Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 627

Vol 5 Chapter 627: Descendants Of Tianzun


Suddenly, a huge golden crow stood in front of the golden crow that had captured Su Ping.

The scorching air waves swept through, making Su Ping in the golden cube feel a burning feeling, and it was extremely painful.

Su Ping couldn't bear the high temperature that his body naturally emitted.

"Miss Di Qiong, what are these things you brought?"

A voice full of majesty sounded, trembling in Su Ping's mind, as if panicking Tianwei, so that Su Ping wanted to kneel and surrender.

Even though Su Ping's willpower had long been exercised extraordinary, under the coercion of this golden crow, there was a feeling of fear.

This is very likely to be the top of the starry sky, or even a creature beyond the starry sky!

Su Ping was secretly surprised that these golden crows in front of him were the oldest creatures in the world. They were born to be gods and demons with a long life span, and their cultivation bases were unimaginable.

The stinky golden crow that had captured him in front of him was a starry sky level in Su Ping's eyes, not to mention this feather, there was a super golden crow the size of this stinky golden crow.

"This is a weird race that claims to be a human being. It can't be killed no matter what. I will bring it back to the elders to see." Qingyu's voice sounded, and it was the golden crow that captured Su Ping talking.

"Can't kill?" The huge Golden Crow was obviously surprised when he heard this. In front of their Golden Crow, there were actually unkillable creatures?

Could it be some evil undead species?

Thinking of this, the Golden Crow's eyes looked at Su Ping, showing a bit of killing intent, and they also became sharp.

"I'm leaving now," said the Golden Crow who had captured Su Ping.

"Miss Di Qiong, go slowly." The super golden crow immediately stepped aside, his majestic voice was slightly respectful.

Su Ping also remembered the name of the golden crow that captured him. After he moved away from the super golden crow, Su Ping felt that the pressure on his body dissipated a lot. He curiously asked, "Your name is Di Qiong? Look at that golden crow. You seem to be very polite to you, but your cultivation level is not good. Could it be that your status is higher?"

"Not bad?"

When the Golden Crow named Diqiong heard Su Ping's words, he was a little angry. A creature that was squeezed and killed by it would dare to say that its cultivation base was not good?


With a cold snort, Di Qiong Jinwu ignored Su Ping and continued to fly forward.

When Su Ping saw it, he didn't say anything, and didn't ask any more. He looked at the other Golden Crows around him along the way. The more he looked at him, the more he was frightened. The Golden Crows here are huge and their cultivation base is extremely strong. It is estimated that any one dropped on the blue star can instantly destroy the blue star dozens of times!

This is a real super creature!

Fortunately, this world is far away from where he is...

Thinking of this, Su Ping suddenly felt horrified, and immediately asked the system in his heart, saying: "Is this chaotic sun star in the interstellar territory of the Federation?"

The system said indifferently: "Don't think too much, with the current technology of your human federation, it is impossible to explore here, otherwise, how can you have such a comfortable life."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about it.

If these Golden Crows had contact with the Federation, it would definitely be a disaster for the Federation.

After all, these golden crows are ancient gods and demons, and the whole clan is a soldier. Just the golden crow captured by him has starry sky-level combat power. Those golden crows that are countless times larger than it are still unknown and unimaginable!



Di Qiong took Su Ping and gradually flew closer to the ancient tree.

Su Ping also knows what it means to look at the mountains and run to death.

This ancient tree seemed to be right in front of you, but when it really flew, it took a lot of time. Those leaves also expanded infinitely in the line of sight. In the end, a leaf could cover Su Pings sight. The golden lines are like vast avenues that stretch for thousands of miles.

Diqiong flew directly to the canopy of the tree, and encountered many golden crows along the way. When these golden crows saw Diqiong, they all greeted him actively, so that Su Ping could see that the golden crow who captured him seemed to be of extraordinary status.

At the speed of Diqiong, it took more than ten minutes to fly before arriving at a place that looked like a branch. There were a lot of super golden crows on the leaves. Because the distance was too close, Su Ping could not see how many. Only, even the complete body shape of a single Super Golden Crow could not be seen clearly.

But from a distance, these golden crows seem to be the same size as the super golden crows flying around outside the ancient trees.

"This is a den of thieves!"

Su Ping felt the horrible atmosphere around him. It felt like an ant being brought to the table of a giant, being scrutinized by some existences that were hard to resist and could not look up. This kind of oppression would have been for him in the Chaos and Undead world. After training in many nurturing places, it is estimated to be scared to death at this moment.

