Astral Pet Store Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Mystery

While students of all grades were discussing the new senior mentor, Su Ping was in Dong Mingsong's office to say goodbye to him.

"I'm so anxious to go back?" Dong Mingsong didn't expect Su Ping to leave the college just after class, a little surprised.

"There is still something in the shop."

Su Ping said he would go back and continue to cultivate beasts.

Today, although there is a shadow avatar cultivation function, every time a batch is bred, he needs to add new pets to cultivate himself. This function does not choose what pets to breed.

Seeing Su Ping mentioning the beast shop, Dong Mingsong understands, thinking of the Feng Ling fruit previously purchased from the Su Ping shop, a flash of light flashed in his eyes and eagerly said: "I remember your shop can still replace Cultivate a beast? Can you help me cultivate my beast? How much does it cost?"

Su Ping glanced at him and shook his head: "I will not accept the list of higher pets for the time being."

With Dong Mingsong's strength, most of the people who stay around are high-end beasts, not his current customer goals.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Dong Mingsong was a little disappointed, but when he thought about it, he was relieved.

Most of his thoughts are that the top trainer behind Su Ping, the injury has not healed, so he is currently reluctant to contact too strong peddler, so as not to expose his identity...

With a sigh in his heart, Dong Mingsong understood the truth very well: "No problem, when will it be nurtured in the future, remember to call me, I will be there at any time, but I will make an appointment first, and remember to contact me first."

Su Ping gave him a strange look. The other party seemed to understand the rules in his shop.

"OK." Su Ping promised to say goodbye and left.

Under Feng Yanjing's invitation, Su Ping went downstairs, took out the key to open the chain, rode the bicycle, waved goodbye to Feng Yanjing, and then returned by bicycle along the previous road.

At the gate of the academy, several guards did not block, and already remembered Su Ping's face.

About half an hour later, Su Ping returned to the shop by bike.

As soon as he entered the store, Su Ping first removed the purgatory candle dragon beast and the small skeleton from the summoning space and threw it back into the foster care.

Previously, both of them were moisturizing in foster care, and Su Ping was summoned directly.

Because of the difference between the ancient spirit beast contract and the modern star power contract, Su Ping's beast does not need to stay in the summoning space to summon, as long as he is within a certain range around him, he can inhale the summoning space through the power of the contract and then summon it.

However, after returning to the summoning space, they will not be able to return to the foster care.

Su Ping, who was delayed for two hours to moisturize her foster position, was slightly distressed.

After the two of them were settled, Su Ping opened the cultivation window again, and selected the second batch of pets in foster care to cultivate the shadow avatars.

While he was selecting, Su Ping suddenly discovered that one of the foster homes had an extra beast he had never seen before.

Seeing the white eggshells scattered in the foster home, Su Ping suddenly awakened. This is the egg bred in the previous second-level pond.

The second-level Lingchi can breed high-level beasts, but obviously, he did not get such a lucky favor. However, spending a hundred energy, that is, 10,000 yuan, can breed a sixth-order beast, which is considered a big profit.

"Purple green python, a very common beast, no wonder it didn't find its origin at the time, overestimated." Su Ping secretly said.

This is the beast of the combat system. Compared to the dragon and demon, and the elemental beasts, the combat system is generally much weaker. Most of them are single abilities, and only one body is amazing.

Like this purple and green squirrel python, the toxin ability is low, only one body is still strong, there are very few pet skills, only the two inheritance skills of python entanglement and snake bite, if the qualification is good, you can also understand the skills of snake roll, latent and so on.

But compared to other beasts, these skills are very simple.

At this moment, the purple-green python has just hatched. The scales on the body are purple-cyan spots, which have not been dyed together. The body is only the length of an adult arm, curled up in the foster position, the scales are stretched from time to time, it seems that they are breathing, and are enjoying foster care. The aura in the place nourishes.

Su Ping glanced at it, and suddenly thought that he is currently lacking a medium beast to unlock the advanced pet breeding service.

The worse the beast is, the easier it is to cultivate middle-to-higher qualifications. This purple-green mangled python seems to be a good choice.

After thinking for a while, Su Ping didn't make a decision immediately, but continued to choose other beasts and first invested in the cultivation of shadow avatars.

After the cultivation of the Shadow Doppelganger began, Su Ping returned to the store, and while cultivating and watching the store, he brought up the cultivation window and carefully screened to see if there was a place suitable for cultivating the purple and green python.

Through several previous cultivations, Su Ping knew that if he chose the breeding grounds, the cultivation of the beast would be more effective.

It didn't take long for him to select, and suddenly a guest came outside the door.

Su Ping immediately put away the cultivation window and discovered that it was regular customers.

