Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 635

Vol 5 Chapter 635: Heavenly Figure

"The Trial of the Soul, enter the Dark Star Devil Dragon, and catch the Dark Blood Soul Worm, it is considered qualified!"

The voice of the Great Elder came out, echoing the audience.

This trial is the same in all previous trials. Without it, many young golden crows know how to proceed, and because of this, they are so scared the moment they see the Dark Star Devil Dragon.

It's like ordinary people who see the snake pit but learn that to pass the trial, they must find the token of the trial in the snake pit.

"Dark Blood Soul Worm?"

Su Ping showed confusion when he heard the words of the great elder.

Di Qiong said indifferently: "Dark Blood Soul Worm is a parasitic soul worm in this Dark Star Devil Dragon. It can release a vicious magic sound. Those who are not strong will be scared and confused. You can do it yourself."

Su Ping understood, and did not ambiguity this time, and asked: "How many of them must be caught to qualify?"

"How many?"

Di Qiong glanced at him, "If you can catch it, you will be qualified."

Su Ping suddenly uttered a cry, relieved.

If he didn't ask clearly, he would have to catch until the end of the trial, otherwise he would be worried.

"Come in, boys!"

The Dark Star Demon Dragon opened its mouth, the huge dragon head looked down on the audience, the white teeth spread wide, revealing the dark dragon mouth, and a dark whirlpool could be seen inside, full of destruction.

The first step in the trial is to enter the Dark Star Devil Dragon.

At this moment, as the Dark Star Devil Dragon opened his mouth, many young Golden Crows were frightened and shivered.

Su Ping also felt great pressure. The cultivation of the Dark Star Devil Dragon was far inferior to those of the three Golden Crow elders, but the aura of the three Golden Crow elders was restrained and not exposed much, and the Dark Star Devil Dragon was extremely arrogant and violent. The dark murderous aura of the slaughter was released, putting people in a sea of blood in hell.

"However, something like this...I have seen it."

Despite the pressure, Su Ping calmed down quickly.

He had seen creatures of this level, and also when there was no hidden aura.

In addition, in the previous trials, Su Ping had already verified the system's ability to resurrect, and he had a bottom in his heart at this moment, so he immediately stepped out and rushed towards the dark star magic dragon first.


"It's that human!"

"How dare to be the first one!"

"Huh, wait a while to see if he can stand up!"

Seeing Su Ping's figure, many Golden Crows were surprised, but also a little angry.

The other young Golden Crows didn't make a move, but Su Ping was the first to jump out. They felt a little shameful, and such a limelight was actually robbed by a foreigner!

"This guy"

Di Qiong was also a little stunned when he saw Su Ping flying out. This Dark Star Devil Dragon was somewhat deterrent to it. Su Ping was able to shoot so quickly, showing that his willpower was extremely strong.

Previously in the Bird's Nest, it saw that Su Ping was still able to cultivate spiritually in an extreme environment, and he could see that Su Ping was not weak in will, and he did not expect it to be stronger than he expected.


Among the young Golden Crow, a Golden Crow, who was as big as an aircraft carrier, snorted coldly, and a bright golden light burst out of his hair, suddenly spreading his wings to the sky, rushing towards the Dark Star Demon Dragon, and catching up with Su Ping in a blink of an eye.

"It's Hexcel!"

"It's a good one, but Hexcel has a deep heritage!"

Many golden crows showed joy. They were surprised by Su Ping's second place in the strength test. Now Su Ping is the first to jump out again. This surprised them, but even more annoyed. I think Su Ping is too dazzling, this is the trial of their Golden Crow clan!

Are you a foreigner who is not honest, and want to beat the crowd? !

Their golden crows are born and grown gods and demons. They were born from the chaos and have the ancestors of the Tianzun level. Looking at the many gods and demons, they are all top-notch races!


After Hexcel, several golden crows burst out.

This performance caused many golden crows outside to cheer.

Su Ping heard the cheers of many Golden Crows, a little inexplicable, and suddenly felt that these Golden Crows were a little bit more hostile to him. He was just a passer-by, not a single enemy of their Golden Crows.


Su Ping shook his head and was too lazy to think, he is here to find materials for the gods and demons. If it is better to pass the trial, it depends on whether the Golden Crow gods and demons clan will break their promise, or if they do not break their words, then stimulate his potential. His gains from this trip are infinite!

"Huh? A humble bug got mixed in!"

The eyes of the Dark Star Devil Dragon noticed Su Ping flying in front of it.

Its dragon eyes are as huge as stars, and Su Ping is like a dust in front of it.

"This is also a tester." The voice of the great elder appeared directly in the dark star magic dragon's mind, and said: "No need to treat it differently!"

