Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 628

Vol 5 Chapter 628: Trial

The three sky-reaching golden crows looked down at Su Ping without speaking.

This time, they all saw that Su Ping had not lied.

This human being really came to find materials for cultivation, and he was only looking for materials for the second level of body refining.

In their eyes, Su Ping's whole body was clearly seen from the inside to the outside, including the power of Shura that Su Ping did not use in his body, but could not be hidden.

They all saw that Su Ping had cultivated the first level of Golden Crow Refining Body, and there was a very small amount of Golden Crow's power in his body.

"Di Qiong, you just said you can't kill him?"

The hard-tempered and majestic Golden Crow on the right asked Di Qiong.

As soon as he uttered these words, Su Ping felt a trace of evil, it was murderous!

This Golden Crow seems to have murdered him!

Should I come or come...

Su Ping sighed secretly, and could only pin his hopes on the system.

When Di Qiong heard the elder's question, he immediately replied, "Yes, not only this guy, but also these low-level monsters. If you don't believe me, you can try it."

"it is good."

Even if the Golden Udang on the right was about to make a move, the elder in the middle shook his head slightly and said, "No matter what, this human being has something to do with the Tianzun. That Tianzun has also been kind to our race. His descendants are not good for us. Take it boldly."

The Golden Crow on the right was taken aback, so he stopped and said, "I just want to try it out, is it so peculiar?"

The elder shook his head and ignored it. Instead, he said to Su Ping: "If it is convenient, can you tell me how to get here? I want to know if our Star Conferred Array has flaws and loopholes. As a whole family, I hope you can tell me."

The Super Golden Crows all around looked at the Great Elder in surprise, but they didn't expect it to be so polite to such a small thing.

Su Ping also felt the kindness of the great elder, and felt that he was inexplicably touched by the light of a certain deity. The facts once again proved that appearance is very important. There was a car accident. The one who was rescued first was definitely handsome. That one.

"This, I don't know how to say it, but it's definitely not the problem of your Star Sealing God Formation. Specifically, I can't explain it..." Su Ping was a little embarrassed.

People have been starred, and the system can still send him over. He doesn't know how to explain it. He can only say that the ability of the system is too sturdy.

"Hmph, what can you know at this level of cultivation? You can't even explain how you got here, how can you know that it's not our Sealed Star God Formation that has a problem?" The Golden Crow on the right sneered.

"It's a bit weird." The Golden Crow on the left groaned.

The great elder fell into silence, and after a few minutes, he said: "Well, since you are here to find materials, I will give you a chance to obtain materials because you are a descendant of the Celestial Venerable, but can you grasp it? Live, it's up to you."

Su Ping was taken aback, with some surprises and surprises, but he didn't expect that his vague and perfunctory remarks could actually get past.

"Thank you Grand Elder." Su Ping said quickly.

After thanking him, Su Ping suddenly calmed down. He couldn't see through the thoughts of this great elder. Has he really been so confused?

he does not know.

"In other words, since I am a descendant of the Celestial Venerable, I dont even have to investigate how I came. Its just the second-tier training materials, the huge Golden Crow clan, which I didnt get it casually. Its better to give it to me directly. Why do you want to bend around?" Su Ping secretly complained, feeling a little weird.

But he didn't say this, otherwise he would seem to be a bit intolerant.

Regardless of what the Great Elder Golden Crow thinks, anyway he can get the materials and he can go back.

"The technique you practice is the original technique of our Golden Crow clan. Once you reach the fourth level, you will inherit the complete Golden Crow bloodline. In other words, you will become a real Golden Crow!"

The elder said slowly: "Since you want to practice this technique, can you be prepared for this?"

Su Ping had known this from the introduction of the exercises, and he didn't even want to say: "I have prepared this for a long time."

Becoming a Golden Crow would become a Golden Crow. He didn't think there was anything. As long as his heart and will remain his, he didn't care what his body changed.

If this can be exchanged for invincible power, what about abandoning the human shell?

Hearing Su Pings words, all the Golden Crows in the audience were staring at Su Ping. Except for the sky-reaching Golden Crow on the right, which always had bad eyesight, the other Golden Crows hostility towards Su Ping was slightly reduced. They changed to other creatures, thinking. To become their Golden Crow clan, they will feel insulted.

