Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 615

Vol 5 Chapter 615: Conspiracy

"The surface?"

Li Yuanfeng was also stunned.

Seeing the blazing sun above his head, he was in a daze.

In the prison world, although there is sunlight, there is no sun. The sunlight is emitted from the entire dome of the gods. The sky is clear, but there is no luminous body.

Only on the surface is there the sun.

They leave from that exit, and can actually return directly to the surface?


At this time, the monster beasts crawling on the plain noticed the sudden appearance of Su Ping. One of the huge, wolf-like behemoths stood up trembling, with sharp blades on its back, a pair of cold and sharp ones. His eyes stared at the three.

With the low roar of this giant beast, other monsters around were alarmed.

In an instant, the monster beasts that had been crawling and resting all stood up in pieces, looking extremely spectacular.

"The king beast... seven."

Su Ping glanced, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although there are many monster beasts on this plain, most of them are title-level. There are few king beasts, and there are seven in total. Among them, there may also be hidden king beasts with strong latent skills, which he did not notice.

But the seven king beasts he saw were all in the vast sea realm, and only the giant wolf resembling the king beast that stood up gave him a feeling of imaginary and real, it was a virtual cave realm.

"Leave here first."

Li Yuanfeng also saw the surrounding situation clearly, his face slightly solemn, he grabbed Su Ping and Su Lingyue's shoulders, and suddenly twisted the space around their bodies.


The giant wolf-like monster saw the three of them about to leave, and suddenly roared in anger.

The next moment, the space around the three of them squeezed crazily.

Li Yuanfeng snorted coldly, and the surrounding space shook, dissolving the giant wolf's offensive, and then his body flashed, and Su Ping and Su Lingyue flashed and disappeared from here.

When it reappears, it is already thousands of meters away.

Then flashed again.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few flashes disappeared over this plain in an instant.

After waiting dozens of miles away from the plain, Li Yuanfeng panted slightly, then looked back, and he was a little relieved to see that no king beast was chasing him.

With the two of them flashing continuously, it still consumes a lot of him.

If it weren't for the unwillingness to stun the snake, he has the ability to slaughter all the monsters on the plain!

The Void Cave Realm King Beast inside is not his opponent. He has fought in the abyss for eight hundred years and is one of the best in the Void Cave Realm!

"Here, it seems to be the Haiyan Mountain Range!"

Li Yuanfeng just breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly noticed the nearby terrain, and was stunned.

"Haiyan Mountains?"

Su Ping looked at him.

Li Yuanfeng returned to his senses, with a bit of excitement in his eyes, and said, "Yes, it is the Haiyan Mountain Range. This is the surface. We are back to the surface!"

He didn't dare to be 100% sure if it was only through the sun before, after all, it was too dreamy to return directly to the surface.

But the familiar terrain here, he remembered clearly.

This is the surface!

"The appearance here has changed a bit, the trees have become deeper, but the mountains have not changed. I grew up here. This is the Haiyan Mountain Range. My home...The Darkclaw Base City is not far away!" Li Yuanfeng stunned. , At the end, his body trembled slightly.

Eight hundred years!

After fighting in the abyss for eight hundred years, he was able to go home!

Although he has long been qualified to retire and go home, he is unwilling to abandon his comrades in the abyss. When a newcomer comes, he has to help support, take care, and let the newcomer get familiar with the abyss. However, he is ready to wait for the newcomer to get acquainted before leaving. The newcomer has become He didn't want to give up his partner, he didn't want to see his partner die in battle!

In this way, because of various reasons, he has stayed in the abyss.

But now, from the vortex of the Abyssal Corridor, it was teleported directly to the surface, still near his home!

After eight hundred years of battle, he was finally able to go home!

Seeing Li Yuanfeng's excitement, Su Ping was sure that this was the surface. He sighed with relief, but he couldn't help but feel a pain in his chest when he thought that the little skull was still in the corridor of the abyss.

He took a deep breath and said: "Brother Li, you should inform the peak tower about the abyss. I have to go back and find a way to go to the abyss again and save my pet."

Li Yuanfeng was taken aback for a moment, and came back to his senses. Thinking of the sacrifices made by Su Ping's battle pet to contain the Thousand-Eyed Rakshasa, his joy suddenly cooled a little, nodded and said: "I will, in the abyss Ill be responsible for telling the peak tower for the special circumstances of the sacred world. If Brother Su wants to go to the abyss again, lets go together, and I will go again!"

Su Ping glanced at him, "You have been fighting for eight hundred years, and you should rest."

"Since we have been fighting for eight hundred years, is there still a little remaining life span?" Li Yuanfeng smiled lightly, speaking very relaxed and free and easy.

Su Ping nodded, and did not persuade further.

"Where is the base city where Brother Su lives? After I go back to see the family, I will find you." Li Yuanfeng said.

Su Ping said: "In Longjiang, you will know if you go to Longjiang to find out."