The Dark Star Devil Dragon raised his eyebrows. When did the Golden Crow Clan's trial actually mix into the foreign race? It sneered from the bottom of its heart, but didn't ask much, looking down at the tiny figure who rushed in front of him first, and said, "You, aren't you afraid of death?"

Su Ping stood still, looking up at it.

At this moment, the distance was too close, and he could no longer see the body of the Dark Star Demon Dragon, he could only see its huge dragon head, and even the whole head could not be seen clearly.

"Can you start?" Su Ping asked.

A murderous intent appeared in the eyes of the Dark Star Devil Dragon, and Su Ping actually ignored its words!

It seemed that only the murderous aura he revealed could not intimidate this tiny creature.

"Jie Jie... let's start now!"

The dark star magic dragon's eyes revealed a cruel killing intent, and wisps of dark soul aura radiated from its body, and the killing intent became deeper and deeper in the surrounding void.

"Hmph, I heard that you are a human race? I don't care what race you are, here is the trial of our Golden Crow clan, get out of the way!" As the Dark Star Devil Dragon was brewing, a cold snort came from behind Su Ping, a **** Nian directly intruded into Su Ping's sea of consciousness. This idea was extremely tyrannical and pure and pure, like a golden sword.

Su Ping turned his head and saw a golden crow the size of an aircraft carrier, looking down at him, with no secret of killing in his eyes.

"Hmph, little bird, you are not worthy!"

Su Ping sneered. Although the opponent is a descendant of the gods and demons, and has an extraordinary status, it is a young golden crow after all. Even if it is a tender bird, even if Diqiong says that, he will go back, let alone this young golden crow. The status is far inferior to Diqiong.


Hearst heard Su Ping's words, he was immediately furious, golden light shot in his eyes, exuding a terrifying murderous aura.

At this moment, the surrounding space suddenly shook, and then the whole world quietly darkened, and endless murderous aura shrouded from the sky.

Hexcel, who was about to confront Su Ping, was shocked. He looked up and found that the sky was completely dark. At the same time, the Dark Star Demon Dragon also revealed its true face. In the mouth of the Heaven-Swallowing Dragon, a strong **** scent came out of its throat. There seemed to be the sound of a sea of blood churning, and dark dragon shadows appeared in the void around him.

These dragon shadows were about the size of the Golden Crows, and they appeared one after another at this moment, but they were all rotten skin and flesh, rushing towards the Golden Crows.

"Damn it!"

Hexcel's eyes changed abruptly, he no longer cared about Su Ping, his expression was extremely solemn, his body exuded a golden light, and those dark dragon shadows touched the golden light and were blocked, unable to get close.

When Hexcel released the power of the soul to resist, dark dragon shadows also rushed in front of Su Ping. These dragon shadows opened their teeth and danced, bringing a strong sense of oppression.

Su Ping's eyes were extremely cold, and he lifted his foot forward and stepped forward.


A dark dragon shadow roared and slammed into Su Ping, but the next moment his body collided with Su Ping, it was like hitting a rock, and he collapsed suddenly!

Su Ping was like an unsheathed divine sword, striding forward, and the dark dragon shadows pounced, all being smashed by his body!

"What a strong soul!"

"Unexpectedly, it is completely undisturbed by the magical thoughts of the Dark Star Devil Dragon!"

"How can this human being!"

Many golden crows outside were shocked when they saw the scene of the trial.

In their eyes, the aura of the Dark Star Devil Dragon is just a bit more powerful, but it hasn't changed much. There are no dark dragon shadows. They only see other golden crows in the air, as if fighting against something, only Su Ping. , Step by step straight towards the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon's blood basin.

Even the grown-up Golden Crow felt a little frustrated in the face of the mouth of the Dark Star Devil Dragon's blood, but Su Ping walked very firmly!

"This little thing!"

The Dark Star Demon Dragon also noticed Su Pings situation. In addition to being surprised, he was also a little angry. It was a **** and demon born in the chaos. Although it was captured by the Golden Crow and used as a trial for the younger generation, it was also suppressed by the Golden Crow. Forget it, a small and weak foreigner dare to look down upon it?

Roar! !

The Dark Star Devil Dragon roared, with sharp fangs, as if to swallow Su Ping.

Su Ping's black hair fluttered, and his eyes showed a dark red color. Behind him, the rotating potential domain appeared like a Tai Chi picture.

The potential domain continues to expand with the rotation, from a few meters to hundreds of feet in a blink of an eye.

Inside, the magical shadows passed by, like a well leading to an anomalous land, and from time to time, huge figures could be seen passing by in the potential area.

"This is... the mirror image of the soul!"

