Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 609

Vol 5 Chapter 609: Death Call

The ancient figure remaining in that consciousness before, still made it uncontrollably fearful. The feeling of great ancient times was ten times more terrifying than the most terrifying figure it had seen here!

It didn't know how this tiny bug imprinted such a terrifying figure in its own spiritual world.

This requires extremely strong willpower to bear it!


Su Ping saw the wound on the chest of the four-winged monster, Yu Guang noticed that Li Yuanfeng was only shot flying, and it was not a major problem. His eyes showed a murderous intent. The four-winged monster came straight to them, which made him feel This kind of extremely unknown premonition cannot stay here for a long time!


He flipped his palm, and the Shura Divine Sword flipped out from the storage space.

With the infusion of a trace of Shura's power in his body, the pitch-black Excalibur seemed to recover from the silence, bursting out with a strong dark sword aura!

Shura Broken Sword!

Extraordinary swordsmanship beyond legend!

The star power in Su Ping's body was mixed with divine power, surging out, and in an instant, within a few hundred meters of his body, the space condensed and killed!

The void of space is all turned into countless sharp blades, and Su Ping, holding the divine sword, is like the master of the void sword!


A shadow of Shura appeared behind Su Ping. Following Su Ping's shot, Jian Ying suddenly raised his sword!

Its hard to describe this extreme scene. At the moment the sword came out, the space in the entire corridor was chaotic, like fluffy catkins, swept out with the Shura Divine Sword, as if an invisible whale shark galloped in the void quickly, tearing it apart. A series of dark cracks, with an aura of destruction.


Li Yuanfeng in the distance just steadied his body, seeing this scene, his eyes suddenly showed shock.


Just watching, he could feel the breath of death brought by the huge black sword aura.

If he came to welcome this sword, he felt that he would probably die!

Is this really just a title? !

When Li Yuanfeng was shocked, the four-winged monster beast also woke up from the shadow of the previous consciousness, looking at the sword energy that overturned all the power in front of him, its pupils were tightened, and under the huge fear, it would also arouse huge anger. , It couldn't help letting out a furious roar, its eyes were red, and the weapons on its four arms swung forward.

These weapons are extremely powerful artifacts with different characteristics and abilities.

The giant axe can cut off the space, and the chain directly transforms into a million channels, layered on top of each other. The giant sword is extremely sharp and blocked from the front, and the last big stick slams down at Su Ping. Down!

In the desperate situation, the four-winged monster's counterattack is extremely fierce. The ordinary virtual cave realm legend can only avoid it. If you resist it, it will only be seriously injured or even killed!


Millions of chain phantoms entangled towards the sword aura, but they were torn apart by the sword aura before they approached. In the space cut off by the giant axe, a black ditch appeared, from which collapsed and twisted power gushed out, to use the sword aura Swallowed in, but the sword energy even splits the black groove into two!

"The second layer of void? Impossible!"

The Four Winged Monster Beast roared in horror, looking at the young man like a monster.


The violently smashed giant stick was blocked by the invisible void sword aura. The indestructible giant sword in the hands of the four-winged monster beasts crossed with the sword. The next moment, the explosion sounded suddenly, as if it had been paused for a century, and then It was the sound of rumbling that resounded through the eardrum and heaven and earth.

The huge sword broke, and the roar of the four-winged monster beast was also swallowed by sword energy.

When the sword light dissipated, the body of the four-winged demon beast had moved away from its original position, and it was firmly attached to the wall of the corridor hundreds of meters behind, with a terrifying wound on its body.

The wound was in the middle of its chest, but it cut off its tail from the chest to the back!

There was blood gurgling from the crack.

The four-winged monster beast was full of horror. At that moment, it experienced the feeling of death coming.

In its wounds and cracks, in the constantly pouring blood, the flesh and blood squirmed. These flesh and blood are like tiny bacterial tentacles, extending and meeting each other, wanting to draw the divided body together!

