Astral Pet Store Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Tutor Su Reports First

It's him!

This man again!

Chiyan Dog's entire dog face is somewhat distorted.

"Wang Wang Wang!"

It is barking.

Zhang Baoxing was stunned. He didn't expect his beast to be so excited. Could it be that he would be nurtured immediately if he knew it, was he too excited?

Yeah, spirituality has improved.

Zhang Baoxing was a little happy, and he admired Su Ping's cultivation effect again, and he was even more determined that he had to come over and cultivate the idea of frequent cultivation.

"Good boy, squat down." Zhang Baoxing immediately placated, and said, "I'll be here soon, don't worry."


Chiyan dog erected with cold hair, more excited.

Seeing no effect, Zhang Baoxing was a little embarrassed. He didn't know what to do for a while.

Su Ping saw that he was not able to get it, and was a little speechless. He glanced at Chi Yan Dog, and the meaning was very meaningful.


Chiyan Dogs pupils shrank, and his body suddenly trembled like rain hitting a plantain. At this moment, it finally remembered that he was not an opponent of this man at all.

Curled desperately on the ground, it closed the dog's eyes in pain.

"Next." Su Ping saw it settle down and continued.

"Me, me." The second is yesterday's long-faced girl. She stepped forward to Su Ping with some excitement and summoned her own beast, saying, "Boss, I have to cultivate again."

Like the Red Flame Dog, its beast just came out, majestic, and the master wanted to summon himself to fight.

But as soon as he saw the surrounding environment and the face of the nightmare in front of him, the beast suddenly froze, and then he was "excited" and almost lost his mind, struggling to leave.

Under the constant appeasement of the long-faced girl, and under Su Ping's "gentle" gaze, he finally could only calm down with fate and lay prostrately beside the red flame dog with the same desperate face.

The third and fourth in the back...to the last person, the beasts summoned are all like this.

After the cultivation of yesterday, the memories of these beasts are still fresh.

After all the beasts were registered and received the money, Su Ping said to their owner.

Everyone was very polite and a little awesome, and said goodbye to Su Ping.

Seeing the master leave, the beast was excited again, trying to catch up, but just caught up and was sent back, and some were caught by Su Ping, daring to struggle, and only roaring to the master far away , I hope the owner can take it back.

But the response was an encouraging smile...

In the end, a beast was dragged by Su Ping into the dark and dark beast room in the store, and was temporarily thrown into the foster room. When the foster room was full, it was thrown into the breeding space.

After accepting these beasts, Su Ping sorted them out and cultivated them with the shadow avatar cultivation function.

On the other side, I called the owners of those beasts yesterday and received them after school today.

After finishing this, Su Ping looked at the time. He arrived at the store around 8:30, and now it was 9 o'clock. It shouldn't be too late to go to college.

He closed the door of the shop and rode a bicycle to the college.

It didn't take long for Su Ping to come to Fengshan College again and glanced at the purple stone carving of the Phoenix at the door. Su Ping was going to ride in, but the guard at the door of the college immediately stopped him.

Although Su Ping looks like a student in age, but... the guards have never seen it before. Which of the students who can be admitted to Fengshan College is cycling.

Moreover, the time to enter the school has also passed. If the other party is a student, it will obviously be late.

"Please show your student ID." The doorman politely said.

Su Ping didn't have it, he could only call Dong Mingsong to tell him that he had arrived.

After receiving the call, Dong Mingsong was a little excited. He didn't expect him to come today and immediately called the guard.

When receiving the call from the vice principal, the guard was somewhat flattered, but after hearing what Dong Mingsong said, he suddenly looked at Su Ping in amazement. This young man who looked like a first-year student was actually a senior instructor who came to work?

Several guards were stunned. When the reaction came, they immediately stepped forward to please, respectfully invited Su Ping into the academy, and repeatedly apologized.

Su Ping didn't get angry with them. The other party did their due diligence and did nothing wrong. Instead, it was their own identity, which made the other party apologize for not doing anything wrong.

After cycling into the academy, Su Ping followed the green path in the academy and rode on it. He suddenly felt that he seemed to be lost?

Su Ping stopped on a trail and looked around blankly. This Fengshan College was too big. If he was not familiar with the road, he could not find North in the college trail.

When Su Ping was thinking about jumping, he looked at the path around the treetops to see the way, and suddenly came a crisp voice of high heels at the corner of the trail. The legs are long and snow-white, the upper body is wearing a black lady's suit, and the lower body is a short Mickey skirt to the knee, wearing red-framed glasses, quite intellectual charm.

However, the other party's expression was cold and frost-like, with a feeling of rejection thousands of miles away.

Su Ping wanted to step forward and asked for directions. When he saw the latter's uncomfortable expression, he hesitated again.

While he paused, the other party also noticed him, just came in his direction, and soon came to Su Ping.

"Which class of students are you in? Why are you still hanging around here?" Cheng Shuanglin frowned and saw that the other party was not wearing student uniforms, but dressed casually, frowning deeper.

"Uh, I just came to report today." Su Ping immediately asked: "Where is your vice principal's office?"

Cheng Shuanglin raised her eyebrows and said with a cold face: "If the freshman reports, just go to the office of your class teacher. I happened to teach the first grade. Which class did you report to?"

Su Ping saw her misunderstanding and scratched her head: "I am here to hire a teacher, Dong Mingsong asked me to go to the college to find him first."

"Are you hired as a teacher?" Cheng Shuanglin's cold cheeks froze for a moment, and she couldn't help but look at Su Ping up and down. How do you think they are all around 20 years old, so young as a tutor?

However, looking at Su Ping does not look like lying.

She frowned, but she didnt expect that the admission threshold of the college had dropped so low. It seemed that she would have to talk to Vice-President Dong later. If the quality of the mentor had fallen, the students performance would have dropped. Will fall into a bad vicious circle.

"It just happened that I was going to the vice principal's office, and I will take you there." Cheng Shuanglin said to Su Ping, then she held the textbook in her hand and walked in front of herself, ignoring Su Ping's follow-up.

Su Ping did not expect that the other party was willing to lead the way, with some surprises, and immediately followed her in a bicycle.

But Cheng Shuanglin walked slowly, and Su Ping rode for a while, then said kindly: "Will I take you for a ride?"

Cheng Shuanglin glanced at him and the bicycle under his butt, and said indifferently: "No."

Even if millions of famous cars invited her up, she was too lazy to take care of it. Su Ping was riding a broken bicycle and was so kind that she wanted to take her, which made her a little speechless.

Seeing that the other party likes to walk, Su Ping didn't persuade any more, riding a bicycle on a wide path, twisting and twisting, taking the "S" curve, drawing circles around Cheng Shuanglin from time to time, riding in front of her for a while, turning around and riding on her Behind.

This way you can wait for each other without having to control the speed too hard.

Seeing Su Ping riding around on a bicycle, Cheng Shuanglin's mouth slightly toggled. Such a loose personality is completely young. He can also be a tutor, and he doesn't know what Vice President Dong thought.

Soon, after ten minutes of walking, Su Ping finally saw the administrative building where Dong Mingsong was located.

He was brought here after signing a contract at the Academy Exhibition Game, but he also signed a contract of appointment here, but he only remembered how to get here from the stadium, but he didn't know how to get there from the entrance of the Academy.

"It's finally here." Su Ping smiled and said to Cheng Shuanglin who was walking: "Thank you, Lord, my grandson will go first too!"

After that, he waved his hands and accelerated his ride.

Cheng Shuanglin glanced at her frown, ignored it, and continued walking at her own pace.

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