Astral Pet Store Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Farthest Distance

After sending away Gu Beichen, Su Ping brought the illusionary Warcraft to the foster room of the beast room. Today, three batches were sent away, and many of the foster places have been vacated.

After Magic Warcraft entered the foster position, the uneasy emotions quickly calmed down and immersed in the comfortable nourishment of the aura.

Su Ping glanced and smiled slightly.

Turning back to the store, Su Ping pulled the shutter door down, and after closing the door, he immediately meditated on upgrading the store.

"Establishing 25 foster care places, gestating level 3 spirit pools, meeting the requirements for upgrading second-tier stores, and now upgrading..."

In the sound of the system, Su Ping finally accumulated more than 10,000 energy, and only a fraction was left in an instant.

"Upgrade time, one hour, during which our shop is closed." The system said.

Su Ping was lying in the shop doing nothing.

An hour later, with a jingle, the system prompts that the upgrade is complete.

At the same time as the upgrade was completed, the two newly added functions in the store appeared in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping's eyes lit up, and immediately brought up the list of cultivation windows, and he saw a "shadow avatar cultivation" beside the "enter" below the cultivation window, a purple villain.

After selecting the corresponding nurturing plane, you only need to select the shadow avatar to cultivate, you can create your own shadow avatar and enter the cultivation place to train the beast.

However, this avatar nurturing function is actually charged, the fee is one-tenth of the door price of nurturing plane, which is equivalent to the price of one death in the nurturing place.

Su Ping feels a little pitted, but he is used to this system that loves money like life.

Turning off the cultivation window, Su Ping came to the Beast Room and meditated on the cultivation space.

A miniature black hole-like vortex suddenly emerged, and inside it was the nurturing space, similar to the summoning space.

The size of the nurturing space is linked to the store level. Currently, only fifty pets can be stored in it.

With this nurturing space, the fostering position in the Suping shop is finally free, but there is no fostering business at present, and the fostering position is still free. He let these beasts stay in the fostering position and wait for the income to cultivate space after the full. It's not too late

After checking the cultivation space and shadow avatar cultivation function, Su Ping opened the system store.

It is now a secondary store, and the system store has also been upgraded to secondary. When it was previously a first-level system store, it sold awakening liquid and primary trapping ring.

Not to mention that the awakening liquid is a special item specially prepared by the system for his host. It will not be sold later and will never be refreshed again. However, the elementary beast ring is a good thing, and it is a 100% capture of pets below the seventh order.

For higher pets, there is also a lower probability to capture, which is simply an artifact.

Ordinary people must have the corresponding strength to defeat the beast, but they must be defeated, but the trap ring is not used. Even an ordinary person can use this elementary trap ring to catch the sixth-order monster.

Of course, if ordinary people enter the deserted area, it is estimated that they will have been instantly killed by the monster, and there is no chance of using it.

However, it does not depend on the strength of the owner, it is the powerful effect of the beast trap ring itself. It is not realistic for ordinary people to capture. If it is for the third and fourth order pet masters, as long as it is accurate, the sixth order monster is captured. Steady.

Moreover, this thing is also extremely effective for the Tier 6 bat pet masters. Generally, the Tier 6 bat pet master encounters a powerful Tier 6 pet beast and may not be able to overcome it.

For the upgraded second-level system store, Su Ping is very much looking forward to it. As soon as he opened it, he saw five commodities popping out. In the previous first-level store, there were only three items, but now two have been added, five at a time.

These five products will be refreshed again after 24 hours, new items may appear, or they may be original. Of course, if krypton gold is used, it can be refreshed immediately after spending a hundred energy.

Ha ha.

This is to defraud krypton.

Even if Su Ping is greedy, he will never spend energy to refresh it. This 100 energy is 10,000 yuan, just waiting for one day, he can still afford it, krypton gold... no krypton gold in this life.

Looking at these five commodities, Su Ping saw the beast ring at the first glance, but this time it was not primary, but intermediate!

Intermediate animal trap ring

100% capture the seventh-order monster.

80% capture the eighth-order monster.

50% capture nine order monsters.

1.25% capture the king beast.

Su Ping's eyes glowed, too powerful, this effect is too powerful!

He quickly glanced at the selling price, and he was slightly relieved. Fortunately, 1000 energy is only ten times the price of the primary trapping ring. Fortunately, it is not a direct price increase of one hundred times.

1000 energy is equivalent to one hundred thousand, and the lowest price of an ordinary seventh-order monster is more than 500,000. The eighth-order monster is starting at two or three million, not to mention the ninth-order monster, even if it is poor, All are tens of millions.

Of course, this refers to adulthood, and the price is much cheaper in childhood, after all, it needs to be nurtured.

But likewise, some extremely popular rare beasts, such as the dragon beasts or the Shura pets in the demon department, are extremely rare. On the contrary, they are more valuable in their infancy, because such beasts have high qualifications. If you ask the cultivation master to cultivate carefully, you will be able to become the best ninth-level pet beast, and even hope to break through to the king beast level!

This is far more powerful than the wild growing up.

"This mid-level beast trap ring is too cost-effective. If you use it to capture a nine-level beast, you have half the probability of success. Even if you are unlucky, using three to catch it is a big profit. It also has an effect on the king beast, but the probability Its too low to be ignored."

Su Ping was so greedy that the water was flowing out, but unfortunately he didn't even have 1,000 energy in his hand, and he can't afford it now.

He looked at the other four items again, and it turned out that there was no awakening liquid, even after the store was upgraded. However, among these four items, there was the Force Lidan! And it is Intermediate Force Force Dan!

When he completed the task before, Su Ping got three junior Force Force Dan, each of which increased his star power level by one order.

And now, there are actually intermediate sales!

If the effect of this intermediate level is as powerful as that of the primary level, can it directly make the middle-level pet masters have a first-order strength?

However, the price of this Lidan is extremely high, requiring 10,000 energy.

It is equivalent to one million star coins.

In terms of the effect of the original force Dan, although the price is high, it is not expensive at all. If it is known by the rich people of the consortium, it is estimated to be mad. For those billions of people, there are hundreds of people lying down every day. Ten thousand, or even more income.

Su Ping had to say that although this system loves money as much as life, the things it sells are really conscience, but this may also be related to the vision of the system. In his view, what is regarded as treasure is in the eyes of the latter It's just garbage.

It's a pity that Su Ping can't get energy out of such a good thing. The more than 20,000 energy earned today are used to upgrade the breeding ponds and shops. If you want to buy it, you can only earn it later.

"Energy..." Su Ping grimaced, an opportunity to immediately improve the first order was in front of him, but he could not buy without energy, which was too painful.

After 24 hours, these things will be refreshed.

There was a sincere opportunity in front of him, but he was forced.

If there is another chance to meet, Su Ping wants to say to them (full of tears): I have the money to redeem you!

In addition to Yuanlidan, the other three things are a medium pet, and there are two peculiar things, one is the feather of Yunmeng bird, and the other is the scale of deep-sea thunderfish, the effect is unknown.

Su Ping speculates that this is probably a material that has special uses for certain beasts. From the perspective of selling price, it is not cheaper than the original force Dan.

Shuping down the system store, Su Pingyi was sad, it felt like the beloved woman had been lying naked waiting for him, but he could not lift it.

The most painful thing in the world is the closest and farthest distance.

Su Ping opened the rolling door with melancholy and waited for the business to patronize, but it was too late outside. When it was 8 or 9 in the evening, there was no one to see anyone. It is estimated that the students attracted by the leaflets had already come.

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