Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 623

Vol 5 Chapter 623: Attack The World Of Golden Crow


Inside the store, a figure ran out quickly, with surprise on his face, it was Zhong Lingtong.

Behind her, Tang Ruyan walked out, her beautiful eyes falling on Su Ping with a smile in her eyes.

"Well, I'm back."

Su Ping felt better when seeing them, smiled and nodded.

The shop did not close.

Before he left, Su Ping asked Joanna to look at the store. She was a full-time employee and had the right to look at the store on behalf of Su Ping, but she could not provide advanced programs such as professional training services.

Simple business items like selling pet food and fostering pet animals can be handled for Su Ping.

"It looks like your sister got it back."

Tang Ruyan saw Su Lingyue behind Su Ping and smiled lightly.

Su Lingyue bit her lip slightly and glanced at Su Ping.

"Is this the master's sister, what should I call it?" Zhong Lingtong opened his eyes wide and looked at Su Lingyue curiously. He found that the latter was about the same age as her, but she was very beautiful, with a kind of cold and aloof Its just like doing something wrong at the moment, a little timid.

"Call it whatever you want, just call her her real name." Su Ping said casually. He didn't pay much attention to these seniority titles, they were all young people, and there was no need for a generational difference.

Zhong Lingtong blinked, his real name? This is too casual.

"This is your apprentice?" Su Lingyue was a little stunned when he heard Zhong Lingtong's name, and turned to look at Su Ping. When did Su Ping actually accept his apprentice?

Thinking of Su Ping's strength, she quickly became relieved. With Su Ping's strength, she was indeed qualified to accept disciples.


Su Ping responded casually, walked into the store and asked, "Is there nothing going on in the store these few days I have left?"

"No, now the reputation of our store has long been famous throughout Longjiang. How can anyone dare to come to our store to make trouble, you don't know, our little mischief is now the number one pet shop in Longjiang, and come to our store every day. People who line up outside can line up to the end of the street, and they are all well and don't dare to make trouble."

Tang Ruyan replied.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, a little surprised, but not so surprised.

All aspects of the project standards of the little naughty shop are far superior to other pet shops, and it is only natural that it can be famous.

In the original Longjiang, the resources of all aspects of the industry were concentrated in the hands of the five big families. Today the five big families still compete with each other, but in the pet shop, they will not compete with him.

This has led to the spread of the reputation of the little naughty shop, and it will not be hindered. It is normal to quickly climb the sign of the pet shop in Longjiang.

"came back."

In the shop, Joanna, who was sitting behind the counter, watched Su Ping coming in and calmly stood up and said.

Su Ping glanced at her and nodded slightly, "Thanks for your hard work."

"This is what I should do." Joanna said calmly.

"How is the income in the store?" Su Ping asked.

"In the few days you left, there was no way to provide professional nurturing services. There were only ordinary nurturing and pet food sales, as well as fostering positions, with a total income of more than two million." Joanna counted like a housekeeper.

Su Ping nodded, the income was in his expectation.

If there is no professional training, the income will not be so high. Professional training is the big money. Of course, it will be a lot of hard work. He must personally cultivate it, and it will take a lot of effort.

"By the way, you are the **** of order, right?"

Su Ping suddenly thought of something, and did not shy away from Su Lingyue and the others around him. They might not understand what he was talking about anyway. Even if he did, he didnt care. He asked, "Do you know what kind of cultivation level? , Can you still maintain the immortality of your physical body even after the countless years of death, and does your physical body still contain your will?"

What he asked was the Longwu Pagoda in Zhenwu Academy, the severed finger of Emperor Slayer!

"The flesh is immortal?"

Joanna was stunned, but she didn't expect Su Ping to ask about this, she said strangely: "Why would you ask this?"

"I must have a reason, you can tell me first." Su Ping did not want to elaborate.

Joanna didnt delve into the question, thought for a while, and said: "If the body is immortal in a short time, it can be done by the general gods, that is, the starry sky-level powerhouse in your mouth, reaching the starry sky level, can control the power of rules, and With the power of time and the powerful physical body, you can cross the void of the universe with your physical body and kill the star warship!"

"Short time? How short is it?"

Su Ping frowned.

"One epoch, that is, one hundred thousand years in your anniversary calendar! Of course, one hundred thousand years is the weakest starry sky level, powerful, and immortal for a million years, that is, ten epochs, just like my deity. Ten thousand immortality, life span reached one hundred epochs before death, and will not decay for millions of years after death!"