But despite this, Su Ping also had a feeling of holding his breath, and he did not dare to breathe.

The pressure is so real, even if he is not afraid of death here, he can't help feeling nervous.


Compared with the surrounding super golden crows, Di Qiong's figure is small, but in Su Ping's eyes, Di Qiong's physique is comparable to that of an aircraft carrier, and is definitely not related to "small".

Landing on a branch that was so wide that Su Ping could not see the border, Di Qiong's three golden claws also fell to the ground lightly, retracting its wings, and it walked forward. At the end of the front, there was a group of leaves, like leaves. The sky covers the whole world, and under the layers of leaves, there are several extremely huge golden crows inhabiting.

The closer you get, the more the real sky outside the leaves is blocked and completely disappeared. In the end, only a piece of golden "sky" can be seen above Su Ping's head, and there is a red golden "sky road" in the sky, which is on the leaves. Context.

"Di Qiong pays homage to the elders."

Di Qiong Golden Crow who had captured Su Ping came to the three Super Golden Crows and bowed his head respectfully.

The size of these three super golden crows is many times larger than the super golden crows that surround the ancient trees. They are truly "sky-level". One-fifth of a feather is the size of Di Qiong. In front of him, the aircraft carrier's Diqiong was like a gravel, and Su Ping behind it was even more dusty than the naked eye.


When Di Qiong greeted, the golden crow sitting in the middle, with half-squinted, sleepy and awake eyes, suddenly opened completely, a golden light flashed in its eyes, and he whispered: "Joan, what's behind you?"

Seeing it noticed, Di Qiong immediately said: "Elder, this is a strange creature I encountered outside. It claims to be a human, but I can't kill him no matter how I kill it. He also cultivated our Golden Crow clan. I dont know where I learned the exercises secretly. I brought them back here to show them to the elders."

"Can't you kill?"

The Sky-reaching Golden Crow on the right also opened its eyes with a sharp look, and said, "Can't you kill it with your Emperor Yan?"

"Yes." Di Qiong nodded.

Just because it couldn't be killed with Emperor Yan, it felt incredible.

You must know that unless it encounters an existence that has a cultivation base far beyond it, it can basically burn it to dust. No matter what the secret life-saving technique is, it will be destroyed under the burning of Emperor Yan, even It's going back in time, and it can be burnt!

However, Su Ping's cultivation base was obviously inferior to it, but on the contrary, he didn't burn to death no matter how he burned, which is very strange.

"It's a human race, I've never heard of it, eh? This thing has dark magic power in it, is it from the Necromancer clan?" The Sky-level Golden Crow on the left also woke up, thinking.

Its voice is gentler, with a gentle feeling.

When they were talking, the super golden crows on the surrounding leaves cast curious eyes, looking at Su Ping in the field.

"Such an appearance..."

The Great Elder Jin Wu sitting in the middle squinted at Su Ping, and said, "If I'm not mistaken, this should be a descendant of Tianzun."

"Descendants of Tianzun?"

The two Heavenly-level Golden Crows were shocked by these words, and looked at it suspiciously.

"This kind of strange body structure, in the early years, I had seen a certain Tianzun with the first ancestor, and that Tianzun looked like this..." The Great Elder Jin Wu slowly said.

Hearing this, the surrounding super golden crows were all stunned. Is this little one a descendant of Tianzun?

Su Ping also heard this. He looked up, but he could only see the lower body of the three sky-reaching golden crows. The upper body was a little hazy and could not be seen clearly, which exceeded the limit of his vision!

It can also be seen how huge the physique of these three golden crows are!

I don't know that it was because of the deliberate control of the Golden Crow. Although Su Ping could hear the other party's words, he didn't feel ear-splitting, and the voice seemed to appear directly in his mind, just like the communication between the Emperor Qiong Golden Crow and him.

"Descendants of Tianzun?"

Su Ping was curious. He had adapted to the "strange species" that the other party described. Just as in his eyes, some alien races are also strange and strange. To the Golden Crow, he is an alien race.

"System, what is Tianzun?"

Su Ping asked in his heart.

The system was slightly silent, and after a few seconds, he said: "Tian Zun, is the Lord of Heaven, even if it is'Heaven', you must respect him as the Lord. It is a realm that you can't understand or imagine now. Even if you tell you, You dont understand either."

"Heaven must respect him as the Lord?" Su Ping was startled.


