Astral Pet Store Book Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Illustrated Book

Xu Kuang saw that Su Ping was selfless, and he didn't dare to say that he wanted to cut the line, so he ran back to the line obediently.

After Xu Kuang left, Su Ping continued to entertain the customers behind.

Before long, at the prompt of Joanna, Su Ping knew that the pet seat was full again.

"Everyone, seats are full, sorry."

Su Ping had to apologize to the customers who lined up.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the queuing crowd suddenly mourned, especially at the forefront, and it was their turn soon to mourn.

Su Ping looked a little embarrassed. After all, people waited in vain. He wanted to wait back to get a sign and write the number of receptions per day, so that when customers came and saw that the number of people in the queue exceeded the reception number, If you leave on your own, you won't spend time here in vain.

When Su Ping was thinking, Xu Kuang, who was standing behind the team, ran over. After waiting for some of his surroundings to spread out, he lay secretly on the counter and said, "Master, have you reserved a place for me?"

Su Pingdao: "No."

Xu Kuang was stunned and immediately wailed: "Master, I'm your own apprentice. How can you treat everyone the same!"

Su Ping glanced at him, and he did not make a mistake about this matter. Under the rules of the system, the visitor was a guest, he could not be picky, otherwise he could set up rules and give priority to those who receive professional training services. Some big customers will be missed because of full seats.

"I said, you are not my apprentice, it is useless to call it many times."

"Master...you are too ruthless!"

Su Ping ignored him. At this time, some exclamations came from the crowd that was about to spread. Su Ping looked up and found that some customers who were going to leave had gathered in front of the large LCD TV in the store.

At this moment, the league competition in the stadium is being broadcast live. Today is another five groups of battles, and the game seems to have begun at this moment.

This big LCD TV was only installed yesterday, and Su Ping secretly admired the efficiency of his mother, and he got things done that day!

"It's the battle of the next five groups."

Xu Kuang also turned his head to see it, a trace of dignity flashed in his eyes, and immediately walked over to stand behind the crowd and watch.

Su Ping glanced at the live broadcast of the league and showed little interest. At the moment, there was no one at the counter. He also sat on the soft chair behind the counter, meditation on the system in his heart, and asked about the interruption by Qin Shaotian.

The system seems to have great patience in this regard, so Su Ping continued the following words directly.

Strengthen and enlighten!

This is the ability that junior educators must master!

The reinforcement is divided into more detailed, there are different aspects of reinforcement, you must master!

The spirit is open, enlightening the pet spirituality, according to the system, even a common spirit grass can evolve into a first-order monster under the spirit of the nurturer, even if the spirit is successful!

But this is the monster, after the spirit is opened, there will be a certain probability to realize the talent!

It was not the first time that Su Ping heard the word "Talent". He thought that when Qin Shuhai gave him an invitation letter to the King's League League not long ago, he mentioned something called a talent stone, which was one of the prizes of the King's League League.

"System, what is talent, I remember when upgrading the foster position, you also said that the aura in the foster position is moisturizing, and there is a certain probability that the pet will understand the talent?"

Su Ping questioned.

"Yes, the higher the level of foster care, the stronger the aura. The aura can improve the spirituality of the beast. Under long-term immersion, the beast has a chance to realize the talent, but this probability is lower. The current medium foster position is used. Say, after soaking for a month, the probability of comprehending talent is...0.005%!"

Su Ping was dumb.

Only one month of soaking in a medium foster care place?

"Talent is a unique ability, with different magical effects, and talents have strengths and weaknesses. Strongness can make an attribute increase tenfold in a short period of time. Weaknesses only play auxiliary functions such as perception and camouflage. If it is high enough, you can realize a variety of talents, and the talents can be used together!"

The system said calmly.

Su Ping's eyes widened.

Strong talent can increase a certain attribute ten times? !

He even doubts whether the system is wrong, what is the concept of a tenfold increase, if it is to increase the strength, then can not instantly blow a comparable person into a bubble? !

"System, didn't you joke with me?"

System: (##)

Su Ping's uncomfortable expression appeared in his mind. Obviously this was displayed by the system. He was a little stunned. When will this communication be expressed?

