Astral Pet Store Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Rise To Fame

While waiting for business, Su Ping also continued to cultivate the beast with the shadow clone training function he just got.

This shadow avatar is equivalent to Su Ping's own avatar, and his breath and strength are exactly the same as him. They are connected to each other's consciousness. Su Ping can actively interfere in the shadow avatar's cultivation method, and can also trust it to nurture itself.

Shadow avatar is a avatar constructed by Su Ping as a template in the system, inheriting most of his personality. The cultivation method is similar to that of Su Ping's own personality. In addition, Su Ping will know and synchronize anything that the shadow avatar encounters in the cultivation place. Passed into his mind.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Su Ping had cultivated all the beasts he received today.

When the shop opens tomorrow morning, they can ask their owners to come and collect it.

With this shadow avatar cultivation function, Su Ping's cultivation efficiency has increased by more than several times. The most important thing is that this shadow avatar cultivation will not consume his own energy.

Without waiting for any business, Su Ping was too lazy to continue to boil, closing the door and cycling home.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Su Ping heard the laughter of his mother and sister in the living room, and seemed to be talking about something.

Su Ping pulled out the key and opened the door. When he saw Su Ping coming in, Li Qingru looked at it, with a ruddy smile on his face, and asked, "How come today so late?"

"There is business in the store, so it's too late." Su Ping casually said, put on his slippers and walked in.

Su Lingyue, who was sitting next to Li Qingru, whispered slightly, his expression had returned to indifference, and he watched the TV on his own, stroking the snowball on his thigh as if he had not seen Su Ping.

Su Ping ignored her. After changing into her clothes, she sat on the sofa bench next to her, took out her mobile phone, and deducted 50,000 from her account to her mother's account. She said, "Mom, look at your mobile phone message. "

Li Qingru was puzzled and picked up his mobile phone and glanced at it. It just happened that a text message came from the bank.

She opened her eyes, surprised, and said, "Five thousand? Why so much money?"

Su Lingyue, who had an indifferent expression next to her, raised her eyebrows. Although her eyes were still squinting at the TV, Yu Guang paid attention to the two of them.

"This is the money made in the store in the first half of the month, and there are some big orders. After the completion, there are still some balances." Su Ping said casually. The gratitude received today was more than 50,000, but he did not take out all of it. Not only does it prevent you from using it in case you are short of money, but it is too much trouble to explain too much.

"Make it in the shop?" Li Qingru stunned.

Ever since the shop handed over to Su Ping, it has been losing money.

Each month's income is gradually decreasing, and business is getting worse.

She also contacted some of her old customers to patronize, hoping to give Su Ping some confidence, but did not expect that these old customers were also run off by Su Ping.

She really had no choice but to watch the shop decline and finally give up, leaving all the shops to Su Ping and build with him.

But I didn't expect that this store, which has been losing money, would suddenly be able to make such a large sum of money this month.

50,000 yuan, although compared to her previous turnover, is still slightly less, but compared with the income of only a few thousand a month before, it has more than ten times!

Suddenly Li Qingru's eyes turned slightly red, and the money was second, but such a change shows that Su Ping finally understood to be progressive.

Su Ping didn't expect Li Qingru to be moved to tears just to give some money, but he could feel the sourness and comfort in the eyes of the other party, maybe he saw a mud and was finally put on the wall.

With a deep sigh in his heart, Su Ping said: "Mom, you don't have to worry about things in the store afterwards. I will definitely be able to feed you and her with me."

Su Lingyue, who was trying to make her look immobile, was full of pride and stubbornness in her eyes, but when she heard Su Ping's last words, she suddenly froze slightly, did she? Does she mean herself...?

She thought that Su Ping would only mention his mother. After all, she and this guy didn't know what they were saying. They both knew each other was not pleasing to each other, but they didn't expect that the other party made money and thought of her in her heart.

She was silent for a while.

A slight twitch in the corner of the mouth.

After a moment, her **** slightly undulated and she took a deep breath, then her face returned to normal again, her face lightly.


Who needs you to feed.

Or feed yourself first.

How can you know the power of Miss Ben!

Although the lines in her heart were like this, she glanced at Su Ping, but her eyes were not as indifferent as before.

"Okay, I knew that you would make the store a success." Li Qingru laughed, crying with joy, but when she felt so happy, she burst into tears and destroyed the atmosphere. She said with a smile, she got up and said: "I will go first I'll give you hot dishes."

After finishing talking, before Su Pingduo said, he got up and quickly entered the kitchen.

Su Ping glanced at her escaped back, her eyes flickered slightly, and she felt some inexplicable sadness in her heart.

Su Lingyue glanced at Li Qingru's back, glanced at Su Ping again, and hummed: "Looking at you, I made my mother cry."

Su Ping glanced at her, unreasonable.

Su Lingyue seldom took the initiative to speak, seeing that he did not respond, and he felt angry again, snorted, turned his head, and continued to watch his TV.

