Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 621

Vol 5 Chapter 621: Shuanghan Xinghailong First Watch

"It's him!"

Guo Lingcha was stunned. The first time she saw Su Ping, she recognized him. This is the man who killed the brother of the Nantian compatriot in front of the Tomb God Woodland, and the mysterious "Mr. Su" on the record tablet. .

When Ji Wuyue heard Guo Lingcha's words, she gave her a puzzled look. At that time, he didn't go to the Tomb God Woodland and practiced in other places in seclusion. But from the current situation, Nantian's mentor personally came and the youth accompanying him , Apparently from an extraordinary origin, and seems to have a grudge against that day!

"Old, teacher."

Nan Tian raised his head and looked at the teacher next to Su Ping blankly.

The middle-aged instructor felt Su Ping's killing intent, and glanced at him suspiciously.

He didn't know why Su Ping was looking for his students, but he could vaguely feel that it was a disadvantage, but Su Ping could talk to the dean on an equal footing, so he didn't dare to offend him.

"Is there anyone who asked you to go to the Abyss Passage before?" Su Ping asked Su Lingyue next to him.

Su Lingyue glanced at Nan Tian with a complicated expression, and said: "He is one of them, and several others are members of his society..."

"it is good."

Su Ping nodded.


Nan Tian's body suddenly burst, and his flesh and blood splashed.

This sudden scene stunned everyone who was watching.

Nan Tian... is dead? !

The four college members in the college, the Nan brothers who ranked second, actually died one after another in just a few days?

Although they were members of the four colleges, the Nan brothers were compatriots. To be precise, they were members of the five colleges, but they did not expect that the two brothers were killed one after another.

"Su, Mr. Su..."

The middle-aged tutor was also frightened, his face suddenly changed, and he looked at Su Ping in anger.

The other party is his student, he has some feelings after all, Su Ping actually kills when he doesn't agree with him?

Moreover, although Nantian is only a master, it has extremely strong combat power. If it really breaks out, it can completely compete with the titled superiors. In front of Su Ping's eyes, there is no resistance at all.

Even he didn't see how Su Ping made the move.

"Who else?" Su Ping said to Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyue was startled, and she didn't expect Su Ping to kill her.

She bit her lip slightly, thinking of the days when she was alone in the abyss, thinking that Su Ping had taken a risk for her, and almost couldn't come back from the abyss.

"The other ones are monsoons..." Su Lingyue reported the names one by one.

Su Ping nodded and said to the middle-aged tutor: "Call all these people."

Seeing Su Pings killing intent, the middle-aged instructor couldnt help saying: "Mr. Su, is this a bit..."

He wanted to say that it was a little messy, but seeing the cold gaze from Su Ping, he still held the words in his mouth. Nan Tian, who was closest to him, was killed by Su Ping, and he could not offend anyone else. Su Ping.

Don't mess with the legend!

The middle-aged tutor had to turn around and leave to find some students for Su Ping.

As the middle-aged instructor left, everyone in the audience looked at the blood stains and scattered limbs on the ground, and they were afraid to breathe.

Many people who haven't met Su Ping in front of the Tomb God Woodland are all startled and terrified, and they don't know where he is.

"The Nan family is really over..."

Guo Lingcha whispered to himself.

The two most talented juniors in the family were killed at Zhenwu Academy. The Nan family was about to fall into a genius fault, and with Su Ping's temperament, it was unknown whether Nan family would be flattened.

Ji Wuyue also has a solemn expression. The Nan family behind Nan Tian is an old and legendary family. This person dares to kill, obviously not afraid of the other party. He is a little fortunate. Fortunately, he only likes to concentrate on cultivation, otherwise he will cause trouble everywhere. , This matter may happen to him today.

Not long after, the middle-aged instructor came back and led four or five students to the Longwu Pagoda.

Su Ping glanced at those students, and said to Su Lingyue: "Is it them?"

Su Lingyue took a look and nodded.

Su Ping raised his hand slightly.

The violent power poured out, banging several times, and the few students were shocked and killed in the air before they approached!

The middle-aged instructor was flying to Su Ping, and was shocked when he heard the popping sound from around him. When he turned his head to look around, he only saw a few pools of blood.

His face was pale and ugly.

"Tell your dean, I'll go back first, and leave the matter of going to the peak tower to them." Su Ping said to the middle-aged instructor next to him, and then turned straight away.

Su Lingyue glanced at the pools of blood and followed Su Ping.

The middle-aged tutor watched Su Ping's figure go away, not daring to say anything.

"This person is not a legend, but better than a legend..."

Guo Lingcha stared at Su Ping's back in a daze.

Judging from Su Ping's words and deeds, coupled with the test results of Longwu Pagoda, even if his cultivation is not legendary, Su Ping's combat power is absolutely comparable to the legend!

And Su Ping's age is just under 22?

Such a monster, she had never heard of it, unless something went wrong with Longwu Tower.

Next to him, Ji Wuyue took a deep look at Su Ping's back, didn't say much, just clenched his fist slightly, he suddenly felt that his efforts were not enough, and he had to work harder!

"He is Mr. Su..."

"he is the one?"

"What is his full name?"

"It's horrible, I didn't even see how he made the move, Nan Tian was actually killed!"

"If the test result of Longwu Pagoda is true, this person must have the combat power comparable to the legend, right?"

Everyone around was surprised.

They only knew that the young man was called Mr. Su, but no one knew his full name.

From now on, this record monument will not fall, and basically no one will surpass the record left by Mr. Su.

Unlike the other people on the record tablet, there is no full name, no specific age and background record, just the words "Mr. Su", just like a legend.




Su Ping flew out of Zhenwu Academy.

After leaving Zhenwu Academy, Su Ping summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. Its huge figure appeared and its wings waved. After fusing the blood of the Purple Blood Dragon Clan, it mastered the ability to fly, and its speed was not low.

Su Ping's figure shook and moved to his shoulder.

Su Lingyue also flew up and landed beside Su Ping.

"Go back now?" Su Lingyue lowered her head, not daring to look at Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded, glanced at her, and said, "I didn't have time to ask you before. Let me tell you, what's the matter with your body, your cultivation level is not at the title level, right?"

When Su Ping asked about this, Su Lingyue nodded and said honestly: "I can fly, mainly because of the credit you gave me to Xiao Yin. After I came to Zhenwu Academy, I was practicing in a secret realm. Yin didn't know what he ate in it, and it changed soon after returning."

"After Xiaoyin's changes are over, it has some special abilities, just like now, the ability that can parasitize on me, I can fly, it depends on it.


Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said, "Let it come out and show me."

Su Lingyue nodded, her silver scales faded from the jade neck like a tide. As the silver scales fully receded, Su Lingyue's body gradually returned to normal, and the faded silver scales finally gathered from Su Lingyue's back. , And then fly out, turning into a silver light, shooting forward.

The silver light swelled rapidly, and then a huge wing broke out from it, and then the entire dragon body.

Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!

However, it is a little different from the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon given to Su Lingyue by Su Ping at the beginning, it is even bigger, followed by three sharp horns growing on the top of the head, originally one!

There are also many differences in the structure of the dragon's wings and the body. The structure of the scales is more delicate and dense, exuding a supernatural aura.

Su Ping was taken aback and surprised.

This is...Shuanghan Xinghailong? !

It has evolved!

The Frost Han Xinghailong is an advanced dragon species of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. It is the top-level dragon beast in the legend. When it reaches adulthood, it will naturally grow to the destiny state!

Of course, there are so many natural enemies of dragons and beasts. It is quite difficult to reach adulthood without sufficient energy. Even at the end of life, it is just a thin dragon.

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