Astral Pet Store Book Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Illustrated Book Chapter Three

Bring up the Unreal Roulette for the draw.


Su Ping said.

The roulette rolls slowly, turning faster and faster.

Su Pingmo counted to seven and stopped.

The roulette stopped slowly, and then a dark purple scroll bouncing out of it.

"Congratulations to the host, randomly selected a volume of inferior psychic illustrations!"

"Receive it?"

Spiritual illustration book?

Su Ping froze, his eyes suddenly showing surprise.

This is the only skill that the primary trainer of the system says he has not mastered yet!

Master the Kailing Pictorial Book, you can open the pet beast talent!

Su Ping's eyes glowed when he thought of the divine talents that the system said before.


"You get a low-level psychic illustration, a copy of the "Fast Speed Illustration"." the system said.

Immediately afterwards, Su Ping saw the dark purple scroll, which appeared in his storage space. When his thoughts touched it, he immediately felt a little movement, and could absorb the scroll into his thoughts.


Su Ping did not hesitate to absorb directly.

The dark purple scroll whispered and disappeared. At the next moment, Su Ping felt an extremely complicated message flow into his mind, sweeping like a tide.

A series of strange patterns appeared in Su Ping's sight.

There are various patterns of monsters and beasts, and there are also strange patterns of earthworms. In addition, there are a long and complicated message, which is simple and mysterious.

Su Ping was completely immersed in this vast ocean of information.

for a long time.

When Su Ping opened his eyes again, the confusion in his eyes dissipated, replaced by shock.


The person who created this enlightened book is definitely an ancient wizard!

"The potential of life is so great!"

"No wonder it's called Kai Ling Pictorial, everything has spirits, and all can be spirited!"

"Does this quick-opening spirit book inspire a low-speed talent?"

Thinking of the magical use of this psychic illustration, Su Ping couldn't help but eagerly try to summon Er Gouzi to try it out, but this occasion is obviously not suitable for this occasion, although this may be a place that Er Gouzi prefers , But there are others waiting outside, not suitable for long stays.

Suppressing the excitement, Su Ping went out.


"Why haven't you been back for so long?"

"Will it not fall into the pit?"

"Hush, don't talk nonsense, your words have to be heard in people's ears. It doesn't matter if you don't care about you. If you want to care about it, you can't eat it."

In the Level 7 Quiz Hall, everyone is waiting here.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping went to a bathroom and went so long.

Even if it is a squat size, time is enough.

The vice president also waited for a bit boring, but during this time, he had passed the news out, and also notified the president, and a top educator was out. This is not a small news. All media will be notified and spread throughout the base city of Holy Light.

"Sorry for the wait."

Su Ping walked out of the bathroom and saw everyone waiting, coughing lightly.

Seeing that Su Ping finally gave up, everyone stopped talking quietly. The vice president saw Su Ping, relieved, and greeted with a smile, said: "Mr. Su, your top trainer medal and identity registration, I have already notified them, but the medals of the top trainers are customized, and you have to wait a few days. What are your requirements and suggestions for the medal, you can always communicate with the designer."

Su Ping doesn't care what style, all he wants is this privilege.

"Anything will do, as soon as possible." Su Ping said.

Seeing that Su Ping was so casual, the vice president was also somewhat helpless, but it was a matter of wearing for a lifetime, but he did not persuade much, saying: "Then I will let the designer, the silver frost star moon dragon you nurtured, As the main element of your medal."

"Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. This was just what he gave to Joanna to help nurture. He participated very little, and compared with the small skulls, the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon is obviously a big difference.

"Then use the look of my shop as a medal element." Su Ping thought for a while and said, since it is necessary to design something, the shop is the most suitable, but this is his biggest dependence and what really changes his life. .


The vice president was stunned and somewhat stunned. How could such a tacky thing as a store be designed into the medal as an element.

How ugly is that?

General nurturers cultivate the most outstanding beasts by themselves as elements of the medal.

"This one"

"Can't it?"

"It's not impossible, are you sure?"


"OK then."

The vice president smiled bitterly and had no choice but to agree.

Su Ping's eyes turned to the crowd, swept, and found the figure.

