Astral Pet Store Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Quickly Cultivate Thanks To The Leader Of Love Song Lu

The red flame dog thumped in the magma, screaming like a dog.

It has evolved into a ferocious roar that is full of deterrence, and it has also turned into a thin dog bark, full of panic and pain.

The red hair on its body was instantly ignited by magma and turned into a blazing flame. The whole body burned into a blaze. After a while, the sound faded into a charred black body, and then slowly sinked into the magma pool and was continued to decompose. .

! !

The three beasts next to him were dumbfounded and instantly shrank to the other side of the rock. They shivered and looked at Su Ping in horror.

They can feel that Su Ping is now their master, but this master is very different from the previous master. They were all small sweethearts held in the palm of their hands and were carefully cared for, but to Su Ping here... Someone abuses the beast! !

No, this is no longer a abuse, but a slaughter!

The three pet beasts trembled, and the look of prayer appeared in their eyes.

Su Ping ordered a purple flame cat to come over with a contract. This is a fast-attack fire beast. It is extremely sensitive. It is a sixth-order bloodline. It is currently a fourth-order strength.

Ziyan Cat opened his purple cat's eyes and looked at him in horror, but under the pressure of the contract, it could only obey, slowly crawling forward to Su plane.

Su Ping waited impatiently for a long time. When he slowly crawled to his front, he kicked it without saying a word and kicked it away.


Ziyan Cat screamed and her hair burst.

Then... turned into a parabola, slammed into the magma pool, set off several heat waves, and soon the hair on the body was burned, and the whole body was surrounded by flames. After a while, the screaming stopped and the black body sank into the magma in.

! ! !

Seeing this scene, the two remaining beasts hugged tightly together, their hairs erected, and they looked at Su Ping with their fearful eyes wide open.

"Come here." Su Ping ordered again.

This is also for the good of these beasts, not to hone between life and death, how can he force the potential? In this nurturing plane, if you die, you can be resurrected. If you follow their masters on the battlefield and go to the deserted area in the future, then you will be really dead!

A Yanjia frog trembled and moved the frog's claws slowly towards Su Ping, as if slowly tentatively advancing on the edge of life and death.

"Ink marks." Su Ping kicked off angrily.



The Yanjia frog also stepped into the footsteps and fell into the magma. It jumped in fear and trampled the magma out of sparks, but failed to jump a few times. His body was burned extensively and eventually sank.

The remaining little fire lion was almost paralyzed, and yellow urine had overflowed beneath him. His eyes were full of despair and fear.

Su Ping is too lazy to say anything again, just rushing to kick.

The little fire lion thrashed in the magma a few times, and soon became black.

"Resurrected in place." Su Ping made a choice.

The four beasts were quickly resurrected beside him. After the resurrection, the four beasts were obviously a little ignorant, but before they thought, Su Ping's big feet swept over and kicked them into the magma pool one by one.

When the little fire lion fell, the movement was greater, and the splashed magma fell on Su Ping. Su Ping thought it would be very hot, but found that it was just a little hot, but it was not so painful.

Su Ping was a little surprised, suddenly thought of something, squatted by the rock, stretched his fingers and slowly touched the magma below.

He was ready to shrink his hands at any time, but the moment he touched, he found that it was not as hot as he imagined. This temperature was completely acceptable to him.

"Is this the reason of the Jinwu God's body?" Su Ping stunned, and immediately thought of his Jinwu God's body, which had completed the first stage, which was considered a fifth-order war body. The **** demon body is only cultivated to the first level, but its resistance to flame is already extremely high.

Su Ping extended his entire palm into the flame and soaked it in it.

Very hot and comfortable.

It's like taking a sauna and a hot spring, only slightly higher than the water temperature of the hot spring.

"Hmm..." Su Ping stripped his clothes on the spot and received them in the storage space. Then he sat on the rock and swung his feet in the magma below.

The hot temperature makes him feel comfortable all over, and soaking his feet can reduce fatigue.

Moreover, while soaking his feet, Su Ping found that the rich fire element contained in the magma seems to be slowly flowing into the body, being absorbed by his body and restoring his physical strength, which feels like... eating.

The Jinwu God Demon eats flames, and Su Ping cultivated to a layer of the Jin Wu God Demon Body, barely able to ingest energy from the flame, soaked for a long time, and even play an exercise effect.

"Resurrected in place." At the same time, Su Ping continued to resurrect the four beasts. The newly resurrected beast saw a naked man sitting next to it, all froze for a moment, when he saw Su Ping turned his head, Only one by one was frightened and backed up again and again, terrified.

Su Ping ordered them to jump into the magma.

A few beasts are hesitant. Although they will obey the suppression of the contractual power, they are not completely inviolable. There are some fierce beasts, and there will be cases of biting the Lord.

Seeing that they were disobedient, Su Ping got up and threw them into the magma manually.

Chiyan dog grinned and shouted at Su Ping, deterring him from coming over.

Su Ping kicked it out, Chi Yan dog seemed to be anxious, opened his mouth to bite his foot. Su Ping did not evade it, let it bite, and continued to throw it into the magma.