Isn't the sky... the atmosphere?

In ancient times, people often begged the sky, thinking that the sky would respond and make prayers come true, but that is the sustenance of superstition. In modern scientific definition, the sky is the atmosphere outside the planet.

However, in the system mouth, does the sky exist?

Regarding Su Ping's doubts, the system didn't speak again, when he didn't read his thoughts.

"Our Golden Crow clan has been sealing stars for many years to avoid war. How come the descendants of Tianzun come here?" The Tongtian Golden Crow on the right said in a low voice. Its voice was hard and steady, and people couldn't help showing a burly image.

"Could it be that something happened to the Tianzun who asked his descendants to take refuge here? However, this Tianzun descendant is too weak and difficult to survive here." The Tongtian Golden Crow on the left asked in confusion.

The many super golden crows around, all looked at the Great Elder curiously.

Di Qiong, who brought Su Ping over, looked at Su Ping with a little surprise. He often heard of Tianzun, but had never seen it. There are many Tianzuns outside, all of which are comparable to the ancestors of the Golden Crow clan. They are all top powerhouses of all races. This guy with a smelly mouth that can't kill is the descendant of one of the heavens?

You Tianzun actually looks like this?

That's ugly!

Di Qiong shook his head as he watched. As a face value control, he couldn't accept this kind of guy who lacked aesthetic feeling.

Su Ping noticed Di Qiong's head shaking next to him, plus the disgust in his eyes. As a person with the same control, Su Ping immediately understood the meaning of disgust.

This makes him simply intolerable.

Can be killed but not insulted!

"Waiting for the future, I will pull out your bird feathers sooner or later!" Su Ping thought viciously in his heart.

Seeing Su Ping's eyes, Di Qiong glared at him immediately.

At this time, the Great Elder Golden Crow spoke again. It did not answer the words of the two Heavenly Golden Crows next to him. Instead, he said to Su Ping: "Humanity, where did you come from and what is your purpose?"

Seeing it asked, the other Golden Crows also turned their attention to Su Ping.

In an instant, Su Ping felt like dozens of giant mountains were pressing on him. The cultivation level of these golden crows was too high, and the natural gazes were full of terrifying oppression. The creatures with lower cultivation levels were looked at. It is possible to shatter the body or die in madness.

Su Ping could not hear the killing intent from the voice of the great elder, and he was slightly relieved in his heart, and said: "Under the human race Su Ping, coming from a distant human planet, here is only to find the second layer of the golden crow **** and demon body. The material for cultivation, I want to cultivate a complete Golden Crow Demon Body to save my partner."

"Where did your practice come from?" The elder said again, his voice could not hear the joy or anger.

"Yes... It was given to me by a senior of your Golden Crow tribe, and I helped it a little bit." Su Ping bit his head.

In front of Di Qiong, he could still say these words without changing his face, but under the gaze of the Great Elder Golden Crow and the gaze of many super Golden Crows around him, his words were a little weaker.

The elder didn't seem to notice anything, and continued: "How did you come here? We have already sealed the stars. It is impossible to come in from outside."

Although Su Ping didnt know what the sealing of stars was, most of the guesses were similar to the sealing of doors. He murmured secretly in his heart, so he had to bite the bullet again: "The juniors have a special way to send them directly. This is the secret of the juniors, forgive me for details. ."

The Great Elder Jinwu was slightly silent, before he said: "Your purpose of coming here is just to find the cultivation materials for the second-level exercises?"

Su Ping nodded immediately, "Exactly!"

"Huh, nonsense!"

The Sky-reaching Golden Crow on the right snorted angrily, "Do you think it can be useful to lie in front of us? We can see through any of your lies!"

Su Ping groaned in his heart, knowing that this Golden Crow was mostly not deceiving him. After all, what kind of cultivation level this Sky-reaching Golden Crow is, he could not even imagine. It was definitely beyond the starry sky level, even higher, close to the top of the universe's cultivation system, second only to What kind of heaven and heaven?

Su Ping couldn't figure out the magical power of such an existence.

"The younger generation came here just to find materials for cultivation. There is absolutely no other purpose." Su Ping had no choice but to say that he did not deny that he had lied. Anyway, he came for no other purpose. There is no hatred with the Golden Crow clan. Don't owe them anything, there is no need to have a guilty conscience.

I just hope that the dog system is not pretending to be forced, and don't be cracked by someone in the resurrection, it will really die into a scum!

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