Joanna continued: "And even stronger, the highest **** level, can even last for an era! Even if an era collapses, it will not be destroyed!"

Su Ping was stunned, feeling that the time unit she was talking about was a bit large.

Moreover, he did not expect the Starry Sky to be so terrible.

Just the weakest starry sky level, the body will not be bad for 100,000 years after death!

You know, the life span of an ordinary legend is only thousands of years!

And the Destiny Realm Legend has a life span of only ten thousand years at most!

There is only one realm between the Destiny Realm and the Starry Sky Rank. Once it is crossed, the difference in life span alone will be more than a hundredfold!

"What do you mean by an era?"

Su Ping couldn't help asking.

By his side, Su Lingyue, Tang Ruyan, and Zhong Lingtong were all confused when they heard their conversation. What are they talking about?

One hundred thousand years, one million years? Are you talking about a fantasy story?

"Era is the longest unit of time."

Joanna sighed and said: "In an era, there are millions of epochs, or even longer! Like I was born in the Primordial God Realm, the Primordial God Realm at that time had already extended from the end of the Primordial Era to the Ancient Era. In the ancient times, all parties rose, the four sides fought, and finally the score fell apart, and the Primordial God Realm was also broken. The place where I live is one of the broken continents of the Primordial God Realm!"

"The Primordial Era lasted for millions of epochs, and countless powerful men were born, but in the long river of time, even the existence of the highest **** level has died a lot, but their corpses after death, if they are not strong If the person destroys it, it will continue to be preserved, and an era will be preserved!"

After she finished speaking, Su Lingyue and the three people next to her were completely dumbfounded, their brain capacity was not enough, and it felt like they were listening to the heavenly book.

However, they still heard one thing, what broken continent Joanna came from?

From Joannas flawless, exquisite face and terrifying combat power, as well as that exotic face, they had long guessed that Joanna was not from the Asian continent and her origins were extremely mysterious. Now it seems that she came from an unknown place. of.

"Keep an era..."

Su Ping muttered to himself, the will and the reckless world he felt in the Longwu Tower, he felt that it was not the current era.

In this way, the Heaven Killer is also very likely to be a certain supreme god-level powerhouse in the Primordial Era, or even stronger!

Otherwise, I would not dare to have such a wild name.

"Too far away..."

Su Ping was a little longing, but he knew the gap was too far, so he could only shake his head. He is not a legend now, he is still far away from the starry sky, let alone the existence beyond the starry sky.

Putting his thoughts away, Su Ping turned to Su Lingyue and said: "You go home first, parents should be worried about you. By the way, tell them that I'm home too. I have something to do, so I won't see them. Up."

"Huh? Oh, um."

Su Lingyue reacted and immediately agreed.

Before she left, she still looked at Joanna with weird eyes. She knew that this woman had an extraordinary origin. She hadn't read it wrong, and she didn't understand what she said.

"Xiao Tang, there is something to be handled by you," Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan also looked away from Joanna's face, and asked in doubt: "What's the matter?"

After speaking, she whispered again: "I am older than you, so I should be called Da Tang."

"Datang is dead. If you want to be a lobby manager, it's still a long way away."

Su Ping said casually, handing over the previous affairs of Li Yuanfeng's family to her, saying: "With your current strength, as long as you don't encounter a legend, you can suppress it. This matter will be left to you. If it is done well, Maybe I can get the appreciation of that legend and give you a small gift or something."

Tang Ruyan blinked and asked her to settle the family affairs for the legend?

"Didn't there be legends, there are still people who dare not obey the legends?" Tang Ruyan asked curiously.

Su Ping said in a huff: "On the surface, I'm going to take it naturally. I want you to rectify and clean up those who are secretly involved. Otherwise, you don't need to go out. When the legendary senior stops, things will be settled. "

Tang Ruyan came to understand and pouted: "Okay, I will solve it as soon as possible."

"It doesn't have to be so fast. The key is to get things done."

"Don't worry, I have a sense of measure."

Su Ping didnt say anything. He glanced at Zhong Lingtong next to him, and said, "I have other things to do, so you should stop in the shop. If you have time, go and study by yourself. The master will lead you in. , The educator has a long journey, after all, you still have to rely on your own perception and observation, and then you can get your own perception."