Chiyan Dog's sharp teeth failed to pierce Su Ping's feet. When he was forced out, his mouth was loosened, his body flew straight out, and soon he was black again.

With Su Pings current Jinwu God body, these beasts up to the fourth order are completely crushed, letting them attack without any damage, not to mention that these beasts are all fire beasts, and Jin Wu is a fire beast. There is no fighting power in front of him.

Under the violent persecution of Su Ping, the four beasts repeat life and death in an endless loop.

After just two hours, several beasts had died hundreds of times, and they died once every few seconds at the beginning, after a long time later, they were unable to resist Su Ping, and could only find ways to struggle when they fell into the magma, And their bodies seem to have evolved some flame resistance, falling into magma and struggling for a minute or two.

Su Ping's cultivation is simple and rude. There is no method and no communication, just to force them to face life and death.

In the face of life and death and great suffering, even the beasts with extremely poor qualifications and extremely lazy animals have to be forced to evolve and try their best to avoid tragedies.

To the back, Su Ping jumped directly into the magma, lay in the swimming, ingested the energy of the flame, and resurrected the charred beast directly beside him, letting it appear in the magma pool, even without the chance to breathe .

The four beasts are numb, but they can't beat Su Ping, and it's useless to ask for mercy. In the face of Su Ping, a monster more like a fire beast than them, they can only obediently try to fight magma.

Five hours later, the four pets have been able to soak in the magma for seven or eight minutes. These seven or eight minutes are enough for them to swim to other rock fragments. The magma environment can no longer kill them easily.

Seeing this, Su Ping took them away from here and continued to explore other places in this nurturing place.

In fact, he has completed the normal cultivation of these four beasts.

The requirements for normal cultivation are very simple. Either increase the level of combat power by a small level, that is, 0.33 combat power, or comprehend new skills.

Under the repeated death and immersion in magma, these four pets have gained a new skill, the flame coat, in addition to the level of combat power increased by 0.1, which is equivalent to the thunder pets learned by the lightning mouse Technology, lightning coat, is a medium favorite.

If this skill continues to be promoted, it will be a high-end favorite flame armor.

Among these four, the red flame dog has a higher savvy. In addition to the flame coat, it also realizes a fire dragon roar, which is also a medium favorite skill.

I can stay here for 24 hours, but now it is less than one-third of the time. Although I can go out now, it is a bit wasteful. Su Ping takes four pets to explore everywhere. It's even more cost-effective.

However, this cultivated area is extremely desolate, and has traveled to many places. Su Ping did not find any food, but encountered some other fire beasts, ranging from low to high.

In an instant, 24 hours later, Su Ping returned to the store.

Of the 30 free deaths, Su Ping only used twelve times. These twelve times were met by the higher fire beasts and three fire king beasts. He didnt bring a small skeleton. The fighting power of the small skeleton has not been improved in such a breeding ground. If you are lucky, you can increase the flame resistance at most, but the effect is weak. It is better to let it stay in the foster position and transform the blood of the skeleton king.

Back in the store, Su Ping put on his clothes, threw the four pets into the foster care, and then called to notify their owners to pick them up.

After making a phone call, Su Ping picked out a group of beasts with similar attributes, and then chose other breeding grounds to continue breeding.

In the past day, only one hour passed in the store.

When Su Ping returned to the store again, it was an hour after the phone call. He threw the pets he fostered into the foster care and opened the store door. He saw a boy waiting at the door. The boy saw the door open. Su Ping's eyes lit up. He came here to see that the door was closed. He thought there was an accident. Su Ping ran away.

Su Ping glanced around him and asked, "Just one of you?" He notified four.

The teenager accused: "They watched you close the door, and went to play in the Warfare Museum next door. They said they would wait for you to open the door, and I'll call them over now?"

"Uh." Su Ping nodded.

Zhang Baoxing took out his mobile phone and followed Su Ping into the store. He quickly asked, "You said my Chiyan dog has been bred, really, but I gave it to you this morning."

"It is already afternoon, is there any problem?" Su Ping said.

Zhang Baoxing stunned, is there any problem? The problem is big, you can nurture the beast in the middle of the afternoon? Is it so straightforward? Wouldnt it be possible to feed dog food, even if its bred!

The red flame dog he gave was a medium beast, and it took 100,000 yuan. If it was less than half a day, it was returned, saying that it was cultivated. Isnt this a pit money?

He was very upset when he came, seeing Su Ping's natural expression, a little speechless, but he didn't talk to Su Ping to protest the theory, but called and called the other three first.

Soon, the other three were on the scene, all boys.

When all of them arrived, Su Ping was too lazy to tell them more, and brought the four beasts out to them.

"Boss, even if it's cultivated?" The four looked at the beast with no change in appearance, and the four of them were a little angry, and they were at odds with the enemy. When the beasts beside them saw them, they cried one by one excitedly, and finally, finally found their master!

The four teenagers who are thinking about the money, have not noticed the abnormality of their own pets, but just think that the pets seem to be much closer to themselves than before, thinking that it may be a temporary difference.

