Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 619

Vol 5 Chapter 619: Hedong Hexi

After listening to the middle-aged man, Li Yuanfeng remained silent for a long time.

The whole hall of the building was silent.

Many Han family members who were watching from a distance also realized that the situation was not right. This young man made the Feng so in awe, and his legendary identity was basically true!

And this legend now seems to have a holiday with their Han family? !

Provoked a legend... Many people have their hairs erected, and they feel like they are in a cage with a beast.

The old mans cheeks were also in cold sweat. In the middle, he tried to interrupt several times, but felt Ruoyouruowus murderous intent locked on him, and never dared to speak. When he recovered, he I can't help myself if I want to interrupt, I can only listen to this person finish the matter.

At this moment, he only regrets, why didn't he kill these Han Li family members!

The young master with the highest talent at the time brought supreme glory to the Han family, but it also left a great disaster!

This scourge has been hidden for many years and finally broke out today!

Feng Lao was tight, and didn't dare to breathe. In front of a legend, even though he had never fought against each other, the pressure brought by the words of the legend had already made him like a giant mountain.

"Get up."

After a long silence, Li Yuanfeng spoke and said to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was startled and couldn't help being overjoyed. Seeing this, Li Yuanfeng obviously believed him.

He couldn't help being excited, the ancestors returned, and their Li family had been forbearing for so many years, and finally waited until their early days!

Hundreds of years of Yin Ren, the humiliation and grievance suffered in it is unimaginable. In the face of this huge Yin Ren, they sacrificed too much and witnessed the tragic death of too many relatives in front of them.

Now, I can finally exhale and return to my ancestor!

"How many people are left now?" Li Yuanfeng said, his eyes especially calm.

The middle-aged man resisted his excitement and said, "Old ancestors, there are more than 200 people with Li family bloodline, but most of them are divided into various Han family branches by the Han family. Shao has been Hanhua, excluded by us, and there are only twelve people who are still insisting on recovering the Li family."


Li Yuanfeng whispered in a low voice.

There are only twelve of the once huge Li family!

The corners of his mouth moved slightly, trying to laugh, but couldn't laugh.

How sad this is.

He did everything to protect the tribe, but the tribe almost died!

For whom is his eight hundred years of war?

After taking a slight breath, Li Yuanfeng calmed himself down. He patted the middle-aged man on the shoulder and said, "From today, you can restore your surname."

"Yes, ancestor!" The middle-aged man burst into tears with excitement.

Restoring the Li family's surname is the dream of their Li family. After all, this is a legendary surname, a great surname!

"The Han family..."

Li Yuanfeng turned his head, his eyes passed over the middle-aged man and swept around.

Seeing the murderous in his eyes, Feng Lao felt cold in his heart, and quickly knelt down and said: "The ancestor of the Li family, the person who killed your Li family back then was not our Han family, but our Han family adopted the Li family. To prevent the Li family from being completely annihilated, although the Li family has been relying on our Han family's wings and has not lived so well these years, at least the blood has not been broken. I hope you can see this love and deal with it lightly. ."


Han Jinsong, now its time to be called Li Jinsong. He was furious when he heard the words: "Our genealogy has records. The battle of genocide hundreds of years ago, with the help of your Han family, we were forced to return to you. And over the years, your Han family has suppressed us everywhere. If it hadn't been for your ancestors to leave a legacy and bless us, we, the Li family, would have been suppressed and killed by all of you!"

"The ancestors of the Li family, things are really not like this. We have records left by our ancestors, which are clearly written. When we destroyed the Li family, it was definitely not my Han family. We were only involved in it. Without our Han family, There will also be other families, and if it is another family, I guess there is no Li family bloodline now..."

Li Yuanfeng looked at him silently, suddenly flipped his palm, banged, and Feng Lao's head shook. The whole person was shot on the ground, blood vomiting.

The robe on Feng Lao's body exploded, and several metal objects flew out of it, which were shattered secret treasures.

Just the power of a palm, several defensive treasures were all broken and directly suppressed!

This scene shocked everyone around and couldn't speak.

Han Yuqian, who fell in the distance, was shocked and stared blankly.

She grew up with Feng Feng since she was a child. In her eyes, Feng Feng was almost invincible, and she was extremely famous in the limits of title. She could not even think of such an unbearable scene before her.

This is the power of legends? !


Feng Lao wanted to get up, but suddenly found that his body strength was rapidly dissipating, the star trails in his body were collapsing, and his strength was disappearing!

He had some doubts about the ancestor of the Li family before, but at this moment he no longer doubted it, but the situation in his body made him a little frightened.

"Your Han family should have been annihilated, but since you said it was because of your Han family that you have the Li family bloodline that remains today, then I will remember your love for the time being." Li Yuanfeng put down his hands, his eyes were cold, and said: " How did the Li family stoop to your Han family back then, how will your Han family stoop to the Li family in the future!"

"From now on, the Li family is the master and the Han family is the slave. Who dares to resist and kill without mercy!"

Feng Lao trembled and looked up at him, only to see a pair of cold and dazzling eyes, it was difficult to look directly.

He felt cold in his heart, knowing that the Han family was completely over.

The man in front of me is really the ancestor of the Li family who has died, but the other party is a figure more than 800 years ago!

Such an old monster is still alive, and as long as it does not die for one day, the Li family will rise completely and become the strongest force in Darkclaw Base City!


Li Jinsong is also hot and bloody. After years of waiting, he finally waited until this moment. This is the charm of the legend, turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands as rain!

"Go and call all the Li family, you, go and call all the titles of your Han family, dare to miss one, I will kill a hundred!" Li Yuanfeng said coldly.

Li Jinsong quickly respected his promise and left quickly.

Hearing Li Yuanfengs threat, Feng Lao felt bitter in his heart and did not dare to miss it. He couldnt imagine how powerful a legend was. After all, the legend could also use the peak tower, and the peak tower holds the worlds top power. He could only surrender if he could find it inside.

"Junior will notify you." Feng Lao managed to endure the pain and raised his head and said.

Li Yuanfeng did not speak, but closed his eyes and adjusted his emotions.

He wanted to get angry and razed this place to the ground, but the kindness in his heart made him unable to kill such a killer.

Su Ping and Su Lingyue didn't speak. Li Yuanfeng was an old monster who had lived for thousands of years. He had his own ideas on how to deal with this kind of thing.

Through this incident, Su Ping's heart was also a little bit cold, and some of Fengta's practices were indeed disappointing!

Thinking of the legends still guarding the abyss, recalling their sincere smiling faces, Su Ping felt deeply worthless!

But... the abyss always needs someone to guard it.

Why do the kind people always get the most hurt?

Su Ping clenched his fists slightly, and some of the previous thoughts became more firm.

It didn't take long.

Li Jinsong led one by one into the building, a total of nine people, including two children and three old men. The remaining four, including Li Jinsong, were a young man and two mature women.

The cultivation base of these people is not high. The strongest of them is a rickety old man. The cultivation base has a title level, but it is extremely hidden. If it were not for Su Ping to cultivate a set of very good perception secrets in the world , Can't detect it yet.

"There are still three people who are performing tasks outside. They are not here, but I have already sent them the news." Li Jinsong came to Li Yuanfeng and said respectfully.

Everyone in the Li family behind him stared at Li Yuanfeng in a daze.

The turbid eyes of the titled old man opened, and a divine light flashed in his eyes. When he saw Li Yuanfeng's appearance, his body trembled slightly. He had seen Li Yuanfeng's portrait. This was indeed the ancestor of their Li family!

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