Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 632

Vol 5 Chapter 632: The Power Of Rules

"From these sacred stones, do you pick one out and carry it over?"

Su Ping thought about the behavior of the golden crows in the trial ground next to him, and looked at the countless sacred stones in this vast battlefield. There were big and small among them, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to ask the standard.

How big is the sacred stone to be transported to be considered successful?

"Forget it, let's start with the biggest, and do the best!" Su Ping secretly said in his heart.


He flew to the sky above the trial field, looked around, and quickly found a few huge divine stones from it.

One of the largest divine stones stood in the middle of the trial field, as stalwart as a giant mountain. In Su Ping's eyes, the size of this divine stone was as huge as the large golden crows he had seen!

Even the line of sight can't see the full picture of the whole **** stone!

To carry such a sacred stone?

Su Ping's eyes showed hesitation, but soon, this hesitation was definitely replaced!

Haven't tried, how do you know that you are not good?


"What does he want to do?"

"Go directly to the biggest divine stone?"

On the branches, many golden crows had seen Su Ping's actions. Compared with other golden crows' trials, many golden crows were attracted by Su Ping's trials.

After all, they have seen a lot of other Golden Crow trials, and they are not too surprising, but Su Ping, a creature he has never seen before, makes them a little curious.

"This guy"

Di Qiong was also a little surprised when he saw Su Ping flying directly to the largest sacred stone in the proving ground, but soon a slight contempt appeared in his eyes.

These divine stones seem to be scattered, but their magnitudes are all made and distinguished by the elders. This largest divine stone was specially prepared by the elders, and it is also found in the Golden Crow Proving Ground!

However, it is impossible to move this largest **** stone!

Even if she had the blood of the emperor, she could not carry this divine stone in the original trial of adulthood!

This is a magnitude beyond the limit, placed there, only for symbolism and decoration.

"It's not bad to be able to carry a half-eye grade **** stone."

Di Qiong shook his head.

The half-eye level is the unit of measurement for their golden crow, which is equivalent to the half-eye size of an adult golden crow, which is twice the size of a juvenile one!

This level of magnitude is the lowest eligibility standard. From its point of view, Su Ping can complete the standard. This is the largest sacred stone, but the physique of an adult Golden Crow is equivalent to tens of thousands of times the half-eye level and the largest ten thousand eye. level!


In the trial field.

Su Ping came to this largest divine stone, and the closer he flew, the more he could feel the hugeness of the divine stone and its heavy sense of oppression. He took a deep breath and moved his thoughts, bringing the Purgatory Candle Dragon and Two Dogs together. The purple pythons summoned them.

When the space opened up and the three pets appeared, there was another whistling uproar outside the court.

Many Golden Crows were surprised by this scene.

They all saw that Su Ping's cultivation level was not high, and he was far from the realm that could open up space. At this moment, he was able to call out living things from the space, which somewhat impacted their perceptions.

Moreover, these three strange-looking battle pets appeared. Isn't this a separate trial? Isn't it cheating?

"This is the call?"

The Sky Golden Crow on the right had his eyes condensed slightly, looking at the scene in the trial field.

The great elder nodded slightly, his eyes flashed, and said: "This is another cultivation system. I don't know if it was created by the deity. It is a little different from the cultivation system of our clan. However, this cultivation system does have tricks. A group of weak creatures can bind each other together, live and die together, and generate stronger power. Perhaps it is worth learning..."

"It's really a wonderful system of cultivation. They are all contaminated with the same spirit and spirit. Although they are separate bodies, they can be regarded as a whole. Even in the face of the power of rules, they can act as a whole, and between them, Can also share power..."

The Golden Crow on the left condensed his eyes and said, with a little emphasis on the scene in the trial field.

In the trial field.

After Su Ping summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts, he did not talk nonsense, and directly let them increase their power to himself. In an instant, a series of amplification skills enveloped him, and explosive power filled his limbs and his body. A feeling of wanting to shout and violent.

The surging power was boiling, and Su Ping did not stop, letting them transfer all the star power in their bodies to him.

This is a common energy ability that the Title Class can master!

Mobilizing the star power of the three pets, Su Ping wants to improve his state to the peak and extreme moment!

It's a pity that the little skull is not there, otherwise the evil and immortal possession skills of the little skull alone can make Su Ping's combat power leapfrog!


Su Ping felt his whole body trembling. With the continuous influx of star power, the star swirls in Su Ping's cells were bright and full like never before. All the star swirls were spinning rapidly, passing through small star swirls. The rotation of, the cells in many areas faintly form the tendency of big star swirl!