With a few words in his heart, Su Ping calmed his mood, and if he no longer doubted the system, he knew that the system was still rigorous as far as pets were concerned.

"This talent ability is so strong, it is no wonder that the small skeletons have been fighting for so long. They have died countless times, but none of them have realized it. It seems that this thing is difficult to force out by the death squeeze alone."

Su Ping secretly said.

The harder it is, the more powerful this thing is.

"System, how can I learn to be spiritual?" Su Ping asked immediately.

"There are three ways."

The system said: "First, buy the Kailing Book in the store."

"Second, find someone to study with a teacher."

"Third, learn by yourself."


Su Ping is speechless, looking for a teacher? Several people can understand this kind of skill. Even if someone really understands it, it would be a ghost to teach him.

In other words, isn't this the skill mastered by the junior trainer, why did he suddenly feel like he hasn't seen it on the whole Blue Star.


Su Ping suddenly thought again when thinking of the system's vision settings.

The junior trainers in this market, should they be arranged according to a certain peak period?

What's so... Do you want me to start so high!

He shed tears in his heart.

It feels like without a textbook, you can cross the previous entry and foundation in one breath and directly reach the master level, which is a hundred times more difficult than the step-by-step cultivation!

However, among the three methods mentioned by the system, Su Ping feels that the only thing he can count on right now is perhaps the first one.

Only, he always has the feeling of being targeted by profiteers.

Su Ping moved his mind and called up the system store.

After the store was upgraded to LV3, the store also automatically reached the LV3 level.

It is rare to see the elementary trap ring, and most of it is the intermediate trap ring, and occasionally the advanced trap ring!

Su Ping bought this high-level trap ring once. Although the price is 100,000 energy, which is 100 times that of the intermediate trap ring, the effect is very amazing.

Capture the probability of order nine pets, 100%!

10% probability of capturing King Beast!

Just throw it away, you can catch monsters below the king level 100%!

If you encounter a moment of destiny, even the king beast can catch it!

Imagine a hundred thousand energy, that is, ten million star coins, there is a 10% probability of catching a king beast, what a huge profit!

Normally, one-tenth of the success rate, that is, 100 million star coins for a king beast.

However, under normal circumstances, one out of ten may not be able to, and a 90% probability of failure may allow you to not even lose ninety times!

But in any case, it is always right to hoard, even if you don't catch the king beast, grab the peak ninth-order monster beast, you will earn it!

After the store is upgraded, Su Ping will look at the store at least once a day. After all, it refreshes automatically every 24 hours. However, during this time, he has never seen anything like a placard in the store.

"System, what does this psychic book look like?"

"When you see it, you will recognize it." The system said coldly.

Su Ping was speechless.

He looked at the refresh below and sighed in his heart. Now he had to start the Krypton Gold refresh journey again.

Otherwise, it is automatically refreshed once a day 24 hours a day. Who knows how long it takes to encounter this enlightening book.

Now that the store has sufficient income, Su Ping is not so distressed when it refreshes. He brushed it five times in a row, and once encountered a high-level trapping ring in the middle and bought it directly.

Two more times were medium-sized traps, and Su Ping bought them. No matter what level of traps, they are consumables, and they are not loss-free.

In addition, there are some rare materials, but Su Ping cant use it. Of course, maybe he just cant use it at present, but he is not willing to buy it, the price is too expensive, and the energy is used on the knife edge, although his current store income Not bad, but there will be an upgrade shop and a chaotic spirit pool in the back, and breeding pets in the chaotic spirit pool, one million energy at a time, is also a huge amount of consumption.

After five refreshes, the energy consumed by the refresh has grown to thousands, which is beyond Su Ping's tolerance and can only be done today.

"System, is there anything that can increase your luck?" Su Ping asked gloomily after closing the shop.

The system said indifferently: "Fate touches the heavenly path, nothing can affect it, the only way is..."

"What is it?"



Su Ping felt to be split.

At present, the cultivation of spirits can only be entrusted to the system store. Su Ping's mind is turned to strengthening, and he said in his heart: "Is learning these three ways of strengthening?"


