Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 612

Vol 5 Chapter 612: Despair And.. Anger


The blood-eyed youth showed fear in his eyes. He clenched his fists and his body trembled slightly, "This kind of breath, this kind of feeling, this is not the structure of the mind, this, is this what you have seen? No, it's impossible... it can't exist. Such a place!!!"

He yelled violently, like mad, a little hysterical.

If such a world really exists, it is absolutely desperate to collapse.

Enough to make people crazy!

"This is the world I have seen, it exists."

Su Ping said very calmly, seeming to state a fact.

This is indeed the world he has visited.

It's just one of the scenes in the world of chaos and undead.

As the top-notch world of undead, scenes like this can be seen everywhere in the world of chaos and undead. It is a world more terrifying than hell, gathering all the undead creatures from the heavens.

The most ferocious and terrifying creatures are everywhere there.

And he lived there for a full month.

With the infinite resurrection times rewarded by the system, he has seen all kinds of terrifying things. There is no san value plummeting to madness, but the mind has been tempered to be exceptionally strong.

"I do not believe!!"

The blood-eyed youth roared in anger, but fear was hard to hide in his eyes.

But at this moment, the unknown creature that was eating from the cloud behind Su Ping suddenly stopped eating, and then an extremely ferocious roar came from the clouds.

This roar oscillated between heaven and earth, and the sea of blood under Su Ping's feet was tumbling violently, raising waves of hundreds of meters.

The blood-eyed youth's pupils were almost split, and his body was trembling. This huge roar was a thousand times more terrifying than Long Xiao. He felt like an ant standing in front of a giant beast, ready to be eaten and trampled at any time.

He had never seen such a terrifying creature.

Even the king I saw at the bottom of the abyss is far less than one thousandth of the unknown creature in front of me!

And with his perception of the Netherworld, he truly knew that this was the world the reptile had seen with his own eyes!

This is not just imagined!

Could it be said that the surface beyond the abyss has become so terrifying?

He became frightened, panic and at a loss.

When the blood-eyed youth's mood was chaotic, in the potential area behind Su Ping, ugly and huge figures appeared, and each figure exuded an extraordinary aura. It was definitely an existence above the legend, even better than the blood-eyed youth. The starry sky-level existence that I understand is even more terrifying!

And such creatures are so densely packed!

One after another appeared!


The trembling body of the blood-eyed youth suddenly burst into a long howl. He grabbed his head with both hands and screamed frantically, and this **** and filthy world was also collapsing everywhere and shattered.

In the sea of blood under Su Ping's feet, a deep ditch appeared, and the blood sank in.

Countless ferocious skeletons and ghosts, their bodies collapsed and dissipated as soon as they took shape, completely unable to condense.

Bang! !

The whole world collapsed suddenly and dissipated completely.

The sea of blood disappeared, and the hazy sky of blood mist disappeared, and everything returned to the dark passage of the abyss corridor.

The potential domain behind Su Ping still exists, but the potential domain is obviously not as vast as in the nihil realm. Within the limited range of the potential domain, it only occasionally passes a terrifying shadow, exuding a heart-palpitating atmosphere, which seems to be true. Existence, just being imprisoned in another world.



The blood-eyed youth gasped, and the four blood-eyes on his forehead left tears of blood at the same time. He looked at Su Ping in front of him, and the horror remaining in his eyes quickly turned into anger and strong killing intent.

He didn't want to admit it, but the scene where he was projected from Su Ping's mind just now made him cry!

What a shame!

He is in the Destiny Realm, and he has used his brutality and killing to gain his status in this abyss!

The result was actually scared by a reptile, which is a shame!

"You **** it!!"

The blood-eyed youth clenched his teeth tightly. It seemed that due to excessive force, the teeth were deformed and out of control, and became sharp and hideous.

No matter how terrifying the previous projection world was, it was only illusory after all, unable to become combat effectiveness.

No matter how strong the mind is, the fight depends on claws and teeth!

Roar! !

The blood-eyed youth suddenly broke out, no longer in the mood of a cat catching a mouse, and his hand was full. While confining the space, his body quickly flashed in front of Su Ping, his hands were alienated into claws, and he slapped Su Ping's head severely. .

At the same time, Su Ping also opened his eyes and saw the blood-eyed youth who had been killed in an instant. He quickly raised his hand to block, and with a bang, a huge force hit his arms and his body shot out suddenly. , Hit the rock wall hundreds of meters behind, shaking the entire passage.

Su Ping took a look at the sharp pain in his arms like tearing. There were cracks in the white bones covering his arms, but these cracks were gradually healing at this moment.

It was the skeleton of the little skeleton that protected him, otherwise, this claw was enough to tear his body apart.


Su Ping turned around and ran without even thinking about it.

Although he broke free from the opponent's mental skills by relying on his situation, he knew that he did not have the ability to fight against the opponent. This was definitely an extremely powerful destiny monster, much more terrifying than the other side he had encountered. He can only run.

"You can't run away!!"

The blood-eyed youth roared.

His arms lifted, and the surrounding space changed rapidly. Su Ping's teleported figure was retreating rapidly. He wanted to draw a sword to cut the space, but the blood-eyed youth instantly appeared behind him, a pair of alienated sharp claws. There was a **** light attached to it, and the space was slightly distorted where it was torn.

Su Ping had to return to the sword to block.