Seeing this scene, Li Yuanfeng's expression changed, the vitality of this four-winged monster beast was terrifying!


With a low growl, he rushed up quickly.

But at this moment, Su Ping said: "Don't worry about it, it's already dead."

Li Yuanfeng took a halt and couldn't help looking at him, but saw that Su Ping had put away his sword.

At this moment, a popping sound rang in his ears, followed by a screaming scream.

I saw a terrifying black flame bursting out of the wound and crack of the four-winged monster beast. The flame seemed to come from hell, burning blazingly, instantly burning the stitched flesh and blood into black, even with the body of the four-winged monster beast. Gradually it was covered with black flames and swallowed them all.

"You can't escape!!"

In the flames, the four-winged monster beast roared hideously and painfully.

Li Yuanfeng was stunned, looking at the four-winged monster beast that was struggling in the flames, and his life aura was greatly reduced, and immediately knew that it would probably not survive.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, showing a bitter smile, his body flashed in front of Su Ping, and said: "Brother Su, you will make me dull like this..."

"Let's go first."

Su Ping said, the words of the four-winged monster beast made his worry more intense.

Li Yuanfeng was no longer sullen, his face became solemn, and he rushed forward with Su Ping.

"You can't run away!!"

Seeing the two of them leaving, the four-winged monster beast's roar became more and more ferocious. Its body suddenly burst, and a black vortex appeared in the center of its body. The vortex was only more than ten meters in diameter, but it appeared for less than two seconds, suddenly a pair of sharp points. His claws protruded from the whirlpool, tearing the whirlpool apart.

"Can kill my vanguard, is he the leader in the crawler?"

An icy voice came from the whirlpool, followed by a huge head with a diameter of hundreds of meters protruding from it, and then a hideous body covered in scales and spikes, this body was even more terrifying, like a small The mountains fill up the entire corridor of the abyss!


The ground was shaken and shaken, Su Ping and Li Yuanfeng's expressions changed greatly when they saw this scene.


Li Yuanfeng couldn't help but lose his voice. He had fought in the abyss for many years, and he recognized at a glance that this was a destiny monster that surpassed the virtual cave realm, and was the culmination of the legend!

Su Ping's expression was also ugly. Excluding the monster beasts in the nurturing world, the only destiny he had ever played against on the Blue Star was the other side.

But he felt that the other side was far less terrible than the one in front of him!


Su Ping roared.

Li Yuanfeng gritted his teeth and ran without looking back.

The two flashed rapidly along the passage, tearing the space continuously.


A king beast rushed out ahead to stop the two of them.

But as soon as this king beast appeared, Su Ping directly penetrated his body, tearing a space hole in his body, destroying the core part, and killing him immediately!

Kill the king beast!

Su Ping and Li Yuanfeng both have the power to kill the king beasts of the Beast Sea Realm in seconds, but they didn't want to make too much noise before. Seeing these king beasts, they can hide and hide. They can't hide, and they are also trying to compress energy fluctuations. In the case, it will be resolved quickly.

But now there is no need to hide, and no need to hide.

The appearance of the four-winged monster beast and the behemoth of the fate realm came at them, obviously their whereabouts have been exposed!


The body of the four-winged monster beast was burned into ashes, and on its dilapidated body, the black vortex was as huge as a star swirl, and the huge hideous body was continuously spit out from it.

Until the whole body appeared in the corridor.

The whirlpool dissipated, and the afterlife of the four-winged monster beast was also completely extinguished.

In the next moment, this behemoth called by the four-winged monster beast exhausted its life force, suddenly its body trembled, and its body kept shrinking. In a blink of an eye, it shrank from a small mountain-like volume to hundreds of meters, and then tens of meters. Finally, it changed into a human appearance several meters high.

It is said that it is a human, but it is more like an orc after the battle pet fits together, without eyebrows, four scarlet eyes on the forehead, and vent holes on the cheeks, which is very evil.

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