Su Ping sighed in his heart, just refreshed five times, he did not write any skill books or similar things, the probability of such things appearing is extremely low.

Is it true that you really only have to understand it yourself?

With a bite in his heart, he was secretly cruel.

Why do you realize it by yourself? With my face value, I can't realize that I can't achieve a strengthened skill? !

Thinking of this, he is going to cultivate the world to try today.

At this time, there was a cry of exclamation outside.

Su Pings thoughts also returned to the store from the communication with the system. He looked up and sent it out to the customers who watched the live TV broadcast in the store. He looked online and saw two figures of the ninth order pets on the live TV broadcast, but All have just entered adulthood, only the seventh-order state.

Shaking his head, Su Ping returned his gaze.

The pen in his hand was striking the counter, thinking about how to cultivate pets of war, targeted cultivation.

I was a bit forgetful in my thinking, and I didn't know how long it had passed. Suddenly a figure came and called, "Master."

Su Ping frowned, withdrew his thoughts from his contemplation, glanced at him, Yu Guangxun turned to his back, and found that there were fewer than half of the customers before the live TV broadcast, and there were still people playing on the live TV broadcast, but the pets he used were not very strong. .

"Master, Ye Hao and Su Yanying are also the top ten in your shop, right?" Xu Kuang asked.

Su Ping looked at him with a serious expression and said, "Yes."

When Xu Kuang heard this answer, his face suddenly showed distress, and said, "I still want to teach Ye Hao that kid... Master, do you have any way to increase my fighting pets' strength?"

"Today is full, you will come early tomorrow, I will nurture you." Su Ping said.

Xu Kuang smiled bitterly: "Master, tomorrow is the challenge of sprinting into the top ten. Tomorrow is too late to cultivate, and I just found out that the guys in the top ten are quite strong, and I have to avoid the kid from Ye Hao, There is also a girl named Su Yanying who can only find others now."

"And in the top ten, in addition to the aunt, there is the monster Qin Shaotian, and the man I lost yesterday, the pastor is not easy to mess with..."

He had just watched several groups of battles, and found that those who could hit the top ten were not easy to mess with.

If he is only in the top ten, he still has some hope.

But to enter the top five...

This means that he must be strong in the top ten!

Su Ping was shocked when he heard Xu Kuang's words, only to find that he seemed to ignore him a little. He thought for a moment, and suddenly found that Xu Kuang's situation was indeed a bit dangerous.

It should be no problem to enter the top ten, but his guarantee service to Xu Kuang is the top five. Judging from the performance of other players in the current game situation, this seems a bit risky.

After all, Xu Kuang came late, the pets were nurtured less often, and they did not have the divine power. They could not display the magical skills. If they had bad luck in the top ten battles, they would encounter Su Lingyue or Qin Shaotian in the battle group. If you encounter other hard bones in the loser group, you will be kicked out of the top five.

"It seems...it's really difficult." Su Ping frowned slightly.

He just estimated it, with Xu Mangs fighting power, if he hits the top 10, there is no problem. If he hits the top 5, there are some chances of winning. Of course, the premise is to change him to command the battle, but this is obviously impossible. The battle command and response of this is obviously not enough to watch in such a top ten game. This is the easiest place to fall off the chain.

Moreover, in case of successive encounters with strong men, entering the top five is basically no luck, luck is also crucial, just like the non-chief Liu Jianxin who obviously has the top ten combat power but missed the top ten.

Seeing Su Ping frowning, Xu Kuang also realized that it was a little tricky, and quickly said: "Don't forget the master, don't be embarrassed. I just talked casually. Anyway, I can be in the top ten, and I have already been in the limelight. Contented."

Su Ping came back, looked at him, shook his head, reached out and patted his shoulder, said: "You are right, fortunately you reminded me, otherwise the reputation of my shop may be damaged. ."


"Cultivation is too late, how about pet beasts?" Su Ping asked.


Xu Kuang was stunned, wondering: "Master, do you still have pets in this shop, why haven't you heard of it before?"

"Now you heard."

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