Once a big star swirl is formed all over, Su Ping will also step into the realm of legend!

At this moment, relying on the star power of the three battle pets, Su Ping's body already had the potential to form a large star swirl, and the strong star power aura escaped from his body.

"Power increase!!"

"Rapid increase!!"

Su Pings eyes burst into light, full firepower, and all the power-increasing skills are used. His arms are bulged, and the veins are like earthworms. When the power is raised to the extreme, it is about to explode. Su Ping rushed out with a bang, and the surrounding air seemed to be lifted away.

He slammed his head against the bottom of this huge rock, and lifted his arms vigorously!


Su Ping roared and his eyes were blood red.

Up! !

He wants to lift up! !

With his arms propped up, his body's star power was like a jet from the back of a rocket, bursting frantically, forming a star swirl impact on the soles of his feet!

This scene stunned the many golden crows outside the trial field.

In their eyes, Su Ping's combat power abruptly increased several times!

The power that burst out at this moment has gone from being a weak bug to a level comparable to the young Golden Crow of their clan!

What is this change? !

Di Qiong was also looking up at the situation in the trial field. Seeing Su Ping roaring and roaring, he was obviously taken aback, with a hint of shock in his eyes.

You can't imagine that an ant-like creature is bursting out with all its strength, trying to lift the shock of the entire planet! !

The roar was spread outside through the trial world, and Di Qiong found that for the first time, he had the feeling of facing this hateful human being.

"Unfortunately, the gap is too big."

The Tongtian-level Golden Crow on the right has an indifferent gaze. Su Pings performance makes it a little surprised, but its only that. Even if it bursts out with all its strength, its combat power has doubled in succession, but in front of this ten thousand-eye-level **** stone, even the emperor-level bloodline The Golden Crows were helpless, let alone such tiny creatures like Su Ping.

Too humble!

They can see through all the details in Su Ping's body, all the hidden powers, even if the summoning system is a little strange and not what they expected, but the gap is still too big.

It's like a drop of water, to fill the entire ocean!

The impossible!


Roar! !

In the distance, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stood beside Su Ping, roaring, seeming to encourage Su Ping.

Next to it, Ergou also stared at Su Ping. From Su Ping's will, he understood what Su Ping was doing at the moment, and also knew how important Su Ping was to them!

They want to help, and the only thing they can do is to instill all their power into Su Ping!

Up! !

Su Ping roared and shouted in his heart. He felt that his arms were about to break apart, and his bones were clicking, but the boulder in front of his arms was extremely cold and indifferent, motionless!

It was like a pair of ruthless eyes, staring at him coldly.

You can't move it!


Su Ping was unwilling to give up, so he gave up like this. He roared frantically, exhausting his whole body strength!

With two clicks, the bones of his arm shattered, and the blood was squeezed out of the arm and evaporated by the high temperature in the air!

But the boulder is still, not moving!

All the power filled in Su Ping's body also began to decline from its peak state. The **** color in Su Ping's eyes revealed a clear color. He was a little sad, knowing that the gap was too big, and he could no longer push the boulder!

You can't even shake it, let alone lift it up and leap over the bridge of clouds!


Su Ping can only admit this fact. The strength on his body gradually dissipated. As the strength disappeared, severe soreness came from all over his body, not only with blood spilling from his arms, but also on his abdomen, neck and other places. , There are bloodshots leaking from the blood vessels, and the body is about to collapse.

"Failed, sure enough..."

"I said, this human being can't lift it up, no matter how loud it screams."

"This is a ten thousand-eye level, and our first ancestor's direct descendants can't do it."


Outside the trial field, the eyes of many Golden Crows returned to calm, and they were not surprised by Su Ping's failure. This was the biggest sacred stone of their Golden Crow clan!

The noble emperor bloodline cannot be transported, let alone the ants and insects in their eyes!


Di Qiong also saw the back of Su Ping's failure, but his eyes did not show contempt or sarcasm this time. Instead, his eyes showed some seriousness and dignity, and he looked at that little back deeply.


Seeing the result, the Tongtian Golden Crow on the right just snorted and did not comment.

At the same time, Su Ping in the proving ground, after the failure, his face was terribly pale. This was caused by too much force. He glanced at the purgatory candle dragon beasts behind him, did not speak, but raised his hand. , With a puff, his fingers pierced into his throat like a sharp knife.