"Longjiang? I feel a little bit on the way. Or Brother Su will go back with me. If I remember correctly, Darkclaw Base City is in front, and the entrance to the Seventh Abyss Cave is further ahead. If you go straight, it will be Longjiang where you live." Li Yuanfeng said.

Su Ping did not expect that he was still so familiar with the location of the base city on the surface. Since he was on the way, he did not refuse.

"Okay." Su Ping agreed.

There is Zhenwu Academy in front of Darkclaw Base City, and he happens to be able to settle accounts too!

Thinking of Su Lingyue's matter, Su Ping's eyes showed a bit of killing intent.

Li Yuanfeng immediately led the way.

The three of them turned their heads to perceive as they walked. This time they did not teleport, but walked directly into the air. With frequent attention, the monsters still not chasing from behind, the three of them were completely relieved.

"It seems that those king beasts are very interesting and dare not chase them." Li Yuanfeng smiled.

Su Ping nodded, but said: "However, didn't you mean that the exit in the Abyssal Corridor is connected to the prison world outside? How could we return directly to the surface, and there are so many monsters gathered there. ?"

Li Yuanfeng put away a smile on his face, a little worried, and said: "This is also what I worry about. It is completely unreasonable. Moreover, the legend that was stationed at the entrance to the abyss cave you mentioned earlier is gone. Now we have encountered this again, I Looking at the monster beast on the plain, it feels like it came out of the abyss no matter how you look at it!"

Su Ping frowned, but did not speak.

He was also quite sensitive to aura. He felt that Li Yuanfeng could completely remove the word "like". Those monster beasts came out of the abyss, and they all carried the dark aura of the abyss.

"They came out, but they did not do evil everywhere, but hung there in an orderly manner. I feel that the things in these abysses seem to be planning something, and may be brewing a terrible disaster!"

Li Yuanfeng said, his eyebrows were sad and missing, which is why he said that after he went back to take a look at his family, he would return to the abyss.

He is really worried!

This series of things is so weird!

It feels that the monster beasts on the plain are the reserve army transported to the surface in advance!

This matter, he must report to the peak tower, send a legend to encircle and suppress, by the way, thoroughly investigate the situation in the abyss.

"Speaking of which, this time your sister has done meritorious service!" Li Yuanfeng said suddenly.

Su Lingyue, who had been following the two with her head down, was startled and raised her head. Since returning to the surface, apart from the joy at the beginning, her heart was filled with remorse, regret and pain.

She knows how deep Su Ping's affection is for her pet.

In order to rescue her, leaving the battle pet in the abyss is tantamount to replacing her life with the life of the battle pet.

And this is still Su Ping's battle pet is strong enough, otherwise they are all left behind.

"Senior, don't make fun of me, I almost killed you..." Su Lingyue said in a low voice, "I am a disaster star..."

Li Yuanfeng smiled softly and said: "Why? If it weren't for you to run into the abyss, your brother would go in and look for you. It is estimated that the entrance of the passage will remain hidden until it erupts, and there is no one on this plain. Knowing that if these abyss monster beasts are brewing something, it is obvious that we are aware of them now. Although we don't know what they want to do, it must be detrimental to us."

"It's bad for us, it's bad for all mankind."

"Now I can see that if we can save it in time, what we have done can be regarded as saving the world!"

Su Lingyue opened her mouth slightly, but finally smiled wryly.

It was correct to say that, but she did nothing, just added confusion.

And being able to perceive these kinds of things is all accidents and has nothing to do with her.

Su Ping glanced at Su Lingyue and said, "I know that I was wrong this time, so I'll learn to be smarter and don't always make me trouble."

The corner of Su Lingyue's mouth flattened and her eyes were sad. She knew that Su Ping was right. This time, she was shocked and deeply impressed.

She had been lurking in the abyss for seven days before, and she had already deeply remembered the lesson of this incident, but she knew that she had no chance to correct it.

But I didn't expect that Su Ping would find her and rescue her.

"I see..." she whispered.

Before the change, she would be stubborn, but this time, she was hit hard and she didn't have any thoughts of refuting Su Ping's words.

"Just know it." Su Ping rubbed her head and ignored it.

Li Yuanfeng smiled lightly, and suddenly saw the majestic outline exposed in the front, his eyes lit up, and he said, "Here, the Dark Claw Base City is in front."

Su Ping looked forward and saw the outline of a huge base city gradually came into sight.

This base city is extremely majestic, with mottled moss on the exterior wall, it seems that it has not experienced battle for a long time, and it feels a bit like an ancient city.

"I'm finally back."

Li Yuanfeng looked at the familiar base city, the exterior wall, brick and stone, all so familiar, as if carved in his blood, he couldn't help being excited just by looking at it.

In 800 years, how many times has this base city appeared in his dreams?

And the most familiar people in the base city.

Now he is finally back!

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