Su Ping didn't have time to talk to them and transfer ideas directly, allowing the red flame dog to display the flame coat.

Although there was no temporary contract, when Su Ping's idea entered his mind, Chi Yan dog was still a little afraid, as if he had touched a sensitive part with a big hand, his body shivered, and immediately displayed a flame coat to protect himself.

Su Ping passed on to the other three. Suddenly, a thumping sound sounded, and every time the pet beast burned with a flame coat, it looked extremely powerful.

The four people who were about to condemn Su Ping suddenly looked stunned.

"Fire, flame coat?" Zhang Baoxing was stunned. His beast did not have this skill before. Obviously, this is the effect cultivated in the Suping shop. Only, in less than a day, did his beast realize the medium skill like the flame coat? !

The other three were also dumbfounded, which completely shocked them.

Su Ping wanted the Red Flame Dog to exhibit the Fire Dragon Roar again, but it was inconvenient here. He could only tell his main population: "Your Red Flame Dog is of higher qualifications, and you have realized the Fire Dragon Roar. You look back and find it yourself. Just try a battlefield."

Zhang Baoxing's pupils enlarged, and said in amazement: "There is still a fire dragon roar? This, this..." In just one day, two more skills? Are they all medium pet skills? !

He didnt doubt Su Pings words. After all, the four beasts realized the skill of the flame coat in such a short period of time. This is already a god, and it has greatly exceeded the expectations of his cultivation. Su Ping does not need any more. Cheat him.

When the three people next heard Su Ping's words, their eyes glowed, and one by one quickly asked, "What about us?"

"Yeah, what about us?"

Looking at the small eyes they looked forward to, Su Ping said indifferently: "They were all cultivated in the same way. Your beasts have low self-perception and failed to comprehend others, but their flame resistance has increased a lot. Other fire beasts, the general low-level pet skills should not hurt them."

The three were a little disappointed, but then a little bit more excited. Being able to comprehend the flame coat made them overjoyed. They can greatly increase their self-protection ability when fighting at the same level. As for Su Pings flame resistance, they also fully believe it. Although it's a pity not to realize the Fire Dragon Roar, but can only blame his beast's understanding is not high enough. For a time, the three looked at the Chi Yan dog in front of Zhang Baoxing, and their eyes were a little jealous.

Zhang Baoxing realized that he had picked up the bargain and was excited and happy in his heart. He wished to hold Su Ping's hand and give Su Parallel a big gift. He was excited and said: "Boss, me, can I cultivate again, I can add Money, I will give you 20,000 more this time!"

Su Ping nodded. Although the extra 20,000 thank-you fees could not be converted into energy, it was also good for the family. After all, the store did not earn any money to fill the household.

"The same beast can only be bred once a day," the system prompts.

Su Ping twitched.

The system seemed to feel his resentment and said: "This is to avoid the store becoming a special cultivation place for someone. The goal of the store is all ages, not a certain person. Please host to raise your horizons."

Su Ping could understand it when he said it, but he didn't agree with the last half of the sentence. After all, why bother to confess me? Am I still wrong to earn energy? Not forced by you!

Too lazy to argue with the system, Su Ping said to Zhang Baoxing: "Once a day, if you want to cultivate, come back tomorrow."

Zhang Baoxing was stunned and a little disappointed, but he also understood that, after all, such a beloved beast shop would always be a bit of a rule. Come tomorrow and come tomorrow. At this level of cultivation, he cant wait to come every day.

"Can we also come?" the other three asked quickly.

Su Ping said indifferently: "It will do."

Several people were a little surprised.

After respectfully saying goodbye to Su Ping, the four left Su Ping's shop with a beast. Before they left, they did not forget to look back and look twice, remember this place, wondering why the Lightning Mouse can be so evil, here hides the top Cultivate masters and change them, they can do it!

When they think of the professional training services mentioned in the Suping store, they are a little bit emotional, but the cost of professional training is too expensive, they are difficult to come up with, 100,000 is already a large number for them.

The beast beside them almost burst into tears when they walked out of the store door, hoping to pull their master to speed away, away from here.

To send a few people away, Su Ping pulled up the rolling door, called to notify the second batch of people to come to the store to pick it up, and at the end, he confessed that there was something wrong in the store, the store was temporarily closed, and let them wait at or near the door. Far away, when Su Ping didn't want to come out again, he couldn't find people everywhere, but he still had to wait for them.

Ignoring the consternation at the other end of the phone, Su Ping hung up the phone and purchased a few temporary contracts. Then he got into the beast room, picked out the third batch of beasts, and continued to enter the breeding plane.

Three batches were bred in succession, with a total of twelve animals. The pets in the next two batches had attributes that were not in the same line. However, due to the similar attributes, Su Ping also brought them together and chose the breeding ground for the comprehensive environment.

Every nurturing is a day. Although only one hour has passed outside, Su Ping has felt a little overwhelmed and very tired. He can't help but look forward to being promoted to the second-tier store as soon as possible, which has the function of shadow split nurturing.

In the process of nurturing, Su Ping also gained a lot of his own. His understanding of fighting and his knowledge of monsters have increased a lot.

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