Soon, meals were served.

Su Ping also washed his hands and was looking forward to serving on the floor to prepare meals.

His posture has been set, but I did not expect a few dishes to be served, and one plate was complete, and the rest was messy.

Su Ping's mouth twitched, and needless to say, he knew what was going on.

He glanced at Su Lingyue, who was sitting next to him watching TV.

Su Lingyue saw a few dishes, and her rare cheeks were slightly reddish. She coughed and got upstairs.

"Your sister is also hungry today. I just made new chicken legs for you. You eat first." Li Qingru said for Su Lingyue.

Su Ping knew her intentions, nodded, said nothing, grabbed the chicken leg and ate it.

"With this money, I will go pick your sister Leiguang mouse tomorrow." Li Qingru sat down with a smile, chatting with Su Ping.

Su Ping hurriedly said: "Don't, let her pick it yourself, and it's time to exercise her own vision."

It's just a thunder mouse, no matter how to choose qualifications, it depends on how to cultivate, he doesn't want his mother to be too tired for this matter.

"Yes, I can pick it myself." Su Lingyue, who had just gone upstairs, said as she probed around the corner of the stairs.

After he finished speaking, he gave Su Ping an eye angrily and exercised his vision? What do you have to say about this, is my vision worse than yours?

Su Ping ate chicken drumsticks, revealing a fragrant expression in response.


Su Lingyu retracted his head angrily, stepping up the stairs heavily.

After eating, Su Ping washed his face and wiped the grease off the corner of his mouth and went upstairs. After walking up the stairs, he turned his head to look at the stairs and saw that the starry vortex was gathering in the next room, and the other party was practicing.

Although somewhat helpless to this sister, Su Ping had to admit that the other party was very hard and hard.

You know, cultivation is very boring. Although it sounds very mysterious, it is actually as tiring as the average person working at work. It is easy to be tired. It is not a wonderful thing.

If the cultivation is very comfortable, everyone is a cultivation demon, and there is no need to do anything other than eating and drinking.

Withdrawing his gaze, Su Ping returned to his room. He was lying on the bed, practicing while planning his schedule for tomorrow.

Now that the store has been upgraded, you can go to the college to report when you have a job tomorrow.

Sooner or later, I have to go.

Moreover, as a trainee's tutor, it may be possible to advertise his own store, but it's a double benefit.

Thinking this way, Su Ping fell asleep beautifully.

I feel the morning light.

The next day, without pranks, Su Ping woke up and felt a little bored, but he quickly shook his head to get rid of the words bored from his mind, and he could still make people addicted to addiction, he was not so perverted .

After going downstairs for breakfast, Su Ping hurried to the store with his bicycle.

As soon as he arrived outside the shop, Su Ping's car didn't stop, and he saw seven or eight people waiting at the door of the store. They were all familiar faces from yesterday.

Su Ping did not expect that they really came, and it was so early, a little surprised, but still locked the bicycle in the tree without haste.

When Su Ping locked the car, someone noticed him, and in surprise, he hurried over.

"Boss, you are finally here," a teenager said in surprise.

Su Ping remembered that the other party called Zhang Baoxing, who was a customer yesterday.

Others also reacted at this time and quickly gathered around.

"Boss, I'll finally wait for you."

"Boss, can you nurture me again today?"

Obviously, I tasted the sweetness yesterday, and these people are here today to find nurturing again.

"It's okay, let's let first." Su Ping said.

Everyone quickly gave way and stood respectfully on both sides, quite waiting for the posture of the eldest brother out of the mountain.

Su Ping is also a little speechless, feeling that he might have to do this every morning in the future, and it seems a bit noisy to be too popular.

He took out the key and stepped forward to open the door.

The students next to him were very eager to see Su Ping bent over to pull the door, and he quickly squatted down to help him pull it together.

Su Ping entered the store, glanced at the crowd who followed into the store, and said, "Line up, come one by one."

"Okay." The people quickly lined up in the order they entered the store.

Su Ping didn't expect them to be so obedient. Some accidents, and once again felt the powerful charm of the service in his store. He took out the registration book and said, "First, what kind of service do you want to report your name?"

"Zhang Baoxing, I want to nurture, that is, my red flame dog yesterday, I want to nurture it again." Zhang Baoxing standing at the first one quickly straightened his body, as seriously and loudly as he received military training.

Su Ping's ears were called with a bit of thorns. Early in the morning, his physical function had not fully recovered yet, and his consciousness was a little soft.

"Okay." Zhang Baoxing saw Su Ping's agreement, and was surprised, and quickly took out his mobile phone to transfer money to Su Ping, and then summoned his red flame dog.

As soon as he landed, the red flame dog stepped on the flames on all fours, very majestic.

But seeing this familiar environment, Chi Yan dog suddenly froze.

When he saw Su Ping's face in front of him, his dog's eyes shrank fiercely.

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