Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 681

Vol 5 Chapter 681: Longwu Tower

"associate dean?"

Xu Kuang, who was sitting on the dragon scales, was stunned when he saw this person. He recognized at a glance that this was the deputy dean of Zhenwu Academy he had seen when he was enrolling!

What a character this is. There are huge statues in many places in the academy, and his brilliant achievements are engraved below!

And this big figure sitting at the top of the pyramid actually knew Su Ping?

"I won't hold you accountable for now. Tell me about my sister's disappearance." Su Ping's eyes were cold, and his voice didn't contain any emotion.

Seeing Su Ping's sharp eyes, Han Yuxiang's eyes trembled slightly, and his heartbeat stopped for two beats, for fear that Su Ping would directly attack him here.

He has a deep understanding of the courage of this lord.

Although he did not stay in Longjiang Base City, since leaving Longjiang, he has sent people to pay close attention to Su Ping's intelligence.

It is impossible for such a dangerous person to completely let go.

Therefore, he also knew about Su Ping's encounter with the Tang family and the Xingkong organization.

Especially the Tang family, who came home unscrupulously, suffered a great loss, and the Starry Sky Organization gave gifts to apologize. This is definitely a bold and unscrupulous **** of violence!

"Su, boss Su, let me explain this matter." Han Yuxiang couldn't help but said.

Su Pings eyes were cold, and he said: "I said, put aside yours beforehand, and talk about my sisters disappearance first. Dont write with me anymore. One second later, the chance of my sisters accident will be greater. If you don't want to die, let me make a long story short, right away!"

Mo Fengping and Xu Kuang next to them were shocked, their eyes widened.

Su Ping's words and tone, as if Han Yuxiang in front of him was his servant!

This is a very prestigious title extreme powerhouse!

In Mo Fengpings shocking eyes, Han Yuxiang oozes a lot of cold sweat on his forehead, and hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, its like this. Its seven days now. Seven days ago, your sister entered the Dragon Wu Tower to practice. After that, there was no more news. I sent someone to investigate the registration record of Longwu Pagoda. She did enter Longwu Pagoda."

"I sent someone to search around Longwu Pagoda. Except for some layers that even the most talented students in the college and I can't enter, no other places can find your sister."

"I investigated the surveillance barrier near Longwu Tower, but there was a problem with the barrier at the time and the record was broken."

"I sent people to search everywhere in the academy, but couldn't find your sister's trace. I went to Tianyan Pavilion and asked them to help me find it. But after a few days, they had no news. I had to ask Feng Ping to go to Longjiang. Just ask, after all, Longjiang went out of the other shore to attack the city not long ago. Did I get news about your sister's death, so I stole away..."

Han Yuxiang finished speaking in one breath, gasping a little, perhaps because he spoke too quickly, he swallowed two mouthfuls of saliva, and then looked at Su Ping nervously, wondering if his answer would satisfy him.

"Why don't you notify me the first time?" Su Ping said.

Han Yuxiang was bitter in his mouth and whispered: "I thought I could find it. I'm afraid I will find you in the first place. If I find it later, wouldn't it bother you?"

Su Ping stared at him. Obviously Han Yuxiang didn't tell the truth, but he also knew why he didn't notify him the first time, for fear of blaming him.

"Wait for me to go and see what Longwu Pagoda is." Su Ping said coldly.

Seeing that Su Ping hadn't done anything, Han Yuxiang was relieved, nodded quickly, and turned around to speak for Su Ping in front of him, behaving extremely diligently as if he were a concierge.

Seeing Han Yuxiang's series of performances, Mo Fengping and Xu Kuang were dumbfounded.

The image of Han Yuxiang's majesty and inaccessibility in their hearts collapsed in an instant. They couldn't imagine that such a person would have such a respect and humble appearance.

Xu Kuang turned his head to look at Su Ping, a little confused.

He has always known that Su Ping is very strong. Not only is he talented, he is also strong in combat, but he is a big boss with the title limit, and he is the vice president of Zhenwu Academy, so his status is so respectable!

Especially after coming to Zhenwu Academy, he experienced heavy pressure, and he even more deeply realized how high a person like Han Yuxiang is, but he did not expect that the other party would be so afraid of Su Ping, and he would be rude to Su Ping. , Behaved extremely cowardly, as if he was afraid of offending Su Ping.

Mo Fengping was also short-circuited in his brain, didn't turn around at all, and couldn't digest it for a while.


Su Ping thought transmission.

Han Yuxiang waved his hand, and the barrier at the door disappeared immediately, and he led the way angrily.

The guards on both sides of the academy also noticed Han Yuxiang's behavior. They were shocked. They couldn't help guessing about Su Ping's identity and background. Han Yuxiang could greet him personally and accompany him with laughter to please him.


The purgatory candle dragon beast stepped through the barrier and entered the school.

