Astral Pet Store Chapter 112

Chapter 112: End Of Class

In the vortex space, flames fluttered, and the figure of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast jumped out of it.

Although it was just bred, it stayed in foster care for a day or two. The spirit inside nourishes and makes the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast grow fast. It has grown from a short body less than half a meter to a height of nearly one meter at the moment.

The young and tender scales on the whole body are also a bit hard, able to resist the hacking of ordinary swords.

At the moment of seeing the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, the audience was silent.

Although it was just a small purgatory candle dragon beast, it made everyone feel amazed.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is one of the top dragon beasts. It is more than ten times stronger than the Silver Winged Dragon Beast. A Silver Winged Dragon Beast is enough to be enviable. You cant buy a rich and expensive background. There is no channel to purchase.

As the cluster of pet beasts standing at the top of the pyramid, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast cannot be bought with money. It is extremely rare and rarely appears. The entire Longjiang base city may not be able to find one or two.

Although the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast in front of the Su plane is still in its infancy, it is even more precious because of its infancy. If it is cultivated well, it can even be made into a top-notch ninth-level pet beast, sweeping invincible in the same level!

The value of such a beast cannot be measured!

Luo Guxue under the stage and Dong Mingsong, Feng Yanjing and others behind were shocked. Unexpectedly, Su Ping actually had such a powerful top dragon beast hidden in their hands. They knew better than these students. A top dragon beast What it means.

As long as Su Ping and this purgatory candle dragon beast do not die halfway, and in the future, when the purgatory candle dragon beast grows to the ninth level, Su Ping's combat power is among the title war pet masters, and can be ranked upstream!

This is equivalent to pre-booking a powerful title of the pet champion!

Among the crowd, Su Lingyue looked at the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast jumping from the summoning space to the stage. After a stunned moment, she was a little confused. This level of beast is not something that they can afford at home, Su Ping is Where did you get it?

After the students had watched enough, Su Ping also sent the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast back to the summoning space, lest the students' attention be attracted by this little guy, and he could not listen to the class well.

Since he came to teach, he naturally hopes to teach something. Now humans are huddled up in the base city, relying on the peddler to expand their territory, and can cultivate several excellent peddlers, which can be regarded as a contribution to society. contribution.

Seeing that the purgatory candle dragon beast was taken away, the students suddenly showed a regretful look, and the meaning is still not enough. This top-level beast, which can only be seen in the video and illustrations, is now seen by the eyes. This excitement is completely the same as before. different.

"Let's start teaching next."

Su Ping's tone was cold, saying: "If you have any questions, please raise your hand. If someone doesn't listen to the class seriously, I won't have to come back again."

Hearing Su Pings words, all the students were quiet and did not dare to make other random orders. Although Su Pings age looked the same as them, whether it was the previous skeleton pet or the purgatory candle dragon beast, it seemed that this seemed to be the same age The youngsters are so different from them that it is difficult to cross.

Moreover, just being able to own the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is enough to show how horrible Su Ping's background is.

Seeing that no one was speaking, Su Ping began to teach again. Previously, he planned to teach three content, one is the survival of the undead environment, one is the application of the skills of the undead pet, and the other is the combat method of fighting the undead pet.

Now only the last part can be cut off and will be taught in the next class.

"If you graduate to the barren area in the future, you will enter some spooky places like dead mountains. This kind of place is the environment that the undead loves, and you may also enter the starry sky where the undead environment stays.

Now let me talk about the common hidden fatal dangers in the undead environment. "

Su Ping began to tell him, and imparted his survival experience in the Chaos Necromancer to these students.

Of course, what he taught was the dangers in the lower environment of the Chaos Necromancer. Some of the horror existed in the environment, even if it was useless, it was too far away from these students.

After spending 20 minutes talking about some environmental knowledge, Su Ping talked about the application of Undead Pet skills.

In the application of skills, in order to show the students practical exercises to facilitate students to have a more intuitive understanding, Su Ping summoned the small skull.

This time, Su Ping showed the students different puppet skills, blindness in darkness, carrion poison and other undead skills, which also made everyone see the excellent and fierce of this skeleton species again.

In the course of the exhibition, Su Ping also invited the boy who first spoke to the stage, using his beasts to cooperate with the drill, so that other students could see the effects of different skills more clearly.

The boy had already regretted his intestines, and could only accompany Su Ping with a cry.

An hour passed quickly, and after Su Ping's lecture, many students who had never been in contact with the undead pet had a deeper understanding of the undead pet.

Especially when listening to Su Ping and talking about the dangers in the undead environment, as if he had experienced it personally, many students were also curious about Su Ping while remembering this knowledge.

When the lecture was over, all the students stood up and applauded spontaneously.

One course, Su Ping has conquered them.

Luo Guxue, who was under the stage, looked at the young man on the stage, and his eyes were shining with light, feeling that Su Ping had maturity and strength that did not match his age, as well as that unique insight into the undead monster, which made her feel I learned a lot from it.

"It's so promising."

In the background, Dong Mingsong was a little sighed and sighed at Feng Yanjing.

Feng Yanjing had a complex look, "Yeah."

He thought of his achievements at this age, and he felt a little sad.

In applause, Su Ping turned to step down, left with Dong Mingsong and Luo Guxue, and left from the other side of the venue.

With the departure of several mentors, the trainees gradually left their seats under the arrangement of the field control mentors and walked out through the various channels of the venue.

Outside the stadium, there are a lot of senior students and first-year students who haven't had time to squeeze in. When they saw these students coming out of the passage, they all looked curiously.

Some people saw the students with good relations and immediately stepped up to ask the situation of the new tutor.

Ye Hao is also standing in the crowd, leaving a lot of distance around him. After all, he is the champion of the annual competition. Ye Hao's face is well known in the college. Many people are waiting for it, but also frequently. He glanced at him and looked at the celebrity secretly.

Seeing the students coming out of the fish, Ye Hao's indifferent eyes flickered slightly, and he walked up, reaching for a boy directly.

"I heard that the new high-level tutor in there is teaching, how is this tutor, what did he teach?" Ye Hao asked, although the tone was slightly gentle, but with an undoubted tone.

This boy was the one who was invited to the stage by Su Ping. When he saw Ye Hao suddenly appearing in front of him, he was flattered, and didn't think the other party's tone was strange. He quickly said: "It's Ye Shao, hello.

"Answer my words first." Ye Hao said.

The boy thought of his problem, thought of the previous lecture, and loved and feared in his heart, and said things one by one.

"Infernal candle dragon beast?"

Hearing the beast mentioned by the boy, Ye Hao's pupil shrank.

His Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast is already a hegemon in the academy, and the other party possesses even a rare and rare Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast than the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast!

The same is a dragon beast, but the two are completely incomparable.

Moreover, if they are all grown-up beasts, if they are all grown-ups, the silver snake thunder dragon beast is only prostrate in front of the purgatory candle dragon beast, and it can't lift the desire to fight at all.

Ye Hao looked slightly ugly, and turned away.

When Su Ping's course was over, things about teaching were spread quickly.

The magical unknown skull species and the top pet purgatory dragon beasts, the former didn't feel much without seeing it with his own eyes, but the latter's name is like a thunderous ear, instantly letting Su Ping's name spread to every corner of the college.

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