But after all, Su Ping bears the name of Tianzun's descendants, and his identity is extraordinary. Now that they are willing to become the Golden Crow, they also feel that they are quite face.

"it is good."

The elder said: "In half a day, our clan will conduct the divine body awakening trial. At that time, the young golden crows of our clan will participate. I will prepare a trial space for you separately. If you can pass this trial, I I will give you this material, if not, then you have to go back to your world."

Su Ping was startled, trial?

He was a little confused, and asked, "What is the cultivation base of the young Golden Crow participating in the trial?"

"Much weaker than me, don't worry." Di Qiong replied to Su Ping, humming lightly.

Hearing this, Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief. It was much weaker than it. It was very likely that it was only Legendary, so he might not have a glimmer of hope.

"Okay." Su Ping nodded. He knew that he had no retreat. The other party was the Great Elder Golden Crow, so it was obviously impossible to bargain with him.

"Di Qiong, take him down, let him prepare well, and tell him about the trial by the way." The Great Elder ordered.

Di Qiong didn't expect that the elder would throw Su Ping to it. He was a little dissatisfied, but he still reluctantly agreed. He turned to Su Ping and said, "What to see, come with me."

Su Ping was also a little speechless, and wanted the great elder to change himself as a guide, but let's just think about it, and no more troubles.

"You actually encountered the Golden Crow Trial, you are lucky." The system said in Su Ping's heart.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said in his heart: "Do you know this trial?"

"Of course, there is nothing I don't know about the heavens and universe." The system said indifferently, but the voice was somewhat contented.

Su Ping sneered in his heart, "It's all you peeping here."


"go away."

"go away."

"roll roll roll."

After spraying each other in the bottom of my heart for a while, Su Ping followed Diqiong Jinwu away from this branch and flew towards the bottom of the canopy.


"Big brother, why do you want to keep this human?"

As soon as Su Ping and Di Qiong left, the Tongtian Golden Crow on the right couldn't help but say.

The Great Elders reaction was very calm. Its golden eyes passed through the leaves and still fell on the tiny figure flying below the branches. He calmly said: "First, this human being is a descendant of the Heavenly Lord. You are kind, if you know that our clan treats his juniors this way, how would you feel?"

"The situation outside is turbulent now. One more ally is much more advantageous than one more enemy."

"Secondly, this human being is so weak, yet able to enter through the Conferred Star God Formation. The ancestor did not move, indicating that there was no problem with the Conferred Star God Formation. Then do you think he would use what method to get in, what kind of existence would it be? He sent it in?"

"Third, you have heard what Diqiong said just now. This human cannot be killed. Even Diqiongs Di Yan cant be killed. Although Di Qiong has just left his childhood, his cultivation base is far superior to this human being. Gods and demons of the same rank can easily be wiped out, let alone kill this human being."

The Tongtian Golden Crow on the right was startled, and said: "Then why don't you let me test it? I want to see, why can't you kill him!"

The great elder glanced at him and said indifferently: "This is why I let him participate in the trial. You and I are both elders. If we attack, what if this human being is the chess piece thrown by the **** to test my clan's reaction. If we make a move, don't we break directly with that heavenly sovereign?"

"Let him participate in the trial, do you think he can pass with his cultivation base and the things in his body?"

"During the trial, he will definitely die!"

"At that time, we will naturally be able to see how he did not die. If Di Qiong reads it wrong, then he will die if he died, no wonder we."

The Tongtian Golden Crow Road on the right: "So you want to test him with trials. You are a little too cautious about such a weak thing, right?"

"I'm not afraid of being prudent, I'm afraid that I'm not being prudent." The elder said: "Even if the other party is a small bug, but if the small bug is brought by the gods, it will not be easy to peck."

The Tongtian Golden Crow on the right understood his thoughts and said nothing more.

"Allowing this human being to participate in the trial is not exactly the immortality test Diqiong said. On the other hand, I hope that he can pass the trial." The elder said again.

As soon as he said this, the surrounding Super Golden Crows looked at him suspiciously.