Su Ping's body was shaken apart again.

"Die, die!"

The blood-eyed youth furiously attacked and roared.

Su Ping parried one after another, but retreated steadily, his arms were numb with pain. After a dozen consecutive attacks, the bones on his arms were already covered with dense cracks, and his scalp was numb.

Su Ping knew that Little Skeleton was approaching its limit, and his face was a little ugly.

Facing the Destiny Realm with a title was too reluctant after all.


In the picture scroll world.


Li Yuanfeng's figure flew in. He stayed in the place where the entrance to the scroll was closed, looking up, and as the entrance closed, it turned into a seemingly distant blue sky.

Li Yuanfeng's face was ugly, and now that he can only pin his hopes on Su Ping.

If Su Ping died, he would definitely die.

"Previous, senior?"

A figure flew by, and it was Su Lingyue. Silver scales appeared on her body, and she was able to travel from the sky at this moment.

When Yan Bingyue on the ground saw this scene, her pupils shrank.

In the previous elite league in Longjiang, this girl was easily subdued by her and can be killed at will. It was only with a terrifying and abnormal dragon beast that she was able to fight her. I did not expect to see it again now that the other party can actually walk away from the sky. Up.

In such a short period of time, became a title class? !

Li Yuanfeng also noticed Su Lingyue's flight, but at this moment he was not in the mood to investigate and inquire, but his face was worried.

"Me, where's my brother?"

Su Lingyue noticed that Li Yuanfeng's expression was wrong, her heart was tight, and she quickly asked.

"Your brother is outside." Li Yuanfeng said.

Su Lingyue looked at him suspiciously, "Then you, senior?"

"We're in trouble. The Thousand-Eyed Rakshasa beast guarding the corridor of the abyss noticed it. It's chasing us." Li Yuanfeng glanced at her, and told her because she was Su Ping's sister. For a moment.

"Thousand Eyes Rakshasa?"

Su Lingyue's face changed slightly, and she could see the horror of this thousand-eyed Rakshasa just by guarding the abyss.

"Then how can my brother stop him alone, senior, you..." Su Lingyue was a little anxious.

Li Yuanfeng said in a low voice, "Although your brother is only a title, he is stronger than me. If I am outside, it will only slow me down."

Su Lingyue was startled and said, "Then, now my brother is facing the thousand-eyed Rakshasa beast alone?"

Li Yuanfeng clenched his fingers slightly and nodded.

"I..." Su Lingyue opened her mouth slightly, with an urge, she wanted to say, I want to go out to help.

But when the words came to her lips, when she thought of the word "help", she suddenly seemed to be drenched in cold water.

Can she help?

Thinking of all the things before, her eyes flushed.

There were king beasts everywhere in this abyss, but Su Ping risked his life to come in to find her.

But now, she can't even help.

Can only stay here.

If Su Ping died, they would naturally die too, but she didn't care about this, on the contrary, because she caused Su Ping to come in for nothing.

She knew that Su Ping's talent was very high, beyond her imagination.

This elder brother is not a waste of firewood she used to keep saying, but a super genius!

After arriving at Zhenwu Academy, Su Lingyue had seen various geniuses, including the four great geniuses in the academy known as "Pei Nan Ji Guo", she had also met.

But she found that after comparing with that hatred old man, these so-called geniuses were nothing more than that.

If you give Su Ping time, she believes that Su Ping will reach a height that is unimaginable and unmatched by others!

but now

Su Ping, who has such a bright future, did not hesitate to come here at any risk for her, even to die here.

Is it suitable for someone like her to be taken so seriously?

Is she... worth it?

Su Lingyue's teeth bit her lips tightly, and blood overflowed from her soft lips.

The smell of blood permeated her mouth, making her pain even greater.

How she hoped that she could use her life, her life, and her life to exchange for Su Ping's peace this time.

If God had mercy, would you be willing to exchange with her, she did not hesitate to choose to agree.

But the reality is that there will not be such a switch.

In the most desperate times, even if you give everything, it doesn't make sense. This is true despair!


In the intricate channel of the abyss.

The king beasts from all directions were rushing out of the lair, rushing to the same place.

Because of a command passed in their minds, they have to obey, and at the same time, they themselves are eager to kill, bloodthirsty hunting, and willing to kill the intruder.

Just as the king beasts in various passages rushed on their way, suddenly, an extremely bright and terrifying roar came from the direction they rushed.

This voice is full of extreme anger, hideous!

Bang! !

The mirror-like skills suddenly shattered.

Behind the fragmented skills, is a ferocious dog head, it is the Dark Dragon.

It appeared out of thin air and stood in front of Su Ping.

At the moment it appeared, hundreds of king-level defense skills were released at the same time, and the energy and brilliance that burst out at that moment was enough to illuminate the world!

King-level skills are rare, not to mention that hundreds of skills are released at the same time. This scene falls in the eyes of any legend and king beast, it is a shocking thing!

Hundreds of skills are all defensive skills!

And the appearance of these skills also resisted the attack of the blood-eyed youth.

Looking at the ferocious and angry dog's head, the blood-eyed youth's pupils shrank slightly. From the dog's eyes, he actually felt a terrible killing intent that made his heart chill.

What kind of pet is this?

The blood-eyed young man's body flashed and withdrew hundreds of meters, first opened the distance, and then carefully looked at the pet.

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