanfeng attacked again, there was a sudden intermittent sound. The chains of the winged monster beast broke one by one, and then accompanied by a long roar, the four-winged monster beast raised up and roared.

With a bang, the violent breath vented from it and filled the corridor.

The figure of the four-winged monster beast was shrouded in the dust, but his eyes glowed with terrible blood.

"The reptiles of the virtual cave realm, this is not a place where you can go wild!"

It took a step forward, burst out a roar, a dark shock wave ejected from its mouth, teleported directly from the space, and hit Li Yuanfeng at the moment it shot.

Li Yuanfeng's whole body's defensive skills suddenly broke down, his arms quickly blocked, but he was still knocked down by this shock wave and flew out.

Su Ping's figure flickered and caught his body, but the huge force carried by the opponent made his face slightly changed.


Su Ping's body flickered, relieved his strength and released Li Yuanfeng.

"This thing is very strong!"

Li Yuanfeng's face was ugly. With his full burst, he actually failed to gain the upper hand. The power of this four-winged monster beast was a bit terrifying!

"Flip left and right!"

Su Ping whispered.

The breath of his body was gradually revealed, and snow-white bones penetrated under his skin, covering his whole body like a battle armor, and even his cheeks and mouth were covered by white bones, as if teeth were growing out of his lips.

Seeing the change of Su Ping's appearance, Li Yuanfeng was startled, his pupils shrank, "What are you?"

"It's just a special skill." Su Ping said, then flashed out instantly.

With Little Skeletons White Skeleton Demon skill, Su Ping can release some of its skills in addition to borrowing the Little Skeletons power.

Only inherited skills are excluded.


Su Pings body appeared dozens of meters away from the four-winged monster beast, and the space around the four-winged monster beast was actually reinforced, and there were a series of spatial blades inside. Once Su Ping teleported over, it would be equivalent to Sending the body to the tip of the knife, he directly released a rare mental skill that the little skeleton mastered.

Nightmare space!

The distorted mind ignored the spatial distance and directly hit the four-winged monster.

The pupils of the four-winged monster beast shrank slightly, the next moment, in the nightmare space constructed by Su Ping, the spiritual body of the four-winged monster beast was seen.


Su Ping showed his incomparable murderous intent, his body turned into a stalwart giant skeleton king, and he raised his hand to shoot at the four-winged monster.


The four-winged monster beast clearly saw the surrounding scene. When he saw Su Ping standing upright, his eyes were frightened and angry. It immediately saw that this was a space of mind. The ants were trying to defeat it with spirit. I was humiliated!

Along with the roar, a strong murderous aura overflowed, and the body of the Four-winged Monster Beast instantly grew to the size of Su Ping, and directly rushed towards him.

Su Ping punched out, but the four-winged monster beast was extremely violent, ignoring his fist, threw him to the ground, and biting wildly.

Su Pings body was constantly bitten. This is his mental body, which means that his spirit is constantly being damaged. The killing intent on Su Pings face suddenly disappeared. The next moment, a dark power emerged behind him. In the domain space, an incomparable low roar from ancient times, like a bell in the evening drum and morning, melodiously spread from it.

It seems to be howling from the end of the sky.

The body of the four-winged monster beast shook sharply as if it had been hit hard, and then looked at the potential area behind Su Ping, faintly seeing an extremely ancient and terrifying outline inside.

There was a look of fear in its eyes.

Suddenly, it let out a scream, its body turned into mist and dissipated from here.

Su Ping's vision changed and returned to reality.

I saw an extremely deep scar on the chest of the four-winged monster beast. This scar irritated the four-winged monster beast and broke free of the nightmare space. Seeing Li Yuanfeng would continue to attack, it roared and slapped his claw away. The spatial force of Tao forced Li Yuanfeng back like a surging tide.


The moment Li Yuanfeng retreated, the ground shook and the mountains shook, and huge vines sprang out from the rock wall, entangling the body and wings of the four-winged monster beast.

This is the skill of Li Yuanfeng's king-level battle pet.

But the next moment, the four-winged monster beast burned black flames all over, burning all the poisonous vines full of emerald green luster.


The four-winged monster beast turned his head and looked at Su Ping on the other side, with anger and fear in his eyes.

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