"We have been sealing the stars for too long. I don't know what's going on outside. It would be a good thing if we can learn something from this human being." The Great Elder sighed lightly, his vicissitudes and long-term eyes.

The two Sky-reaching Golden Crows beside them were silent, and said nothing.



"You have to prepare well, half a day here is equivalent to ten days on your blue star!"

On the way to follow Di Qiong, the system said in Su Ping's heart.

Noisy to noisy, noisy to noisy, when it is time to be serious, the system is quite serious.

"Ten days?"

Su Ping was taken aback, in this chaotic Tianyang Star, half a day is Blue Star's ten days?

On that day, wouldnt it be equal to Blue Stars twenty days?

"The change of seasons here is different from yours. Now it is the dark rose season. One day is only 20 days when the blue star revolves. When it comes to the season of divine light, the day and night alternates longer, and the farthest one is even equivalent to the last year of your blue star. !" The system said.

Su Ping was slightly confused.

One day is equivalent to a year for Blue Star!

How is the time of this planet calculated?

He couldn't imagine what trajectory this was.

"Since the Golden Crow Clan allows you to participate in the trial, if you can pass, they should not rely on your trial rewards. This is a trial prepared for the Golden Crow Clans childhood. The young Golden Crow has reached a certain level and needs to pass. Some ways to stimulate, awaken the Golden Crow Divine Body!"

"And the Golden Crow who has passed the trial can obtain the supremacy of the Golden Crow clan, stimulate the potential in the bleeding vein, and rapidly increase combat power! You want to increase your strength, this is a good opportunity not to be missed." The system said.


Su Ping was a little surprised.

Stimulate blood potential?

Soaring combat power?

Isn't this exactly what he is in urgent need of now!

"Is this trial difficult?" Su Ping asked quickly.

He was completely moved.

"Of course, with your current strength, wanting to pass is basically useless." The system poured cold water unceremoniously.

Su Ping was dumb, his strength and the system were the clearest, the system said so, he felt like he was hit.

"It's impossible that there is no hope at all, if there is no hope at all, why are you telling me so much?" Su Ping asked with hope in his heart.

The system was silent for two seconds before saying: "You're still not stupid enough, and the solution is not at all, but it's difficult. In short, you should first learn about the trial with that emperor-level golden crow."

"Emperor Bloodline?"

Su Ping heard a new vocabulary from the mouth of the system again. Is the bloodline still ranked?

His thoughts returned to his body, and he saw the uncomfortable look of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou among the several golden cubes next to him, and said to Di Qiong in front of him: "Can I unlock the seal of my partner? I want them to Come by my side."

Di Qiong glanced at him, and said in a huff: "It's troublesome."

After all, the golden cubes that imprisoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts approached Su Ping, directly pasted Su Ping's golden cubes, and integrated them into a big cage.

When the imprisonment between the golden cubes disappeared, Su Ping immediately returned the two dogs to the petting space, so that if something happened, he could choose to resurrect randomly and stay away from here.

Listening to the system's tone, this trial is a good thing. The Golden Crow clan did not pursue his origins, but instead let him participate in the trial. Su Ping didn't know what the Golden Crow Elder was making.

The opponent was an extremely old monster whose cultivation base did not know how high, and how long he had lived, Su Ping was totally unable to figure it out.

"You take them..."

Di Qiong saw Su Ping put the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts into the summoning space, and was a little stunned. It looked at Su Ping suspiciously and said, "What space is that? With your cultivation level, it should not be enough to open up such a space. That's right!"

It is a bit messy.

Such ability, even it, has not yet been mastered.

Su Ping was surprised when he saw it, and said, "This is the summoning space, haven't you seen it?"

"Summon space?"

Di Qiong looked at him suspiciously, apparently the first time he had heard of it.

When Su Ping saw its reaction, a weird thought suddenly popped up in his mind, and he couldn't help asking the system in his heart, saying, "This Golden Crow doesn't even know what the summoning and battle pet are, right?"

The system was silent for two seconds before saying: "The Golden Crow clan has been starring for many years, and it is normal if I don't know it. The summoning system emerged later. They have never seen it."

Su Ping dumbfounded.

It seems that these golden crows are all isolated from the world.

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