Astral Pet Store Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Lightning Rat

"Yes, it's a pity."

Others nodded slightly, their faces filled with regret.

A low-level beast is able to comprehend such profound and complicated advanced combat skills, showing that the perception is extremely high!

However, it is a waste of such insight to appear on a lightning mouse!

The thunder rat's own bloodline is really too low. Even if it evolved into a thunder rat, it is only a third-order beast. The ceiling is not high enough, and it is useless to have extraordinary perception.


On stage, the first game has ended.

Su Yanying holding the thunder mouse that fell in her arms, still a little dreamy, did not expect that the first fierce battle actually won so easily, as the master of the thunder light mouse, a war pet master, she He won without participating at all.

A lightning mouse took her to lie and won!

Thinking of this, her expression was a little weird, wondering whether to cry or laugh.

On the other side of the venue, Zhang Xiao gradually recovered, and when he saw Molongquan, who was lying next to him and was seriously injured, his face suddenly became difficult to look.

He gritted his teeth and urged the power of the contract to bring the latter back into the contract space, then turned his head and looked at Su Yanying with a chill in his eyes.

Too light the enemy!

He was annoyed in his heart, and he should have thought that the other party must play with a thunder mouse in such a high-profile beast competition. There must be another reason.

Unexpectedly, this thunder mouse was actually a rare commodity.

He has never heard of the thunder-light rat who has learned the seventh-order "Lei Duan" fascinating skills.

However, that's it!

He wanted to win beautifully and win by three to zero, but now it is obviously impossible. Since that is the case, he must show his talents as a pet master and must not fall twice in the same place!

"Rock Rhino!"

Zhang Xiao again urged the power of the contract, and a yellowish light appeared in front of him. Then the meeting place under his feet gave a slight shock, and a more massive rhinoceros-like beast appeared.

This rock rhinoceros is covered with a solid rock shell. In addition, a thorn like a fishbone protrudes from its back. In the frontal impact battle, there are almost no pets that can shake it!

"It's a terrestrial beast!"

Su Yanying immediately noticed the beast sent by the other party and couldn't help but change her face slightly.

At this moment, the Lightning Mouse held by her in her arms seemed to feel something. Suddenly she moved, jumped out of her arms, turned around again, and stood in front of her. With her teeth grinned, a fierce Lightning appeared all over her body!

"Thunder Mouse..." Su Yanying froze.


The Lightning Mouse rushed out quickly, and rushed towards the Rock Rhino!

The move caused exclamation in the audience.

Even the referee and the instructor on the side were very surprised, and at the same time, they didn't understand. As the owner of the Lightning Mouse, don't you know that the Thunder beast is blood-sucked by the ground, why should you continue to send the Lightning Mouse to play?

"Humph, to death!"

Zhang Xiao sneered, "Crush it, kill it!"

At the same time as he was instructed, he appeared in the starlight all over the body and quickly exhibited a few stellar gains, "Second order power gain, second order blast increase, third order hard increase..." Especially the third "hard increase" is his best The type of increase.

The reason why I practiced this "hard increase" was to match his rock rhinoceros.

The rock rhinoceros is already thick and rough, and then combined with the "hard increase", let alone the thunder mouse, even his dragon dog is difficult to tear and bite!

Several auras of flashing flashed at the foot of the rock rhinoceros, then turned into energy runes wrapped around it, and fell into the body. Although the process was extremely short, it still caused a shock at the scene.

Being able to perform three consecutive star increases in such a fast and skilled manner, this ability to know oneself has surpassed most of the students present!


Rock Rhino growled and ran towards the Lightning Mouse.

Opposite, Su Yanying saw Zhang Xiao's increased combat skills, and she suddenly sobered up, and she had to show the Lightning Mouse quickly, but she swept her gaze, but she was shocked to find that the Lightning Mouse's figure had left her ability transfer range.


The electric light appeared again, and the Lightning Mouse hurried towards the Rock Rhino Beast.

At the moment when the two collided, the Lightning Mouse's body split into two!



Two Lightning Rats ran over from both sides of the rock rhinoceros. At first glance, they seemed to be hit by the rock rhinoceros into two!

"Lei Ying's afterimage!"

At the leader's seat at the front of the stage, several leisurely watching figures suddenly opened their eyes.

"How is it possible!" The fiery red-haired woman's red lips opened slightly, her face unbelievable.

Only a seventh-order "Lei Duan" fascinating skill, even a "Lei Ying Afterimage" of the same order appeared? !

Is a low-level thunder-light rat realizing two advanced pet skills? ?

Not only was she unable to believe, but several others beside him were also shocked.

If it is only one kind, it is understandable. After all, although the probability is very low, it will always happen.

But it is still a coincidence to show two advanced pet skills in a row? !

"Did I see it wrong?" The burly man among them couldn't help blinking.

A person next to him came back and smiled bitterly: "You are wrong, you can't be wrong, this thunder mouse... is too evil!"

"The two advanced pet skills are all in one, this qualification, this perception... Even those high-level thunder beasts may not be able to do it?"

"I remember, only the old captain's dark thunder dragon in our team realized these two pet skills?"

Speaking of which, several people looked around and couldn't help being dumbfounded.

A low-level Leiguang mouse is almost as good as Dark Thunder Dragon, this...

On the field.

The split Lightning Rat instantly confused the Rock Rhinoceros, making it indistinguishable from true.

In fact, even its owner, Zhang Xiao, was stunned at the moment.

In the lectures on weekdays, Zhang Xiao had heard of the advanced thunder skill and the afterimage of Lei Ying.

However, after hearing and hearing, who knows how to crack? !


When Zhang Xiao was stunned, one of the lightning galloping figures rushed towards him quickly.

The Rock Rhino can't help but the Lightning Mouse is extremely dangerous to Zhang Xiao.

"not good!"

Seeing through the thunderbolt's intentions, Zhang Xiao's face changed, and he immediately used the contract to call the rock rhinos back, but it was too late.

"Star Shield!"

Zhang Xiao hurriedly urged the star power in his body, and a transparent enchantment opened up, covering him inside.


The moment the enchantment opened, it was crushed.

Thunder break!

The Lightning Rat once again exhibited the Thunder Break. After smashing the enchantment, the compressed Thunderblade above his head remained unabated, and he rushed towards Zhang Xiao!


The next moment, Zhang Xiao's figure suddenly disappeared.

When it appeared again, it had already appeared in mid-air, held by a nearly transparent bird, and slowly landed on the ground.

"The second game, Zhang Xiao lost." The referee announced indifferently, and the strange bird that embraced Zhang Xiao spread his wings slightly, and flew to him, gradually disappearing into the air.

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