This scene surprised many Golden Crows outside.

They can see that this is Su Ping's fatal part.

Including the three elder Golden Crows, their pupils are all slightly condensed.

Resurrection in situ!

The next moment, Su Ping's body turned into a little starlight and dissipated, but less than a second after it dissipated, Su Ping's figure appeared again from the same place.



The eyes of the three elder golden crows that have been silent all shrank fiercely, and the reaction was tremendous, revealing an incredible color.

Is it really a resurrection? !

Moreover, this is not an ordinary resurrection, not a retrospect in time!

After a moment of horror, the three elder Golden Crows all knew each other, and they all saw the shock and suspicion in each other's eyes.

"It's not a rule, it's not time, it's not a clone and world projection!" The Tongtian Golden Crow on the left whispered, his voice full of deepness and solemnity.

The elder Jin Wu on the right fell into silence, and after a few seconds he said: "This is what Qiong'er said, is he indestructible?"

The elder's eyes narrowed like a gap, and Su Ping, who was resurrected in the trial field, was reflected in the gap, and his eyes showed deep fear and shock.

The reason why their reaction is stronger than other Golden Crows around is because of Su Ping's resurrection... They didn't understand either!

This is not any way they know it!

It is out of thin air, without energy fluctuations, just like this!

Even the power of time and rules have not changed, this is impossible!

But it just happened!

"This human... has an unusual origin..." The Grand Elder's voice was extremely low, as if he was afraid of being heard by some existence, and as if he was speaking to himself.

What it says is unusual here, it means something else.

The two Heavenly Golden Crows next to them all understood its meaning, and their eyes were shocked.

Even the resurrection methods that they can't see through, can it be said that the existence controlled by this human being is a Tianzun level? !

If this is the case, then the Heavenly Lord is very likely to observe their Golden Crow clan in some way!

Thinking of this, they have a sense of horror. The star-sealing formation of their Golden Crow clan was laid by the entire clan led by the ancestor, and it was impossible for Tianzun to break into it!

While the ancestor was sleeping, could it be said that there was a problem with the Star Sealing Array?

Or, the existence behind Su Ping... is more terrifying than Tianzun? !

They dare not think about it anymore, and the doubts in their eyes are deeper.

A human with such a backing, why should he travel all the way to the Golden Crow clan, just to find the materials for the second layer of the Golden Crow God Demon Body?

Such low-level materials can be easily created in this kind of existence!

Is it necessary to find them here?

They can't think of the reason, their eyes are very complicated and solemn.


In the trial field.

After the resurrection, Su Ping felt ample power in his body, and knew that he had returned to the state he had just entered. Although he would lose star power and could not replenish it, he has the ability to resurrect. This is because he can try to carry the **** stones one by one. The confidence.

"I need your help!"

Su Ping turned around and looked at them.

Seeing Su Ping's eyes, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Ergou, and the Violet Ping Python were all shocked, and he instantly knew Su Ping's mind.

Their eyes shook slightly, reflecting Su Ping's resolute and determined face.

The fangs of the purgatory candle dragon beast tightened slightly. The next moment, it turned around, and the flames that drifted across its body suddenly grew crazily!

It has transferred all of its power to Su Ping, but at this moment, Su Ping still needs it!

As long as you need, I am willing to do everything for you! !

Roar! !

The purgatory candle dragon beast suddenly opened its mouth, and burst out a roar that shook the entire trial world, and a wild flame rose from its body. The flame was so strong that it burned its body!

Use bones as firewood, blood as oil!

Behind the purgatory candle dragon beast, suddenly rushed out a stalwart giant purple dragon phantom, that was the mourning elegy of its dragon soul!

Burn everything, squeeze out the last strength, the roar of the purgatory candle dragon beast shocked the audience!

The violent energy flowed continuously into Su Ping's body through the power of the contract. In an instant, countless star swirls in his body rolled out like a wind.

Stars swirls light up, and countless star swirls form a huge star swirl!

The violent power surged from his body, Su Ping looked at the pair of dragon eyes that disappeared in the flames. Although he knew that this was the cultivation world and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast could be resurrected, his heart clenched his fists deeply. .


Su Ping's figure flickered and rushed to the second divine stone next to him.

The size of this sacred stone was only a circle smaller than the first one, Su Ping flew to the bottom of this sacred stone, held up his hands, and burst out his whole body power again!

"Get up!!"

Su Ping broke out a roar.

This lonely roar echoed throughout the trial field.

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