"Boss, I'm here to lead my magical Warcraft." It was Gu Beichen who entered the door. His face was slightly cold. Today, he is here to take back his Magical Warcraft. As for what he cultivates, he didn't have any expectations. It was fostering here for Su Ping for a day.

Although this cost is very expensive, fortunately, the blood soul beads and demon corpse that were previously found have already made up for this loss.

"Well." Su Ping was quite satisfied to see the other party arrived on time, and said: "You are waiting here, I will get it for you."

Today, after he arrived at the store, there was the other party's fantasy warcraft in the first batch of beasts cultivated by Shadow Doppelganger.

At this moment, when he came to the Beast Room, Su Ping's eyes swept, and he found Fantasy Warcraft in a foster place and took it out.

Magic Warcraft has just returned from the breeding ground with scars, and is immersed in the nourishment of the foster position. After being taken out by Su Ping, he is furious, and a vicious mouth is exposed under the cloud-like body, grinning at Su Ping's teeth.

However, when he saw the appearance of Su Ping and felt the breath of Su Ping's body, he was stunned, and his open mouth slowly closed, the mouth gap gradually narrowed until it completely disappeared...

Its huge black eyes are full of grievances.

Su Ping saw the appearance of his counseling at the moment, and knew that he should have been "exercising" well in the breeding ground. After inspecting its abilities with the pet identification technique, he found that there were two new abilities. One of the abilities is still very good, turned out to be a higher ability!

In addition, its combat power has also been increased by 0.2. In general cultivation, this effect is very good.

Su Ping was quite satisfied and took it out of the beast room and handed it to Gu Beichen, "Your beast."

Gu Beichen looked at his magical Warcraft, and after seeing no injuries, he was slightly relieved and nodded, "Thank you."

Just a polite and polite sentence.

After finishing talking, he put away Magic Warcraft, as for the cultivation? He asked nothing.

Just one day of cultivation time, I want to know what I can cultivate.

"Leave." Gu Beichen turned and left.

Su Ping was a little stunned, and originally wanted to introduce the other party's magical warcraft skills, so as not to be as unfamiliar as Su Yanying, capable and unable to play, but the other party did not give him this opportunity.

Seeing that the other party had gone out, Su Ping had no choice but to leave.

After leaving the beast shop, Gu Beichen got on his off-road vehicle, drove to the border defense of the base city, and went to the barren area outside.

He came back yesterday to finish the registration, and now he waits for the elite league to begin. During this time, he will continue to exercise in the barren area for the final sprint!


After Gu Beichen left, Su Ping sat in the shop and continued to practice. He pulled out the air conditioning system out of the system shop and bought the intermediate beast trap ring inside.

The repeat customer who came this morning made him earn nearly 5,000 more energy. It is more than enough to buy this medium-sized trapping ring. However, the intermediate-level Force Lidan that Su Ping was greedy was still more than half of the energy. And Xingtan.

It didnt take long for someone to come out of the shop again.

Su Ping thought that Gu Beichen had returned before, because the guests who came this time were also driving the same car, and the sound of exhaust roaring was exactly the same.

When Su Ping looked up, he found that it was not Gu Beichen who came in, but also a familiar face.

"Boss Su, long time no see." Ye Chenshan smiled.

A strange expression appeared on Su Ping's face, "Why are you here."

Ye Chenshan smiled and said: "Last time, thanks to you, I should take care of your business, shouldn't it be?"

Su Ping nodded, "It is indeed."

Ye Chenshan was stunned and smiled: "Boss Su is really a straightforward person."

Su Ping said, "Come and see, what are you going to buy?"

Ye Chenshan's eyes followed Su Ping's shoulders and looked at the shelf behind him. When he saw the price of pets above, he suddenly couldn't smile a bit, but he just laughed softly and said, "Su Boss, in fact, I came here this time, there is a good thing to find you."


Su Ping was indifferent, no surprise.

The so-called never go to the Three Treasure Halls, although he is not the Three Treasure Halls, but a small broken shop, but the other party has come to repay the favor long ago, and now come, most of them have something to find themselves.

Ye Chenshan smiled slightly and said, "Recently a secret realm is about to be opened. Boss Su may be interested? Soon the global elite league will start soon. Boss Su should also sign up. This is the best sprint. Opportunity, many people who sign up for the competition will go to the secret realm to strive for further breakthroughs, and they will also emerge in the league and get a good ranking."

He smiled and said: "Even if you don't win the championship, you can get into the top ten of the finals, and you can get a chance to be a legendary pet master! This time the secret realm is very important, if you can get a treasure in it, or Its a secret recipe for extinction, so participating in the league is a matter of stability."


Su Ping was shocked.

He seems to have heard of it, but the news blockade of the mystery is stricter than that of the barren area. For civilians like him, the information he obtains is very limited. He only knows that it is a dangerous place where the barren powerhouse will fall.

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