Astral Pet Store Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Inheritance Sequence

"Can you tell me more about this secret situation?" Su Ping said.

Although he was not interested in going there, there was no harm in understanding it.

Ye Chenshan was surprised for a while. Su Pings extraordinary combat power had shown him to be able to kill demons at a young age. He was the one cultivated by those powerful forces in the base city. Now, it seems that he is not familiar with the secret realm. ?

His eyes flickered a little, not knowing that Su Ping deliberately pretended to hide his identity, but he still didnt know that, since the other party pretended to be stupid, he had to pretend to be stupid. One of the three great secrets, Longtai Mountain.

You also know that the secret area of Longtai Mountain is closed all year round. Except those with strong backgrounds, they are eligible to enter alone, but ordinary people like us can only wait until the secret period is open for exploration.

This time the secret realm was opened specially. I heard that it was specially prepared for those who participated in the elite league. Those of us in the Asian region seem to have fancy some players. We want to borrow the secret realm to cultivate and give them hope to sprint the world championship.

Either way, we're all covered. "

Su Ping suddenly.

Unexpectedly, this elite league made such a big noise, even those big figures are paying attention behind it, and the interests of many parties are bound to be behind this league.

"Why come to me?" Su Ping asked.

Ye Chenshan chuckled and said, "This is not the last life-saving grace of the boss Su. It's not worth repaying, so there is such a good thing, and I think of you first."

"Seriously, what is the reason?" Su Ping said directly.

Ye Chenshan stunned, and then smiled bitterly, saying: "It really is so, boss Su should also know that the blessings and misfortunes in the secret territory are both beneficial and dangerous, and this time our team got a map of the treasure area. There are definitely some benefits that can be explored inside, so if boss Su joins, there are only benefits and no harm. I really want to repay it."

Su Ping looked at his eyes carefully, feeling that the page said, Su Ping lacked interest, lying in the store to continue to bring up the cultivation window, to find a suitable cultivation place for purple and green python.

Among the four levels of cultivation sites, the number of primary cultivation sites is the largest. A single extraterrestrial meteorological area has from zero to more than 70 million. Su Ping has visited once before, and the selection is about 1,000. Extraterrestrial meteorites.

The environment of each extraterrestrial meteorological region is different, and perhaps some of the same factors have caused them to be systematically classified as extraterrestrial meteorites.

Su Ping skipped the extraterrestrial meteorites and continued to brush other cultivated places.

Suddenly, he saw a nurturing place named Heritage No. 0-Bone Demon Heritage Site.

After this number 0, there are number 1, number 2... until more numbers, just like the extraterrestrial meteorites, it is also a large cultivated classification.

However, after each font size, there are different names, which are different places of inheritance.

In addition to the No. 0 bone demon inheritance place, there are also the dragon king inheritance place, Liushen inheritance place and so on.

Su Ping casually glanced at these nurturing planes called the inheritance land, and found that their profiles were written with the time and time. For example, the No. 0 bone demon inheritance land is the ninth year of the new solar calendar.

The Dragon King inheritance site is also the ninth yang year of the new calendar.

Although Su Ping does not know the exact time of this description, he probably knows from the system that the initial timing is the chaotic calendar, and then the ancient **** and magic calendar. This new calendar should be regarded as the one after the **** and magic calendar. Modern.

In addition to the time and time, Su Ping found that the nurturing planes of these inheritance sequences are as they really are, and they are all illusions. There is no pet in these nurturing places, and the flowers and grass inside cannot be brought out. Everything is unreal. .

The only thing you can enjoy inside is to use these inherited settings to exercise.

Although it is illusory, it is true inside, which means that if you die inside, you will really die.

However, he has the number of deaths, but he is not afraid to die inside.

Su Ping was a little curious, but didn't expect that the systematic cultivation ground included even some of the descending inheritances of gods and demons. This cultivation ground is indeed all things in the world, all inclusive.

"This dragon king heritage is a declining heritage of a dragon king. I happen to have the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, but I can exercise in it." Su Ping secretly said that his Infernal Candle Dragon Beast as a ninth-order top beast, also It's time to cultivate it as soon as possible.

Although this inheritance is unreal, even if you pass the test inside, you can't get the inheritance strength, but the effect of these tests on the dragons should be very good.

Seeing that it was approaching noon, this time I was busy eating, and no one came. Su Ping closed the shop door, and brought the purgatory candle dragon beast, and the purple and green dragon python, as well as the small skull and the moon chasing dog abandoned by the owner, into the dragon king heritage.

Ticket energy, 8 o'clock.

A familiar sense of time and space reversal came, and when Su Ping opened his eyes again, he saw himself standing in front of a large desolate skeleton, which was a huge keel of thousands of kilometers, winding and winding, and a huge dragon skull. , And the greasy dragon horns above the head, Cangwu powerful, with an unspeakable great shore breath.

Su Ping looked up and looked amazed, and at the same time felt that the picture was a bit familiar.

"Ru wait, do you accept the test of my heritage?"

An ancient vigorous voice came, extremely loud, shaking the whole space trembling and magnificent.

When Su Ping heard it, he knew that the spirit of the dragon king constructed by this illusion of inheritance was speaking.

Through the introduction, Su Ping knows that this is a system setting process. No matter whether he agrees or not, he will enter the test of inheritance that has been set up.

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