Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 675

Vol 5 Chapter 675: Sleeping Tiger

One person beats the two races!

The news spread across the entire Asian continent like a hurricane, and all forces were alarmed.

The Situ family and the Wang family are very strong in the eyes of many big forces. The clan elders of these two families will be regarded as guests when they go to other places. This is the majesty of the big clan!

But now, the two clans have been swept single-handedly by one person!

What is this person from?

Before long, less than half an hour, the various forces obtained intelligence through the first intelligence organization in the Asian continent, Tianyan Pavilion.

Tang Ruyan, age 23.

Gender: Female.

For the former young master of the Tang family.

The actual identity is the Tang family mask, guarding the sword for the young master.

Excellent talent, at the age of eighteen, he reached the seventh level and became a high-ranking pet master!

Once boarded the Secret Realm of Longtai Mountain, he was at the forefront of the Dragon Bone Tianjiao list!

Later, due to unknown reasons, he disappeared in the secret area of Longtai Mountain. It is said that someone had witnessed him somewhere in the base city of Longjiang on the southern border, but the true or false is unknown.

Now the cultivation base, title level!

Suspected title limit!

His battle pet, an unknown king beast, was not included in the king beast picture book.

The other battle pet is unknown, it is a special kind of skeleton, and its combat power... it can kill the legend in seconds!


Tang Ruyans information was quickly unearthed. I have to say that this Tang family mask is quite mysterious, and his previous experience is also very rich. In addition to the top results in the Tianjiao list in Longtaishan, there are also good results in other places. Performance, and in previous elite leagues, also showed amazing qualifications.

Judging from the resume, he is completely a genius.

But... just a genius.

The most indispensable thing in this world is genius.

In the information given by Tianyan Pavilion, the biggest change obviously started after the disappearance of the Longtai Mountain Secret Realm.

It took less than half a year from the disappearance to the reappearance now, and the cultivation base before the disappearance was only Tier 7, but now it is the limit of title. Obviously, she had a great opportunity during her disappearance!

From the seventh step to the title limit!

Although it is suspected, it is no exaggeration to be able to beat the two races by one person, even if it is suspected to be a legend.

In addition to Tang Ruyan's own information, many people are most concerned about the legendary skeleton beast.

According to some live videos, all forces have seen that there is a legend descending on the Tang family, but before the words are finished, they are punched and killed by the skeleton species!

Spike legend, what is this concept?

Even other legends may not be able to do it!

In their eyes, the supreme legend was beaten and killed by this skeleton beast.

Moreover, in the subsequent battle between Situ and Wangs family, the skeleton beast performed the most eye-catching. Someone judged from the video shot on the spot that if there were no such skeleton species, Tang Ruyan and the king beast would have to step on. It takes at least some time to level the two races, and it will never be so easy and quick!

For a time, many people went to Tianyan Pavilion to inquire about the detailed information of this skeleton beast.

For the people under the legend, they are extremely yearning for the existence of the legend, and feel extremely mysterious, and want to know what kind of skeleton beast is and what cultivation base can actually do such a shocking thing.

However, after inquiring, the results obtained surprised everyone even more.

Tianyan Pavilion actually blocked the skeleton beast's information, even if some big forces went to inquire and spent a lot of money, they could not open the mouth of Tianyan Pavilion!

Even Tang Ruyans information was published, but the skeleton beasts information was hidden?

This alone has aroused suspicion by all parties and different opinions.

Some people speculate that this skeleton beast is not Tang Ruyan's pet.

After all, it was once witnessed that Tang Ruyan came with this skeleton beast on a flying pet.

This skeleton beast was not summoned by her in public, nor was it brought into the petting space. Even if she returns to the Tang family, she will always be by her side when returning home instead of staying in the petting space. This is very important. Intriguing.



Tianlan base city.

Tianyan Pavilion.

In front of the Tianyan Pavilion guarding the forest, flying pets shuttled from a distance, carrying the aftertaste of clouds and mist, and landed on the square in front of the Tianyan Pavilion.

As the battle pet fell, its owner quickly jumped off, put away the battle pet, and then speeded up to the Tianyan Pavilion on foot.

There are masters and titles, but they are all on foot. From this alone, it is enough to see the awe and respect for Tianyan Pavilion.

Although Tianyan Pavilion is only an intelligence organization, its own strength is extraordinary. Simply put, it is difficult to collect some top-secret top-notch information without mastering a powerful pet master.

"It's really lively today. There are not as many people who have been here in the past month."

In front of the Tianyan Pavilion, the two titles looked at the people rushing to the Tianyan Pavilion. Judging from the clothes of these people, they could see the forces behind them.

The titles that stayed in the Tianyan Pavilion, under the influence of the ears and eyes, knew the characteristics of the various forces better, even if these people did not show the rivalry of their respective forces, they could distinguish them at a glance.