The enchantment of this Zhenwu Academy is seldom revoked. It is entered with enchantment tokens. Han Yuxiang is an exception for Su Ping, and Su Ping rides a large pet to enter, which also violates the regulations of the institution, but Han Yuxiang obviously does not Will go and say something to Su Pingduo in this regard, so as not to anger Su Ping again.

"Give me back my student token!"

Xu Kuang sat on the shoulders of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and as he entered the academy, he looked at the young people standing there and immediately shouted angrily.

These young people looked at each other. They all saw that Su Ping's status was extremely high, and Xu Kuang was able to get involved with such a person. They were a little guilty.

"What token, don't talk nonsense, we don't have one."

"That is, your token, you didn't take care of it and lost it, don't rely on us."

Several young people quickly said, trying to get rid of themselves.

Xu Kuang said angrily: "You robbed it, so you dare to talk nonsense!"

Su Ping's thoughts made the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stop.

He glanced at the young people and said indifferently: "Return the token to him."

"This senior, we didn't get his token, don't listen to his nonsense."

"Yes, senior, at the Hong family in the lower Yanxiao base..."


The young man who reported to his family hadn't finished speaking. He suddenly saw the giant dragon beast lifted its claws, blocking all the light and shadow, as if it was about to be slapped down, and his face was scared.

Bang bang bang!

The dragon claw kept taking pictures.

As the ground vibrated and the dragon's claws were close to the ground, the young men could not escape, and they were obviously flattened.

This sudden shot also stunned Mo Fengping, Xu Kuang, and the guards at the door.

If you say it, just do it?

And at this gate, blatantly killing people? !

You know, one of the young people, the elite of the Hong family in Yanxiao base city, is now so dead, how should he explain to the Hong family?

The other young people are also from large families, all have backgrounds, and they are extremely difficult to mess with.

When Han Yuxiang saw this scene, only his pupils shrank slightly, but he quickly recovered. His heart was beating wildly, and he felt the murderous aura that would overflow from Su Ping at any time. He didn't dare to say more, and hurriedly laughed, saying: "Boss Su, What do you care about with these juniors, dirty the paws of your pet."

Su Ping said indifferently: "There is a lot of crazy blood on their bodies. They obviously robbed him of his things, and they lied before you and me not to admit it. Damn it."

Hearing Su Ping's understatement, Mo Fengping opened his mouth, unable to speak.

Especially when he saw his teacher's reaction, in addition to being speechless, his cognition collapsed.


Xu Kuang withdrew his gaze blankly and turned his head to look at Su Ping. Obviously he did not expect that Su Ping would actually help him kill these people directly. Although he wanted to skin and eat these people, his resentment returned to resentment. He knew that he couldn't do it, unless it was many years in the future.

It's just that this hatred, Su Ping actually took it out for him.

The dragon claws converged, and there was indeed a pool of blood on the ground. Two dragon claws picked up a token chain in it, clamped the claw tips, lifted it and threw it to Su Ping.

Su Ping did not answer, and the chain thrown at him was directly transferred to Xu Kuang's hands.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast continued to walk forward, shaking the ground humming.


Xu Kuang looked at the token chain in his hand, was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly bit his lips tightly.

He knew that Su Ping had never admitted his student status. It was he himself who was stubbornly pressing Su Ping, but in front of him Su Ping was willing to stand up for him. Those who were killed by Su Ping had backgrounds and were insulted by him. During this time, he knew very well how strong the backgrounds of those people were.

But Su Ping was willing to bear it for him, and he could hardly repay this kindness.

Xu Kuang lowered his head, said nothing, and didn't know what he was thinking.

Mo Fengping also recovered. He glanced at his teacher, saw that the teacher didn't say anything, and fell silent, but Yu Guang looked at Su Ping from time to time, and his heart trembled more and more, feeling that he was standing next to this young man. , There is a kind of pressure that makes it hard to breathe, and wants to pinch off his nose.

As Han Yuxiang led the way, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast moved forward, walking on the green avenue in the university, stepping on the ground with shallower dragon claw footprints.

The road here is extremely strong, even if it bears the physique of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, it has not been damaged.

I met some students along the way. When they saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, many students cast their horrified eyes, especially when they saw Han Yuxiang in front of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, it caused a small commotion.

No one in Zhenwu Academy does not know Han Yuxiang.

It is unheard of that there are people riding large-scale battle pets in Zhenwu Academy.

"Who is that person?"

"It seems to know the deputy dean."

"Is the teacher Mo on that shoulder, what's the other situation, covered in blood."

"Go, follow along and take a look."

Many students were far behind Su Ping, and they were very curious about Su Ping's identity.

People who can walk in the academy with such a big swing, as well as the deputy dean leading the way, such an identity, they really can't imagine, unless it is a legend?

This speculation, like a fatal attraction, caused many students to follow.

If it is truly legendary, it is definitely exciting news.

There are legends coming to Zhenwu Academy, and they are also fortunate to have a look at this legendary supernatural powerhouse!

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