Astral Pet Store Book 5 Chapter 682

Vol 5 Chapter 682: The Most Talented Students

"There is Longwu Pagoda."

Under the leadership of Han Yuxiang, several people passed through the green avenue of the academy, passed through several barrier-blocked areas, and finally came to the foot of the sacred mountain in the academy.

There is a square here with a giant peak standing in the center.

This giant peak is a bit peculiar, with a height of more than a thousand feet. The body of the peak is slightly curved, like a number "7" with a rounded angle. The body is covered with moss and there are black chains.

At this moment, in the square in front of Jufeng, many students gathered, whispering about something.


As the purgatory candle dragon beast approached, the vibration of the ground shocked these students. They all turned their heads and looked over in surprise. When they saw the huge figure of the purgatory candle dragon beast, they were all shocked.

It is forbidden to ride large battle pets in the academy. This is the rule.

Soon, some students had sharp eyes and saw Han Yuxiang flying ahead.

"It's the deputy dean!"

"Is that the vice president's favorite?"

"I can't see that there are people on that dragon beast, and this dragon beast, do you think it looks like a purgatory candle dragon beast?"

"It seems to be, but it seems to be a little different from the one on the illustration book. The scales and bulk seem to be larger."

Many students were surprised and suspicious.

Soon, Han Yuxiang came to Jufeng.

"Vice Dean is good."

"Vice Dean is good."

All the students shouted together, and at the same time they opened a path, looking curiously at the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast behind and Su Ping on the shoulders of the Dragon Beast.

"This is Longwu Tower?"

Su Ping looked at the curved giant peak in front of him, frowning slightly. For some reason, he felt a faint sense of oppression from the giant peak, as if he was facing something dangerous.

He has a keen sense of danger, which is an instinct that he has cultivated through countless lives and deaths in the world.

"Well, this is the Longwu Pagoda. It is a sacred place for cultivation in our school. It has similarities with the dragon pillars in the secret territory of Longtai Mountain, but this is not our imitation based on that dragon pillar, but a natural cultivation site. Land."

Han Yuxiang glanced at Su Ping and said in a low voice: "Your sister disappeared after entering Longwu Pagoda. We suspected that she might have entered a deeper place inside and got trapped inside, but then I let The currently most talented student in the academy went in and searched all the way, but didn't see her, so she basically wouldn't be here."

"Why send a student to look for it. If you don't go by yourself, can you not enter?" Su Ping glanced at the giant peak and said to Han Yuxiang.

Han Yuxiang smiled bitterly: "Boss Su Mingjian, this Dragon Martial Pagoda is very weird and has mysterious power blessings. Anyone over 24 years old cannot enter. No matter how high the cultivation level is, this is our countless test. As a result, anyone over this age cant get in no matter what methods they use."

"Age limit?"

Su Ping was slightly startled, but he didn't expect such a strange rule.

Mysterious power?

He suddenly thought of the reason.

This is the power of rules!

The power of the rules that can be formulated only by the strong of the starry sky!

Once rules are established and the land is delimited, the world must abide by this rule.


The Dragon Martial Pagoda in front of you is related to the starry sky class powerhouse?

Could it be a star-level treasure?

Su Ping frowned slightly, raised his head and looked at the Longwu Pagoda, and felt the appearance of this giant peak, a little strange, it seemed a bit familiar, but he couldn't tell where he was familiar.

He retracted his gaze and didn't worry about it anymore. It was most important to find Su Lingyue first.

"I'll go in and take a look."

Su Ping said, leaving the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast with his toes, and at the same time he took Xu Kuang next to him and landed on the open space in front.

Seeing this, Mo Fengping quickly jumped down with his feet, but after all, he couldn't walk in the air. When he landed, he waved his feet and stamped out afterimages, which seemed to be displaying some secret technique and landing easily.

Su Ping didn't look back, a whirlpool had already emerged next to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

Knowing what Su Ping meant, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast stepped directly in and received it into the summoning whirlpool.

Seeing Su Ping about to enter Longwu Pagoda, Han Yuxiang was taken aback, and quickly landed, saying: "Boss Su, what I just said is true, and I never deceived you."

"I know."

"Uh..." Han Yuxiang was stunned, knowing he was still going in?

In his opinion, Su Ping's age is obviously over 24, otherwise, how could such a cultivation level be possible?

At this time, there was a small commotion ahead.

"Senior Pei is out!"

"Senior Pei has been in for so long, this time it should set a new record, right?"

"Look at the recorder, it's going to be announced!"

Excited voices sounded, and the students who had previously been attracted by Han Yuxiang and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast also recovered and rushed forward.

I saw a handsome young man with a cold face, walking out of the giant mountain with his hands on his back.

Walking beside him was a young man wearing a white top hat and a strange official uniform. Holding a bronze book in his hand, the young man walked straight to the black monument next to the giant peak under everyone's attention.

The boy pressed the copper book in his hand into the groove under the black giant monument, which just fit, and soon, a golden light appeared on the giant monument, from bottom to top, until it rose to the top, then freeze.

When the golden light was frozen, the number under the "level" column behind the name that was covered by the golden light changed, from the original 17 to 18.

"Eighteen floors!!"

"Oh my God!"