"Most of these people are a little flustered when such a big thing happened." Another titled old man took a sip of the hookah and said with a chuckle: "Even the Holy Light Base City sent people over, hehe, there is a gangster girl. Demon, everyone seems to be very scared."

The titled middle-aged man next to him nodded slightly, his eyes were a little dignified, and said: "It's normal for the Holy Light Base City to feel pressure. This devil is now the nominal patriarch of the Tang family. With her combat power, the legend in the peak tower If she doesn't come out, she will sweep the Yalu area, and it is estimated that no one can stop it. Our Tianyan Pavilion is no exception."

The old man shook his head and said: "She has already left, she should not have such big ambitions. If she really wants to unify the Asian land area, then the Amemiya family will be gone. If she can level the two clans so quickly, how can she care about one more Amamiya family? This is her signal to other forces. Dont look at this Tang family mask who failed to run for the young master, but his brain is not bad."

The titled middle-aged man was slightly startled, seeing him with a relaxed look, and said: "Old ghost, you don't seem to be worried at all. Although you are reasonable, the appearance of this kind of guy is too terrifying after all. Its like a wolf entering a flock, even if its just a sound sleep, its enough to scare people."

"What to worry about, these are all trivial things." The old man smiled: "Besides, even if she is a wolf, there is still a tiger above her head. That is the real sleeping tiger..."

Speaking of this, his eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a flash of fear and fear, but it was fleeting.

"Sleeping Tiger? Are you talking about the peak tower?" The titled middle-aged man was puzzled.

The old man shook his head slightly and smiled without saying a word.

"Let's go, we dare to go to work, this kind of trivial matter, there is nothing to fuss about, you just joined our Tianyan Pavilion, and you will gradually get used to it." The old man smiled, stood up, and patted the dust on his clothes .

The titled middle-aged person is a bit speechless. The four big families that have stood for hundreds of years have destroyed two in a row. Is it a trivial matter?

Could something bigger than this ever happen?

"By the way, the old ghost, why did the main cabinet block the news of the skeleton beast? What is the origin of this skeleton beast?" The titled middle-aged man asked curiously as he walked along with the old man.

This news is not only blocked to the outside world, many people in their Tianyan Pavilion themselves have no authority to know.

"The pavilion master does this, naturally there is the reason of the pavilion master, some things are known too much, it is no good, it is not good for you to ask everywhere, be careful to cause trouble to the upper body." The old man smiled and said slightly.

The titled middle-aged man was startled, his face changed.

What news is it that makes the other party so jealous?

Can't even inquire?



Longjiang base city.

Little naughty pet shop.

"Have you heard that Situ and Wang's family are all destroyed."

"It's terrible, this is a fight between the clans!"

"Strange, I seem to have seen the devil in that video somewhere."

"Boss Su, how about the beautiful employee in your store, why didn't you see it today?"

Some worries about queuing in the store, whispered.

The destruction of Situ and Wang's family has received news even in remote base cities like Longjiang. Of course, these news only circulate among the upper-class groups with good intelligence.

Being able to discuss this matter is like a manifestation of identity for the people here.

Most of the battle pets who have no background are relatively slow to external sources of information, and can only listen with curiosity.

"Give her a holiday to play."

Su Ping stood behind the counter and said casually while registering.

Many customers know that Su Ping's identity is unusual. After all, Su Ping's affairs are still difficult to hide in Longjiang. It is enough to be horrified by blocking the attack of the beast tide, beheading the king beast and saving Longjiang.

As for repulsing the other side, for most of the pet divisions, there is no concept. They only know that it is stronger than the king beast and is a world-class super fierce beast.

Under many auras, the customers in the Su Ping store are very honest and well-behaved, but they are not so nervous when they see that Su Ping has no arrogance.

"Boss Su is really sympathetic to his employees."

"Boss Su, are you still short of employees? I can help you work here for free."

Some customers recommended themselves.

Su Ping glanced at it and said, "There is a shortage of employees, but we accept employees here. The conditions are a bit high and ordinary people can't meet them."

Hearing Su Ping's words, the customers in the queue became a little curious.

"What are the conditions?"

Many people are eager to try.

If you can work as an employee in Su Ping, and get along with Su Ping day and night, wouldn't it be able to get closer, and relying on a strong person like Su Ping will be no good in the future?

"First of all, it must be legendary, and secondly talent must be high."

Su Ping said casually.

This is calculated according to the conditions of a formal employee. If there is no legend, it is useless to recruit him. After all, according to his current cultivation speed, it will not be long before the store will be able to receive the king beast to cultivate.

If the clerk is not a legend, it would be shameful to be shivered by the customer's king beast.

So this is the minimum requirement.


Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone who had previously dared hope and expectation were all dumbfounded.

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