"Come here," he said.

Ding Fengchun shrunk in the crowd, his body shook slightly, but he didn't expect to escape.

Feeling the gaze projected around him, his face was blue and white. If there was no such thing, he would still be the focus of attention among the masters. Even the top nurturers would greet him with respect and respect.

But now, he can clearly feel that the faces of others look strange to him.

He had regretted that he wanted to hit the wall, if there was no such talkative, nothing.

However, he did not think about it. If Su Ping did not meet him, he would be someone else's.

At that time, it is others who end up drinking hatred, but this humiliation is now returned to him.

"How do you do it without me?"

Su Ping said.

He has no anger or killing intentions towards this person, just like looking at an irrelevant inanimate object. The reason why he is called out is just to tell others that his gambling is not on the stage. Can exit safely.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Ding Fengchun's face was unsightly, and he looked up at the vice president and opened his mouth slightly, wanting him to ask for help.

The vice president's face was also a bit embarrassed. Instead of looking at Ding Fengchun, he turned around.

He couldn't persuade what he promised.

Ding Fengchun looked at Bai Lao again.

Bai Lao was expressionless. He didn't feel good about Ding Fengchun at this moment. If it were not for him, he would not offend Su Ping and almost lose his own people!

What's more, the background of Su Ping's ability is not terrible.

This is equivalent to almost establishing an enemy for him!

Seeing that neither of them was willing to come forward, Ding Fengchun's face was ugly, and finally he gritted his teeth and gave Su Ping to kneel on the ground without saying a word.

Su Ping glanced and said, "If no vice president came out, I should have killed you, do you know?"

Ding Fengchun shook his body.

he knows.

The boy in front of him is definitely a ruthless monster!

Say it, do it!

The key really has the ability to challenge!

Because of this, he was willing to kneel at this moment, and dared not continue to provoke Su Ping.

Although he was resentful and resentful in his heart, he hadn't lost his head and left Qingshan in his hands, he could still be the king of the mountains.

"Leave your life on the face of the vice president, but also on the face of other trainers. After all, it is too ugly to let a master die from a cheap mouth." Su Ping said coldly.

Ding Fengchun's face was ugly, but he didn't argue.

He is indeed cheap, and his intestines are regretful now.

The vice president next to him heard Su Pings words and smiled bitterly in his heart. Ding Fengchuns gesture at the moment was ugly enough, but fortunately, this matter was passed out, and it also counted as a severe warning to other trainers at all levels. There are not a few people like Ding Fengchun who abuse their private power by force.

And this phenomenon is difficult to control for a while.

"You are all gone, Mr. Bai, you have arranged for them to go to the new exchange meeting venue. The exchange meeting will be held as scheduled. I and Mr. Su have other things to talk about." The vice president turned and said.

Bai Lao nodded and looked at Su Ping, his face complex.

Everyone looked at Ding Fengchun who was kneeling in front of the young man. He thought of the majesty of the latter on weekdays. At the moment, he was so majestic and utterly sighed and silent. He also felt the majesty and dignity of the young man. He should not be easily offended. It is a top educator, and also has the combat power of the title limit. It is a more terrible character than Lone Star and Yan Zun!

With Bai Lao's greeting, everyone dispersed.

The vice chairman also let the kneeling Ding Fengchun leave, so as not to let him kneel here all the time, and his face was a bit ugly.

Su Ping didn't stop him, his anger had disappeared.

As the crowd left, the vice president took Su Ping to his own office building.

"Mr. Su really doesn't think about it, join us?" The vice president threw an olive branch at Su Ping again without hesitation. In addition to Su Ping, he also valued Su Ping's identity.

He has never heard of such extreme double-cultivation monsters. He wants to know the background behind Su Ping.

"I don't think about it for the time being." Su Ping shook his head without saying anything.

The vice president sighed regretfully.

No more persecution, he turned to the topic and said, "It just happens that your medal will be produced for a few days. In these days, the base city is also holding a nurturing teacher conference. Choose some excellent young nurturers. Are you interested to see it? If it is appropriate, it can be accepted as a student. After all, a good student is difficult to find."

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