Many Golden Crows were a little surprised to see this scene.

And what surprised them was not that Su Ping could comprehend the mirror image of the soul, but the things reflected in the mirror image, which was a bit scary!

The three Golden Crow elders also condensed their gazes, and as a huge creature phantom passed by in the potential area, their eyes showed a color of jealousy. From the huge figure, they felt the aura close to them!

The things in the mirror image of the soul cannot be fabricated. Only when you see it with your own eyes and leave a deep impression on your soul can you engrave it!

This can only show that those terrifying creatures have been seen by Su Ping himself!

This human... is too weird!

The three Golden Crow elders once again felt Su Pings weirdness. It was clear that the cultivation level was extremely low, but there were so many terrifying creatures in the mirror image of the soul, and the undead breath of those creatures were all bloodthirsty creatures, Su If you can see the other party, you must be noticed by the other party.

Unless those creatures disdain to kill ants like Su Ping, Su Ping will undoubtedly die!

"Wait, that's..."

Suddenly, the pupils of the Great Elder Golden Crow shrank, and in the rotating potential behind Su Ping, a skeleton figure sitting on the bone throne was fleeting.

There are huge white bones piled up at the feet of the skeleton figure. At this moment, the elbow is stuck on the throne, it seems to be resting with closed eyes, but it feels like a king over the world.

Moreover, in Su Ping's domain, the skeleton figure opened his eyes!

At that glance, it seemed to have traveled through layers of time and space, giving Elder Golden Crow a feeling of being looked at each other. Its heart shrank fiercely, and the introverted aura almost burst out in an instant, making a defensive posture.

But the skeleton figure disappeared in a flash.

"That thing... is Tianzun..."

Elder Golden Crow on the right was also very frightened, a little frightened.


These two words, like some unspeakable power, had the mighty power, and silenced all the three Golden Crow elders.

"That is... the Heavenly Lord of Human Race?"

The Golden Crow on the left whispered after a short silence.

Great Elder Jin Crow's eyes swayed for a moment, and he said, "No, that Tianzun carries a strong aura of death, not the Human Tianzun I have seen..."

As soon as these words came out, the two Golden Crow elders on the left and right were startled and fell silent.

Its not the Heavenly Lord of Human Race, that's another Heavenly Lord!

In front of this Tianzun descendant human race, unexpectedly saw other Tianzun!

They became more and more unpredictable about Su Ping's identity and purpose of coming here.


Roar... uh!

The Dark Star Devil Dragon was about to threaten Su Ping when he suddenly saw the figure passing by in the potential area behind Su Ping, howling to the dragon's throat, suddenly dumbfounded.

It was trembling with scales all over, what did it see?

Although it is only fleeting, but it should not be wrong.

In the mirror image of this tiny creature, there is actually a figure of Tianzun!

How can this be!

The Dark Star Devil Dragon looked at Su Ping suspiciously. Suddenly, it thought of a question, why can this foreign race participate in the trial of the Golden Crow family?

Thinking of this, it suddenly had an answer in its heart, and could not help turning its head to look at the three Golden Crow elders, with an angry look in its eyes. The three old birds almost pit him!

This is absolutely a descendant of a certain Tianzun who sent the Jinwu clan to study!

And it almost showed Su Ping's color to look at, if it were so, it would offend the heavenly Lord!

Damn it!

Three old birds!

The Dark Star Devil Dragon became more and more angry. When it was angry, it also retracted the magical thoughts that enveloped Su Ping. Since it is related to Tianzun, it will naturally release water!

However, even if it doesn't release water, it knows that this tiny fellow can pass the test.

"Fortunately, the deity has good eyes and was almost killed by these three old birds!" Dark Star Demon Dragon secretly said in his heart.

The deeper the cultivation base, the more obvious the feeling. If you change to other young Golden Crow-level cultivation bases, even if you see the Tianzun figure in the potential area behind Su Ping, you can't recognize it, and you will only feel that it is an extremely powerful creature.

Intrepid is an extremely broad adjective. Among these young golden crows, the Dark Star Devil Dragon is also extremely strong.

For ants, one meter and one hundred meters are both unstoppable, so I dont feel much. On the contrary, the elders of the Golden Crow and the Dark Star Demon Dragon, who have already stood on the top of the mountain, still stand at the top. Only when I saw the huge mountain floating above my head, I felt more frightened.


Su Ping suddenly felt the pressure on his body loosened, and immediately after that, he felt the Dark Star Demon Dragon suddenly converging in his breath, becoming vain, and lacking momentum.

It's like looking at a sculpture and a living thing. It used to be a living thing with a ferocious aura, but now, although his body is huge and ferocious, he has no pressure at all.

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