"Is Senior Pei still a human being? It's too scary. This is already a combat power comparable to the limit of title!"

The crowd exclaimed, and many people took a cold breath, showing horror.

The second place is only sixteen floors, a full difference of two floors!

Don't look at it as two layers, but even if it is only one layer apart, there is a huge gap.

Everyone looked at the indifferent, handsome young man, they all had the feeling of looking at monsters, and their eyes were full of awe and admiration. This is the super genius who is the best!

In the face of such a genius, the so-called genius outside is nothing but the stuff of bad streets.

Behind the crowd, Han Yuxiang also noticed this, and when he saw the changing number, he was taken aback.

"Senior Pei is too strong!"

"Senior Pei, when I graduate later, can I mix with you?"

"Senior Pei, I will always be your follower!"

The surrounding students all gathered around the youth, most of the girls showed admiration, and some males also looked admiring and pleased.

They all have their own backgrounds. Being able to make friends with such super geniuses in Zhenwu Academy will greatly help them in their future status in the family. As long as the latter does not fall, they will shine in the future. After all, Guang With the current results, it has been able to squeeze into the historical ranking of Zhenwu Academy!

"Give way."

The youth spoke, his voice calm, but with convincing power.

The people in front of him immediately spread out a path, unconsciously jamming and continuing to tout, which is completely different from those starless fans.

They make friends with each other because they have their own thoughts, rather than just admiring and loving them.


This young man walked out of the separated crowd and came straight to Han Yuxiang. His eyes fell on Han Yuxiang, and he paid no attention to Su Ping beside him. He nodded slightly, which was regarded as a teacher's salute, and said: "Master is here to see Mine, I just finished my retreat, and learned something in the Guili Eight Swordsmanship. I came here for a test, and the effect was pretty good."

He spoke neither humble nor humble, very calm and calm.

If it were to change places, Han Yuxiang would definitely not be able to restrain his euphoria and praised him greatly.

Stepping into the eighteenth floor of Longwu Pagoda, this recorded news will soon spread to the entire student body, enough to shock all other students.

This is a sign threshold!

Being able to step into the eighteenth floor means that the combat power is already comparable to the titled ultimate powerhouse!

But Pei Tianyi in front of him is just a student, he is less than 24 years old. With such terrible potential, looking at the entire Asian continent, he is a genius among geniuses. There are almost seven hopes of becoming a legend in the future. to make!

Even with this talent, the university can send it to the peak tower, follow the legend to practice, and with the legend to guide, the probability of epiphany will be greatly improved!

"Tianyi, you did a good job." Han Yuxiang nodded, trying to say something, but restrained, even the smile on his face was a little reluctant, so it seemed a bit false.

Pei Tianyi was slightly startled, Han Yuxiang had never seen such a reaction, nor did he expect it.

As usual, his performance is enough to make Han Yuxiang shock and ecstasy.

A gleam of doubt flashed in his eyes, but he quickly converged and felt relieved.

His vision is no longer limited to Zhenwu Academy. This is just his pedal, and his name has long been spread, even if he is only a student in Zhenwu Academy, his popularity in the title circle has already Surpassed Dao Zun and his teacher Han Yuxiang.

He also knows that with his talent, the university will give him the highest treatment, and when he enters the peak tower, his probability of becoming a legend will increase a lot.

His goal is not only to become a legend, but also to become the strongest existence in the legend, surpassing those strong men who graduated in the history of Zhenwu Academy.

And his teacher Han Yuxiang, although he is his guide, but his potential has been exhausted, and he is so old that he has little hope of becoming a legend, let alone other things.

"Teacher, nothing else, I will go back to practice first." Pei Tianyi said calmly.

Han Yuxiang nodded slightly, "Go ahead and keep on working hard."

"and many more."

Su Ping next to him suddenly spoke.

Just as Pei Tianyi was about to lift her foot to leave, when she heard Su Ping's words, she frowned slightly and looked at him.

Su Ping said to Han Yuxiang, "This is your student? Is he the one you asked to enter the Longwu Pagoda to find my sister?"

"Well, it is Tianyi. He is not only my student, but also the strongest student of our Zhenwu Academy in this class, and judging from the record he just set, he is also our Zhenwu Academy's most talented student in the past century. "

Han Yuxiang hurriedly replied, changing as usual, he said this in a very proud tone, but now he said it with some caution, for fear of a bad answer.

Su Ping nodded and asked, "Then my sister is in Longwu Pagoda, how many floors can I usually go to?"

"I've seen her previous record, it seems to be the fourteenth floor."


"No, it's not like, it's fourteenth floor."

Han Yuxiang was a little nervous. Su Ping entrusted Su Lingyue to him. This was also the condition he had promised Su Ping. Now Su Lingyue is missing. If Su Ping feels that he doesnt care about Su Lingyue again, then It is hard to blame.

Su Ping gave him a cold look, and then said to Pei Tianyi next to him: "You went to Longwu Tower to find my sister earlier, did you find any clues?"


Pei Tianyi frowned and looked at Su Ping with a slight discomfort.

His expression has written his own words: Why should I tell you?

"Tianyi, don't be rude." Han Yuxiang saw Pei Tianyi's reaction, and said quickly: "Quickly talk about it, and repeat the process of your search."

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