Zhong Lingtong was astonished. He said that he wanted to be the shopkeeper.

"But, master, you haven't led me in yet."

She was a little wronged.

Lead in the door?

Since she has been here for so long, Su Ping hasnt taught her anything about nurturing knowledge, and hasnt even given any pointers. Is this called a lead?

"Who said you didn't bring it in, aren't you in my store now?" Su Ping pointed to the door of the store.

Zhong Lingtong opened his mouth, a little dumbfounded.

This is also called the door?

Su Ping gave her a positive look.

Zhong Lingtong's mouth was slightly open, unable to speak, so he looked at Su Ping aggrievedly.

"Go ahead and close the door today. I have something to do." Su Ping said without saying more, and ordered.

"Don't you do business today?" Joanna was surprised. Su Ping just returned. According to Su Ping's previous love of money, he wanted to receive customers immediately and start a professionally nurturing business?

But seeing Su Ping's expression seemed to be serious, she didn't ask much.

At this time, a bustling voice came from outside the store, and many people were rushing to the store.

"Hahaha, Boss Su, you are finally back, I'm looking for you to breed pet beasts." A hearty laugh came in, and Qin Duhuang's figure walked in from outside the store.

Su Ping turned his head and glanced at him, and said, "We are closed today and will not pick up customers."


Halfway through his laughter, Qin Duhuang was stunned, as if he had suddenly burped and stopped, looking at Su Ping in amazement, and closing the door as soon as he returned?

Su Ping winked at Joanna and asked her to inform.

Joanna understands that she will release the news that the store will be closed.

When everyone who was rushing to the store heard this, they all stopped and looked at each other. Soon, there was a sound of mourning, and they were all disappointed.

Qin Duhuang, who had just entered the shop with a big laugh, was also kicked out of the shop by Joanna. There was no legendary card face. It was extremely embarrassing. But in front of Joanna, he didn't dare to go mad. After he became a legend, he could faintly follow Joanna felt an extremely deep and terrifying aura. This girl was also a legend, and it was a very terrifying kind.

Qin Duhuang couldn't understand Su Ping's shop letting Legend be a clerk and watch the shop and do business for him. He couldn't understand many things Su Ping did.


After closing, only Su Ping and Joanna remained in the store.

"It's time for business." Su Ping said.

Joanna frowned and looked at him. She could feel that Su Ping was in a bad mood when she came back this time. Although Su Ping didn't show it, she could feel that maybe this is a woman, oh no, the sixth sense of the goddess.

"What do you want to do?" Joanna asked.

Su Ping did not say, but directly communicated with the system and called up the cultivation list.

"Is there a place to cultivate the life of the Golden Crow Gods and Demons?" Su Ping asked the system in his heart.

When he came back, he had already thought about it.

His cultivation level wants to increase rapidly, in addition to becoming a legend, he can also improve by upgrading the golden crow **** and demon body and cultivating Chaos Star.

In terms of the cultivation of Chaos Star Litu, he is practicing and running all the time, but Chaos Star Litu needs to be accumulated, and for the rest, he can only think of the Golden Crow God Demon Body.

Now he is only the first layer of the Golden Crow God's demon body, with the divine power forging and the baptism of the heavens, his physical body has been comparable to the title top.

He gave the five major families of Longjiang to help search for the training materials for the second level of the Golden Crow God Demon Body, but currently only the two-flavored materials sent by the Lord of Cold City for repaying grace are still far behind.

Whether the rest of the materials can be found on Bluestar is unknown.

Through this trip to the abyss, Su Ping suddenly realized that he wanted to find the materials for the Golden Crow **** and demon body as soon as possible. Why didn't he go to the place where the Golden Crow **** and demon lived?

These materials will definitely be found faster there.

If the Golden Crow Demon's body can be cultivated to the second level, Su Ping's physical body will become stronger, and the physical strength alone can easily kill the legend of the vast sea!

In the training record, the second layer of the Golden Crow God and Demon Body can stimulate some of the skills of the Golden Crow God and Demon Clan. It has extremely powerful destructive power. This is the fastest way to improve his combat power.

"Yes, the world that the Golden Crow Gods and Demons live in belongs to the Primordial Plane, and the charges are higher, which is the ranks of the top planes." The system said in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping said: "Help me tune it out."

There are too many cultivation worlds on the cultivation list, and it is more convenient to retrieve them directly with the help of the system.

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